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Look into his eyes, stare into his soul.  Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson has shrouded himself in mystery since the day he arrived...

You always hear how the clock is ticking on the Packers.

Green Bay locks up defensive lineman despite off field concerns. 

The general manager sets the vision for the franchise. His head coach needs to deal with whatever frustrations come with it. 

We're back with another Packers offseason of Surviving Sunday.

Paul Guillmette of the Great Blue North Draft Report tells us who the scouts were watching in St. Petersburg this week.

The Green Bay Packers have traditionally been in the top tier of NFL teams when it comes to available cap space in the Ted Thompson era.  But with several high-priced contracts kicking in this year it will be difficult to maintain that status in 2016.  

During Mike McCarthy's season-ending news conference he described the emotions of yet another crushing season-ending play when he fired back that his staff and players “do not possess a losing mentality around here”.

If the Green Bay Packers are going to repeat as the NFC North Champions for a fifth consecutive season it will likely be decided in a showdown with the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field on January 3rd.

So far, Randall Cobb and Bryan Bulaga haven't played up to their new contracts.

With the NFL trade deadline approaching a little over two weeks from now (3 PM Central on November 4) we speculate on four trades that Ted Thompson should consider to strengthen the Green Bay Packers for their run to Super Bowl 50.

Every year it seems like the most polarizing person on the Packers is Dom Capers.

Will Ron Wolf protiege Ted Thompson follow in his footsteps and don a gold jacket? 

In an interview with Sports Illustrated this week, Brett Favre revealed that Ted Thompson sent congratulatory text messages after Favre and the...

Carl Bradford is shaping up to be an enigma wrapped up in a riddle and tied with a mystery.

While they remain one of the top teams in the league, the Green and Gold have plenty of questions to answer. 

Thompson's Green Bay Packers are once again skewing young. 

The team announced the move along with two other previously reported transactions. 

Packers general manager Ted Thompson clearly likes his football team but recognizes his special teams units needed major help.

The former Cardinal will most likey get the first chance to see the field on kick returns.

Green Bay doesn't have to trade up to find talent at positions of need. 

The Sun Devil will play cornerback for the Packers and could provide help as a returner. 

Draft Insider Tony Pauline reports the Packers' Senior Personnel Executive is pushing for the Miami linebacker. 

Fans have a tendency to get caught up in team needs early. Thankfully, Ted Thompson knows needs can be filled throughout the draft. 

The defensive front needs special attention in this week's upcoming draft. 

Mike Daniels is undoubtedly the next in line when it comes to contract extensions. 

NFL Network reports Ted Thompson will be keeping the young safety in the fold. 

The Packers GM has to decide whether or not to match the Raiders' offer sheet.