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Surviving Sunday: Packers news, notes and links for the football deprived

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Surviving Sunday: Packers news, notes and links for the football deprived

Welcome back to another offseason of “Surviving Sunday,” where we’ll start each post by covering a Packers topic before diving into other topics and assorted nonsense from around the web (some of which will be Packers-related and some of which will not).

The first “Surviving Sunday” is always the most depressing post of the year. Why? Because it means the Packers season is over.

Take a minute to wipe away those tears and compose yourself. Ready? Good. To start this offseason of “Surviving Sunday,” I’ll look at each of the Packers key pending free agents and offer my opinion on whether I would resign them, and my best guess on whether Ted Thompson actually will re-sign a particular player. Here goes:

OLB Mike Neal

What would Adam do (WWAD): Re-sign him. Neal isn’t spectacular, but he’s reliable when healthy.

What Adam thinks Ted will do (WATTWD): Re-sign him.

K Mason Crosby

WWAD: Re-sign him. Crosby has been money since his weird slump in 2013.

WATTWD: Re-sign him. How can he not?

DL Letroy Guion

WWAD: Re-sign him as long as it’s a one-year deal near the minimum.

WATTWD: Let him walk. The Packers likely don’t think the off-field stuff is worth the hassle, even if Guion’s price tag is cheap.

OLB Nick Perry

WWAD: Let him walk. Too many injuries, not enough production.

WATTWD: See above.

RB James Starks

WWAD: Re-sign him, only if it’s a cheap deal. Starks fumbles too much and his past injury history worries me too much to invest heavily on a spendy deal.

WATTWD: Lets him walk. Some team with a lot of cap space will throw a big contract at Starks and Ted will wish him well.

DL B.J. Raji

WWAD: Re-sign him. Raji spent too much time in opposing backfields this season for me to let him go.

WATTWD: Re-sign him as long as the money doesn’t get too silly. Could someone offer Raji a pile of cash and the Packers lose him? Maybe, but I don’t think so.

OL Don Barclay

WWAD: Let him walk.

WATTWD: Bye bye, Don.

CB Casey Hayward

WWAD: Re-sign him. Hayward was great down the stretch and I like having as much depth as possible in the secondary for when injuries inevitably strike.

WATTWD: Let him walk. Hayward’s price tag will be high and Ted will bid farewell.

FB John Kuhn

WWAD: Re-sign him. Why not? He’ll take a minimum deal and provide reliable pass protection on blitz pick-ups.

WATTWD: See above.

WR James Jones

WWAD: Re-sign him if it’s close to a minimum deal. Why not bring Jones back? He was the Packers best WR, injuries will inevitably hit the receiving corp like they almost always do, and he’ll provide some added competition for the young guys.

WATTWD: Doesn’t offer him a contract. Ted will be ready to let the younger guys take over and won’t even bother with Jones out of fear that he’ll take their training camp snaps and stunt development.

Packers news, notes and links

  • Mike McCarthy fired running backs coach Sam Gash and tight ends coach Jerry Fontenot this week. Should we care all that much about position coaches being fired? I don't think so. If McCarthy thought he could upgrade those slots, he should do so. He's already brought in a new tight ends coach. I don't think Gash and Fontenot were scapegoated for the Packers struggles. 
  • According to the odds, the Packers should have gone for two after the Hail Mary vs. Arizona. On my couch, I was saying the same thing. Would I have been saying the same thing if I was in McCarthy's shoes at that time? Not sure I would have had the balls to actually do it...
  • At his season-ending news conference, McCarthy put Eddie Lacy on notice. Normally, McCarthy does not call out players publicly, especially when it comes to a player's conditioning. But I agree with McCarthy's strategy here. He's stating what everyone else already knew. If a player doesn't want to get called out publicly for not being in shape, that player should stay in shape.
  • This is a great read from Pete Dougherty on Eliot Wolf possibly being the Packers general manager-in-waiting. In addition to Wolf, the Packers also have several other personnel folks who could make future general managers.

Non-Packers links and other nonsense

  • I could care less about the Carolina Panthers, but after watching this, I'm pulling for the Panthers to win it all. And I want to see Ked Woodley perform "Dominate the Foe" during the championship parade.
  • David Blatt seems to be much more popular since being fired by the Cleveland Cavilers than he was when he was actually coaching them. Also, just when you thought it was safe to like Lebron James again, something like this is written.
  • If you have some extra money and time on your hands, here are 22 items you should not buy at the super market. Keeping with the food theme, what exactly is "healthy" food?
  • My predictions for Sunday's conference championship games: Arizona 33, Carolina 20; New England, 23, Denver 16. 
  • My battle with cancer hasn't been much of a battle so far. The cancer is kicking my ass. However, I'm scheduled to start chemotherapy on Feb. 4. Hopefully, that's step one in turning this fight around. If you'd like to follow along with my battle, you can via my CaringBridge page. A big THANK YOU to everyone in the CheeseheadTV community who has reached out with a kind word, positive thought, prayers and other support. Seriously, THANK YOU.
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NashvilleCheesehead's picture

You are in the prayers of all of us in Packerland all across the country.

Bearmeat's picture

We've been praying for you Adam. Will continue to do so. Seeing surviving Sunday posts again sucks, but I always enjoy reading your posts.

tm_inter's picture

Nice article, Adam. Keep up the good work. And God bless.

cheddarhead's picture

My prediction is Adam is going to pull an upset here. A come behind Victory against team cancer.
Keep on fighting. Prayers are with u.

4thand1's picture

Sports have taken on a different meaning for me as far as importance in my life . Cancer sucks so much. my Mom beat it, but my Dad didn't. I lost my best friend Jan 14th (not to cancer) and the Packer/Cardinal game didn't mean much to me. I hardly watched. Seeing a packer fan getting almost getting killed outside of a bar made me sick. I know what you're going through Adam, hang in there, it can be beat. Most fans are great and you have a lot of people praying for you wishing you a speedy recovery. Great article, keep it up and will be looking forward to reading your writing for years to come.

Nick Perry's picture

Double post, sorry.

Nick Perry's picture

Awesome article Adam, keep up the good fight and work. First and now CheeseheadTV are better sites because of you Adam.

I agree with all your thoughts though I'd like to see Perry kept too. He'll have to keep one of them (Perry or Neal) and moving Datone Jones to OLB was the first sign that one or both won't be back. Neal is a little older but still playing at a high level. My guess is Perry leaves for a 4-3 team with tons of cap space.

Just like Neal or Perry Thompson has to keep either Raji or Guion. Guion would be cheaper I think and with Pennels development maybe they could get by with just him.

Hayward will be gone. When Ted drafted Rollins, he did so with Haywards contract on his mind. I'd be shocked if Hayward wasn't offered big $$$ by some team. Personally I'd rather Thompson take that money it would take to sign Hayward and get a TE and/or ILB. With the Cap increase Hayward will get a bigger contract than House did last year.

Starks will be 30 next month so it's hard to see Thompson keeping him no matter the price. Be nice if Thompson gives MM what he tried to do in 2013 with Franklin. The Packers would benifit greatly from having a back like that, just ask Tom Brady.


Jones...I want him back but know he won't be. Thanks again James Jones. 10-6 wouldn't have been possible without you.

Tarynfor12's picture

Crosby is an automatic yes. Starks has value but the amount may move him out. Raji stays as long as he doesn't get moved from his true position. The rest are nothing but low 2nd team depth and it wouldn't be a terrible idea to simply let them go and pick up who is available when the camp injuries begin yet again.

Tundraboy's picture

I was thinking surviving the Offseason, but in the overall scheme of things this nothing. Best wishes Adam.

Tundraboy's picture

Have this feeling that Perry's production over the last half of season is an indication that he is worth a gamble if deal is short. But with cap going up somebody will offer him a crazy long term contract. Just hate to see him put it together after all the time we invested in him.

Tundraboy's picture


DrealynWilliams's picture

What kind of worries me about him is I don't recall seeing any "moves" from him. Do we pay him as a pass rush specialist or just another LB? At this point, he's better playing the run than he is rushing the passer.

We drafted him to be a pass specialist opposite Clay.

Tundraboy's picture

After watching Denver today, we need someone who does both,really well,. Like Von Miller!. Oh to dream.

ebongreen's picture

Crosby's return isn't a given, but it's a deal both sides should be interested enough to get done. He would be my first priority starting right now.

#2: BJ Raji. If I can keep him for a reasonable contract, Guion is gone. If I can't, Guion becomes more important to re-sign to a veteran's minimum contract.

#3: One of the two pass-rushers. I imagine between Perry and Neal the Packers will retain one but not both. Perry has more potential, is younger, and will probably be more expensive to keep - thus will probably walk to a 4-3 team that wants him as a full-time hand-down RE. So Neal, assuming his price is reasonable, will be the guy.

#4: Starks, for a team-friendly one-year deal if he's interested. Knows the system and is the one speed back on the roster. If he gets a better offer elsewhere, okay.

Hayward, Barclay and Jones are probably gone for obvious reasons. Like James Jones, keeping Kuhn is a luxury the Packers can probably afford, but with Ripkowski no longer a rookie, the Ripper is the odds-on favorite to take over FB duties as the younger cheaper option.

Jean Mitchell's picture

Let's hope Crosby takes into consideration that GB didn't kick him to the curb a couple of years ago, stuck with him through his miserable streak and brought his stock back up. MM kept the faith with Crosby when a good percentage of fans wanted to give him the boot.

LeagueObsrvr's picture

Bob McGinn wrote a scathing critique of the Packers season this morning. It's very good:

Tundraboy's picture

Wow. What a great summary. Thanks. Spend some money. No guts no glory. Loved it.

Lphill's picture

Early in the season LB Mason Foster was available for veteran minimum TT refused to bring him in and he went to the Redskins and was the leading tackler , no help at tight end no veteran backup for the O line , I will remember this season as TEd Thompsons failure.

Tundraboy's picture

Did not realize he is only 26. What would it have cost. Need to take some chances every now and then.

Lphill's picture

Wow I didn't even read that previous article , I guess I was not the only one to see those faults .

GVPacker's picture

Good to Hear from you Adam! Enjoyed your thought's on who to keep and what you think Uncle Ted will do.Keep your spirits up my friend. I'am pulling for the Cards to get to the Big Dance. Just the thought of seeing even more Cam Newton commercials makes me sick! I would like to see Bruce Arians do a Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester Adam's Family) imitation and put a light bulb in his mouth and make it light up.

Portland Mark's picture

Thanks for all the updates in your battle with cancer. My wife has her second chemo treatment on February 4th. While I wait during each doctor's visit I pray for her and you.

mrtundra's picture

Praying for you, Adam. Cancer sucks. It's high time we found a cure.

DrealynWilliams's picture

The Patriots loss! I don't care who wins it all now. I'm happy.

Tundraboy's picture

Again, all the best Adam, your courage is inspiring. Last year I had a close friend and two relatives diagnosed as well as me. I was lucky, I had a bad virus went to the ER where they did a cat scan, and they found a tumor. Had surgery lost half a kidney, but though malignant they got it all. Changed my life forever and I have to thank you and CHTV for giving me a place to forget my worries and fears. When I was out of recovery I couldn't wait to go back online and catch up with everyone. Later when I heard of your diagnosis, it struck close to home and I thought what a rough year this has been. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and hope. I also pray for you and hope this will be a better year and wish you a complete recovery.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I wish you the best Adam.

I disagree on J. Jones. He had 21 recs on 29 targets (72.4%) for 424 yds in the first six games (70.67 yds/gm). He had just 29 recs on 71 targets (40.8%) for 466 yds (46.6 yds/gm) over the last 10, including two games against Minnesota in which he had 211 total yards. I personally think the NFL figured JJ and GB out, and that his exceptional production is mostly the product of a QB who forced it to JJ all season. I prefer to take my chances with the younger WRs.

I also disagree on Hayward, but that is strictly due to money. Which brings up the cap, something not mentioned in the article. But I guess we can wait to see exactly what the cap is going to be. Unless the cap is considerably more than $150 million, my guess is that GB does not have enough money to sign Neal, Raji, Guion, Starks, Hayward, Crosby, Kuhn and Jones, assuming TT will want to keep at least $7 million for carryover into 2017.

MarkinMadison's picture

As I watched Gronk laying on his belly in Denver, sucking on an oxygen mask, I remembered the wise statements of Stodola, 'If you're in shape, altitude doesn't matter.' Gronk, what a lardass.

MarkinMadison's picture

Adam - Best of luck to you.

I disagree on Crosby will probably price himself out of Green Bay, and I think that I would let Hayward go. I really like Randall and Rollins, and I think that Gunter needs more snaps. TT got to make some cap room for the OL.

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