On today's show, Andy takes a look at the keys to a Packers' victory on Monday Night Football. Find out why it's important for Green Bay to take control early and be all gas no brake. Don't miss it!

Mark Eckel & Gage Bridgford get together to discuss the Packers' injuries ahead of tomorrow night's matchup with the Detroit Lions.

As Jason travels to Green Bay for the MNF home opener, Paul and Matt hold it down on Saturday's Pack-A-Day episode. They discuss the Z'adarius Smith injury impact, what the run game and offensive line need to do for a W and how a strategic shift can be tested with the CBs in Week 2 vs the Detroit Lions.

Andrew Mertig and Kyle Fellows discuss their key matchups and x-factors for the Packers' week 2 home opener against the Detroit Lions. 

Maggie and Jacob are back to talk about the Packers' defense. Why are they struggling? What does a good bounce back for them look like? Can they beat the Detroit Lions?!? Find out today!

On today's show, Dusty, Steve, and Sarah take one more look back at Saints/Packers before we burn the tape and don't look back. Then a look ahead to Packers/Lions with a preview of how the Packers' offense matches up with the Saints' defense.

On today's episode, Jenelle Mackie and Dan Kotnik go over the Packers' stock report after Sunday's debacle against the Saints. With not many positives to look at, who was able to stand out and see their stock rise? And who were the biggest negatives? Find out today!

On today's show, join Andy Herman & Perri Goldstein for some good old fashioned Packers' therapy and airing of grievances after the Saints stole the Packers' soul in Jacksonville and handed the Packers a 38-3 loss. Don't miss it.