Andrew Mertig and Kyle Fellows discuss potential trade packages for Aaron Rodgers, including breakdowns of each of Andy Herman's trade ideas from the May 7 YouTube Pack-A-Day Podcast.

Jacob, Jimmy, and Maggie are back together to talk about the Packers' schedule release! The team gives their first impressions of the Packers' schedule and their favorite matchups for 2021.

The gang is back together! On today's show, Dusty, Steve, and Sarah reunite and try to catch up on all the crazy happenings at 1265 Lombardi over the past month. Plus they answer your fan questions and try and make sense of the Rodgers situation.

On today's show, Andy Herman is joined by special guest Ty Dunne from Go Long ( to discuss the latest in the Aaron Rodgers saga as well as some MVS, and his history covering the Packers.

On today's show, Dan, Jenelle, and Eli take a swing around the NFC North and review how the Packers' biggest rivals faired in the draft, and more importantly, how the Packers' draft class compared.

Mike, Matt & Gage take a look at Green Bay's final three draft picks from the 2021 NFL Draft. 

On today's episode, Paul Bretl, Mark Eckel and Dan Kotnik take a deeper look at the 5th round picks for the Green Bay Packers, Tedarrel Slaton and Shemar Jean-Charles. They discuss where the two could fit in with the team now and the immediate impact they could have in the special teams game.

Andrew Mertig, Maggie Loney, and Kyle Fellows share their thoughts on the latest buzz around Aaron Rodgers, discuss Packers' fourth round selection Royce Newman, and take a look at the draft classes of the rest of the NFC North.