Aaron chats with Packers fans worldwide about all things Green and Gold.

On today's show, Dan, Jenelle, and Matt are joined by Marques Eversoll of WDUZ the Fan and Green Bay Nation.

Aaron chats about all things Green and Gold with Packers fans worldwide.

Mike Wendlandt and Kris Schimmel take a look at other coaches who had hall of fame quarterbacks their first year and how the sophomore efforts stacked up and what LaFleur can learn from them.

On today's show, Andy Herman breaks down five realistic trades that could make sense for Green Bay this offseason.

On today's show, Jason and Mark run through the list of Packers unrestricted free agents and what the team should and will likely do with each. Don't miss it!

Big thanks to everyone who listened to and downloaded last week's inagural episode. 

On today's show, Andrew Mertig and Kyle Fellows take an early look at the top offensive prospects in the 2020 NFL draft class.