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Packers Nick Perry Signs One Year Deal

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Packers Nick Perry Signs One Year Deal

Who says the Green Bay Packers don't sign free agents? The Packers have brought back LB Nick Perry for another year as first reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Tom Silverstein:



The Packers had declined the fith year option on Perry last Spring, instead letting the season play out and allowing Perry to become a free agent. Perry was slated to make 7.75 million via that option, so that's a savings of $2.75 million and they still have Perry back.

Ted Tedding as Ted always does...



"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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cpheph1's picture

Good move.

LeagueObsrvr's picture

Agreed. Seems like he's been injured a lot since he was drafted, but showed some playmaking ability last season after being healthy for a change. Hopefully he stays healthy and continues to develop into a good player.

holmesmd's picture

Neal is the more consistent, less often injured player with similar production. I hope they can bring him back on a similar deal.

meatstyk's picture

Hmmmm Perry at $5 million or Travathon at $6 Not sure why Ted didnt at least kick the tires on a good, fast OLB??

Oppy's picture

Not sure Ted didn't.

Point Packer's picture

Stupid move.

Point Packer's picture

Pretty clear he didn't.

packsmack's picture

Love this.

dobber's picture

Also tells you something about what his market has been like...

4EVER's picture

Yep, the phone was silent…

Hey, he started the year out looking alive - contract desperation maybe - and ended the year in the playoffs with two solid games (TKL(8) SK/YDS(3/20) TFL(3) QBH(4) FF(1)). Next year, with the talk of Mathews moving back full-time to OLB - a bad move IMHO - makes the Neal re-signing mute…?

What a thumbs down? What a panzee. Change sports teams...!

Point Packer's picture

No one wanted him cause he's garbage.

al bundy's picture

He took the pay cut deal because his phone wasnt exactly ringing. Ted now has to screw datone jones, god help us if were to let him amd raji go.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Your ¨facts¨ are wrong again, Al Bundy. Perry got a $2 million plus raise. No idea what you are talking about with Datone or how TT might screw him.

RCPackerFan's picture

Great signing. They really needed to sign at least 1 between Perry and Neal. Otherwise it would have created a big time need at the position.

dobber's picture

A one-year deal gives the Packers a little time to figure out how to address their depth issues at OLB. Maybe the light is finally going on for Perry, but he's a good option on run-downs to keep Peppers fresh.

RCPackerFan's picture


I think we will see them draft an OLB pretty high. Though I like Elliott and think we will see him play a lot more next year.

But with Perry signing a 1 year deal, and Peppers entering his final year they are going to become very thin at OLB after this year.

Tarynfor12's picture

" But with Perry signing a 1 year deal, and Peppers entering his final year they are going to become very thin at OLB after this year."

As I said before this signing....No matter what happens with Perry, Neal and Peppers we need a true outside linebacker.
We are thin at the position this season as is and will be bulimic come next season unless we get something on the plate that is solid and sustaining this draft.....Kyler Fackrell.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, I think they have a bigger need for the position as well. Regardless if they resign anyone or not.

Tundraboy's picture

Sounds like you really like Fackrell. All kidding aside though, I agree we are thin at pretty much all LB positions now and moving Matthew's back doesn't really improve OLB all that much. Just another area where we need to upgrade, unless Perry is healthy all year, and Elliot and Neal make huge improvements and that is nothing we could ever count on.

Rossonero's picture

I'd rather have Neal over Perry. Perry started ONE game last year - one! He also consistently gets hurt. Neal has played in all 16 games the last 3 years, starting 28 of them. Both have similar production (3-4 sacks per year), but give me the guy who will actually suit up.

This is a byproduct of Ted letting his ego get in the way and Perry getting a couple sacks in the two playoff games. Ted wasn't ready to admit his 1st Rd pick is a bust.

phillythedane's picture

Ted? Ego? Seriously?

croatpackfan's picture

MAybe this article will make you thinks again about spending in FA:

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Thanks for the article, with which I agree as far as it goes. Note though that poking fun at crazed GMs who grossly overspend on questionable players doesn't mean that one can't or shouldn't poke fun at GMs who grossly under-spend. Surely there is a happy medium between the spendthrift and the miser. We each can decide if TT qualifies as a miser.

hobbes's picture

One thing to keep in mind is that Perry is probably more in demand by the rest of the league than Neal. Perry is the quintessential rush linemen give his size and speed. Yes he's been hurt but there were plenty around the league that thought Perry was miscast with the Packers and would have been better as a 4-3 DE. Neal on the other hand is something of a tweener, he was drafted to be a 3-4 DE, that didn't work out too well, so he lost a ton of weight and ended up being a sort of run defending OLB. Add to that Neal is a lot older than Perry and the market for Neal was going to be quiet for sure. The Packers can take their time with Neal and let the market set his value.

AgrippaLII's picture

I expect most of the Packer free agents will resign once the frenzy cools off and they have had no inquiries.

4thand1's picture

This is Packer football. We should be able to predict what TT will do. What happens in the draft happens. The Packers have their board set, and I'll bet it's lots of big guys.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I am surprised. I figured Perry at $4 or $5 million, really thinking closer to four, unless he went to a 4-3 team as a DE. GB needed one of Neal/Perry: I think TT took the guy with more upside.

Nick Perry's picture

I agree TRG, I think Perry brings a little more to the table, especially against the run. I thought he'd go to a 4-3 team for sure so I guess he really is a OLB! (JK). He's also a year younger than Neal but I could see TT bringing back Neal in another week or so too.

Anybody like Terrence Knighton as a replacement for Raji? Just wondering...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Agree, Nick. Yeah, I read a few articles that suggested that Knighton was okay last year, though the Wash's def. run stats wouldn't support it (4.8 yds per carry - 30th, and 122.6 yards/game given up - 26th in the NFL). I would have to investigate it more to decide whether Knighton was or wasn't the reason for Washington's porous run defense. He is certainly an option.

Nick Perry's picture

That's an excellent point, they had a horrible run defense. I've heard Knighton played decent enough for them but those stats wouldn't suggest that at all.

Since '61's picture

Between Neal and Perry, Perry is the better choice. He actually makes some plays and has more upside. With Neal, the entire game can go by and we don't even know if he was in the game. If we move CM3 back to OLB we can chuck Neal and draft an OLB to develop into the rotation. Thanks, Since '61

lou's picture

Agreed Since 61 on Perry over Neal. Neal even though bigger than Perry got washed out in the run game when he was a DE, he is like Crabtree was in that he looked tough but did not play tough. The net is he was serviceable in packages. Perry holds the edge better than anyone they have had in the last several years, really anchors his body and does not get caught inside on the reverse plays. Perry may only have a "bull rush" but it is a good one. If he can stay healthy he will be a solid starter and he sure is young enough to develop more pash rush moves.

DrealynWilliams's picture

It was necessary.

Damn, am I the only one that feels like he's been in "Prove it" seasons for the past 2 seasons or so?

Tarynfor12's picture

Since being drafted he was a prove it in regard to becoming the outside linebacker many falsely believed he could be and I have said then and every season since he is a failed project and the thought was a failure to begin with. Now because he made a play at should have been his farewell he gets another year and many still hold a false belief in him. Mediocrity knows no bounds to some.

WKUPackFan's picture

*Sigh* - We've been through this before. You're predisposed to dislike Perry, most likely based on some idiotic pre-draft analysis, basic dislike of TT, or the infamous, out of context, "hand in the dirt" quote.

Tarynfor12's picture

That's the kind of bs that is easily tossed as a reason (s) when someone isn't buying into the clique mentality. Weeks before the draft and before many began the bandwagon jump to get Perry, I screamed against him because IMO and watching his tape and not allowing the combine underwear feats to sway me as like most are easily duped to do, I stated everywhere that Perry will never be the guy needed he was drafted to be. Most from Jersey Al' site would know this to be true. I even made bets and gave constant added time for him to come around and I didn't lose one bet. Look elsewhere to use the lame reasoning to dismiss evaluations of players ....not mine.

Oppy's picture

The only thing that has really hampered Perry from achieving success is availability.

He plays the position just fine.. when he's not injured.


Please, if I see another post about the need to draft a 'true 3-4 OLB' i'm going to weep. Loudly.

Tarynfor12's picture

" He plays the position just fine.. when he's not injured."

Didn't you chow down a plate of crow with a bet with Perry.

Oppy's picture

He got injured. I wouldn't exactly call that crow.

If I remember correctly, you even submitted that you were surprised at how he was coming along before he got injured.

If it makes you feel better about it, sure, you can say I ate crow. Whatever helps you out.

The guy plays OLB fine when he's available.

Crackerpacker's picture

With all the interest Packers free agents appear to be getting there wont be a comp pick to lose next week when Ted is looking through the bargain bin.

sonomaca's picture

This is a win-win. If Perry becomes a star, he'll make big bucks next year and the Packers will benefit this year.

What I noticed in the Redskins game was how he really bent the edge against Trent Williams. I hadn't seen that from him. I think it surprised Williams as much as anyone. I think Perry's really beginning to figure it out. Now, just has to stay healthy.

I'm very interested to see what they do with Neal. I think the plan is to play Jones more at OLB, which might be his more natural position.

Would love to see Elliott emerge. I think he'll improve as he gets stronger and more comfortable in the system.

holmesmd's picture

Does anyone think Neal could play ILB in base or on obvious running downs? He's really strong. Seems like he could really crush OL blocks and lead blockers? I'm sure he would be a liability in coverage but that's not ideally when he should be there. Just a thought.

sonomaca's picture

That's a really interesting idea. However. they still need a guy who can cover at ILB. Don't think Barrington or Ryan can really do that. That's why Darron Lee is so intriguing, although he'll take awhile.

I'm going to say that the Packers try and trade up in the first round to get him if he makes it to pick 20 or so. They'll have plenty of ammo.

Another possibility would be to sign a FA on a short-term deal, pick Jalen Smith, and hope he can return to the field in 2017.

Tarynfor12's picture

Neal failed on the DL, he has failed at OLB.....let's try him at safety or kick returner or center or QB or TE.....he must be good somewhere and with diligence they might find that spot.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't feel that Neal failed at OLB, but still funny.

holmesmd's picture

Lol, the Packers disagree with you. Neal was converted to OLB because of Capers scheme and the fact that he was a bit too light to play DL in a 3-4. He's one of the strongest guys on the team and he's done fine at OLB. At least he isn't hurt every game. You sarcastic comments don't add much to the question I raised either. I think our personnel staff can evaluate talent far better than you can so the fact that Neal has been with the Packers this long suggests you don't know what you're talking about. SMH

Tarynfor12's picture

" I think our personnel staff can evaluate talent far better than you can so the fact that Neal has been with the Packers this long suggests you don't know what you're talking about. SMH "

Everyone has an evaluation of players. The difference is I just don't ride the bandwagon as easily. The fact that the Packers keep retaining players that I'm not on board with and have done nothing but mediocre play overall places a tad .ore emphasis on me being more correct on certain players but not better overall than those in the organization.

Some of you can continue to shake your heads at me but my thoughts of these players from their 1st day has not changed and neither has their very much assumed ability when drafted and that has me ...smh.

holmesmd's picture

Your opinions are fine. I trust the Packer staff in being far superior to you at evaluating NFL talent. Sorry, it's just a fact.

Nick Perry's picture

I always thought Neal struggled on the D-Line because he had to put on too much weight. If you look at his career, his injuries were really during the times he played on the D-Line taking Jenkins place. I might be wrong, maybe it's just a coincidence but it seemed his injury issues stopped when he wasn't asked to carry 300 pounds around.

lou's picture

If you look at the year end player reviews in regards to Neal, his first three years the question in the media was, "is he just a workout wonder" based on his build vs his being able to stop the run. Several people who covered the Packers would use the phrase "looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane". Reviews later show he has made some improvement in stopping the run and you have to give him credit to drop so much weight and contribute in sub packages, plus staying healthy. I made an earlier reference to one of Since 61's posts, Tom Crabtree looked the part of a mauling TE but Pro Football Focus rated him at the bottom in inline blocking.

RCPackerFan's picture

Perry has been very productive rushing off the right side or against the LT's. His biggest problem is staying healthy. If he can stay healthy I think he could really produce.

I have been wondering about that with Jones. if he might actually make a better OLB then DE in their defense. Make him play more of the elephant End.

Completely agree with Elliott. I thought he played really well last year when given the opportunity. Problem was he didn't see the field enough IMO. I think this could be the year he busts out.

sonomaca's picture

Needs to add strength. When teams see him out there, they just audible a run to his side. If he could become a decent run stopper, that would buy him much more playing time.

dobber's picture

Agreed. At this point, he's (Elliott, that is) really not much more than a one-dimensional situational pass rusher. He makes things happen when he's on the field, and that gets our attention, but he's not a complete player, yet.

dobber's picture

"This is a win-win. If Perry becomes a star, he'll make big bucks next year and the Packers will benefit this year."

I said the same thing about Raji last year...either the Packers would get a motivated player at a relatively low cost and low obligation (who they won't be able to afford and get a bonus in comp. picks), or they would get a player who just doesn't have it anymore and won't cost them very much. I'm not sure that Raji really turned out to be either.

croatpackfan's picture

Between Nick and Mike, I vote for Nick. So, I think this is good deal. If market will stay calm, Mike may come back for less money...
It looks like 5 mil, but we have to wait to see how much is guaranteed ...
Good job!

sheppercheeser's picture

It will be interesting to see which of the remaining Packer FA's TT signs. I hope Kuhn is one of them. I'm on the fence with Hayward and Neal. Hope he lets Barclay go- even an untested rookie could outplay Don.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Nick Perry is worth 5 million?

I wish I was an underachieving NFL player.

Oppy's picture

Well, this post just got more likes than it deserves, so that's kinda similar

dobber's picture

Maybe you are.... ;)

cuervo's picture

I like the signing, but cannot believe that the market for an underachieving, constantly injured, average at best player is 5mio/season. When you see the money being tossed around every year by the same crappy teams, it does make one glad that Ted does not play.

egbertsouse's picture

Tightwad Ted strikes again. He won't pay a dime for a quality FA but will dump 5 mil on a guy who consistently misses half the season. C'mon, man! why not spend that money on a true 3-4 OLB that will give you an entire season.

patmccann11's picture

I think we overpaid for Perry. I would rather take that 5 million and give Danny Trevathan a call and use it to fill an immediate need and move Clay back to OLB. To not even give the guy a call? Pick up the phone TT and do your job!

WKUPackFan's picture

Trevathan signed for $12 million guaranteed, considerably more.

Tundraboy's picture

Perfect. Let's hope he stays healthy. Now we can focus on other D needs. Never thought a two year deal would happen, let alone one. Preferred Perry over Neal if forced to choose and would now rather use Neal money elsewhere. Time to move forward.

Point Packer's picture

GB just shelled out 5 million to watch that 1st round bust sit on the sidelines injured. Horrible personnel move. We're ok paying Perry but not willing to put calls into legitimate ILBs. Awful.

sonomaca's picture

Disagree. If Perry can build off the Redskins game, he can get himself a big deal next year. Lot of incentive for him to perform (and stay healthy).

Point Packer's picture

"If Perry can build off the Redskins game, he can get himself a big deal next year."

I think even Jeff Query had one good game at some point in his brief Packer career. If the rational for this paycheck is one good game, then its even more stupid than I previously thought.

Further, every player in the NFL tries to stay healthy, no one tries to get hurt. Backing up overpaying for Perry by saying he has incentive to "stay healthy" is not very compelling. Some guys are injury prone, others guys are not. Why"? Who the hell knows.

These are the kind of TT moves that drive me nuts, overpaying to "keep our own guys". Well, some of our own guys are busts. Nick Perry among them. Let him go.

WKUPackFan's picture

Realizing this is pointless, however:

What "legitimate" ILBs are you referring to? If it's Trevathan, he signed for $12 million guaranteed, $24.5 million total. That's a lot of cash for an ILB not named Keuchley.

Also, injury issues do not equal "bust". Believing so puts you squarely in the Cow camp.

Point Packer's picture

Injuries aside, with the exception of one game, Perry has not shown much. Kind of reminds me of Aaron Curry.

Trevathan is getting paid 1.5 million next year with the Bears. Meanwhile, the Packers will be paying Nick Perry.....

Ridiculous. This is the time of year where Cow's criticism of TT are actually somewhat accurate.

4thand1's picture

IMO, Perry has been a decent player when healthy. He may get injured again or may not. If he stays healthy and has a good year , then better for everyone involved.

zeke's picture

"Trevathan is getting paid 1.5 million next year with the Bears."

Pretty sure that his contract is 4 years for 24.5 million, with 12 million guaranteed. Anything is possible, but I doubt that his agent would have accepted a contract that is structured so that he only sees 1.5 million in the first year.

4thand1's picture

Maybe the agent is getting 10.5 mil. Some football players aren't to smart. some fans are even dumber.

Point Packer's picture

Read the link below. $1.5 million base salary for Trevathan next year, smart ass.

Oppy's picture

Just because you either don't know, or pretend not to know, the difference between "base", "total", "Cap" and "Guaranteed" salaries, doesn't mean you gotta start calling people smart asses.

His base could be $0.02 for the 2016 season, but since his 4-year deal guarantees 12M of the roughly 24M total, it doesn't mean the Bears would be off the hook for paying the man $12M if he never played more than two snaps for them and they cut him 3 weeks into the season.

Meanwhile, a player with a one-year contract "worth" $12M, contract details not released, could potentially see a player only taking two snaps, getting released in week 3, and only set back the team $400k. It all depends on the stipulations.

Bottom line, the smartass is right, there's a huge difference between the two contracts you're talking about. You either know it and don't want to admit it because it dampers your griping about it, or you don't understand it.

Point Packer's picture

I completely understand the nuance. Whether or not I understand Trevathan's contact however, has nothing to do with my point.

GB just spent (overpaid) to keep Nick Perry on the roster in 2016. Meanwhile, TT doesn't even put a call into a quality FA at a position of need who would have had a similar hit on the cap. And that is utterly ridiculous. Are you comfortable going into the next season with Jake Ryan, Sam Barrington and ..... at ILB? I'm sure as hell not and thus, I'm pissed we over-spent on Perry (perennial underachiever) and did not even pursue someone who would have had a similar cap impact.

The whole "keeping our own guys thing" can be blinding.

dobber's picture

"The whole "keeping our own guys thing" can be blinding."

As can the whole "hating TT thing"...

Point Packer's picture

Never said I hated TT. I agree with his personnel decisions much more than I don't. This Perry contract however, is one of those times when I just don't understand.

Speaking of being blinded by our own guys, are we going to give Davante Adams another contract when his rookie deal expires? GB is probably the only team in the NFL that would put that guy on the field, but he's "one of our guys" and we'll keep marching him out there so that we can watch him fail. Same with the great Don Barclay - "one of our guys". Another guy whose only chance to play in the NFL is with GB.

dobber's picture

How does signing Perry--an OLB--have anything to do with not putting in a call to Trevathan?

Completely unrelated.

Point Packer's picture

And some are just assholes:

$1.5 million base salary next
Year for Trevathan. Yes, he will also receive a $1.25 million signing bonus and $3.25 million roster bonus, but my comment above was accurate.

That's a pretty team friendly contract, yet TT didn't even pick up the phone.
However, he's happy to shell out $5 million for that injury prone JAG, Nick Perry

Your homer eyes are blinding on this one. This deal makes no sense and coupled with TTs disinterest in other quality FAs at positions of need, it's borderline absurd.

Oppy's picture

....It's a contract *worth $5 M for 2016.

We don't know the details, so for all we know it's only guaranteed for paying out Vet minimum and every single cent otherwise could be tied to production.

But we don't know, because we don't know the details.

dobber's picture


How does signing Perry--an OLB--have anything to do with not putting in a call to Trevathan?

Completely unrelated.

Point Packer's picture


How? We spent $5 million on Perry when we could have spent around the same on a proven above average veteran at a position of need. Instead we get an injury prone underachiever who has a 50/50 chance of playing half the games this season.

That's why they are related.

dobber's picture

It's not like TT is spending $5M on a guy who plays Trevathan's position. He didn't sign Perry over Trevathan. Perry plays arguably the most important position on a 3-4 defense while Trevathan does not...he happens to play a position where the Packers are weak. TT chose not to pursue Trevathan (as evidenced by Trevathan saying he never got a call). It was likely never one or the other, and there's still cap money. My guess is that someone out there will still get some of that money from the Packers.

THAT's why these signings are unrelated. They had absolutely nothing to do with each other.

You might have really wanted Trevathan in a Packers uniform, but clearly the Packers did not at the cost of $$ and compensatory positioning it would require.

Tarynfor12's picture

If Perry and Neal put as much energy into themselves as many here do in regard to convincing themselves they are as good as hoped...they may actually achieve above average play on the field.

A 1st rd pick, whether for need or bpa, should offer enough comfort and secure feeling that he will take the growth steps from tear 1 to 2 to 3. It has taken Perry 4 years to be where he is which is far below any conceived level when drafted. Even discounting his oft time missed because of boo boos, he is a total fail based on 1st rd pick regardless of when in that rd selected.

When a 35 year old, future hall guy or not, looks better and is depend on to upgrade your position and one in which he never even played his career, this jury doesn't even need to convene to reach a verdict of failure.

Point Packer's picture

Well put. And yet the extreme irrational homers can't see through their green tinted glasses to even consider the fact that Perry is a bust and that Ted Thompson just overpaid for a perennial underachiever with a low to moderate ceiling.

How long till those extreme irrational homers think the same of Datone Jones or Davante Adams or, dare I say it, Eddie Lacy? Who knows.

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

Excellent depth signing. Perry holds the edge better than anyone of the other OLBs on our squad. Good to have him back. $5 million seems pretty cheap to me considering his size, pedigree and improving play. Now they aren't forced to take an OLB early in the draft, although it would be a very prudent move to do so.

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