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Aaron's Gut Reactions from the Packers' win over the Patriots

Meet the newest blogger here at Cheesehead TV

Mike McCarthy just coached one of the best games of his career - and Packer fans want him fired.

Al Bracco has done a fantastic job in his examination of Clay Matthews' dwindling sack numbers.

Monty asks "Whatever Happened To Brandon Underwood?"

Jermichael Finley and Greg Bedard are our guests tonight on the latest live edition of Packer Transplants.

C.D. Angeli, Jersey Al, Holly Phelps and Alex Tallitsch bring you the newest feature from Cheesehead TV.

Cheesehead TV is proud to welcome Alex Tallitsch and The Packers Lounge to our growing family.

Corey breaks down the Top 15 Packer Blogs.

Now is the time to indulge in fantasies of undefeated seasons and Super Bowl parades. So why is Jersey Al raining on the parade?

Packer Update makes a great point regarding the former and the current Packers offensive linemen.

Corey Behnke is interviewed over at Pocket Doppler. Make sure to check it out!

Alex Tallitsch is spot on with his take on the latest 'revelation' regarding NFL prospects that have been 'red flagged' for marijuana use.

The Packer Ranter is a must-read for any true Packers fan if for no other reason than for a little bit of levity in a blogosphere that perhaps takes itself a tad too seriously at times, with Cheesehead TV no doubt being a chief offender.

Alex Tallitsch over at Packers Lounge has a (healthy?) obsession in trying to pick fights with Aaron. They decided to do a civil back and forth on this lazy Sunday looking at the Packers offseason so far, the good and bad of 2009 and took a look forward to 2010 and beyond.

Great post by C.D. Angeli over at Tundra Vision regarding Thompson's offseason approach.

I've been critical of Packer Update for being rumor mongers who hide behind anonymous 'scouts' when all they comment on are things any fan with a...

So all weekend I've been waiting for Sunday night to start my roster overview...and then I read this.

A very thought provoking post from Alex over at

Every once in a while, I like to check in with the idiots our good friends over at

I'll be appearing and talking all things Pack on some two-bit program designed to make me look like a fool the exciting new Internet-only sensation "

From Steve over at PackerGeeks regarding Johnny Jolly:

That's right, LIVE tonight at 9pm edt/8pm cst its everybody's favorite Blogcast, Packer Transplants brought to you by Cheesehead Nation!

As usual, Brian over at Railbird Central nails it:

By now you've all read about "Big Okie", the five linebacker formation Dom Capers revealed yesterday, with Brandon Chillar in as a "linebacker...

Brian Carriveau is one of the best Packer bloggers you will find anywhere on the Internet.

That's right, every Tuesday night from now until the Packers season is over (baring unforeseen equipment meltdowns) Cheesehead Nation will be...

Really? Would a 'hater' write the following?

Brian over at Railbird Central makes the observation below in regards to the defense not showing much in the preseason.

From CD Angeli's blog: