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Who Invited THAT Guy To The Party?

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Who Invited THAT Guy To The Party?

Our good friend Jersey Al has taken umbrage with the many pundits that are apparently climbing on the Packers bandwagon.

Please folks, find another team to be your darling. Nothing good ever comes of this type of wanton behavior.  The overwhelming majority of pre-season Super Bowl predictions are, get this, WRONG. And I say this as someone who correctly picked New Orleans last summer as my Super Bowl favorite. So you know what that makes me? Lucky – that’s all. You know what they say about blind squirrels.

This actually all started with the TV talking heads last year. I remember watching an NFL preview show on ESPN and four out of six “Analysts” picked the Packers as a Super Bowl team. Then more TV announcers and analysts climbed on board during the preseason. Sure enough Packers bloggers soon followed with their unbridled optimism.

First of all, to be clear on the fact that I don't jump on bandwagons, I said the Packers were a 10-13 win team last APRIL - well before the preseason swoon of the punditocrity.

As to Al's larger point - I have to say Packer fans are a funny bunch. When no one talks about the Packers its "The national media never gives the Packers any respect!" When the national media is picking them to go to the Super Bowl "Stop talking about the Packers!"

People - it's almost July. Now is the PERFECT time to be talking about the Packers going to the Super Bowl. Every team is undefeated. Training camp is a month away. Before camps come and preseason starts and all the warts and injuries and problems that inevitably come to light (and this will happen in every NFL city, not just Green Bay) take the next month to welcome the attention. Welcome the adulation of the talking heads. It means even less now than it does during the season. Embrace your inner insane-pundit.

My Super Bowl prediction?

Packers: 55

Ravens: - 3

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Jersey Al's picture

Wow, both you and Tallitsch felt it necessary to take umbrage. That's OK. Glad I gave you something to write about. Mostly, I'm just tired of reading and hearing the same junk regurgitated. I prefer stuff with a more interesting approach than "dude, we're so awesome - we're gonna win the Super Bowl..."

"Embrace your inner insane-pundit." That's a funny line, but no thanks...

And BTW, I happen to be a lot of fun at parties. ;)

AC's picture

No! End the positivity! Stop all this Packers love immediately!

Get all these people to start talking about the Packers horsebleep pass rush, old secondary and still shaky offensive line. The more disrespect for the Packers, the better.

When you're pesimistic about the teams you love (I call it "tough love"), then you're extra happy when they do well:)

IronMan's picture

I don't care how mush respect we get or don't get. Seriously, I don't care. At all.

I have always said that get too caught up in all of that. I especially hate it fans/players play the "We don't get enough respect" card. Who cares? Not me.

Tarynfor12's picture

Jersey people know how to PARTY right AL, as long as we were invited to the event.I haven't gotten my RSVP yet and neither did the Packers.

some_dude's picture

It's all just superstition, I mean whether we are or aren't talked about right now has zero impact on the overall team performance.

Jersey Al's picture

My preference would always be to not draw overt attention to my team. Lay low in the weeds and surprise the rest of the league...

CSS's picture

Let the play/execution of the team speak for itself come August. The national media rarely knows detail associated with any one team, it's usually a single writter making an un-informed, emotional appeal as to why he thinks 'this' is the team to win it all.

I love reading team boards this type of year, everybody thinks their at least a .500 ball club, if not playoff bound. I also hate it when homer fans play the respect card or the 'hatin' card. Neither of which are ever preceeded by an intelligent arguement.

CSS's picture

(shakes fist at the lack of an edit button) - time, not 'type' and they're not 'their'. Ughhhhh....

IronMan's picture

"Let the play/execution of the team speak for itself"


packeraaron's picture

So I should just shut the blog down then?

CSS's picture

I excluded 'local' media and fan blogs. I'm referencing the homeristic stupidity in the comments threads you read following 'ESPN' or 'Fox Sports' articles about teams.

AC's picture

This is an incredibly boring stretch of the offseason. Packers fans are used to discussing the QB this time of year, whether the old one will return or the new one will be any good. Bitching about Ted Thompson can be fun, but even that doesn't apply this offseason.

Instead of shutting down the blog, I think you need to invent a controversy.

dublin dan the packer fan's picture

what are you all talking about, superbowl is in the bag. im already thinking of the 2011 season.

Ron LC's picture

As last year's pre-season so powerfully pointed out, nothing that is said about the teams's status at this time of the year, by anyone, means anything. It's just yadayadayada!

PackersRS's picture

Last year the team believed the hype during preseason. It didn't go well. Then it played AZ in the last game, and thought it was miles better. It didn't go well.

But did you guys hear all the interviews after that game, and during this offseason?

This team is confident, but it got a chip on it's shoulder. The players won't make the same mistake they did last year. And that's all that matters. That the players know what they're supposed to do.

As for the media hype? As long as it doesn't affect the team, it's great. It brings excitement to the fan base, which helps gameday atmosphere. It also generates more revenue for the team.

It usually ends up distracting the players, but because they went through it last year and learned their lesson, I think it's actually a positive thing.

(yeah, I used the same post. Sue me.)

alfredomartinez's picture

funny talking football BS last nite, i also picked the pack to play the raven in the SB, but my score wasnt so lopsided LOL

RobMPLS's picture

No one can make a legit prediction until we see how many guys are on the IR come labor day. No injuries? See ya in Jerry's Dallas Temple.

nypacker's picture

Wait, wait, the media is hyping us up? So... that means No. 4 is coming back right?

TonyWilson's picture

Ravens? You silly man. The Ravens won't get there because Flacco isn't good enough yet. Good quarterbacks get to the Super Bowl, unless their defense is good enough to make a bad one good enough (i.e. Dilfer TWICE, Grossman)

That's why it's going to be the Packers and the Chargers. San Diego's due.

Justin Holler's picture

What do they say about blind squirrels?

dublin dan the packer fan's picture

i dont know? but hope they dont eat their nuts!

PackmanAZ's picture

I don't think I could make it during the off season if I wasn't excited about the Packers having a shot at the Superbowl. Last year I was really excited this year...How can we lose :)

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

So we are all in agreement then that this Packer squad is definately headed for "dynasty" status now. The question is not if we will win the super bowl but how many in a row we will win. Common gang let's crank it up a notch. We will probably be the only team to win a super bowl this decade.

Glorious80's's picture

What is the harm in dreaming? Reality will bite soon enough.
As to the media hype, maybe it's because this team is fun to watch when it's on.
Also, could the proposed projects on Lombardi be driving some of this? I wonder what sort of inspirational effect they may have on the team, if any.

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