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Top 15 Packer Blogs

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Top 15 Packer Blogs

It's been 2 years since we last visited the Top 15 Packer Blogs here at Cheesehead TV, but that doesn't mean we haven't stayed up with the state of the Packer Blogosphere. From Packer World to our Top 40 Packer Blogs feature, we've seen the space explode. Lot's of new faces, and a lot of former blogs gone dead, it's a place where fans keeping innovating while the Green Bay Press-Gazette keeps trying....

The criteria for a good Packer's blog?

Relevant, timely information delivered with a clear strong voice. A dedication to Packer fans that includes posting often during the off-season and every day during the season. These qualities separate the bench warmers from the starters. Here are our Top 15 for 2010:

Cheesehead TV Top 15 Packer Blogs 2010

1. JS Online Packer Blog - (Previous Rank #1) This is the Packer blog to which all others aspire to become.  Greg Bedard and company have taken this blog to another level this year with practice videos, interesting live chats, and a no holds barred big city take on the most beloved franchise in the NFL.

2. Cheesehead TV - (Previous Rank #3) Becoming the #1 most trafficked Packer fan site is not enough for us. Adding Railbird Central's Brian Carriveau to the mix brings the previous ranked #3 & #4 blogs together for an exciting 2010 for Packer fans the world over. We are the only Packer fan site to have it's own Internet TV channel as well as a separate blog devoted to 24hr breaking news from around the NFL. And the season hasn't even started yet.

3. Jason Wilde's ESPN Milwaukee/Madison Blog - (Previous Rank - Not Ranked) Two Words: Jason Wilde. Jason puts ESPN Milwaukee & Madison (hopefully soon to be ESPN Wisconsin) on the map. Previously writing for the WI State Journal Packer's blog and a rank of #11, Jason Wilde brings a perspective only a long standing veteran beat reporter can. From his Green & Gold Today radio show, to his video updates with his daughter Madison, Jason delivers independent analysis while keeping Packer fans grounded and well informed.

4. Acme Packing Company - (Previous Rank #6)  This SB Nation blog run by Brandon is top notch and actually (as much as I hate to say it) has a lot of cool features being a part of a network of blogs with a large community of fans.

5. Tundravision - (Previous Rank - Not Ranked) C.D. Angeli is one of those Packer fans who knows an inordinate amount about the Packers and has an uncanny ability to lay it all out in a concise and even-keeled way that is both informative and strangely hypnotic. Look to C.D. to bring the level headed approach to the state of the Packer's which, needless to say, is sorely lacking in a world of hot-heads and "what have you done for me lately's".

6. GBPG Insider's Blog - (Previous Rank #14) Moving from #14 to #6 might seem like an improvement but really I call it lip service to the "official Green Bay Packer's Newspaper/Mouthpiece" and no Packer fan in their right mind would neglect checking out this blog if only for the exclusive access these writers get. Losing Tom Pelissero to the Vikings may have been a knockout blow to a blog that has seen better days. Kareem Copeland is a welcome new addition but wearing a Laker's jersey to your very first Packer video is neither endearing or cute. Take a moment and look at this blog and compare it to JS Online's Packer blog. Nuff said- well almost - can someone please make the picture of the writers faces go back to the right proportions?

7. Jersey Al's Packers Blog - (Previous Rank - Not Ranked) From writing for Bleacher report, Packers Lounge, Chatters and blogspot- one of the most prolific Packer fan writers Jersey Al moved his content to his own site and never looked back. Jersey Al is one of those die-hard Packer fans that make Packer Nation great.

8. Packers Lounge - (Previous Rank - Not Ranked) Alex Tallitsch doesn't care what you think about him or his opinions. And that's what we like about it. From Served to Dumbass of the week to the latest videos about the Pack from the deepest corners of the internet, Packer's Lounge delivers.

9. Packergeeks - (Previous Rank #2) - The Hayes brothers have a voice that is very unique in the Packer Blogosphere. With posts like their current one "Does being massively fat equate to NFL coaching success?" and the name of their blog- it all kind of speaks for itself.

10. Ol' Bag of Donuts - (Previous Rank - Not Ranked) Chris Lempesis and friends serve up some great takes on the state of the national media as it pertains to the Packers as well as some extremely interesting "Top Packer Lists" like an Eight Part series on the Packer's All-Time 53 Man Roster. What other teams have fan blogs with names that represent the nickname of certain legendary offensive lineman?

11. Packer Palace - (Previous Rank #5) The great ones of Packer Palace have been around about as long as the internet itself. Beer Kid and pals dish out some of the funniest jokes, musings and good times in the life of Packer fans everywhere. One of our very favorite Packer sites of ALL-Time- be prepared to truly "Beam into the Alternative Universe of the Green Bay Packers".

12. Fanhouse Packers Blog - (Previous Rank #13) - We would like to think that if we had AOL's money we could bring Packer Fans a blog like this. We don't and we still do but that's beside the point. AOL has been blogging as long as there has been 56k and continues to deliver somewhere between the traditional media and hacks like us.

13. Total Packers - (Previous Rank - Not Ranked) - A well designed layout and up-to-date commentary by our friend Monty and his (mostly L.A.) crew make this site a go-to for telling it like it is in the Packer Blogosphere. Although we do take umbrage with their tagline "The only Green Bay Packers blog that tells it like it is".....uhhh Monty... We know you've heard of us and thanks for the blogroll link. :)

14. Green Bay Packer Nation - (Previous Rank - Not Ranked) - The Augustine Brothers are Packer die-hards. Of that there is no doubt. What is in doubt is whether or not they have a web designer. If they spent more time on posts like this and less time coming up with ways to confuse readers with their layout they would no doubt rank higher in the blogosphere.

15. Packer Chatters - (Previous Rank - Not Ranked) - The oldest Packer Fan site on the internet went through a great redesign last year- thanks to our good friend Wally Pingel. Meanwhile Larry Garot continues to run the the site with an iron hand which is sad considering it's one of the most trafficked packer Forums on the web. If it wasn't for our love of Free Expression and the lack theroef on Chatters- CHTV might never have existed... And then you wouldn't have been able to read this post from beginning to end. :(

The rest of the Top 40 can be found at our ongoing, updated die-hard feature The Packer Blogosphere.

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FITZCORE1252's picture

Top three are interchangeable. The 'Lounge' should be top 5. IMO.


FITZCORE1252's picture

What... no LOL. Corey & Aaron, you should go over to those guys Grandma's house, creep down the basement stairs and beat the holy hell outta them with some coke cans stuffed into tube socks (joke, do not do that). Seriously though, they're not even a poor man's CHTV, closer to a Liberian CHTV (beyond poor, in case you didn't know). The blatant rip-offs are just pathetic, Alex was right on. Those guys are just sad. Period.


nerdmann's picture

Thanks for posting this.

alfredomartinez's picture

once i get my game up when it comes to blog sites, i promise you aaron ill have an all PACKER FRIENDLY site for the spanish speaking community...ill call it---LA CENTRAL DE LOS EMPACADORES DE QUESO!

cow42's picture

Packer Ranter tops all these weenies.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Thanks, cow42, you have excellent taste.

PackersRS's picture

I just can't believe the ranter isn't in there. The absolutely most unique site in the whole internet. It's just awesome. (So, congratulation to you Mr. Hillside and Greenfield.)

And I agree with Fitz (somewhere, a dude at the Lounge whose screenname I can't remember is going nuts). The Lounge is top 5 material IMHO.

BK Jr.'s picture

Weenies? Come back when you've been around for more than 2 years...

Kev's picture

I feel great! I just voted myself the 2nd most handsome man in the world.

coreyb's picture

I love packer ranter - they don't post enough :(

corey jenkins's picture

Packer Ranter gets my vote for the top 8 at least

Robert Greenfield's picture

Very respectable list (mostly:) I read all these guys. Man, there's a lot of good stuff out there.

cheese5's picture

Thanks Robert. I swear the only grief I've gotten all day is that Packer Ranter did not make the Top 15...

Packer Ranter fills a huge void left by Booze and Broads- and does so admirably...

But Community, Consistency, and Post Volume weigh heavy IMHO. It's why Packer's Lounge is 8th.

You guys fricking ROCK I just want More More More!!!!

PackersRS's picture

I don't agree with the comparison. Humor isn't humor. It's like comparing Scream Movie 3 with Cheech and Chong...

Alex Tallitsch's picture

What? So you're saying I would be WAY lower without post volume. Cold.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Thanks, Corey B. I echo Robert's sentiments, great list. And thanks, Corey J.

Robert and I view this as a challenge for the upcoming year.

Brandon's picture

Thanks for the recognition Corey, and for putting this list together.

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