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A Hater?

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A Hater?


Would a 'hater' write the following?

I keep seeing and hearing people saying things like “Dom Capers can’t work miracles” – well, let me tell you something: After the last three years, what you’ll be seeing on the defensive side of the ball will seem downright miraculous. I am so sick and tired of all the doom and gloom “Oh, they don’t have the right players, they need a defensive end, who will play opposite Kampman?” And this is before the draft! People, the defense will be fine. More than fine. And the offense won’t be anything to sneeze at either. This is a 10 win team with the chance to win 12 or 13.I hope all the naysayers, Thompson haters and general doom merchants bookmark this post. Bring. It. On.

I wrote that in APRIL people. And I stand by every word.

Not exactly 'hater' material, is it? Sorry if I don't have the capacity to blow smoke up people's asses when we finally get to see the team in action. You want that, go read any number of Packer blogs around the Blogosphere. That is, if they're not closing down...oh wait, no they're still around...oh, no wait the site is for sale...yay! they're back again! Oh shoot, they can't afford to do it any more - but wait! Even though someone offered to host their site for free, they've taken a bunch of suckers' money anyway! They're still open for business and free to throw ill-informed accusations around the Packer Blogosphere! Joy!

You want to pretend like the Packers are perfect and they have nothing whatsoever to work on? Great - stop reading this blog.

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IronMan's picture

We all need a group hug!

Liverpool's picture

Aaron, are you up late, or up early?

Can't wait for the dog days of pre-season to be over, and let the real war battles begin.

Iain's picture

Right on Aaron

D.D. Driver's picture

Meow, Mr. Nagler. Me-ow.
There is only one way to settle this grudge: a break dancing competition.
I love that the biggest insult in Packer fandom is to be accused of being a closet Favre fan. That's awesome.

WoodyG's picture

Geez, Aaron......You had to go all the way back to April to support yourself... That's a long time. .....
Fans have a tendency to error on the side of positivity.... Why not ?... It feels better.
Top 40 blogs ?? .... Does this mean there is a bottom 40 ?? ..... People sure seem to have alot of free time on their hands.......

Todd Yeoman's picture

Geez, Aaron……You had to go all the way back to April to support yourself… That’s a long time. ….


Ruppert's picture

Hide the cat!!!

Packnic's picture

Holy hell watch out, Alf Nagler is pissed.

brewers_rule's picture

I think ppl aren't being naysayers by being cautious. Just like the West Coast offense, there is a learning curve AND personnel adjustment to getting the 3-4 right. Even if we have everybody fit in perfectly, there's still going to be assignments missed here or there that could cost games. To say nothing of the injury factor w/our aging CB's. Experienced QB's like Favre and Cutler are going to exploit those youthful mistakes BIG time. We'll be better than 6-10 for sure, but 13-3? That's quite a stretch. Maybe next season. I'm hoping for division win and maybe 1 playoff win at 10-6 or so. Look at Miami and their move to the 3-4.

Jayme's picture

Man, I'm disappointed. It's bad enough they had to stoop to personal attacks, now you're doing it. It's a sad day in the Packers blogosphere.

Jersey Al's picture

For the record, my middle name is "Switzerland"...

DaveK's picture

You make him more relevant then he is by responding to it.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

somehow i don't think successful anyones spend much time saying 'eh, that's good enough - we're due some good luck.'

although i've been saying that for years, the luck never comes.

CSS's picture

I don't have a dog in this 'fight', such as it is, but I will say that Aaron provides rational for a well thought out criticism or support when gushing about various units/individuals on the Packers.

Bottom line for me: Anybody that uses the word/phrase 'haters' or 'hating on':
a) Have an axe to grind that usually isn't related to whatever strawman arguement they try to build but instead the individual; b) hide behined their own ignorance or lack of insight; c) are so sensitive to constructive criticsim they practically melt down and personalize/internalize every statement that comes out in opposition of their own opinion.

Insecure much?

PackersRS's picture

"Meow, Mr. Nagler. Me-ow."
LMAO. But things are getting a little tense... Again.

Asshalo's picture

"That is, if they’re not closing down…oh wait, no they’re still around…oh, no wait the site is for sale…yay! they’re back again! Oh shoot, they can’t afford to do it any more – but wait! Even though someone offered to host their site for free, they’ve taken a bunch of suckers’ money anyway!"
Why do you guys all talk like the person you're referring to is somewhat of
a mystery? Your guys' smack is in no way cordial, so let's stop pretending like it is. I donated money to Packerslounge and I'm fine with that because it really wasn't much. Funny you, Dale Z and Corey should be so crass about it because you both have the same PayPal link on your site. By the way, do you remember what happened the last time he gave a blog away for free? Someone ran it into the ground.
It's not like Alex concealed facts about what he was doing or even tried to confuse people. In fact, he explicitly said what he was doing multiple times.
Now onto the actaul post...can you honestly say you didn't overreact? I can't say I fully understand any stigma that my exist between you two, but Alex's post seemed more playful than offensive to me. Their might have been a personal undertone-- I just didn't see it. Either way, the vast majority of people don't give a crap about the personal stuff-- whether it's PL, CHTV or Gasp...packerchatters. Keep your criticism on the topics. If we're going to get whiney and narcisistic, let's at least not take ourselves so seriously. Pretend like you like each other.

Asshalo's picture

BTW everyone, you're reading into the "hating" comment a little too much. It was a reference to Barnett's twitter:

"A lot of hate going around about Nick barnett. Lol I find it very funny. Those same haters are the same ones that will jump on the bandwagon”"

Shorty, you be hating.

Keith's picture

Pretty sure the term "hater" wasn't coined by Nick Barnett. Also, I would hope the guys at PL would be smarter than to develop a post around a reference to a single micro-blog post by a player on a site that a small percentage of Packer fans utilize (no matter how popular Twitter has become it is still only used by a small percentage of the population.)


Anyway, the more I think about this, the more I am suspicious. Don't these sites work together on these Cheesehead Nation productions? Hmmmm.


Getting to this issue, I think PL's post, if serious, is absurd. It is essentially an ad hominem attack of Aaron. He calls out Aaron for being critical of Kampman, Hawk, Barnett, and (to a lesser extent) Rodgers, referring to him as a "hater" for doing so. But, instead of countering Aaron's sentiments with his own analysis, he just says "Aaron Kampman is fine, A.J. Hawk is fine, and Nick Barnett is fine. Do you want to know why? Because their coaches say that they are." Bravo. You've certainly convinced me. You mean their coaches think they're playing well? The same coaches who are decreasing Hawk's PT by replacing him on passing downs? Oh, ok.


As one who has also been labeled a Kampman "hater," I will note that Michael Lombardi thinks Kampman will thrive in the 3-4 because it will create better matchups for him. Also, I read another story where the writer praised Kampman for his work dropping into coverage (the article and author escape me at the moment.) So yeah, Aaron may be nitpicky when it comes to Kampman, who is probably working more on getting acclimated to the 3-4 (we know he can rush the passer). So if one wanted to counter Aaron "the Hater" Nagler, that's how it should be done.


As for Barnett, bringing up Aaron's "passive aggressive" Barnett tweet was a real stretch. That's just common sense.

Mr.Man's picture

Aaron, not all of us are trying to make a career out of posting our thoughts about our favorite team on the internet. It's as simple as that. So when real life gets in the way, one's completely unrenumerated passtimes go by the wayside. I don't think that's a reason to rip on someone. If they make good points when they post, good for them.

In any event, if some jackanapes calls you a "hater" for some ignorant reason, you ignore them. Maybe I'm just lazy, but (even with the-- fron my print-biased perspective-- horrific twitter fests and the awkward quasi-radio shows) I consider this the preeminent Packers blog out there. If you want to be bigger, you act bigger. To quote Costner: "If you think classy, you'll be classy."

packeraaron's picture

Quoting Costner on class is kind of an oxymorn, aint it? Your points are well taken Mr. Man. In my defense, it was 3am and I was drunk. ;)

FITZCORE1252's picture

HAHAHA, 3:00 AM drunk postings... F'ing awesome, I knew I wasn't the only one. After Corey drafted Brent, you sir are CLEARLY the class of CHTV.

Seriously Corey that's a BS move... I LOVE me some FF but A MAN'S GOTTA HAVE A SOUL ,we booed the guy that drafted him in one of my leagues, I hope you got the same treatment. But keep up the good work Corey, although that move makes you appear to be the devil, I know you're just a bit misguided I hope you find your way back soon (A.K.A. CUT BRENT, YOU GOTTA DO IT MAN, WE BOTH KNOW YOU CAN GRAB A PENNINGTON OR CULPEPPER FOR THAT WEEK) do the right thing.





Keith's picture

I support Corey taking Brett. The ring is the thing; can't let personal bias affect fantasy decisions.

Asshalo's picture

Somewhere Alex is reading this all and giggling. Glad it was written at 3:00, because we all took this way too seriously.

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