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Excellent Question From Total Packers

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Excellent Question From Total Packers

Fantastic post from Monty over at Total Packers entitled Whatever Happened To Brandon Underwood?

Money quote:

Underwood came into training camp as the Packers nickel cornerback.

He played well during practice, but that didn’t carry over to the preseason games. Then he got hurt in the team’s third preseason game. Around the same time, rookie Sam Shields passed him on the depth chart.

When Underwood finally returned from his shoulder injury he was nowhere to be found. When Shields went down to injury earlier this season, the Packers chose to play Pat Lee in nickel and Jarrett Bush in their dime defense. Obviously, Underwood had fallen pretty far, pretty fast.

Last week, the Packers revealed Underwood had been moved to safety. While the coaches said the move was because of depth issues — both Atari Bigby and Anthony Smith have been banged up — it’s pretty clear the Packers aren’t enthralled with Underwood’s play at cornerback, despite what’s being said.

Not to mention that this past weekend, when Capers was using Dime quite a bit, Jarrett Bush was once again out there in front of a supposedly healthy and ready-to-go Underwood.

Who knows what's going on behind the scenes. (Monty mentions his troubled history during college) But the kid's fall from grace from the start of the offseason program, when McCarthy was calling him "the most improved" Packer, is pretty astounding.

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ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

I'm sure the "two chicks at the same time" thing (his bio on listed Office Space as his favorite movie) hasn't helped him. I just went through my pre-game pictures and saw he was active - never saw, or at least noticed, him play on special teams, but he must have...

packeraaron's picture

Yeah, he's been on ST the last couple of weeks. I remember he had a tackle against Dallas on kick or punt coverage. But the guy has been out of the conversation when it comes to playing from scrimmage. Just an interesting fall from the guy who had the nickel job locked up this summer.

tyler21's picture

It's hard to tell where he went, but even though he makes an occasional mistake I am excited about shields I think he's going to be pretty good down the road.

June's picture

Rob Demovsky wrote a great article on him the other day...

Whitt's quote at the end really stands out to me about where they think his maturity level is at..and possibly the potential he has but just isn't using.

Wgbeethree's picture

The part of that article that said the most to me is where the coach says he is possible the smartest guy on defense. When you see a guy like that who has academic issues that's a major red flag to me. Guys who are dumb an get bad grades are just that, dumb. You can work with those types of players. Guys who are "very, very smart" and yet get bad grades (especially to the point where they get kicked out of school) usually have a poor work ethic, sense of entitlement, or simply don't care. Those are the types of guys you want to avoid having on you team IMO. He has all the ability in the world but he has proven over and over in the course of his life that he just doesn't care enough to put effort into anything.

PkrNboro's picture

When asked this week whether he did anything wrong, Underwood, who is married with three children, said: “Morally, I did. But legally, I did nothing wrong...

[...rambling excuses omitted...]

...When asked if his wife sees it the same way, Underwood said: “Yeah, everything’s good.”


Yeah... I just bet "everything's good."

WoodyG's picture

If you can answer the question "Where's Waldo?" ..... Then maybe you can answer the question ..... "Whatever Happened To Brandon Underwood?" ......

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth".

My conclusion, Dr. Watson, is that the scoundrel who goes by the name of Underwood, has played a dastardly deed on the GB Packers .... In truth, he is not a very good player.

Tarynfor 12's picture

Who cares what happened to him,we need to worry about what jersey to wear,the menu,how much beer to get etc.We're fans not players.

thepretzelhead's picture

DOn't forget the designated driver.

Andrew's picture

That was actually a VERY revealing article; thanks for the link. I hope he has grown up from the experience. I appreciated that he at least acknowledged that he did something morally wrong. A lot of people think if it is legal it is moral, as though only the government can determine what you should and shouldn't do.

I hope he's going through a lot of soul-searching that will make him a better man and a better Packer next year. If he's as talented and smart as indicated, they could have something valuable there.

maxginsberg's picture

Who's Brandon Underwood?

BigbyATTACK's picture

I can't speak for Brandon, but when we talk about maturity levels, I liked what I gather of Whitt's from that interview. Saying he prides himself on being able to coach anybody, and how it falls back on him. I just like that part of the article. Whitt's doing a fine job, and I like how he puts it on his shoulders, even if it's being a little hard on himself. Class.

Nerdmann's picture

Yeah, definitely seems like he's trying to call Underwood out, without actually making a scene of it.

andrew's picture

i actually forgot all about him... to be honest when he came to the organization i thought he had a lot of potential to be good... and dont knock teh smart kids with bad grades.. some people just dont like school (this guy!) i always leave everything on the field.. and take my coaching job very seriously just because u dont care about school doesnt mean you dont care about life.. as for underwood i cant say.. something the smart guy again speaking from experience.. can start to feel the coach does not know what he is talking about i dont know if that is this Whitt guy or someone else that coaches the secondary but if underwood lost respect for his secondary coach somewhere along the line sometimes you will see it show up in practice.. and if that happened and we dont make a coaching change (not saying we need too) then we should probably send underwood somewhere else where he could benefit from being with a different coach i think shields has the potential to be our 2nd corner and tramon will be our new woodson when woodson hangs up his hat.. pat lee can be a decent nickle if he works at it. so i dont think we need to wait around for underwood

MarkinMadison's picture

I've been a huge fan of his potential, but I think he's got a year left in Green Bay, at most. I see him as Woodson's replacement when he shifts to safety. He'll be lucky if he is not replaced in the off season.

Nerdmann's picture

He hurt his shoulder, iirc. Might have to have offseason surgery. Isn't he playing with a harness or something?
Anyway, after the shoulder, Shields passed him up and has never looked back.

packeraaron's picture

He ditched the harness over a month ago, supposedly. He looks fine on special teams from the film I looked at from Sunday. (He was on the coverage units) He seems perfectly healthy.

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