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San Diego Chargers restricted free agent linebacker Shawne Merriman has signed an injury protection waiver, and will participate in the team's off...

The Oakland Raiders' official transactions page indicates that they have signed free agent defensive tackle Chris Cooper.

Everyone does it...staring out of your car window as you pass a particularly nasty accident on the highway.  You hope that the drivers are OK, of course, but you also want to get an eyeful so that, when you finally get to where you're going, you can say, "You'll never guess what I saw today."  Millions of people tuned in to the October 15 "Balloon Boy" incident, riveted by both the potential tragedy and the resulting spectacle of the media ploy.  Despite our claims that we "try not to get sucked into the drama that surrounds a bad situation," be it a twenty-car wreck or Britney Spears' latest public meltdown, we all have those moments where we see a situation and think, "Thank God (or fate or common sense) that's not me."