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-- How do you go about replacing what was left on the table by Jordy Nelson? The Green Bay Packers will have to figure it out.

-- Tuesday's flurry of surprising moves out of Green Bay left the Packers with a little more room for maneuvering in free agency -- if they choose to.

The Packers are making bold moves. Yes I just wrote that.

With the start of the new league year a week away, the NFL free agency rumor mill is in full-effect.

-- In what will be his first stint as executive vice president and director of football operations for the Green Bay Packers, Russ Ball will have...

-- It's no secret that having a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers at the helm of your franchise is a pretty strong component to attracting outside...

The Packers need to focus on defense, but they also can't afford to ignore wide receiver. 

-- It's a little foreign, but for once, the Green Bay Packers are entering the offseason with a little uncertainty at the wide receiver position.

Green Bay's offseason, for the first time since 2008, started when the regular season ended.  That, of course, didn't go unnoticed.  Ted Thompson...

The Packers need a little luck and a few personnel additions and they will be back contending for the Super Bowl in 2018. 

With three wide receivers on the Packers now making upwards of $10 million per year, there's at least a slight chance either Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb could be released this offseason. Here are the factors new GM Brian Gutekunst will need to weigh in this decision.

If there has been one consistent cog in the Packers’ on-field operation over the past decade, it is undoubtedly their passing attack.

Last March, the Packers waited signed Nick Perry to fill a pass-rushing void. On Friday evening, the Packers signed Davante Adams to be the Packers’ receiver of the future. The one commonality between the two is that general manager Ted Thompson overpaid.

Change is in the air in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Aaron Rodgers is the biggest reason why the Packers will win Sunday. 

The 2017 season has, needless to say, become divisive within the Packers fan base. 

At the site of what can only be deemed as Jordy Nelson's worst career injury, the Green Bay Packers' wide receiver didn't have to fight off any...

 Let's be honest: when your team has Aaron Rodgers under center, you can break every rule in the book.

Why the Packers will beat the Bengals and why they might not. 

Have you ever dealt with a charley horse? That's similar to how Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson's quad is feeling right now.

By now, the storyline is familiar: the Green Bay Packers offense gets off to a slow start in the first half before putting together an incredible, come-from-behind second-half push.

While a healthy secondary didn’t do a whole lot to reverse the Packers’ fortunes from what we saw eight months ago in Atlanta, there was at least...

The Green Bay Packers went with a familiar formula on offense in their 17-9 win over the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1.  That's fine, but it's about time for head coach Mike McCarthy to start showing off the new tricks he has up his sleeve in 2017. 

Entering week one of the 2017 regular season, the Packers offense could certainly use all of the help they can get, especially from their wide...

Some may not believe it, but the Green Bay Packers have more than enough talent to win the Super Bowl in 2017. 

Easily the toughest Packers’ position battle during this training camp is wide receiver.

As the Packers prepare for their first preseason game Thursday night against the Eagles, the energy is high, as are the hopes for the upcoming...

It'll take more than a couple of rookies to dethrone Jordy Nelson, but the Packers' leading receiver sure is impressed by them.

How would you rank the Packers' roster in terms of overall value? Here's the full ranking of all 90 players and how they fit into Green Bay's long-term plans. 

The Packers’ training camp starts on Monday. There are plenty of questions before they head to the practice field.