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Cory's Corner: Jordy Nelson Story Keeps Getting Worse

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Cory's Corner: Jordy Nelson Story Keeps Getting Worse

Jordy Nelson has been talked about ad nauseam since the Packers said thanks but no thanks.

But it made another turn when the Packers’ nine-year veteran receiver said that he was “hurt” about how things ended so abruptly.

“I met with Brian and had a discussion because I had to get a feel for not just the pay cut but what their plans were going forward,” Nelson said on Monday’s Wilde and Tausch radio show. “After that meeting, there wasn’t, I don’t think, much desire there. I think the hurt part was, to be honest, was the unwillingness to try to make it work.”

The reason this smells funny is because we originally found out that Nelson was willing to take a pay cut. However, the Packers offered a paltry $1.015 million and two days later Nelson signed a two-year, $15 million deal — with $13 million guaranteed from the Raiders.

Originally, I was fine with Nelson getting cut, because the Packers were going to cut Nelson and/or Randall Cobb to free up some cap space. But Nelson obviously wanted to stay in Green Bay and wanted another season with Aaron Rodgers.

The worry has been that the soon-to-be 33-year-old Nelson has lost a step two years after ACL surgery. That’s completely fair because 53 percent of Nelson’s 158 targets in 2016 were between zero and nine yards compared to 45 percent of his 159 targets in 2014. But he still proved he could produce by racking up 20 touchdowns in the last two years — all of them 32 yards or less.

And the reason Nelson was able to do that was because of chemistry. Obviously, it helps when a receiver can run past the entire secondary or out jump everybody.

But Nelson has the hidden element: the back-shoulder fade. Rodgers and Nelson didn’t just do it, they mastered it, and then made it even better.

The Packers may have been able to sign Nelson to a lesser deal, while still inking tight end Jimmy Graham and defensive tackle Muhammed Wilkerson. However, the Packers turned their veteran off by saying that Nelson wasn’t going to be involved very much if he stayed.

That makes zero sense. How can you just turn your back on your most versatile receiver? He went from playing strictly on the perimeter to taking snaps out of the slot. He developed a nonverbal language with Rodgers that made the duo nearly impossible to guard.

With how poorly this went down, the Packers’ front office is going to have a tougher job of signing and re-signing players. The best example right now is Rodgers. Why should he give the Packers a discount? Have they always put the best product on the field when the Packers pocketed over $441 million in revenue last year?

Nelson played nine years for the Packers, yet only had three seasons of double-digit touchdowns. He still catches at least 60 percent of his passes and even performs ballet toe-taps on the sideline.

I would’ve understood if the Packers did this solely out of money. But to say that Nelson would not have been involved in the offense is laughable. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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GB Jacker's picture

It hurts to lose Jordy. He was such a fun guy to watch over the years, nothing like seeing him beat the corner then cut inside wrong-footing the safety for a long TD but it's always better to move on early than late.

If you don't plan on using a guy anymore there's no point keeping him around for sentimental reasons, as much as I would have been happy seeing 87 for another season - this team has to move on, it has to change.

It's not great that Jordy feels pissed - but rarely do relationships end without some bitter feelings. I think we'll all move past this once the story blows over and Green Bay fields a more dynamic offense in 2018. Hopefully

TheVOR's picture

Jacker, you're dead nuts on this. We all knew either Cobb or Nelson was going to go.

If anyone thinks the business side of this game (meaning our GM/player personnel group) didn't understand Nelson's value, you're mistaken. They basically said, right or wrong, we're moving on from you.

The fact that Nelson could get a potential 15M over 2 year deal speaks to exactly why he's not a Packer. We were not willing to pay that, nor could we have improved the team elsewhere without the money.

Furthermore, watch what happens when Rodgers gets paid, there is going to be another bloodletting, and Packers fans need to be prepared for that as well.

This is long overdue really, not with Jordy specifically, but with this stale roster that can't get back to the Superbowl. One of the main success elements of the Patriots is their successful turnover of veteran football players, and back-filling them with less expensive high value veteran players. Its almost seamless!

Final word, Thanks Jordy, great career in GB, loved you as a player for the Pack, and wish you all the best in Oakland. You were a great Green Bay Packer!

tincada's picture

How can you just turn your back on your most versatile receiver? Simple Fat boy is still OC. So you cut JN to save "big bucks" and then turn around and hire a so so guy for $30 mil over 3 years, a guy who is all of 6 - 8 months younger than Jordy is a joke. This is the same ol same ol screwed up team as it was with Terrible Ted. And then you drop $5 milon a joker that can't make, practice, team meetings. Great job there Ted. This free agency in action in banana land.

Finwiz's picture

I think you misunderstand.

Graham is not a direct replacement for Jordy. News flash - ones a TE, the other a WR.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Jordy's back shoulder fade will no longer be a threat as he can't get off the line and break like he used to. Yards after catch are no loner there. He catches the ball and curls up. Thanks for the service but I'm glad he is gone. I'll be stunned if he ahs success with the Raiders. If so then he was injured and said nothing about it. There are guys that have more ability on the roster. And yes Graham is a tight end.

dobber's picture

Graham is light years better than any TE they've had in recent years (save for maybe Cook), even at his age. I think you're seeing a tradeoff where the team anticipates that improvement at TE will more than offset any loss at the 3rd WR position.

TheVOR's picture

Dead Nuts Dob.. This wasn't about trading one ofr the other, it was about us needing money to compete in UFA for a change. I expect we'll like what we get from Graham.

Cubbygold's picture

Pretty sure Joe Philbin wasn't the OC last year and will have an influential voice this year

Finwiz's picture

Is 14 dislikes some kind of record?
Very impressive - keep up the bad work.

Edit total - we're going for it

dobber's picture

"Is 12 dislikes some kind of record?"

COW says, "hold my beer"

Since '61's picture

Dobber - I think Cow reached 22 or 24 dislikes on one of his posts a while back, maybe in the Jersey Al AllGBP days. In any case he probably holds the record. Either him or Stroh. Thanks, Since '61

Ryan Graham's picture

I agree GBJ and and VOR. Not Jordy specifically, but something had to change, and I mean a year or two ago. As much as I hate to remind everyone who have put a backseat but this is a direct result of neglect by Ted Thompson, along with the lack of communication that was in the front office.

Love Jordy, wish him the best in Oakland...but it's time to put this to rest and move on to the future rather dwell on the past. Mistakes were made, as the team sits today this was the best move.

ScaryGary's picture

terrible ted lol, who has had a better draft record than the packers the last ten years? maybe the steelers. ravens, seahawks honorable mention. it think we would all agree dom capers was held onto to long. ted never got credit he deserved for signing peppers, that was great. it wasn't ted that dropped that touchdown that set the tone for the game, instead of blowout with super bowl #2

Horse's picture

It's going to impact the locker room. This hurt more players than Jordy.

Hagster's picture

Seems to work fine for the Patriots

dobber's picture

Maybe the impact on the locker room will be that you need to be productive and growing as a player to keep having a spot in it. Would that be all bad?

Ryan Graham's picture

I should have been more clear. I lumped the coaching staff deficiencies aka Capers and McCarthy, which he had admitted that he held onto to Capers too long, in with the front office and it's miscommunicaation and inability to get on the same page.

I didn't say Ted was the worst GM in the world, he made a couple of nice moves early when naturally he was eager to get to work and majer something of it. But it's fair to say for every plus move he made he had two minuses, that including the draft and free agency.

In no way shape or form am I a Capers apologist. He was a significant part ofcthe problem. But it's also fair to say that Ted didn't help Capers with all the misses he's had in the draft. A lot of those misses were repeated at the same position (DT, EDGE, CB not all at the same time) in turn causing the staff to neglect positions that have been underwhelming (TE RB) or are now aged out or close to it (OL WR). Had Ted stayed at GM Jordy would be with GB and chances are they would have given Randall his 5th year, not by choice, to play a position he didn't want to play, and he would not have gone after Jimmy Graham.

Capers and Thompson could not get their heads together and get on the same page and did more fighting one another than working together. BG is unfortunately left with the mess.

HankScorpio's picture

Does anyone remember Donald Driver's last year in GB? He caught 8 passes for 77 yards. He was about 3-4 years older than Jordy is now so the slow down factor was more advanced. But if the Packers saw Nelson in that sort of light, they were just being honest about their opinion and plans. Sometimes the truth can hurt but you're always better off hearing it, in the long run.

As for the famous "chemistry" between Nelson and Rodgers, it is entirely possible the Packers WANTED that broken. It can be a net positive to break that level of comfort with Rodgers and force him to look past his "security blanket". Time marches ever onward and new connections must be formed.

The business of football can be tough on everyone, from the front office to coaches to players to fans. But it must be served.

lebowski's picture

"it is entirely possible the Packers WANTED that broken. It can be a net positive to break that level of comfort with Rodgers and force him to look past his "security blanket". Took the words out of my mouth. Perhaps the staff wants to see more of what Geronimo and others can do as much as the fan base does.

dobber's picture

I, personally, would like to see them find an improvement on Allison before the season starts. I think he's JAG, and that relying on him to be WR#3 would be a mistake.

Bearmeat's picture


Minniman's picture

He's probably not going to transform into the next Antonio Brown, is he!

lou's picture

Great post Hank. I think we saw the same situation with James Jones 2 years ago, he came back and was very productive when Jordy went down but the team was betting he did not have another season in him like that and the other teams must have made the same business decision because he received no offers. I can't see anything even the interview yesterday that would taint Jordy's time in Green Bay, as the great Dodger announcer Vin Scully said when he left, "don't feel sorry it ended, just be glad it happened".

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't think James Jones had 2015 in him. That's why he was still around in August to sign: every other team thought/knew he was done. And he was done: only AR could have gotten 890 yards out of Jame Jones. AR trusted Jones' strong hands to reel in incredibly accurate pass after incredibly accurate pass. James Jones didn't get more than a half step open all that often in his last season. Every GM watched the tape and muttered that their QB could not do what AR did, so everyone passed on James Jones, and he retired.

flackcatcher's picture

All too true TGR. But Jones had become a very good route runner, something the Packers WR lost when Nelson went down that season. The other main factor is how stale the offensive had become under Rodgers that year. The defense carried the Packers that year with all the injuries to the O line and WR group. Abby, Janis, and Jones at the end. What a strange year.

tincada's picture

If the Fat Boy had a QB that could actually throw the ball JN's #s would no doubt be better than they were last year. The QB room is set. Uh huh how did that work out Fat Boy.

Don Hutson's picture

Coach FB does have to take some '2nd QB capability' responsibility. Not Nick Foltz.

sheppercheeser's picture

First, it's "get rid of Jordy. He's getting old, lost a step, is hurt, had a horrible 2017, gets no separation and his salary is too high." So now after acting on that, it's "how dare they cut Jordy!". Geez...

cuervo's picture

"Fans wanted to keep Jordy just not at that #"

Thankfully the Fans aren't in charge of the team personnel.

I find this entire article more of something that would be written in a steamy romance/soap opera novel. Does anyone truly believe (other than the writer) that any other player in the NFL cares how poor Jordy Nelson was treated? There are literally hundreds of players in the league that have been treated the exact same way by their teams, does that mean that all of those teams are also purgatory now because of some "hurt feelings" by the players they let go?

Finwiz's picture

Exactly, Cuervo.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Cuervo assumes that Nelson is done and that GB was correct to dump him when he writes that it is a good things fans are not the GM. I was not sure, and left it to GB management to figure it out. I certainly was in favor of keeping Nelson at a reduced price (since I think in GB with AR throwing to him his production will be worth $7M), but the film review article gave me pause on how much is left in his tank.

Sorry Jonathan, had to give you a thumbs up for explaining the ire of the fans so clearly and simply. [I don't know what my all-time high is for dislikes, but I get plenty.]

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Jonathan, I think you're a person who will change his mind if presented with a really good argument and some facts. Or at least check your hole card. I've changed my mind a time or two and had more than one of my arguments destroyed in rebuttal.

BELIEVER's picture

If Graham doesn't live up to expectations, which I doubt will, this whole seasons will blow up. I did not like this from the beginning.

GB Jacker's picture

Might have revisit the username choice for 2018?

kevgk's picture

oh please, the packers will still have a top offense and greatly improved defense. I'm sure people will get over it

dobber's picture

"the packers will still have a top offense and greatly improved defense"

You had your fingers crossed when you typed that, didn't you? ;)

Thegreatreynoldo's picture


thebeast431's picture

Like it or not. The Packers did Jordy a huge favor. Allowed him to move on with a much bigger payday.

Tough love, but its what you have to do to help both sides.

dobber's picture

"Nelson signed a two-year, $15 million deal — with $13 million guaranteed from the Raiders."

The article seems to suggest that this deal indicates that the Packers made a mistake. His guaranteed money is virtually all up front, with a roster bonus leading into year the Raiders structured this deal so they could cut him loose at the end of 2018 with no cap hit in 2019. They're also playing this cautiously. I would argue that the Packers made a decision. They decided that Nelson wasn't the guy they wanted anymore and that he was worth paying only at the lowest levels. They ripped off the band-aid. Sometimes that's what needs to happen.

cuervo's picture

"They ripped off the band-aid. Sometimes that's what needs to happen."

And that's the difference between the bleeding heart fans that think with their heart and a GM that does what needs to be done and puts on his Big Boy Pants everyday.

Sentinmentality is great for fans and writers, but it has no place in an NFL front office.

Johnblood27's picture

Jordys deal with the Raiders simply indicates that Michael Crabtree sucks a lot.

Coldworld's picture

Actually, that deal is one that is really a head scratcher. Good for Jordy but there is no way he is worth that now.

Michael Hughes's picture

Cant really comment unless we know how much he asked for. Everyone low balls first up to give room to meet in the middle. If he asked for 7m then its fair enough to walk away.

If we could have got him for in the region of 3 to 4 then I would have done it and not bothered with Graham.

Crackerpacker's picture

When would you let him go. Would you like a repeat of Donald Driver where everybody wanted him to retire a packer, And he kept wanting to play one more season. By the time he realised it was finished it wasn't the great end to a great career everybody wanted.

Tundraboy's picture

I'd still bother with Graham. We need a new TE and not just a draft pick.

Mark Ingram's picture

A bad mistake. What was the GM thinking? For 4-5 m they could have kept a strong receiver that works well with Aaron Rodgers. Really dumb.

dobber's picture

Let's be fair: the Packers made a move based on continuity. They could keep Cobb and Nelson, but both would likely be gone in 2019 due to age/expiring contracts/smell...whatever. This move signals that Nelson wasn't part of the Packers plans going forward. They signed Graham who will be around at least through the end of 2019 (that's when his contract gets to the point that they could cut him). This gives them this offseason/draft to find a replacement for Nelson who will hopefully be a meaningful contributor in 2019 when Cobb is gone and they'll have to find another contributor to replace him in the passing game. Easier to replace one piece at a time than two...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

It hurt to tell my father he couldn't drive with my son in the car anymore. I don't think there is a way to tell someone like Jordy that he can't play well anymore. Oakland obviously disagreed.

dobber's picture

"Oakland obviously disagreed"

But to what degree? They've really only given him what amounts to two consecutive one-year deals. They're buying one year on Nelson...then making a call before his roster bonus kicks in.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree that Oakland's contract isn't as good as advertised.

Spock's picture

TGR, I sympathize with your hurt over your father's loss of driving ability. Years back my wife and I had to contact the DMV and tell them they needed to have my father-in-law (he was in his 80's) take a driving test because he was a danger to others. The Depart of Motor Vehicles sent him a test notice and took him out and the first thing my father-in-law did was turn the wrong way onto a four lane highway!! A few months after losing his license he said he was, "so much more relaxed" with other people driving him (so were we). Sometimes you just have to use tough love. I've always felt we saved someone else's life with that decision, would do it again in a heartbeat. I don't think he even knew we were the ones to "turn him in" but would have done it regardless.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Thanks, Spock. I didn't think it was relevant but my conversation with my father took place in 2003 or so. Long enough ago that my children having the identical conversation with me might be closer in time than mine with my own father!

You did the right thing notifying the DMV. I didn't do that, but then, my father pretty much let my mother drive after our conversation, and it wasn't that he made the wrong decisions, it just took too long for him to react to sudden things.

Spock's picture

TGR, Yeah, I figured that was a past conversation used as an example. I rarely drive as I won't drive on Oxycodone (although I'd probably be a better driver than those idiots texting and driving,lol). My wife is pretty much my chauffer these days. When I have to drive I don't take any pain meds and it probably makes me a worse driver :). When my wife retires next year I'll likely go from "part time" to "full time" co-pilot, lol. Just thought my example was somewhat relevant to your example.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I remember that. My condolences, Spock. One of my best friends has the same issues. IDK, maybe it is especially unfortunate since he is a genius, a word I don't use lightly. He became completely disabled with Fibromyalgia in his early fifties and is on some heavy duty painkillers. I bought my son a car as soon as he could drive so he could drive to "Uncle Chris' house" and learn whatever Chris was up to, but he has to not stay pretty often when Chris is in too much pain to do much. I wasn't shy about it either: I told Chris that the know-how and knowledge in his brain is far too good not to put my son in his path every chance I get. Chris' only child died at age 11, so he has no one to pass his knowledge on to.

Chris is a guy that wrote the National Electric Code, testified in front of the US Congress, computer expert in hardware and pretty good in software (worked for years for a computer company - Chris is the guy they sent when the FBI's computers went bonkers), he does wonderful woodworking, metal working, is an armorer (Viet Nam vet), welder, designer (worked in R&D for a medical device manufacturer), a real renaissance man. I'd guess his tools are worth more than his house by a factor of 2 or 3. He lost a lot of good years that he could have done a lot of worthwhile and productive things to Fibro and pain relief. It is a shame - he might well have improved the lot of humankind. I am not handy, so having a friend like Chris to teach my son all sorts of things I don't know has been a wonderfully enriching thing for my boy.

So maybe there is some kind of plan or reason.

Spock's picture

TGR, That's a fantastic story. Kudos to you for letting your son pick Chris's brain for knowledge and exposing him to an early understanding that people are more than "they look like". Chris sounds like an amazing man and "genius" is no doubt an understatement coming from you. When I bought my first house our next door neighbor had just learned that his wife had M.S. She was a beautiful, thin, vibrant lady. The disease has since ravaged her to the point where she is on an oxygen pump 24/7, her body has bloated, and she is can only feed herself with help from her husband. That man is a saint! He retired early at considerable loss of income to be her fulltime caretaker. What is amazing to me is how upbeat she is! I rarely get back to Wisconsin and now will probably never travel that far again (we live in Tucson and I don't do well flying), but we always made it a point to see our old neighbors when in the Milwaukee area. There are a lot of stories/people out there who make our own issues seem like nothing by comparison and their courage against problems that would overwhelm others is a constant reminder of what an amazing species the human race is capable of being! I am/was a heck of a woodworker and a very handy guy. It depresses me a lot that I can't do what I could anymore. Like "Uncle Chris" the tools I have are worth a large chuck of change and are the "good stuff", especially my older stuff you now can only get as "cheap knock-offs". You sound like an amazing parent. We don't have any children ourselves but it's wonderful to hear of how others are doing it the "right way"! You've made my day with this story (except, of course, the pain your friend is in) of teaching to respect others and what they can give even at a reduced capacity. Just when I get depressed over politics, the craziness of the world in general, and all the petty stories out there on the news and internet I am uplifted by a story like this. Keep doing what you are doing my friend.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I am a very unorthodox parent, but that has to wait for another day. This is a football blog.

arthurl's picture

Will probably come back to bite them in the butt. Couple years ago team did something similar with Charles Woodson and they lost that gamble. When you factor Jordy was willing to take less, doesn't look good. I understand the business and all; thought Jordy would go like Driver did. They could have worked it out. When I think of the money team has tied up in the likes of non-performers like Cobb, Perry, and Clay; very disappointing.

Coldworld's picture

Woodson was a once in a generation player. Good though Jordy has been, he has never been close to the level of Woodson. More often, the urge to hold on to the past is what kills teams. Team played the odds faced with a contractual cap hit that could no longer be justified. Football is about what you can do not what you could do. How is there a nice way to say we have decided we need to move on? That’s what they did. The money offered was no more than a way of making a gesture as opposed to saying thanks and goodbye alone. Nelson himself has said that Gutenkunst told him he would be a bit part player if he stayed.

EdsLaces's picture

Can we please stop talking about Jordy ? I hate it.

Bear's picture

Some writers are leaders some are followers. We have a follower. I

Jersey Al's picture

dumb comment of the day.

4thand1's picture

The bottom line is football can suck at times. This one of those times. In business you have to be cuthroat to survive, and this is business as usual, ask Jerry Rice and Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw, etc etc. All I can say is , thank you for the great memories and all the best to Jordy. A class act when there are so many classless players in the NFL. No one missed TO when he moved on.

EdsLaces's picture

"That's my quarterback " :(

4thand1's picture

lmao at those crocodile tears.

Spock's picture

How many times have we heard from NFL players and coaches "It's a business." Sadly, business decisions can feel personal and "hurt". That's life. Jordy has a new contract -bigger than anything he was going to get with GB- and he's actually (at least financially) better off now. He was my favorite player, but team decisions had to be made. Not sure how "in context" these quotes are from Cory. I find this pretty much a non-story today.

marpag1's picture

Yawn. The Packers did the right thing and moved on. Fanboys need to move on too.

Nick Perry's picture

I'm still wondering how much Russ Ball is involved in all of this. They all have a role (Murphy, Gute, McCarthy, Ball) with this new "Structure". Considering Ball does all the contracts I have a strong feeling this low-balling is Russ Ball.

It happened with TJ Lang last season and it's happened with other FA who have left GB too. I'm not suggesting one way or another Nelson should have stayed or been cut, after all he did look pretty darn slow last season. But I keep working back to Russ Ball on this one. Gutekunst isn't going to come out and say it, he'll stand out in front of this. But I really believe Ball had more to do with that offer than we'll ever know.

On the flip side I'd MUCH rather have Wilkerson, Williams, Graham, and Kizer than Randall and Nelson for 2018 AND still have $19 million in cap space.

Someone was going to get butt-hurt this year and it turned out to be Nelson. I was one who never though Nelson would leave (Thought it would be Cobb) but I do understand. I've said it before...The Football Team Gutekunst inherited has some problems which took many decisions to get it that way. It's going to take many more, not all popular ones to get it where it needs to be.

Coldworld's picture

If Randall is a truly a safety as McCarthy said, this is all part of clearing the way to rebalance the roster. Makes me wonder how bad things were between MM and TT. Also makes me wonder whether Rollins will move to back safety now too.

CJ Bauckham's picture

Can't fault the Pack for being honest.

Can't fault Jordy for wanting to stay.

How can you say it's laughable that his involvement would change? Philbin and Mike are 'building from scratch'. Davante and Jimmy are the big guns now. Jordy would have gone from the 1 to the 3, at the very least. There's only one ball to go around.

NMPF's picture

When a player holds out/re-negotiates, he's doing what's best for his family and himself, when an organization has to make a tough decision on a be-loved vet they are in the position of "a tougher job of signing and re-signing players" . Grow up, business is business. Like it or not.

Randy Malueg's picture

Go back and watch the end of the Dallas (Rodgers QB) game last year, Jordy was not used very much on the game-winning drive and I remember a shot of Jordy and being about the only one not excited we scored the go-ahead touchdown

Finwiz's picture

Interesting observation. I vaguely remember it, but I believe I recall thinking he must have sustained an injury of some sort. I still think he got hurt to some degree last year, the way he was going down on plays and not displaying any YAC at all. He wasn't the same player.

Chuck Farley's picture

Jordy was just another casualty of Rodgers looking contract. Lack of top free agents is another.
It's no longer that you got one guy being the highest paid player. It's you've got nothing left for anyone else decent. He alone is preventing play makers from being on team, only players, many of them avg at best.

Finwiz's picture

Corey you must be a millenial, where it's all about "feeling good" in the work place, regardless of performance.

It's a business, and clearly, based on what Packer management saw last year, they didn't feel he could play at a starters level anymore. Based on what I saw of him in the last 8-9 games, I'd have to agree. Something happened and he lost it, got hurt, or quit trying. I was shocked at what I saw, and I don't like it, no matter what the reason. It isn't hard to understand why the Packers made the decision they did. They wanted to upgrade the speed on the outside, opposite Adams, and Jordy wasn't going to be the guy to do it. So it left them no choice.

This is particularly sad for me, because he's one of my favorite players ever. But this is about the team, and doing what's right to make it better.

worztik's picture

“Corey you must be a Millennial”... love it Fin!!! The article read like an epitaph to Jordy! I will miss his play from earlier years but, as I’ve said, “I’ve been fired from better jobs than this one!”... ;~€)

worztik's picture

Good for you Corey!!! You just gained an abundance of legitimacy in my eyes... be well my friend!!!

Cory Jennerjohn's picture

Actually, I’m not a millenial. I said two times in the story that I understood cutting Nelson for the money. However, when the Packers told him that he wouldn’t have much a role on offense, that is what surprised me.

Coldworld's picture

If you are moving on as a team, that would seem both logical and honest. One can question the personnel assessment, but clearly the Packers believe that Nelson On the field as a starter is no longer a positive. Presumably the raiders feel differently, but I can’t see why the statement is at all surprising.

RCPackerFan's picture

This is the brutal side of the business... That is the keyword though, business. This wasn't a personal decision it was a business decision.

Obviously the GM and upper management decided that Nelson didn't have enough left to be a big contributor. While Nelson's production dropped off last year mostly due to Hundley being the QB, it seemed like he just wasn't in it mentally. Understandably so.

While it maybe considered a slap in the face with the offer they offered him, they still did offer him something. Its more then they did for Woodson and many others.

At the end of the day it is a business decision. We won't know if its the right or wrong one until after the season ends.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Putting all sentiment aside, if a receiver named Reginald Bumpkis, with the exact same resume as Jordy, an aging but once great receiver, lost a step or two but still has great hands, is a smart football player, a great team guy... if he was out there now would we bring him in if we could sign him for $3 to $4 mil a year, given what's currently out there? Do we believe he would beat out Allison, Clark or whatever else we cobble together, including promising rookies that likely won't help all that much this year... does anyone think we'd take a look? That's the only question. I don't see anyone out there that's going to be a good #2 receiver on the edge. Matthews maybe, but he's mostly a slot. I guess you could say the same about Jordy, er... Bumpkis, he can't really play on the perimeter any more. Tough call... but for that low price tag, I might have given old Bum a shot. I think Gute seriously thought he'd sign Robinson or maybe Watkins or some other young FA. Now that it hasn't happened, wonder if he wishes a guy like Bumpkis was out there.

4thand1's picture

Dam, i just bought a new Bumpkis jersey.

worztik's picture

4th... you were really lucky to find one! I’ve been searching for one for quite some time... no luck as usual for me! I did get his teammate Smegma’s Jersey last year... musta been game worn it was kinda greasy and odiferous... wish I had the pair...

Coldworld's picture

No. Because the great RB would be occupying a slot that a prospect who had potential could grow in, preparing Thor the next few years.

So, if I couldn’t find an experienced receiver of decent quality to add speed, I would draft one relatively early and work that player in with the current team using Bumkis’s spot and spend my cap elsewhere.

So no.

idgafkurt's picture

"With how poorly this went down, the Packers’ front office is going to have a tougher job of signing and re-signing players." Um, no it's not, this happens with every team in the NFL. #fakenews

He's 33 coming off a down season where he struggled to separate. They are better off having Allison take his snaps, or a younger FA/rookie.

He's a Packers legend, he'll be cut by the Raiders after the season and retire a Packer great. All is well...

Finwiz's picture

Not Allison. He's a 5th-6th man on the roster, nothing more.
They'd better find an upgrade there, or we won't do any better than we did with 87.

Oppy's picture

I think that any hopes we may have had of Nelson being restructured to stay in GB may have been broken when Rodgers basically predetermined he was going to force-feed Nelson the ball when he came back from injury.

And force feed him the ball, he did. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

I think that game was the game that tilted the Packers from potentially renegotiating with Nelson, to deciding that with his slow decline and the fact he's clearly distracting Rodgers from utilizing other, open, WRs on the field, it may be best to just part ways.

So, yeah, I think Aaron Rodgers' decision making on the field might be what actually doomed Nelson. Go figure.

Finwiz's picture

I wasn't aware he actually said this, or was actively doing it.

Oppy's picture

He made comments about how he knew 87 still had "juice" left in him, and if I'm not mistaken, actually said outright that he was going to get him the ball.

Even if he didn't say a word.. painfully obvious he was forcing the ball to Nelson. Horrible.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I didn't see that. But anything's poosible, I guess.

Oppy's picture

It felt to me like, "Here we go, he's going to hold on to the ball too long and throw it down the sideline to a well covered Jordy again."

Of course, that's been a problem for the last few years, but it seemed really apparent that last game.

19barry57's picture

BIg Jordy fan, but he has 13 million "guaranteed" reasons to move on. Feelings hurt? Oh, well... he'll get over it. As for lingering locker room issues, this is AR's locker room, period. If he's the leader I think he is, the "room" will be fine. As for players not wanting to come to GB, I say "hogwash". Football is business and players follow the money. They are capitalists - pay them and they will come. For every player who takes a "hometown discount", there are 99 others who want to GET PAID!!! Go Pack, Go!!!

John Brill's picture

We all need to stop bringing up nelson life goes on and does it really matter how or why it happened it happened so let's get over it and move on

Ustabeayooper's picture

Fans seem to forget the Farve situation. We had to let a HOF QB go to make room for our next HOF QB. Farve was "hurt" for awhile but everyone came together eventually. Football is a young mans sport. ARod should understand this better than anyone. We really don't know who will step up to replace Jordy but as long as he was on the team, he was starting. Strange as it seems, opportunity creates stardom. You don't know what you have until the game is played.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture


croatpackfan's picture

Again, all of you wanted drastic change. You got it. Now, you are whining...

Hilarious. I'm laughing here, from the other side of the Atlantic...

4thand1's picture

Drastic would be trading AR

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Ditka would give his entire draft for him :)

worztik's picture

I likey drastic!!!

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I love Jordy, but I would have cut him outright, with no paycut offer--as I would do with Matthews, Cobb, and perhaps Bulaga.

Our new GM seems to be trying to have his cake and eat it, too. He wants to bring in desperately needed talent at key positions, but isn't willing to make the adult decisions necessary for overhauling a deficient roster and re-setting a poorly allocated cap. He wants instant gratification in 2018, while somehow producing 2019 title contention and offending the fewest overpaid vets possible.

It's silly...and a bit schizophrenic.

For instance, Gut made a big offer on Chicago's CB, which certainly would have necessitated cutting Matthews. So why not just cut Matthews and commit to a better plan?

Here's my dream Defensive Front 7, with $11 million saved by releasing Matthews. It's a 4-3:

DL: Wilkerson, Clark, Vita Vea, Daniels
LB: Perry, Martinez, Josh Jones

Or if Vea is gone, go 3-4 by drafting Edmunds or Davenport.

There. Now you have overwhelming run-stopping, athleticism, and strong pass-rushing--along with huge savings on the cap for Aaron's extension.

C'mon, Gut, quit being schizo and commit to a rational plan.

dobber's picture

"Our new GM seems to be trying to have his cake and eat it, too. "

I'll agree with you here. He seems to be trying to salvage 2018 given the personnel issues they had exposed in 2017 without mailing it in. I wouldn't call it instant gratification, but rather that he's gambling that #12 returning, a few strategic pieces in FA, and a change in scheme/coaching will put the Packers back in the conversation. It might look very patchwork...or it might work. Whatever the case, he could have cut the contracts you mention (absent Bulaga), but they all come off the books in 2019. Perhaps the FA class is stronger then than it was this year...

"DL: Wilkerson, Clark, Vita Vea, Daniels
LB: Perry, Martinez, Josh Jones"

Maybe that is their plan. But I'll say this: unless you think Vita Vea is the next Haloti Ngata (and some have made that comparison), I don't think he's a good pick at #14. I don't know what to think of him, yet.

I would argue that Perry is miscast on the outside in an even front. He'll get abused in space and end up a situational pass-rusher...and look like an even poorer investment. If that's the case, then cut him and keep Matthews. At least Matthews has the movement skills and athleticism to contribute on 3 downs as an OLB.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I have similar concerns with Perry in a 4-3, but here's my thinking:

1. He has far too much time and guaranteed money left on his contract, whereas Matthews has none.

2. Perry has improved a lot in space, and is a terrific run-stopper--truly exceptional.

3. 4-3 OLB's can still get very involved in rushing the passer.

4. Perry would no doubt rotate to end on many downs in a 4-3, giving much-needed downs off for the guys up front.

Look, here's the bottom line: Perry isn't perfect, but he would provide excellent flexibility to a 4-3, and he can't be waived without terrible cap repercussions. Matthews, meanwhile, had one semi-bounceback season, but is older and declining. Plus, we can waive him with zero cap hit.

We M.U.S.T save cap space, and Matthews has zero role beyond 2018. Oh yes, I'd waive him immediately.

As for Vea equating to Ngata, I'm reluctant to place that comparison on any rookie. Ngata, in my view, was worth a top-5 pick.

And by the way, wouldn't you be excited by Jones behind that D-Line?

dobber's picture

"4-3 OLB's can still get very involved in rushing the passer."

I don't disagree that a 4-3 OLB couldn't be an integral piece of the pass rush, but if I were an opposing play caller, every time I see #53 playing off the ball, I'm trying to force him to cover a RB or a least until he proves he can do it. I think you're running a significant risk of marginalizing a player you're committed to keeping and paying a crap-ton at least until after 2019 based on his contract. Maybe it pans out...maybe not. All I'm saying is that the player better (and I would say far better--he's still a very freakish athlete) suited for that 4-3 OLB role is the one we're talking about cutting.

"As for Vea equating to Ngata, I'm reluctant to place that comparison on any rookie. Ngata, in my view, was worth a top-5 pick."

People who like Vea REALLY like Vea. I'm not sold on him being a solid NFL pass rusher, and by solid, I'm talking 4-5 sacks/yr (even Ngata's best season was only 5.5). That's where his value will ultimately come. Interior run-stuffers aren't hard to find, and if that's all he turns out to be, we'll regret him being chosen at #14.

Oppy's picture

Odd choices for DE's in a 4-3, Perry doesn't fit as a LB in a 4-3 and would be abused in coverage on a down-to-down basis, and Josh Jones as an every-down LB at 210 lbs? I wouldn't advise it.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Perry would bounce between End and LB, while Jones is, I believe, over 220 these days. Flying behind a powerful line, he'd be terrific.

dobber's picture

I agree that one of Clark or Vea would have to come off the field in obvious passing situations and Perry puts his hand on the ground to rush from the outside.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Sure. I guess I'm advocating more of a hybrid 4-3/3-4, with Perry spending much less time in coverage than Jones and Matinez, and Vea coming out in passing situations while Perry moves up.

I do believe Perry can cover in short stints, but like you guys, I wouldn't want him in that spot too often.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

You've lost me. I wouldn't expect Perry to be off the ball much at all in a 4-3. And while Vea might have to come off the field if we happen to draft him (which I do not advocate), I don't think Clark would have to, or at least it seems too early to tell about Clark. I thought Clark showed enough to believe he might be viable to remain on the field on passing downs.

HankScorpio's picture

Pettine has said that 34 vs 43 is not really a thing anymore. He's right.
It's not. Defensive front 7 is a gadget defense these days. Teams play 5 DBs as base alignment. That means they play a front 6 in base. So it is really 2-4, 3-3 or 4-2 when it comes to DL/LB in base defense.

The Packers DL group is much better than their LB group. So if Pettine is following the principle of getting the best players on the field, he's going to more heavily involve the DLs than LBs. I believe they will move Perry to the DL room and get their pass rush from a 4 man DL. And we can stop obsessing about the poor OLB pass rush.

flackcatcher's picture

True. NFL rules have forced defenses into 5-6 DB sometimes 7 DB sub packages. Main difference between Capers and Pettine is where the pressure comes. Capers belief in the zone fire blitz scheme probably was his undoing. He never adjusted to the fact that his strength was in the DL all last season.

Johnblood27's picture

nice review.

You didnt mention Fackrell, who played a LOT of snaps.


Steven Norris's picture

The overwhelming butthurt of many Pack fans on this particular subject is PATHETIC. Seriously, a lot of grown *ss men and women whining and b*tching about something that happens EVERY DAY in this league. It's a business, primarily based on winning. Letting Jordy go, to afford filling gaps in other areas of need was a necessary move that I applaud Gutekunst for making. Also, the truth is I watched Jordy QUIT on Hundley and the rest of the team last year. I don't care how much he ALLEGEDLY has left in the tank...I cut my ties with him after that. Last I checked, THAT is NOT "the Packer way".

Finwiz's picture

>Also, the truth is I watched Jordy QUIT on Hundley and the rest of the team last year.<

I saw the same exact thing, and it was shockingly obvious.
Apparently quite a few people don't watch the players in the game very closely.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I don't think Jordy quit. He's just in decline.

Oppy's picture

Finally, someone else said it out loud.

I saw a number plays last season where Nelson literally quit running his route and put his hands on his hips before the whistle was blown- in a few cases, before the ball was out of the QB's hand.

JohnnyLogan's picture

I watched too but what I saw was Jordy open often and the gum chewer was running backwards trying to figure out what to do next. A Pro Bowl receiver suddenly playing with a HS QB... so I give Jordy a pass for the games with Hundley. It was close to the worst quarterbacking I've ever seen. Breathtakingly bad. And you're saying Jordy quit? Nonsense.

Finwiz's picture

You were apparently one a 'dem fans that weren't watching individual players very closely. Hundley was bad, but Jordy was too.
Don't shoot the Focking messenger - I wasn't the one that cut him.

What do you call it when you catch the ball and immediately fall to the ground, rather than fight for 5 yards? I call that no YAC, which is synonymous with "giving UP".

Oppy's picture

That gum chewer has more talent on a bad day than you or I will probably ever have on a great one.

Realistically, Hundley played very poorly at Lambeau, and pretty well on the road.

Also realistically, Jordy Nelson hasn't been running open all over the field for quite some time.

Jordy gave up on a bunch of plays last season- and frankly, if your QB is struggling- that'd be when I'd expect my WRs to work extra hard, not pack it up because they're not getting the ball as much as they're used to.

I loved Jordy Nelson as a Packer. I wish him well with the rest of his career. I do think Nelson didn't play to the whistle on a number of snaps last season out of frustration, but the "why" doesn't mean jack. You don't let up till the play is dead (pretty sure that's what accounted for Jordy struggling while Davante still was productive). I also think Rodgers has a tendency to pass up open WRs that could advance the ball and move the chains in an attempt to force the balll downfield to Nelson (or Adams) far too frequently, and I think these observations tied in with age/injury are what led the Packers to let Jordy go.

marpag1's picture

"Finally, someone else said it out loud."

It seems clear that you and I were part of very different conversations, Oppy, because I thought I was just one voice among a good many who felt strongly that Nelson mailed it in last year. I agree (and have for some time) with those posters who say that Jordy was worse than unproductive last year. It seemed he wasn't even trying.

I was stunned that the Raiders gave him that kind of coin. I can't really imagine that the Raiders didn't see it on the tape. Honestly, the only explanation that I can come up with is that Jordy must have "fessed up" with them and said, "Yeah, with Hundley in there the whole thing was just a clusterf_ ck so I just tried not to get hurt.... but I still wanna play." And the Raiders must have bought that.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Raiders have Edgar Bennett on staff now, the GB OC and formerly WR coach? You'd think Edgar would have an excellent view of Nelson.

marpag1's picture

That's a great point, TGR. I hadn't thought of that. But I suppose you could still argue the other side and say that Bennett had a previous attachment to Nelson, and that made him to prefer Nelson to the unknown and less than ideal Crabtree. Or you could say that the new guy Bennett actually urged caution before signing Nelson, but was simply overruled. At least it's not out of the realm of possibility. Certainly we expect Bennett to be professional about this, but I don't think we can say coaches always see with perfect clarity or without personal bias. If we could, then everyone would love MM.

Oppy's picture

Or, possibility #3: Bennett and/or Reggie McKenzie sat down with Nelson and said, "We believe you can still produce at a high level (sidenote, I agree) and we're willing to give you a contract.. but whatever that garbage was you put on the field last year, will not be tolerated here. What do you say?"

Qoojo's picture

I don't understand why CTV publishes Cory's articles. He seems to be on par with the average uninformed fan, or is that the point, to generate net traffic from /facepalm articles?

Cory Jennerjohn's picture

Thanks for reading.

Finwiz's picture


Thanks for the entertainment!

marpag1's picture

Qoojo, you won't have problems if you take this little corner of the internet for what it is. It's a collection of words. Often there is little rhyme or reason to the words, but that doesn't really matter. The important thing to note is that beneath the collection of words there is a forum where people can discuss issues related to the Green Bay Packers. There is rarely any connection between the collection of words above and the forum comments below. That's probably a good thing.

Jersey Al's picture

The goal is always to generate discussion. Cory does that as well as anyone. He does like to poke the bear and personally, I get great enjoyment watching you over-sensitive types fall all over yourselves in consternation and indignation. Lighten up and have some fun...

Johnblood27's picture

Damn it Al!

We all put our hearts and souls into this comments section and you just laughing at all of our passion is just plain mean.

When we say its a game you call it a business and when we say its just business you call it a game.

I hate you. I love the Tooze.

Jersey Al's picture


Spock's picture

Jersey Al, I don't consider myself (maybe I'm poor at self assessment, lol) an "over-sensitive type". I have said repeatedly that Cory is my least favorite writer here because I don't believe he adds much content with his "click bait" type articles. I think that is a fair description of his work. That said, he does get a boatload of comments generated (often with little to do with the article). I don't generally disagree with you, Al. but maybe YOU should "lighten up" as I think some of our comments about how we feel about Cory's "articles" are a lot of "fun" for us! :) :) :) Hehe.

Jersey Al's picture

What inspires the need for you to say this "repeatedly?" I personally just avoid things I don't like instead of engaging them, again and again, and complaining about it.

Secondly, your description of his work is anything but fair. Click bait articles are ones that make up things or depict them in ways that are not accurate. Cory throws out an opinion or a proposition and lets you all decide if you like it or not. Two very different things.

Finally, I don't really care what you all comment on as long as the discussion is mature and respectful (On the internet? I know, I'm crazy).

Spock's picture

AL, I was just being honest with the "repeatedly" comment. I thought you wanted comments on your site? I don't berate EVERY Cory article, but I've commented enough times (as have others) that Cory articles are, to be kind, ridiculous for the most part. We can agree to disagree on my description of his work. I have stated in comments on his articles that it was my OPINION that his articles are click bait. Come on, "Ty Montgomery MUST be a tight end"? THAT is strictly IMHO putting out a click bait article (this is just an example of many). You and I have a difference of opinion of what a "click bait" article is then. I was simply saying to you that when you said "lighten up" Cory's articles allows some of us to poke some fun :) at how ridiculous IMHO (and others) most of his articles are. What's wrong with commenter's having "fun" with that? :). Finally, I've tried to be "respectful" in my distain for the articles Cory puts out (although that is difficult for me, lol). I've TRIED to say that I have no issue with Cory's writing style, just his lack of content. Geez, for somebody who claims not to care about the respectful discussion on the board THIS bothers you? I have never (to my recall) called Cory a hack, or complained about the way he writes sentences. I've tried to be respectful of the fact this is a forum for unpaid writers to express their opinions. I'm sorry if my opinion here didn't sit well with you. Heck, I even said on a recent Cory article (something about the NFL north not being a sure thing) that Cory had (to my surprise, lol) finally put out an article that I agreed with and that it was a little early but he should revisit it again later in the season! I'll say it again, Al. IMHO you need to lighten up a little bit man. I know sometimes the written word comes across differently than what a face to face discussion would be. Maybe I come across as being disrespectful of Cory. That is not my intention, my intention is to poke a little fun at the discussion topics he throws out there. I apologize if that did not come across with my comment. I guess you see my "having fun" as "engaging them, again and again, and complaining about it", lol. We have different viewpoints about Cory's articles and discussion generated from them. In my view that's a healthy thing and why comments sections are fun to write in. Just my two cents. And----despite this little difference of opinion, I think we both can agree that CHTV is the best Packer fan site out there! :)

Jersey Al's picture

I did feel you were being a bit disrespectful directly to Cory, which is the only reason I replied. No worries.

Spock's picture

Jersey Al,
No worries here either. Good day, mate. :)

Cubbygold's picture

Just pathetic. Nice that he admits it, but such poor planning by the GM and coaches.

JDK52's picture

That's a really lazy take. Who else was supposed to play Corner the past two years? All the guys on IR? It doesn't even matter that Randall would have been better at Safety and McCarthy knew about it...he couldn't take him out of the CB group without somebody to play in his place.

Cubbygold's picture

Your ability to jump to conclusions is impressive. My comment was directed at drafting Randall and making him a CB, not at the fact that he was playing CB last year while people were in IR. Either way well done, and nice insult.

Finwiz's picture

It's entirely possible Ted just drafted him and told MM to play the guy.
Since he was one of their best DB's (sad state of affairs) he had to play somewhere. I wouldn't entirely blame MM for this dysfunction. The grey fox went off the rails somewhere after 2010.

Cubbygold's picture

It's definitely possible. You'd hope capers and MM would have objected during draft prep, but they could have been on board with the idea as well.

It's going to hurt if Randall turns into a great saftey and this is yet another guy that thrives outside of GB

Finwiz's picture

It's my understanding there wasn't much collaboration, communication or consensus occurring between TT and MM. It was more like, TT - 'I'm drafting this player, and MM, you fit him in somewhere'. 'I don't care if you have to fit this square peg (safety), into a round hole (CB) - you'll play him'.

Not a lot of give and take, and that's why we ended with the new structure, and weekly meetings for Murphy, Gutey, Ball and McCarthy.

al bundy's picture

Hey Ted t never drafted a real de edge rusher because my take Russ ball said these cost to much. Russ ball has more to the draft then the gm and mm. It's about who can we afford

zeke's picture

How are those Tide Pods going down these days? Do they taste better than paste?

Oppy's picture

It's also possible he was drafted to be the heir apparent to Morgan Burnett, but in the meantime, he was forced into duty at CB.

The article linked to did have MM stating they had plans for him to play both safety and hybrid LB/S.

That sounds like what Burnett was doing.

Minniman's picture

I can only deduce that both parties were "over" each other for GB to trade Randall away and not consider repositioning him.

On a slight tangent but ultimately related topic, I read an interesting article over at NFL network regarding Suh's signing to the rams.

The summary is that they intend to build a beast of a front line (Donald and Suh + supporting cast) to dominate the pocket; allowing their secondary more license for ball-hawking.

With Philly already down this path, is this the new fad in pro football, and with Randall glimpsing ability in this area I wonder if that is the role that the Browns have for Randall? If that's the case, would Randall actually have been better than HHCD in this type of role (when GB follows suit) - again question, not statement.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Ignore the dislikes and comments, Cubby. There are indeed a lot of implications in MM's admission. One might remember that instead of playing Hyde at FS in 2013, Capers trotted out McMillian, and 789 snaps of the Doctor, and a bit of Banjo as well. One might recall that TT followed up drafting Randall, who should have been a safety but at least could play CB at a reasonable level, with Rollins, who was considered a 2nd round prospect as a safety and a 4th rounder as a CB. I don't think it is lazy thinking so much as a failure to consider the implications at all. Randall himself thought his best position was FS. Can't imagine why a player might get frustrated with the coaching staff for playing him out of position for 3 whole years. It was a decision that was costing Randall a bundle of money in what is usually a short NFL career. It might also explain Randall pointing fingers at safeties given that he thought he was better than they were as a safety but their inadequacies made him look even worse.

I am sure we'll see an article on this in the near future with a well-developed theme.

flackcatcher's picture

Hyde was strictly a CB/Slot as a rookie. He didn't shift to SS group to 2014. Screaming at the TV and my computer all season long. Where's Woodson. Got to the point I was mumbling something about fixing the Ted problem..... (sigh)

Crackerpacker's picture

Just to add to the discussion when Hyde was giving his telephone press conference straight after he was drafted he was asked if he could play safety. His reply was on the lines of I am not a safety i am a cornerback.

Crackerpacker's picture

Just to add to the discussion when Hyde was giving his telephone press conference straight after he was drafted he was asked if he could play safety. His reply was on the lines of I am not a safety i am a cornerback.

Oppy's picture

But, that means all these people who are belly-aching about how Hyde "blew up" once he went to the Bills, and GB squandered his talent... can't be the same people who complain about how idiotic it is that GB forces players to "play out of position".

How do we rectify this?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Hyde may have been influenced by the realization that so-so CBs make more money than decent safeties. Just because Hyde said he wanted to play CB (after being drafted as a DB/nickel back mind) doesn't mean that safety wasn't his best position. The player's own evaluation of his best position can be incorrect, and it really is the job of the coaches to make that determination.

After TT publicly said GB viewed Randall as a CB, can you imagine the uproar if Randall had said that while he could probably play CB, his best position was safety?

Anyway, I don't hear Hyde "bellyaching" about having to play safety now that he has a nice contract in Buffalo and has been named 2nd team All-Pro by AP.

flackcatcher's picture

McCarthy has a nasty habit of deflecting away responsibility when things go south on him. Perry and Whitt were his guys on Capers staff. The Packer front office was very clear that both Randall and Rollins best position were SS/Slot. MM knew the score, he does not get a pass on this.

Jersey Al's picture

"Why the Packers took a safety in the first round after drafting Clinton-Dix and extending Burnett’s contract is an entirely different issue."

This was exactly my reaction when Randall's name was called. Eric Kendricks was there for the taking...

Johnblood27's picture

Randall was moved to a goofy-hybrid coverage safety role at ASU after beginning his college career as a CB for multiple years.

He was drafted to move back to his original position, namely CB.

TT was betting that the ASU coaches had erred on Randall's CB skills with their gimmicky defense.

dobber's picture

Clive Walford cut by the Raiders today. Liked him coming out of Miami a few years ago. I'd sign him over resigning RRod any day...

Cubbygold's picture

Article says he's being let go because they feel Lee Smith is a better blocker. Kind of sounds like the type of TE the packers need since jimmy won't be doing a lot of that. Is Walford a decent blocker? haven't seen him play

dobber's picture

Scouting reports I've read said that he's a serviceable in-line blocker and only so-so when used as a move TE. Those reports are a little older, though.

Oppy's picture

But why invest in a TE that can block, when we'll likely put the rock in a RB's arms les than 18 times a game anyways?

I wish I were being sarcastic. I hope the new offense for 2018 changes how AR calls plays at the LoS. I think we have a young, talented RB group that can both control games and increase the effectiveness of our aerial attack, given a fighting chance. Rodgers needs to learn that balance will make him even more lethal at QB. Until that happens, might as well plug lanky b-ball body types in at TE and just send them down the seam each and every down.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Perhaps it might be useful in certain situations to have a TE who can block? I agree though, Oppy, that I would not invest in a #3 TE, but I'd consider something above vet min for a player like Walford. He's got 3 years in. Our #3 might come in the draft, but some of those TEs can't block either. It might also depend on one's evaluation of Kendricks. So far, I can't say he has been worth his contract, but he isn't so costly that it matters much.

I'd consider Graham, Walford, and rookie TE who might or might not be a complete TE, or more of a receiver or more of a blocker.

arthurl's picture

Packers do some stupid stuff at times; let Hayward go, cut Sitton, let Lang go....all these dudes are pro bowlers. Let Woodson leave and secondary is crap; Woodson played decent for couple years at Okland after leaving. Take Rodgers off this team and shows what a piss poor organization it has become (proven in 2017). Finally, hard headed coach released sorry Capers after under achieving for past six seasons. If team was smart they'd dump MM. This looks like a 9-7 team even with AR. They are not close to Vikes; why, poor decisions, overpaying dudes who should be making less.....Cobb, Clay, Perry. Letting talent walk out the door.

4thand1's picture

You mean that defense that got shredded in the second half of the NO game? Only to win on a total fluke play. Or the defense that got embarrassed in the NFCCG in Philly. Not worried one bit about the queens.

Minniman's picture

I don't agree with much of your post. MM is possibly on his last chance.

The Vikes have assembled a commendably talented roster, though it remains to be tested if Kirk Cousins is the Purple Messiah or winds up in the same under-achieving-vs-cap-hit basket as some of those mentioned above .

I also remember seeing the vikes get swept aside by Philly in the NFCCG - it wasn't even a contest.

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forgot to add. Philly is the standard to measure your team against, you may or may not win the division but the real test will be against Philly, NO or possible the LA Rams

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The NFL is a business. Teams let players go but players also leave teams for bigger money. It just happens in this case that the Packers did not want to pay Nelson over $9 million dollars as they were trying to clear up cap space. According to the writer "the Packers offered a paltry $1.015 million" (I would take that paltry amount any day). Nelson did what was best for him and signed a 2 year $15 million dollar contract with the Raiders with $13 million guaranteed (I'm weeping for Jordy). It seems to me that Jordy made out just fine.

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The more I read out of blogs, the more I realize there's a different agenda for the fans vs the team.

Until you're getting paid to make the decisions, don't make assumptions. I will miss Nelson, but to assume that it was anything other than a business move is dumb. Trying to paint the team as the"bad guy" is as dumb as assumptions.

Go ahead and bitch, the guys who post online almost know as much or less than the average fan, with the exception of a few good writers.

This article and several lately have come off as whining fan posts. Nelson is gone. He's not coming back. Get over it.

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Rodgers contract is the 500 lb gorilla that forces the pack to let people go - people who won't give the team a Rodgers discount to stay.
His contract is also preventing the better free agents who are looking to get paid coming here.
Agents have gone on record saying Russ ball tries to get fa`s to come here for less because they have Rodgers and could be sb bound. They werent biting.
Worse we still have suspect pass rush, passing game now and pass d non existent. Some free agency we had compared to our foes in the nfc.

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The Packers really made no sense. A loyal, and even productive player NOT worked with. Talk about production and durability? What about Cobb, Matyhwes, and Baluga? How much were they on the field? Results? Explain ti ne and all fans why they didn't restructure them? Anybody?? Yet they don't even try to keep Rodgers favorite receiver and clutch!! What does does say to Rodgers? Other players? Free agents? It says we don't care. We keep some players by age even if they miss multiple games each year and are not productive. Look at the stats for goodness sake. I know Jordy is gone, but the Packers did not handle this right and showed little respect. It's a business they say. If do please explain to me why other players weren't restructured, and Perry was overpaid based on his production. Based on this, why is MM still there too?????

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As a Kansas State grad myself, I have followed Jordy's career closely. I even had lunch back at Nelson's Landing last summer!

That being said, pro football is a cold business. We have often groused on this board about wanting the Packers to be more involved in free agency. Unfortunately, these are the things that happen when you do. We can't have it both ways.

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As many on this thread have said, pro football is a cold, cold business. As much as Jordy Nelson wanted to go out on his on terms, it rarely if ever happens that way. Did Nelson quit last year, NO. Did he slow down last year, no. His ability to create separation on his breaks was there, as well as his ability to get behind DB. What changed is that age had finally caught up to him in the form of nagging injuries. And lets be honest here, there is something to the idea that his connection to Rodgers was hurting the offense last year. But that as much as a function of the scheme being Rodgers centric as anything else. Still, we fans knew he was gone, this year or next it did not matter. Overall, there was never a clean way to end his Packer career. A great player, and a even better man. Be glad that we fans were lucky to have him on this team.

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The question is: was Nelson getting behind defenses later on because he was beating coverage or because Hundley couldn't threaten defenses deep and they were sitting on everything 15-yards and in?

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Cap was 3-7-18 updated. Green Bay Packers: $15,674,151. If they sign A-Rod somebody gets to follow Jordy. New math is great! The packers are getting as bad as the federal Reserve. Instead of printing money, we cut legends. Gamble on a bear market. Give the lions a leg of Lang. And let the Vikings get the better of us in the draft. Are they really thinking about the product on the grid Iron? I now watch the players transactions to see who they'll let go. Burnett was affordable. So lets add him to the list too. 4 mil. people. Somethings still wrong when you have mounting injuries, and still let players walk. The Gold is leaving the Green. Why do I feel no packer is as good as gold?

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