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Ranking the Packers' Offseason Needs

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Ranking the Packers' Offseason Needs

Green Bay's offseason, for the first time since 2008, started when the regular season ended.  That, of course, didn't go unnoticed.  Ted Thompson moved on from the GM position, and Brian Gutekunst was promoted in his place.  The Packers then lost Alonzo Highsmith and Eliot Wolf to John Dorsey's staff in Cleveland.  The coaching staff was upended as well.  Long time scapegoat Dom Capers was let go and has reporteldy been replaced by Mike Pettine.  Joe Philbin has returned to replace Edgar Bennett and run the offense as well.  

The focus, though, will be on Gutekunst and the talent evaluators until camp opens in July.  Where do they spend money in free agency?  Who do they target in the draft?  The Packers should have $22 million in cap space ($26+ M if they get back Martellus Bennet's signing bonus) to work with an incredible 9 picks in the first 177 selections.

1.  Cornerback-  This was a difficult decision, certainly.  The Packers have spent significant capital on this position.  Two top 64 picks in 2015 and their top pick in 2017 have all been at the cornerback position.  Not only that, but it appears that Damarious Randall has developed into a player.  Kevin King still has all the potential in the world (as long as he can play with two functioning shoulders).  

After that, though, there are issues.  Josh Hawkins has athletic talent, but he was not great in 2017.  Davon House was OK at best, and is no longer under contract.  Lenzy Pipkins has some upside, but again he's an undrafted guy.  They still need to invest in the position.

options: Joshua Jackson (rd 1), Mike Hughes (rd 2), Nick Nelson (rd 3), Malcom Butler $13M, Trumaine Johnson $11M, Tramon Williams ($4M)

2.  EDGE- pass rusher is likely the position most would pick for the Green Bay defense.  The reason that i have this spot second is twofold.  First, I believe very much in Vince Biegel, as does Justis:

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KenEllis's picture

Agree with much of this.

What is exciting is that with Guty as GM, the Packers may actually try and fill the needs with individuals other than just draft picks and undrafted free agents.

Get to work now Brian.

Bearmeat's picture

I disagree completely with CB being #1. OLB/pass rush all the way. You can't count on Perry or CM3 to be healthy. Biegel has potential, but not as much as King. The others at the position have shown nothing. And unfortunately, there's not much pass rush out there in Free Agency, so it has to be the draft.

I do think that this may be a good year to grab a WR in free agency and cut either Nelson or Cobb. The other must get a pay cut. I don't know who. Really tough decision. The other moves to the slot. Some speed outside opposite DA would be really helpful.

I also think Burton from Philly looks promising. Why not at TE? Incentive laden contract? No to Jimmy Graham. He can't run anymore and we need speed down the middle, not another RZ threat. We already have that in spades.

I do think we're set at RG between McCray and Patrick. One of them will step up and OG really isn't important unless you don't have complete schlock there. However, OT is concerning. Bulaga might be done and you certainly can't count on him. Spriggs has so much potential, you have to bring him back to camp. But you can't count on him starting either.

We do need a boundary CB opposite King. And this is even assuming King steps up and stays healthy to be a CB1. I would not be opposed to another 1 year for House. He was hurt all last year but had been solid before he got hurt in Jax and here. He's not "old" yet. Perhaps a patch there like Tramon as well.....

I think we're fine at Safety. Burnett goes. J Jones becomes Chase ILB. Let the young guns at SS duke it out for the starting spot opposite HaHa and hope Haha pulls his head out of his tail.

It's not a bad roster. We have holes, but also some pieces. The Super Bowl is absolutely within reach with the right moves.

cuervo's picture

"I do think that this may be a good year to grab a WR in free agency and cut either Nelson or Cobb. The other must get a pay cut. I don't know who. Really tough decision. The other moves to the slot. Some speed outside opposite DA would be really helpful."

Agree, in fact it's a necessity. Unless both Cobb and Nelson take a pay cut (which I doubt) one or both have to be cut if you truly want to play in free agency.

Donte Moncrief from Indy is fast and won't command anything near what Cobb and Nelson are getting, and he's 25 or so. Somone like that at 5-7 mio a year is a must or this offense will underperform. Cobb and Nelson are a shell of their former selves unfortunately.

Ryan Graham's picture

tight end is a position in which they have an opportunity to exploit. Eifert or ASJ could both be available on 1 year deals for 6-8 and then possibly Trey Burton for fairly cheap as well. This would make drafting much easier

Nick Perry's picture

I really like the idea of Burton but I fear he's a little small. Eifert and to a lessor degree ASJ are HUGE risks IMO. Eifert has the back of an 80 year old it seems and ASJ is a total flake though he has improved.

There's a few good TE's this year in the draft but NOTHING like last season. Still can't believe Thompson didn't pick one! UGH!!

I agree with much of what Ross said. I just have a hard time agreeing with the Salaries he's suggested it will take to get some of these guys. $7 million for Burton?? That's a lot of coin for a 3rd string TE who's barely 6'3" and 235 and has 63 catches in his career. I know 60 of the cathes have come the last 2 years but still.

John Brown for $9 million? What??

Ziggy Ansah for $10? Just $1 million more than Brown? HUH???

Allen Robinson for $10 million, just $1 million more than Brown? I think it will take about that much money to sign Robinson and IMO would be better than either Cobb or (I hate to say this) Nelson at this point. That's providing his knee is good and I think it should be.

WKUPackFan's picture

Russ's Burton and Ansah projections are close to those calculated by spotrac: Burton $7.2 million; Ansah 9.5 million. That site doesn't have market value projections for J. Brown and Robinson yet. I do agree that $9 million seems absurdly high for Brown.

Allen Robinson is a beast. If he's fully recovered, he's up in the DeAndre Hopkins area. It will be interesting to see what Jacksonville does, because Marqise Lee is also a FA. He's pretty good as well, and projected at $8.7 million per year.

Coldworld's picture

Great post Bear. Quibble: who is the second safety? I am not sold on Brice in coverage.

I agree the guard is way too highly rated given what we have. It will be interesting to see if we will consider drafting a guard not a tackle now we have Gutekunst. I also agree we need to draft a tackle.

I think Randall earned a genuine shot at outside CB opposite King. Second day of draft at the earliest.

We need a TE, but I think we need a speedy WR no 2 candidate before a TE, assuming the draft falls that way, but neither as much as a rusher. I agree that there is not a lot obviously in the FA pool at OLB.

If the draft falls ideally: OLB, WR, RT, TE, OLB, G, ILB, CB, S, OLB, WR and then BPA would be my preferred order based upon need.

Bearmeat's picture

Thanks CW. I guess in my eyes, Brice or Evans wouldn't be the deep guy, they'd be the SS. HHCD is the FS. Plus, J Jones speed at ILB would really shrink the zone that the SS would have to cover.

In an ideal world, sure, I'd love to have Kam Chancellor or Harrison Smith paired with Haha, but you can't have all stars everywhere. And I'd rather spend the draft capital/FA dollars on OLB/TE/WR/CB.... JMO.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I think HaHa, Brice, and Jones are fine with some accountability and real coaching in a scheme that is up to date. If Burnett can be brought back cheap though, why not? If you do that your done with Safety and like you say can use the draft capital else where. Safety is one off the hardest positions for rookies.

CheesyTex's picture

What is Burnett's cap hit now, and what do you think it will take to sign him?

WKUPackFan's picture

Burnett no longer has a cap hit, and it will probably take at least $10 million a year to sign him, depending on the signing bonus. That's money that may be well spent, there are no current FA SS's close to Burnett's ability.

rdent's picture

Bearmeat, with all due respect I would prefer to wait until March before I say there are no pass rushers in Free Agency.

Bearmeat's picture

Well it ain't looking good. Look at the potential list up here:

Only a couple pass rush names that intrigue me for GB: Hitchens - but he'll break the bank (so no thx), Ansah (will be franchised I'm hearing), Ingram (ditto)...

Connor Barwin I'd go for. Maybe Ayers. That's about it. Teams don't let go of their pass rushers.

So yeah, not much out there.

worztik's picture

Cut Nelson... reduce Cobb’s salary... draft a pass rusher ahead of a top shelf CB!!! If we can cover tightly the rush will get there!!! How’d the rush work for the Queens last night??? Foles threw quick slants to beat the rush and the CBs were ineffective on those plays. We need as many really good CBs as we can afford... pass rush, too but, secondly to CB! No FA can be guaranteed to be a stud except maybe the pro bowl LBs and lineman!!!! Bouye got smoked last night and he’s an All Pro! I’m letting Gute do his thing and while it may be fun to “GUESS” what we should do... let’s leave it to the professionals... they “may” know more than we do!!! Just sayin’

The TKstinator's picture

Pass rush/pass coverage=chicken/egg

Nice to have you back in the sewing circle: must crochetin’!

Since91's picture

I completely disagree with Edge rusher being our number one need....but in a nice way because you mention the glaring hole on the right side of the line that protects the most important player in our world!
I am sorry but wake up people!!!! (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD)
If the man stays upright and healthy we win a lot of football games. I am completely sorry but an undrafted free agent and an old right tackle with no legs doesn't exactly get my dobber going if you know what I mean!
We draft a stud RT in the first and build an o-line the 90s Cowboys would be jealous of!
I am sorry for the rant..... but this season taught us that without the man we are ordinary...PROTECT HIM at all costs!

Bearmeat's picture

Yeah. I can see that. But can that get you over the hump? I'm not sure and I tend to think not. We NEED better personnel at edge and CB. ARod can mitigate OT and WR to an extent. We don't have anyone on the defensive side of the ball who's that good.

Risky? Yes. But much must be risked in the quest for title 14. lol.

Big Moe's picture

I completely agree, we need to replace Bulaga, I hate to say it, I love the guy, and he plays with attitude, but he can't stay healthy. Not only do we need to upgrade for ARods sake, but with these young talented RB's we are primed, I think, to be an Offensive juggernaut. Yes we need a TE, but we can find one, Damn! did we miss in letting Davis go. I think Jordy needs to stay, his ability to be where ARod needs him to be is uncoachable, and I think Ty Mont. gives what Cobb does , he just needs to play. But like the man says we must start at Tackle! at least by Round 2 I think. I wouldn't hate a trade up in Round 1 for a Defensive stud! although I think new coaching is going to make a lot of our D players look, much, much better.

Barnacle's picture

I agree, it is not a bad roster. The problem is the head coach. With an MVP QB , we have a chance inspite of horrible coaching and play calling.

nigrivasilayesrej's picture

1) Edge Rusher DE/OLB (depending on Pettine's scheme)
2) TE
3) CB
4) WR
5) OL
6) S
7) Backup QB
8) ILB

1) Ansah/Key/Landry/Hubbard/Evans/Edmunds
2) Burton/Andrews/Hurst/Goedert/Gisecki/Fumagalli
3) Johnson/Butler/Ward/Jackson/Alexander/Nelson
4) Ridley/Sutton/Washington/Kirk
5) Nelson (best OG I've studied in 5 years)/Price/Williams/McGlinchey/Brown
6) James/Harrison/Reid
7) Anyone but Hundley (a FA veteran)
8) Smith/Jefferson/Jewell

Since '61's picture

Pass rusher is the #1 need. CM3 may be done, Perry is always hurt and Fackrell and Beigel have shown us nothing. We need someone who can wreck a game and force OCs to adjust. #2 is a game break WR. Next a CB. #4 is a TE. #5 OL, probably an RG , a backup Center and solid depth. 6. ILBs who can actually play well enough to move Ryan and Martinez into backup roles where they belong. 7. A safety. We may lose Burnett to FA and HHCD may already be gone. Gute has plenty of work to do. Still nothing official from the Packers about Pettine. Why? Thanks, Since'61

Ross Uglem's picture

Blake Martinez is not a backup linebacker by any stretch of the imagination. His game has holes certainly but in a league that emphasizes using sub packages his primary role is as a run defender. He ranked #1 in the NFL in tackles and #8 in film run grade from PFF. He isn't a good run defender he's an elite run defender. Jake Ryan? He could be replaced.

dobber's picture

Martinez is a Sean Lee type player...hopefully not so injury prone, but he can be that good.

Coldworld's picture

Nor was Ryan in the second half. It will be hard to get a lot better here. We need cover for them though. I would be disappointed if we pick one before round 5 unless one falls catastrophically

HankScorpio's picture

A large part of the need to play so much nickel is that they have no ILBs that can run. They must get faster at ILB than the combo of Ryan & Martinez. If they don't, they will continue to be susceptible to mobile QBs and TEs/RBs that can function at a high level in the pass game.

Bearmeat's picture

Sean Lee is better in coverage. Faster? More agile?

dobber's picture

I thought Martinez showed flashes this year, but yes, Lee made a name for himself early on in coverage.

Their test numbers from the Combine are very similar, but they both play faster than 4.7.

Since '61's picture

We can be 7-9 with them and 7-9 without them. Thanks, Since '61

worztik's picture

7-9 without them is a real stretch ‘61...

RCPackerFan's picture

I think the 1A need is OLB/DE/Pass rusher. 1B is CB.

I like Mathews and Perry and they can be effective. But rarely stay healthy, so depth is huge. Behind them? Biegel I like but was a rookie and basically redshirted his rookie year. Fackrell was rated as the worst 3-4 OLB in the NFL. Brooks is set to be a Free Agent. Odom barely saw the field so we have no clue if we have anything in him.

CB I like King, and Randall played really good after his benching. House would be a good 3rd/4th CB to have. Other then that, I like what I saw from Pipkins. Brown might be able to be developed. Rollins whom I still like, you really can't count on. And is he a guy that would be a better Safety? Herb Waters is a guy to watch next year. He could surprise some people.
I'd like to see them go into free agency and get a veteran, and draft a guy high. You can't have enough CB's.

TE to me is the 3rd need. They don't 'need' a dynamite TE, but one could open up the offense. They need a guy to be reliable, and one that is faster then Rodgers. I wouldn't mind seeing them looking into FA for one and maybe drafting a guy.

Behind those 3 needs they could use help at WR, OL. I would take another RB in the middle of the draft. They really could use a veteran QB also. If one was available I would go after one. At least give Hundley competition.

Speaking of WR me personally I keep Nelson and Cobb. Maybe try and restructure contracts. But we need veterans that know how to play with Rodgers. It takes a while to build trust with Rodgers. Why get rid of the guys he has a great rapport with. They proved with Rodgers they are productive.
I look forward to seeing what kind of leap Allison, Clark, Yancey can make in their young careers.

Coldworld's picture

It is a good post with which I agree except as to WR and CB.

CB prospects are seldom ready to start. We have enough prospects for this year. Use FA as this is a position where experience and ability seems likely to be available.

WR is a position where we need a shake up. I like Cobb but not at his current salary or close. Nelson and Cobb can no longer coexist. Both slot players and slower than they were. If we can get a veteran number 2 with speed in FA then they are both gone I think.

None of the prospects you mention have great speed. Only Yancey seems even remotely likely to play on the boundary. Therefore we need a FA as mentioned and an early draft. At that point the cap position at WR points to a clear out too.

RCPackerFan's picture

I want them to sign a veteran CB and draft one fairly high (first 3 rounds). Signing a proven veteran allows the DC to do a lot more. I want them to draft one higher to add better depth and to develop for the future.

I personally don't really worry about the contracts of Cobb and Nelson. They have 4 RB's on rookie contracts. Thinking of it that way they are balanced out. They have enough money to do whatever they want to do with their current contracts.
yeah, it would be nice to renegotiate them, but I'd rather have them on the team then to save a few dollars.

The 3 guys I mentioned at WR are young guys from last year. I am looking forward to seeing how they develop next year. Actually Clark has good speed especially for his size. He also has unique size and a unique skill set. Yancey could be a surprise player next year. Allison has shown play making ability. The play in the Bengals game is a perfect example of that. Problem this year we have no clue how good or bad he is with Hundley as the QB.
I would like to see them add a bigger WR with speed.

Tundraboy's picture

Excellent points RC

packerbackerjim's picture

I expect Gutekunst to address either DE/OLB or CB In FA, and the other in the first round. In the second I would like to see RT or RG. TE in third round, WR in supplemental 3rd round (I hope) pick. Look at depth for the remainder of the draft

dobber's picture's the 'roids.

Bearmeat's picture

Well hell. It worked for Harrison at 39, so why not?

Bedrock's picture

Throwing the idea out there, by perhaps some of our defensive injury issues are due to being out of position and compensating with poor technique. Grabbing, reaching, poor leverage...I’m starting to sound like MM, but maybe he’s right. A Pettine coordinated defense may possibly reduce injuries? Eh. Who knows...But this Kool-aid is good!

4thand10's picture

I think you are spot on Bedrock. I have suspected that for a few years now. It's refreshing to hear someone else mentioned it.

CAG123's picture

Why isn’t ILB higher on the list? Do you guys not see the mediocrity currently employed outside of Blake? After an edge rusher I believe that should be the next position to upgrade and this draft has some intriguing prospects that have the versatility to play inside and outside and have that sidelined to sideline speed guys like Edmundson, Evans, Koron Crump, and Josh Allen out of Kentucky are guys I feel the Packers should be looking at and if any of them are available in the second the should definitely scoop them up.

HankScorpio's picture

Martinez had a great year but he was playing behind the two best guys on the defense in Clark and Daniels, whose job was to occupy blockers. That's a little like playing WR with Rodgers as the QB.

CAG123's picture

I can’t totally put his success this season on Clark and Daniels seeing as he played behind those same guys last year. I think Blake is the real deal and another athletic LB beside him will help even more.

HankScorpio's picture

No doubt Martinez deserves credit for all those tackles he piled up. I'm just saying he's got it pretty good to be playing behind those two. It's a positive environment for an ILB to make plays.

stockholder's picture

Seriously? Ross I Normally respect your opinion. But you and others are just Gone here. Whats wrong with Rollins and House? They were hurt. Their better than Hawkins and pipkins. You just can't keep picking CBs. And then let them go like Hayward. Next, Burnett. Who replaces burnett?. Jones? Surely no depth here. And what about Ha Ha dix leaving next year. Brice, good hitter. But good hitters are ending up on the DL. Try improving the depth chart first. I would spend 14million on Lawrence in a heart beat. But you think this line is solid. Wrong! Francious and Dial couldn't cut it last year. And yet we see praise again for ex -packers. Add it up right. Wolf said you build a team with Cbs and Tackles first. But take a look at the bruisers on the eagles. Until we stop throwing money at risks. Old men. And Want to bes. The packers are burning A-Rod out.

nostradanus's picture

You take the best Defensive player (s) on the board regardless of position and let the coaches sort it out.
Great coaches find a way to use great players and develop the Defense around your best ones.

Since91's picture

Pretty Please..... sign Norwell of the Panthers and pair him with a RT in the first round. PLEASE!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I'm back.

The TKstinator's picture

You left?

dobber's picture

...and saying as little as ever.

Since '61's picture

Dobber - in his case less is more. Thanks, Since ‘61

Since91's picture

I completely disagree with Edge rusher being our number one need....but in a nice way because you mention the glaring hole on the right side of the line that protects the most important player in our world!
I am sorry but wake up people!!!! (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD)
If the man stays upright and healthy we win a lot of football games. I am completely sorry but an undrafted free agent and an old right tackle with no legs doesn't exactly get my dobber going if you know what I mean!
We draft a stud RT in the first and build an o-line the 90s Cowboys would be jealous of!
I am sorry for the rant..... but this season taught us that without the man we are ordinary...PROTECT HIM at all costs!

Ross Uglem's picture

"old right tackle". Bryan Bulaga is 28. You can speculate based on injuries (though that's not wise as skilled as doctors are now getting players back) but calling him old is just ignorant.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I think Bulaga had already lost some agility before this last knee injury. I doubt this new one is going to help, or that even today's skillful surgeons will be able to restore his agility. The days where one might suspect he could start at LT are long gone. Bulaga might not be an old RT, but he has a lot of miles, and we are just talking semantics.

The TKstinator's picture

I can assure you no one here wants to get your dobber going.

dobber's picture

Lord help me, I don't know how to respond to this...

The TKstinator's picture

I considered the possibilities and did my best, and I assume we all understand that you are not HIS dobber.

dobber's picture

I'm not even MY can ask my wife...

The TKstinator's picture

Clearly you are a man who has his priorities in order.

4thand10's picture

I gave TK and Donner thumbs up on ALL of that. Just cause it was hilarious. You just can't make this stuff up.

4thand10's picture

Dobber. My auto correct messed up.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I've never known what in the world "Dobber" means, or alludes to unless it was Bob Lanier. Wikipedia didn't help, but here it is:

"Dobber may refer to:

Dirt dauber, a wasp that builds its nest from mud

Dobber (merchandise), shirts, jeans, and license plates associated with Glenn Dobbs

Bob Lanier (basketball), (born 1948), nicknamed The Dobber, a retired American professional basketball player

Dobber, the horse who played "Bad Horse" in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Dobber, a marker for marking cards at a bingo hall also known as a
dibber[citation needed]

Dobber, a derogatory Australian term for somebody who reports people to the authorities for (usually minor or socially acceptable) wrongdoings, e.g. tattletale, snitch"

WKUPackFan's picture

Someone with the last name "Dobbs"? That's the "Dobber" I grew up with. Great guy, and a big time player for our WKU flag football team.

stockholder's picture

Options : CB Joshua Jackson 4.50 Mike Hughes 4.48, Nick Nelson 4.52 Edge: Harold Landry 4.74 past Inj. , Arden Key 4.78, Marcos Davenport 4.77 Dorance Armstong Jr.4.74. Sam Hubbard 4.76 TE: Dallas Goedert 4.81 Troy Fumagali 4.84 WR Courtland Sutherland 4.58 Calvin Ridley 4.48 Micheal Gallop.4.52 Safety Justin Reid 4.53 Deshon Elliot 4.58. Let's compare your options to Shields 4.3, Tramon Williams 4.4, Nick Collins 4.4 Wrs Sorry if a guy can't run under 4.5 he doesn't deserve a 1st round grade. But these guys are projects that won't be a help next year. It's 2 years or more. And I can't wait to see what they lift.

Chuck Farley's picture

Myopic is a problem here. Who do we need to beat? Vikings have very fast backs and Diggs doing crossing routes thielan short passes over the middle . We need speed and size at linebacker.
Receivers are a dime a dozen, we need a te with speed and hands.
We need some bigger o linemen to protect Rogers. Beluga is always hurt Spriggs is horrid.

dobber's picture

Why can nobody spell Bulaga?

Tundraboy's picture

Exactly . Only thing I can think of is that maybe they are not Packer fans.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Spelling Bulaga can be a whale of a problem for a lot of people. Lol

CheesyTex's picture


GPW's picture

I find it interesting how many people have soured on Jordy Nelson. He was leading the league in TDs at WR in the early going, when Aaron was at QB. Hundley, obviously, zeroed in on Adams 99% of the time. When Aaron is back, Jordy will be fine.
And what happened to D. Baktiari as one of the keeper on the O line?

Coldworld's picture

Nelson is no longer our number one. Hundley made it look worse but he doesn’t get separation like he used to. That makes him likely to move to the slot if he stays. There is no obvious candidate for the outside beyond Adams and the receiving corps as a whole lacks pace and thus the ability to stretch the defense. This is not souring on Nelson but it is souring on a one pace passing offense.

Flow49's picture

I still can’t get the play Myles Jack made on the Flea Flicker. Not the double pass fumble but the Flea Flicker where he was at the line of scrimmage and teleported 25 yards down field to make a play as the ball got there. An athlete and playmaker like that paired with Martinez could be a great start to repairing the D. Granted I wouldn’t be disappointed with a blue chip corner or edge rusher.

Tundraboy's picture


In addition to new starting level talent at those positions, they need to get serious about getting the most out of the entire roster. Pettine has his work cut out for him especially, figuring out who has talent and fit his plans. Players like Gilbert, and Adams need to play. Goodson, Rollins, RRodgers and other dead wood must go. No more wasting roster spots.

Coldworld's picture

Spot on except I might swap receiver & TE. If the chance arises fix the biggest deficiencies first as long as one is not reaching. Use FA to supplement that. It is all about the anticipated upgrade plus how likely that is to be achieved in year one, at least for the current year.

Tundraboy's picture

True. Not a draft list as needs must not be solely addressed with draft.. CB for example most likely should be a veteran FA.. No reaching No early round projects.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

I agree completely! I strongly believe that the Packers should take a TE in this year's second round. There are half-a-dozen good prospects who are tall, can block, and can make great catches. We haven't had a great all-around TE since Mark Chmura. Just look at what the Dallas TEs have done through the years for the RBs and move-the-chains receiving. In fact, I absolutely LOVE Mark Andrews; if I could trade our second and a late fourth to move up to make sure I'd get him, I would.
I'm not sold on the EDGE players in this draft at 14, but that's where our need is. I might be just as happy with a power-rushing DT if I graded one better than the DEs/OLBs.

MarkinMadison's picture

RT needs to be MUCH higher on this list. After two years Spriggs is looking like a bust. He has shown that he does not have enough strength and cannot stay healthy. Murphy might be better at RG than RT. You need a guy with da feets on both sides of the line. I love Bulaga but he cannot be counted on to stay healthy. You have to protect the franchise, and RT is the weak link right now. You're up for another year of a revolving door at RT? That's fine, but I don't think #12 can take another year like the last one.

4thand10's picture

TE WR hate for Jordy, but he is aging.I also don't think Davis made good decisions all the time on ST.
Take a long hard look at free agency for a CB ,another edge, an OT in case the draft don't pan out.
In the case of TEs I almost wish we had an OL that doesn't block as good as an OL but secretly can catch passes. That would be perfect.

Coldworld's picture

Davis is not, in my view, physically a viable replacement for Nelson. Fast but too slight physically and lacking height, even if skills were to be deemed adequate.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

The weakest position on this roster (in my opinion), with the most potential to improve this team, is TIGHT END.
There are some terrific all-around TEs available in this draft. Last year's draft had a few more "receiving TEs," but I'd prefer one of this year's tall, solid-blocking, move-the-chains zone busters/outlet receivers. Watch the highlights of the top TEs in this class and see how good they can be.

Turophile's picture

TE is probably the weakest position at this time, but it wouldn't demand a first round pick.

Best (projected) value for me is this:
1) Pass Rusher (OLB)
2) WR (flanker), a future starter opposite Adams
3) CB/TE
3c) TE/CB (the opposite of the above pick)
4) TE
5) OT/OG
For the other three comp 5ths and subsequent picks, I would go wherever there is value. One would be a backup QB.

Qoojo's picture

#1 priority every year is add another pass rusher. Can never have too many, and they cover up a lot of warts in a defense. Even take a shot at two guys.
#2 OL depth. Keeping Rodgers healthy is the highest priority on offense.
#3 CB
#4 TE
#5 ILB
#6 DL As Parcells says, "God only made so many of them", so never pass on a big guy that looks good. Kind of falls under pass rusher umbrella too. This can trump the previous 3.

I would say the rest of the areas are equal from there.

Dzehren's picture

In his last six drafts, starting with 2012, Thompson devoted 20 of his 29 picks in the first four rounds to defense (69 percent). It's time for OL, WR, TE on earlier picks. OLB, CB are obviously needs as well.

billybobton's picture

I am not sure there is a point in responding to someone who ignores the most important OL position and who does not think Bahk is starting quality

Spock's picture

Billybobton, I had to re-read the paragraph as I was thinking the same thing until I saw the Author was listing the INTERIOR OL only.

TXCHEESE's picture

I'm no expert, but I do think DEFENSE is the priority here. The Packers can move the ball and score as well as anyone when #12 is healthy. A better option at TE would be nice. I do have to give the defense a little bit of a break. At times last season, Hundley simply could not sustain drives and after so many 3 and outs, they're going to falter. I only have one real critique with the article. Referring to DC as a scapegoat is a real stretch. The man deserved what he got.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

The two times the Packers won the Super Bowl 2007 there are two things in common common a run-stuffer and a pass rusher in the early days we had Gilbert Brown and Reggie White and when we won the Super Bowl in 2010 we had BJ Raji ,Ryan Pickett and Clay Matthews

I think Kenny Clark and Mike Daniels are good run stuffers maybe even Montravius Adams but we need that edge rusher we need somebody to get to the quarterback Nick Perry can do it sometimes and Clay Matthews is only a good third down situational pass rusher. The number one pick has to be an edge rusher!

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