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Brian Gutekunst is Doing Things His Way

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Brian Gutekunst is Doing Things His Way

As Brian Gutekunst was hired to be the General Manager of the Green Bay Packers this offseason, the team also announced that outgoing GM Ted Thompson would remain on staff in a not-clearly-defined scouting capacity.

A vocal minority of fans took this to mean that Thompson would truly be the one running the Packers’ personnel department as some sort of shadowy figure pulling the strings he’d affixed to Gutekunst on the way out the door.

As baseless and silly as those fears were to begin with, they have now been eradicated entirely now that we’ve had at least a little bit of a glimpse into how Gutekunst will operate in the role.

Simply put, Gutekunst has demonstrated that he is clearly his own man with regard to how he will handle the GM role.

It has been a long time since Packers fans have had so much news to digest in March. Before the official free agency period had even begun on Thursday afternoon, the Packers had already signed tight end Jimmy Graham and defensive lineman Mo Wilkerson, traded Damarious Randall to Cleveland for Deshone Kizer and a pick swap, and announced they would be releasing fan favorite Jordy Nelson.


It’s been a whirlwind several days for the Packers and their fans. Obviously, it will take quite a while for anyone to be able to truly determine the success of these moves, and with the draft still off in the distance, we still have some time to wait before we can get even more context into what Gutekunst’s strategy is for building this team for the 2018 season and beyond.

But for better or for worse (hopefully for better), the angry all-caps screams into the void of the internet by Packers fans over the last several years, the pleas to “DO SOMETHING!,” have now been answered.

It’s truly a sign of changing times in Green Bay when the Packers are being mentioned as being in the hunt for seemingly every high-profile free agent that has been on the market this offseason. The Packers still have the cap space to bring in one or two more veteran players, depending on the price, while still leaving room for a mega-extension for Aaron Rodgers.

There’s still work to be done. The cornerback depth chart looks downright terrifying right now, and the Packers could always use more pass rushers.

With 12 draft picks, Gutekunst will certainly have the ability to fill out the roster at positions of need.

Just a couple months into the Gutekunst era, it’s far too early to grade the moves the man has made so far and to gauge how he intends to build the team.

But one thing’s for sure—he’s not Ted Thompson.


Tim Backes is a lifelong Packer fan and a contributor to CheeseheadTV. Follow him on Twitter @timbackes for his Packer takes, random musings and Untappd beer check-ins.

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The TKstinator's picture

BG is a big fan of Frank Sinatra, obviously.

worztik's picture

You know yer music buddy...

ricky's picture

I don't see how "New York, New York" applies to the Packers. Please explain. (Sarcasm alert!)

worztik's picture

He did it “My way!”...

worztik's picture

When he was in New York...

Spock's picture

TK, Thank goodness you were referring to a song and not "The Rat Pack" ~~~~~~~
THAT would be bad!

John Kirk's picture

"I've got the world on a string...sitting on a rainbow...what a world...what a life..."

Come back, Brian...and sign us some GOOD corners, if there is such a thing left. Will we be watching guys like Pierre Desir?

The TKstinator's picture

Frank was the Backstreet Boy of his era...

Nick Perry's picture

It's been a "Whirlwind" off season period. It started in January with the firing of Dom Capers, a move that HAD to be made if the Packers were ever going to advance past the NFCCG. The Packers actually signed a DC who clearly is respected around the NFL and what's better KNOWS how to scheme a defense to be successful with the pieces he has.

Then Gutekunst was hired in a move that was music to my ears. Ted Thompson was FINALLY moved out from the GM position, a move that should have been made years earlier IMO. Gutekunst promised us he would explore EVERY opportunity to improve the Packers and what's best he's kept his word. That's EXACTLY what he's done so far.

Trading Randall who clearly was a bit of a cancer in the locker room was a refreshing start. Forget what a barely 21 year old Kiser did in his rookie season in Cleveland, NOBODY succeeds in Cleveland! The fact that Randall was lobbying for Pro-Bowl votes at the end of last season speaks volumes what a knucklehead Randall is. Actually a delusional knucklehead IMO.

Fast forward to this week and IMO he's made two moves that DEFINITELY make the Packers a better football team. Signing Wilkerson will turn out to be one of the best signings in FA this season, especially for the money he was signed for. Then going out and getting Jimmy Graham was almost as good. Gutekunst was going to HAVE to make a move like cutting Jordy to be active in FA. No matter WHO he cut he was going to hurt feelings. That's the business part of the equation.

All in all I like the moves "Gute" has made. He has a definite plan and is putting it in place. What's best is he's not done, not even close and the Packers are better because of it.

Packer Fan's picture

Nick Perry, you HAVE hit it right on the head. :) Gutekunst is making moves that will put the Pack in the thick of things come next January. Not waiting two or three years. TT try at it just made the team worse. That is what we found out last year. The CB position is still scary, but we will see what happens in the next few days. And we don't need 12 rookies on the team. Trade up to get more late 1st round or 2nd round players. As I have said before.

As for TT. How does one deal with his replacement doing exactly the opposite of his stance on free agency. My guess is he won't stay around long. Imagine what happens when he makes a suggestion and Gute does something else. Guys with big egos don't stick around long when that happens.

Barfarn's picture

Dumping a 1.5M CB with attitude problems and signing a $5-8 DLman, who was similarly benched for his attitude; just doesn’t sound like a plan [Overall the Wilkerson deal is a C/C+].

Low balling Jordy so he could sign for DOUBLE what any other GM would have paid for a poor player, who is the softest, laziest and me-firstest player in the league is not a plan. This GM THINKS incorrectly that Graham is a red-zone threat. Check it out. In ’17 Graham had 10 TDs and 8 other targets that went for incompletions inside the 10. 3 of these 18 plays Graham was left UNCOVERED [only 2 went for TDs]. NOT ONCE was he doubled or bracketed. Twice Seattle was in 2 TE sets and the other TEs got more attention. Hardly ever was he covered by the team’s best DB. A typical Graham RZ play is the SF TD in the Herman piece, Graham is only Hawk on right and is covered man by a rookie 3rd round CB and the safety is an area code away. Not a single D coordinator in ’17 schemed to stop Graham in RZ.

Our receiver room also just got a whole lot dumber. Does Graham possesses the football acumen and/or is motivated enough to understand and/or learn route adjustments? Many muse we could get better results by force feeding Janis and moving him to TE.

Graham was told before a game not to dunk over the goal post and he did it anyways for minus 15. On his next TD in the game, he did it again..You tell ‘em Jimmy! Graham pouts when he doesn’t get enough targets and literally blocks worse than my grandma, often with ZERO effort. What a wonderful example of veteran leadership this $10M/per clown will provide for our youngsters.

A GM impressed by highlights like a fan and not the body of a player's work is not operating with a plan. GB’s GM is determined to burn to the ground what Ted built just so he can be viewed as not Ted’s puppet. He is placing his self-aggrandizement above what is best for the team. He doesn't possess an appropriate temperament, we are not a better football team, and, you watch, he will be a degenerate draft gambler. The fan will love it, well until the picks dont play well...He is not my GM [based on the body of his work to date]!

Tundraboy's picture

Graham wasn't my first choice either, but let's see how it plays out. At a minimum we fill the enormous hole that was Bennett, Rogers and Kendricks, and have a credible TE threat again. Last year had to be the absolute worst TE group I have ever seen in GB. The lack of effort, abilty and production was an embarrassment.

stockholder's picture

Sorry guys but these moves are not LONG term. Their gambles on players that could be washed up, and on the decline. Nelson would have still made this team stronger. He offered to work with Gute. Is the ring the goal or a band-Aid? Since 2014 we've wanted a TE. Since 2010 we have not returned to the super-bowl. Let's not forget that. These moves are not for the super-bowl. Their only to make the team better until next year.

Spock's picture

stockholder, Put this reply to you on another thread. Don't know if you saw it so I'll repeat it here as it regards losing posts:
I appreciate the measured response. I know you're not a journalist (nor am I and I don't play one on t.v.) and I appreciate your enthusiasm as you obviously love the green and gold as much as I do. I know what you are saying about the typing issue. I sometimes lose my posts too. What I do to eliminate retyping is highlight my post BEFORE I send it and copy it to the clipboard mouse (right click, copy). That way, if it disappears into the "cloud" or whatever, I can open a new response (right click, paste) and don't have to retype anything. I hope that helps you with this problem. Respectfully, Spock.

Bearmeat's picture

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of this signing. 10 million AAV for 3 years is way too much for a 30+ player who can't run anymore.

I hope I'm wrong, but I have a feeling GB will be looking for a TE next year too.

flackcatcher's picture

Tell us how you really feel..........0:)

flackcatcher's picture

Let me say that you make a strong case. Overall, it's better for us fans to be a little wary, and wait till the season begins, to see how things shake out. By and large BG early moves were needed to plug short term holes, hopefully the draft will plug more. I'm not as worried about the Packers young GM, as I am about the current power structure above him. To call it unstable would be kind. And that could do more damage than what any GM could do.

Tim Backes's picture

Boy, these are some hefty claims to make based on two months of seeing the guy as a general manager. Placing his self-aggrandizement above what's best for the team? That's absurd.

But bust out the #FireGute hashtags, I guess? Can't please everyone.

John Kirk's picture

There is a contextual difference between Randall and Wilkerson. Mo is being reunited with the guy who got the most out of him. Yes, Mo burned his bridge with the Jets, but who hasn't ever burned a bridge before? Could you be happy in an environment of incompetence that is the Jets? Not excusing his behavior but do understand it. Randall probably felt the same about the Packers under Dom. I understand both players issues. One is going to his former coordinator and a place where the team isn't viewed as a league wide joke. The other gets Cleveland. Change of scenery can do wonders for "bums". A one year deal is also not to be underestimated. Guys always better in contract years.

Graham is questionable. The highest contract in the NFL for a TE belongs to him. That was an overpay for sure but Burton got 8 million per. Some guys don't fit in certain places. Brian believes he fits in Green Bay. He won't get bored for lack of targets. Philbin built the entire O around Finley the SB year and he went down with the season ender. No doubt they brought Jimmy in as a focal point not a complementary piece like Seattle. Big difference. Graham was incredible in New Orleans. Lost in Seattle. Hoping he is amazing grace...once was lost but now is found.

You love Ted and the thought of him and take anything that shows a pulse as an affront to the lifeless way he operated this franchise. You should take issue with the Jordy low ball...that is something to take issue with not tearing down what Ted built. Oh, no! Brian is tearing down Ted's defense! No! Not that! Brian is moving on from 3rd round failure Richard Rodgers for Jimmy Graham...No! Not that! How dare you remove the guy who could dead heat Geronislow Allison in the 40. Tearing it down! Burning it to the ground. Next he'll cut Josh Hawkins and trade for Jason Verrett and that'll be like whizzing on the ashes of the burn down.

EDIT: Welcome, Barfarn. You aren't a Graham fan and are tearing him apart. How do you explain a 99 catch 1310 yard season with 11 TD's? This guy had 51 TD receptions in 5 years with Brees. After his rookie season, he never caught less than 85 balls with the Saints. 65 for 923 was his best output with Russell Wilson in his 3 years there. What is the most likely cause? Fit. Who thought Graham was a great fit there outside of Schneider who made the deal? Nobody. Who thinks he's a great fit for the Packers? Most people. I'll trust Philbin to get out of him the kinds of things they got in New Orleans. They didn't give him the richest TE contract in the NFL to not be heavily counted upon.

John Kirk's picture

I promise you that was the plan going into the season. It's a fact, not an opinion. Finley went down with a Week 4 season ending injury at Washington. The entire offense had to be reconfigured due to the loss of Finley. Of course, Jennings had better numbers...he didn't go on IR after Week 4.

You don't give the richest TE contract in the NFL to a security blanket. He's going to be emphasized ala Finley.

Bearmeat's picture

JK is right.

MM and Philbin built the 2010 offense around JFin. If you remember, he was amazing down the stretch in 2009.

Unfortunately, Jermichael got hurt in 2010, then lost all that weight in 2011 and was terrible.

Nick Perry's picture

JK is 100% correct. Matter of fact go look at Greg Jennings stats the first 6 weeks of the season when Finley was playing and then the last 10 weeks. Hell McCarthy even said what a mistake it was to center your offense around ONE player like he did in 2010. He had to retool his whole idea on how the offense would run on the fly after Finleys injury.

Bearmeat's picture

You may be right and it might just be fit. Seattle certainly never used him well. But he also had some pretty severe knee injuries in Seattle. It's also possible (likely?) that those injuries robbed him of his speed and he's not the player he was in New Orleans, either.

Pettine knowing him through his time in Seattle is promising though. I would imagine that Pettine would know if dude can still run.

John Kirk's picture

We'll know pretty soon in 2018 if we're in good hands with the Packers especially when it comes to gauging who can run and who can't. Packers boot Nelson and sign Graham. If Jordy can still run and Jimmy can't, we're in big trouble.

I'm hoping it's Jimmy can and Jordy can't for our sakes, but personally I hope they both can.

EDIT: This tweet is condemning of our team speed and ironically Jordy was our fastest guy overall at least for a single play...

Anthony Staggs

The Green Bay Packers had one play in which a wide receiver exceeded 20 MPH over the last two seasons, that player was Jordy Nelson.

The average NFL team has had 8.5 such plays from their wide receivers over the same span.

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

JK is def right on the Finley gameplan. That means he would be double teamed or decoyed too, not just the hot read on every dropback.

FTS Messamore's picture

Tim, couldn't agree more with you on this one. Most fans wanted change and FA activity. Well, this is what it looks like folks. It's time to be new and embrace the change!

worztik's picture

Who’s TIM and are there people here that are on a first name basis with other no names? I don’t get it and I’m glad!

lebowski's picture

Tim wrote the article

worztik's picture

Thank you... I didn’t take my meds yet!

Spock's picture

Worztik, I know you have had your back fused (I've got hardware and all my discs are too brittle to fuse) so I understand how not taking/taking your meds can affect your posts. I've got the same problem. Don't know how many other posters have similar issues, but I DO know we can type stuff we later realize was not appropriate to the comment, sigh.

worztik's picture

Thank you Spock! I feel your pain as well! Have a great day my friend!

John Kirk's picture reminded me of the old grandma jalopy from the original CARS movie with this comment...Who's TIM? LOL.

Thanks for the smile.

Sorry, about your back and Spock's too. That's awful. No meds for me here but I understand back pain. RA is not my friend and I experience a total lock up once or twice a year that lasts for 4-5 days.

worztik's picture

You sound young, millennial and ignorant!

worztik's picture

Ignore above post!!!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

LOL, that might work on some sites, but we can edit, so....

Tundraboy's picture

That's for sure. How refreshing to go into a draft not having to fill every hole for a change. Then waiting for some combination of draft table scraps, camp surprises and 2nd year jumps to propel us to the championship game, and a chance to make it to the SB. Keep swinging Brian.

Nick Perry's picture


What an AWESOME comment TB. You mange to say EVERYTHING that needed to be said in 5 lines where it takes me 35. LOL...Great job my friend!

RCPackerFan's picture

So far I like what Gutekunst is doing as well as what GB is doing.

So far we have seen Gutekunst make the moves that I doubt Thompson makes. Signing Wilkerson, signing Graham, letting Nelson go, trading Randall for Kizer...

Gutekunst is definitely starting to put his mark on the team.

That all being said where he has to prove himself is in the draft. That is where he has to nail it. Generally you go into FA to get the players you missed on during the draft. If they draft well they won't have to go into free agency as much.
Before the draft though I'd like to see him shore up some backup areas at the very least. Add more veteran depth to the OL. Find some other players that could be a role player. There is a lot to free agency left. So hopefully he makes a few more moves.

We honestly won't be able to say how good or bad Gutekunst is doing for a year or 2 at least. But overall I like what he has done thus far.

Razer's picture

...That all being said where he has to prove himself is in the draft. That is where he has to nail it. Generally you go into FA to get the players you missed on during the draft. If they draft well they won't have to go into free agency as much....

True. Unfortunately, we missed too many draft picks and need to make up ground. At least Gutekunst is willing to try in the a timely manner.

RCPackerFan's picture

Exactly right.

CB for example is a spot that is still a need even though in the last 3 drafts they have spent a 1st and 2- 2nds and they still have a need there.

What is nice though with Gutekunst is that he is willing to go get Wilkerson who could turn our good DL into a great/special DL.

Bearmeat's picture

I do think the DL will be special. And Graham will open up the offense in a way that Jordy couldn't have. But like you mention, we still are awful at CB and I don't see that changing this year. And we desperately need some speed on the outside of the defense.

RCPackerFan's picture

Have faith! :)

Actually a few things that will help the CB's, even if they don't sign a top tiered FA. In no particular order.

1- Getting King healthy.
2- Drafting one high in the draft. The saints took Lattimore and he nearly changed the defense himself.
3- Emergence from the current group. Pipkins, Rollins, Waters, Brown, Hawkins.
4- Improved pass rush. This to me will be one of the biggest things that will help the CB's. They signed Wilkerson who can apply pressure. Clark late in the year was blossoming into a huge threat as a rusher. Daniels also a good rusher. Moving Mathews around will help him, getting Perry back and hopefully healthy for more then 1 game. Perhaps guys like Biegel and Gilbert will continue to rise. Also to help the pass rush will be the scheme. Changing the scheme will also help the pass rush.

Spock's picture

RC, I always love your optimism! I'm "Keeping the faith" (I'm an atheist, but love the Billy Joel song, lol.). So far I'm liking what Gute is doing. One of the things I read on the Packers' official website (and I believe commented on here) was that in his GM interview with Murphy one of the things that "knocked it out of the park" for Murphy were the scouting reports that Gute had made in the last several years. I (I think all of us) would love to have seen those reports! Not sure how many TT acted on but I'm guessing they must of been spot on. THAT makes me have a lot of optimism for this draft.

RCPackerFan's picture

Unlike Bearmeat and his aluminum foil hat, I remain a true optimist. :)

I did not see that about Gutekunst from Murphy. I will have to look for it.

To me his first draft will be his first big test. He was set up pretty well overall coming into the draft with an abundance of pics. Also picking higher then they have in a long time really helps him. Also he helped himself out even more when he made the trade with Cleveland and got their first pick of the 4th round.
2 of the hottest picks to have are the 1st pick in the 2nd round and the 1st pick of the 4th round. The extra time between picks really gives them extra time to make deals.

I am excited to see what happens in this draft.

Bearmeat's picture

.....grumble grumble... get off my lawn, RC.... :D

CheesyTex's picture

Montravius Adams?

Possible help, or just another wasted high draft pick?

Tundraboy's picture

Along with Gilbert, one of the players I'm hoping are the real deal this year.

RCPackerFan's picture

I am looking forward to seeing Adams. Unfortunately his rookie year along with Biegel's were robbed from them.

If both of those guys can take a step they could be a great addition to the team.
Right now I don't k now what to expect from either, but am looking forward to seeing them this year.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

RC - off topic, but I looked longer at our cap for 2019. The sole difference between OTC and Sportrac is OTC projects a salary cap limit of $190M while Sportrac, not knowing what the limit will be, plugged in $177.2M.

I jumped to a conclusion when I saw only 28 players signed when we probably will have 51 since that works out to about the same discrepancy in the numbers. Though, that will reduce it as well.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

Gute has said that he likes the CB group in this year's draft. I think he's taking one at #14.

PETER MAIZ's picture

I totally agree about taking CB first.

Lare's picture

I think Gutekunst and the Packers staff know a lot more about any of these veterans and potential draft picks than all of us fans combined. Sure, it's not an exact science and players get better or worse from year to year, but overall teams with good management staff develop a plan and then bring in the players and coaches they feel can execute that plan.

There's a lot of time and avenues yet to develop the roster before the start of the season. In addition to free agency there's trades, the draft, post June 1st cuts and even during late August when teams make their final cuts.

As others have said, we'll know in several months what kind of job the Packers have done in building their team. With a 7-9 record last season, there's really only one way they can go.

Spud Rapids's picture

"I think Gutekunst and the Packers staff know a lot more about any of these veterans and potential draft picks than all of us fans combined."

Agree completely. Just watch Nelson last year... he didn't fight for extra yardage and would simply go down as to not get hit. After the rib injury and ACL in consecutive years followed by his tape from last year, management probably see a player in serious decline. I hope Jordy has a great two years and I'm wrong but the NFL doesn't base success of teams on hope. Hell they might even draft Calvin Ridley at 14 then everyone will be quiet about Nelson.

snowdog's picture


kevgk's picture

Williams got the ball because he is the better blocker and is better with yards after contact. Less risk for a rookie. No guarantee that Jones would have had as much success off his running style just because he flashed against the scout team and preseason defenses.
"As fans we've been screaming give Davis and Janis some sort of look on offense and we have yet to see that happen."
Oh give me a break, Janis has played in plenty of games, including a playoff game. His weaknesses never went away after 4 years: poor route running and little seperation. Davis has had several opportunities and never made a splash. He still has two more years on his rookie deal to make an impression, why rush it?

Spud Rapids's picture

yeah and you don't consider RB's need to pass protect and you don't want a rookie RB bungling that up and ending Rodgers season.

EdsLaces's picture

Jordy was my favorite WR of all time. I hate to see him go ....hate. Having said that the Graham thing makes sense a little . Freak tight ends are hard to find. Solid wide receivers are not . Pretty simple really .

stockholder's picture

Let's keep in mind Jordy Nelson knew something last year. It's hard to concentrate on Football when your mind is not clear on your future. Your heart says why. Your mind cannot focus. Depression. Looking out family?

jh9's picture

I'm not making any good or bad judgments regarding BG. It's too early. After the draft we should have a sense of his vision for this team, and even then we won't know for sure how well "his" team will play together until about four weeks into the 2018 season.

My greatest fear is that AR doesn't sign a contract extension and BG's team doesn't make a serious run at the Super Bowl. If that happens, we may have to find another franchise QB. Can DeShone Kizer fill that role?

I have doubts about that. But, like I said, I have a wait and see attitude.

UPDATE: It's being reported, the Packers have signed CB Kyle Fuller to an offer sheet. The Bears have five days to match the offer, which they probably will. But that is a good signing by BG.

Tim Backes's picture

I think this is a healthy attitude to have. Far too early to make judgments about quality, but we've definitely seen enough to know that he's building the team according to his own plans.

Since '61's picture

First off, we asked for change and we got it. Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.
Capers gone replaced by Pettine, that is a plus to me.
TT replaced by Gute is a TBD for me.
We wanted/needed better TE we have one =+ for me.
We wanted/needed DL depth we got it = + for me.
We needed a better backup QB, still TBD.
We still need better players at CB, Safety, pass rusher, OL depth, WR, we'll see what happens. Plenty of time left.
Losing Jordy could be a minus, but again time will tell, TBD. Give Gute a chance there will be time enough to tar and feather him if his moves don't work out. Thanks, Since '61

Spock's picture

'61, This seems like a fair assessment to me. I have to think we'll have to wait a few years (just like assessing drafts) before we can really decide as fans whether the new regime is doing it right! In the meantime all we can do is enjoy (or at least live through) the ride.

Since '61's picture

I'm all in for the ride, always have been. It will take at least 2 seasons and maybe more to be able to assess Gute fairly and accurately. Although we'll get some good looks based on this year's draft. Fun to watch. Thanks, Since '61

stockholder's picture

Capers gone - Positive , Gute turned into TT- TBD Te- Better TBD. Still feel a TE must be drafted. DL- TBD This is short term. Good move but short term. He will not stay if he has a breakout year. Back -up QB - Kizer Positive. Draft board has changed. Should Be: Ward CB ! Mike Gesicki TE ! E.St. Brown WR! Gallop Wr! And even more Wrs this year with the loss of Janis , Nelson, and Clarke,Allison, Davis are all borderline.

Since '61's picture

Stockholder - Wilkerson is not necessarily a short term move. If he is having a good/great season the Packers can extend him before the one year deal is up. Also, Wilkerson may really want to stick around and play for Pettine. One season at a time is the best we can do. Thanks, Since '61

stockholder's picture

I understand. But do you really believe Richardson is the future? I don't. I believe Pettine gets the most out of him. Nothing more. I think he was a good signing. But he won't stay here, and if so, we'll over-pay him later. I'm all for trading the #14 now. The thought of a rookie Cb is not good enough either. I think we have to switch to Offense this draft. The competition looks better on paper.

Handsback's picture

Jimmy Graham's contract was high and frankly it appeared that Green Bay was last on his list. He wanted Seattle, but they couldn't afford him, Saints wanted him but not at that price. So Green Bay had to pay full price to get him in. I think we can't look at the numbers and say it was a good deal or not. The Packer's had very few TEs (1) until they added Graham. So sometimes you need to give more to get the right guy in the fold. He's a great physical TE that will give teams problems. They aren't going to break the bank this year because it seems that they are being very selective in the positions they go after.
So lets see how he does after the draft and look at the entire body of work verses one player here and there.

flackcatcher's picture

It only looks expensive to us fans. Graham is a 1 year with a club option. The third year is contract padding for the cap. Pretty much the same contract Nelson got for the Raiders, only difference is pay by position. Contract is standard in the NFL per CBA, has been since last 2010. (I think)

Largo-Lor's picture

With all the activity swirling around GB, this off season is flying to bottom management changes, new coordinators with new playbooks being developed, FA signings...and I heard there is a draft coming! Thanks Packer organization...I am loving it!

And I can only imagine how the players are tuned into all the changes and moves. They have to be psyched and anxious to get back to work. Cancelled Sunday Ticket since the Pack will be on National TV all season and a few games at the Varsity Club in Clearwater ain't bad either. company here in Clearwater FL built the Lombardi Trophy in the Atrium and the helmet hanging in the Pro Shop. Mark Murphy came down to visit our shop and said his Mother actually watches the Packers at the Varsity Club with her friends...too cool.

Mr Murphy is a consummate gentleman...we reminisced about the crazy Monday Night game in October 1983 at Lambeau when he was a 6' 4" All Pro DB for the skins playing against Lynn Dickey, Paul Coffman, Gerry Ellis, John Jefferson, James Lofton, Eddie Lee Ivory and Larry McCarren at center...we also kidded about him having more hair than our Mark Murphy! Good times...

Spock's picture

Largo-Lor, Nice post. My sister-in-law lives in Clearwater. She tells a funny story about when one of the neighbors had (stupidly) been feeding the alligators and sold to someone else. The new neighbors had an "interesting' welcome when the hungry gators starting banging against their lanai (porch or veranda) throwing themselves full length against the door! Eventually, they had to call the local alligator wrangler, "Gator Bob", to relocate the alligators! Yikes!

Largo-Lor's picture

I was golfing with my son-in-law last Christmas and we encountered a 12' gator in one of the water hazards...he is from Chicago and had to send a picture to one his iron worker buddies...his buddy wrote back, "Poke him with a stick...they like that!"

What would you expect from a Bears fan!!!

JohnnyLogan's picture

I like what Gute has done... except for Jordy. First, I don't believe it was Jordy OR Graham. Jordy just signed for $7 mil a year. He obviously would have played for the Packers at that or maybe even a couple mil less. I also don't believe it meant Cobb had to be cut. Restructuring Jordy's contract with a big signing bonus, plus a restructure of Cobb and Mathews, plus the cap space that will be gained with Rodgers new contract would have covered Graham and Mo and Jordy and still have the money we started free agency with to sign a CB. We have a ton of cap space next year, Ball knows how to push some of this years salary forward better than anyone. The main reason given for letting Jordy go was he's lost a step, or two. Ok, so what? On a playground level, choosing up teams, ask yourself if you want Jordy, or Allison?... Davis?... Clark?... a rookie, even a first round draft pick?... some jag in FA that no one wanted? Yes, older players need to be let go, when there is a good younger player who is being blocked. Until then, you go with the better player, even if he's older. TT was a terrible GM because he didn't use all the pieces on the chessboard. He played against other GM's and said I'm so good I'll spot you a rook and bishop. Capers was just as awful at chess. He only played one defense regardless of the fact others would attack with multiple offenses. Gute seems to using the whole chessboard but he just sacrificed a piece obviously thinking three or four moves ahead. But he didn't sacrifice a pawn, he sacrificed a Bishop. You have to be really good to do that and think you'll recover. To think we lost Jordy and still have that gum chewing HS QB who was responsible for his leaving... it's just bad for the digestion.

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In Gute I trust. So far he's made intelligent choices. As far as Graham, my dad always told me "things are worth what people are willing to pay for them".

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There are now an abundance of tall redzone targets for Aaron. Clark, Graham, Allison, Kendricks and maybe others to come. Adams aint too bad at the jumpball, either.

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Gut his own man? Let's see he got rid of Randall to make Mike happy. He cut Jordy to make the book keepers happy. He w!aaaaaaay over played for a washed up tight end (highest paid in the league now) to make pack fans happy.
Seems so far he is just trying to please other people. I see a top corner was picked up today and not by us. Gut may be Ted 2.0. Our sorrows may only be srarting

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