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Nelson posted 1,250-plus receiving yards and 13-plus touchdown catches in the same season three times in his career.

Michael Thomas's record new contract with the Saints makes Davante Adams look like an absolute bargain.

Today we take a walk down memory lane and celebrate Jordy Nelson's career in Green Bay. 

The former Packers wide receiver will return to Green Bay in August. 

The Rodgers/McCarthy era gets a final exposé over at Bleacher Report, and it's not particularly flattering.

It's not that feasible, but if Aaron Rodgers called, Jordy Nelson likely wouldn't think twice about a potential reunion.

Former Packers wide receiver and fan favorite Jordy Nelson wil visit with the Seattle Seahawks after being released by the Oakland Raiders last week. 

Aaron chats with Packers fans about everything outside of one specific topic.

The veteran wide receiver will reportedly be allowed to test the free agent market. 

The Falcons, much like the Packers, have had a highly disappointing 2018 season.

Who steps up along the defensive line in Mike Daniels absence? Aaron chats with Packers fans about that and all the latest on the Green and Gold. 

Caution: This will hit you right in the feels. 

-- "Oh yeah, no doubt," said Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams after Monday's practice. His excitement to see his former teammate on...

If Randall Cobb cannot produce, then the Packers will have spent $12.7 million this season on a wideout that will try to do things that his body won’t let him.

-- It's a foreign feeling, but not having Jordy Nelson in the locker room or on the field before the snap of the ball is going to take some getting...

After choosing to keep Randall Cobb over Jordy Nelson, the Packers need Cobb to produce. 

The Packers would be foolish to give Aaron Rodgers an opt-out clause and here's why. 

Could Dez Bryant really become a Green Bay Packer? New MNF commentator Jason Witten thinks so. 

-- If you want to even try and replicate the kind of chemistry shared between a wide receiver and his former MVP quarterback for the better part of...

The NFL offseason can be an interesting time and with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, things definitely got a little interesting this pas...

Relax, Packer fans. Aaron Rodgers isn't getting ready to leave you.

-- An unexpected encounter between old allies will take place in the middle of the Green Bay Packers' slate of preseason action this August.

-- It took less than 48 hours for former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson to find his new home in Oakland. His next endeavor is just...

Jordy Nelson has been talked about ad nauseam since the Packers said thanks but no thanks.

The Packers have made a couple of free-agent splashes, now it's time to go bargain hunting -- for a wide receiver. 

With changes in the Packers organization happening at a rapid rate, were the fans ready?

Ted Thompson he is not. Brian Gutekunst is building the Packers his way.

-- Entering this offseason, it was no secret that something needed to be financially addressed with the Green Bay Packers' wide receivers,...

Ther Packers got a significant upgrade to their pass rush with Muhammad Wilkerson. Here's all the ways he can impact the defense.