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Jason Witten Thinks Dez Bryant will End Up in Green Bay

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Jason Witten Thinks Dez Bryant will End Up in Green Bay

Dez Bryant a Green Bay Packer? Former Dallas Cowboys tight end and new Monday Night Football commentator Jason Witten certainly seems to think it’s a possibility.

On Adam Schefter’s podcast Monday evening, Witten said “I think he’s going to end up going to the Green Bay Packers,” referring to Bryant.

As of now, this is mere speculation on Witten’s part. There have been no reports of any discussions happening between Bryant and the Packers. In fact, earlier this offseason Bryant ruled out going to the Packers because of “too much history.”

But that was a month ago, and Bryant remains unsigned. So far the only serious suitor who has been reported for Bryant was the Baltimore Ravens, who reportedly offered Bryant a multiyear contract. Bryant, however, turned it down, seeking a one-year “prove it” contract that will allow him to take on a bigger deal in 2019.

Would Bryant to the Packers make sense?

It seems unlikely to me that Bryant would really rule out the Packers if they were to come calling, considering he’d be able to play with the best quarterback in the game and would have a legitimate shot at a championship.

But it also doesn’t seem like the kind of move the Packers would make.

First, consider that the Packers already let one veteran wide receiver, Jordy Nelson, walk this season, despite Nelson’s existing rapport with Rodgers. The money saved on Nelson was used to sign tight end Jimmy Graham and defensive lineman Mo Wilkerson.

The Packers reportedly did offer Nelson a low-end one-year contract to remain a Packer, which he turned down.

Consider also that the Packers will soon be working on an extension for Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and need to extend Aaron Rodgers, which will tie up a little bit more money. Clinton-Dix will be making significantly more per year coming off a rookie contract, and Rodgers’ extension won’t buy the team much in cap space, considering he still has two years left on his deal. That’s not even considering the Packers re-signing Clay Matthews, which is definitely not a certainty but also not entirely out of the question.

Finally, the Packers invested three late-round draft picks on rookie wide receivers. While they were all day three selections, clearly they wanted to build up the locker room with “their guys.”

None of this even takes into consideration the emotional baggage that Bryant carries with him. Would the Packers be willing to risk the potential locker room headache Bryant has been known for in his NFL career?

Bryant to Green Bay makes sense in the context of the Packers having space on their roster for another talented veteran receiver. But the rest of the details don’t seem to fit, so it seems highly likely that Witten’s prediction will be wrong.


Tim Backes is a lifelong Packer fan and a contributor to CheeseheadTV. Follow him on Twitter @timbackes for his Packer takes, random musings and Untappd beer check-ins.

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Bearmeat's picture

I do think that we are weak at WR in 2018. I think if Adams goes down, we are in a heap of trouble outside the numbers: Cobb plays inside, Allison is meh, Davis sucks, Yancey sucks, and the rooks are going to take time to develop.

Signing Dez to a 1 year, low value contract makes a LOT of sense IF he can keep his mouth shut. Something like 70-850-10 (normal WR2 numbers under ARod) would make Dez a very rich man after 2018.

The TKstinator's picture

“IF he can keep his mouth shut”

Some if’s are small, some are big, and the one above is ginormous.

Bearmeat's picture

True. But what's the risk? At the first sign of A-holishness, you cut his rear end with no dead money. They're going to have 4 million under the cap they aren't using after the draft picks are done signing anyway..

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Cap dollars can be rolled over. Cap dollars are precious. Repeat after me:

Cap dollars can be rolled over;
Cap dollars are precious;
Cap dollars can be rolled over;
Cap dollars are precious;
Cap dollars can be rolled over;
Cap dollars are precious.

The TKstinator's picture

And the other question is: how washed up is he? I know he has name recognition, but has he still got “skillz”?

dblbogey's picture

I live near Dallas. Dez is done, and has been for 2 years. He's also a self-centered head case. We just drafted 3 receivers, each with talent. This Dez Bryant talk is ridiculous. Now I know Witten knows nothing.

Bearmeat's picture

The skillz question is legitimate, but only 10 million can be rolled over, and how much good did that do us with Bargain-Basement-Ted for 13 years?

Give me the best roster NOW at the expense of the future, as long as the general admission ticket isn't TOO expensive. ;)

Oppy's picture


You should really consider a "Basics of NFL Salary cap" article, or series, of articles.

Maybe something that keeps it VERY light, dumbed down, but builds slowly on the principles of navigating the NFL salary cap. Down the road, you could produce articles that harken back to those basics, but introduce more nuanced or complicated dynamics.

I know I would benefit from it. All the cap stuff that flies around here, I know goes over my head. And I get the feeling that a lot of what some people talk about the cap, probably is rooted in some basic misconceptions, too.

Key would be keeping the articles very light and easy to digest in bits.

ricky's picture

Doesn't matter. Even if it was ruled a catch for a TD, there were over five minutes on the clock, and the Cowboys hadn't found a way to shut down the Packers offense all day. So, they just delayed the inevitable. Just as the Cowboys had the Packers "number" during the '90's, the Packers have pretty much owned the Cowboys since AR became QB.

Should the Packers sign Bryant? I think the article summed up all the relevant arguments against doing so. Personally, this is why I keep a twelve foot Hungarian around- for those situations I wouldn't touch with a ten foot Pole.

Nick Perry's picture

Something I've always pointed out myself Ricky. Matter of fact I always pointed out the Cowboys DIDN'T stop the Packers when they took over the ball. If you recall the 2 minute warning had just happened before the 3 down deflected catch by Cobb to give them a 1st down at the 23 of Dallas IIRC. They had gone right down the field and had time to burn.

Ball at the Dallas 23 ALREADY with just under 2 minutes when they went into victory formations to run out the clock. Game, Set, Match!

Handsback's picture

Living in Dallas I have had this discussion more than once and here it is....Catch or no catch it made no difference, Green Bay won the game when Dallas decided to throw the ball verses running it. The only way to victory was for Dallas to run the ball and take all the time off the clock and score a TD. It could have been done since Green Bay was having issues stopping their running game. The Cowboys needed to run every play so that when they scored, and I believe they would have, there wasn't enough time on the clock for Rodgers to do anything. Garret blew it with trying to be fancy and throw on 4th down. Even with a catch....they would have scored withing another 30 seconds leaving plenty of time for Rodgers to make another drive and win the game.

My happiness was seeing the pass regardless of the outcome. So back to the subject of Dez.....if Davis, Clark, and Yancy don't pan out with some major improvement, and the rookies act like rookies, then if he's available I could see him signing with Green Bay. It would need to be desperation on both sides for it to get done.

Arthur Jackson's picture

Dallas didn't run the ball very well that game. Almost half of their runs were for 2 yards or less with many of those on 1st down putting them in bad down and distance. The stats were skewed by essentially 3 really good runs (13, 26, 30) for 69 yards when passing had put the packers defense on their heels. Basically they had a lot of short runs putting them in poor down and distance and were bailed out by Romo and penalties.

Tundraboy's picture

Why Hungarian?

Oppy's picture

Because all the 12' Czechs are being used for sweepstakes awards. obviously.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

No Thanks.

He's sucked for 3 seasons straight now. And he's a headcase.

The TKstinator's picture


Fordham Ram's picture

I can't see the Packers putting much trust in the receivers they just drafted as rookies in their first year to be starters. It makes total sense to go get this guy for one year and give the rookies a chance to develop without the pressure of being a starter even if they show promise during OTA's. No rush though. The longer they wait the less he'll ask. And I don't think he'll be a disruption in the clubhouse and have that reputation stick if he wants to cash in next year. Just do his job, be a role model and help us win a super bowl. So long as we can get him on the cheap for one year it would be a chance worth taking and an insurance policy besides because if Devante goes down who do we have that's a proven commodity to replace him? But then again he's a cowboy, so screw him!

worztik's picture

They have to play sometime! They throw QBs into the fire as rookies so why couldn’t we do it with WRs? I just really dislike DB as a mouth on legs who’s lost his edge and we don’t want him in GB!!! NO... JUST NO!!

LayingTheLawe's picture

Does anyone think Dez is going to be happy being the third down possession receiver and not make noise? So I agree he would not be a good idea . Besides the packers need speed .

On the other point it does seem that ARs history with rookie receivers or a dumb receiver has been to throw it where he thinks they will be and they aren't there. Let's hope one of these rooks or second year guys can be smart and know where to go.

dobber's picture

If Bryant is truly interested in making as much as he can on the open market in 2019, then yes, he'll be a model citizen in whatever role he eventually signs on for.

Lare's picture

I think Jason Witten and James Jones need to quit having breakfast together every morning.

Grandfathered's picture

No reason to let Jordy walk and then sign Dez

PAPackerbacker's picture

I agree. Jordy had the chemistry with Rodgers. Dez is good but his price would be to high and his mouth is a distraction as well. And I think at least one of the receivers drafted can and will be a good target for Rodgers. There is some talent at wide receiver with the latest additions from the draft. Packers can do well without Dez. Go Pack Go!!

dblbogey's picture

Please. Dez is NOT good anymore. It's not 2014 anymore. He's done.

HankScorpio's picture

Yes there is. It's the same reason they don't re-sign Donald Driver today. Father Time defeats every professional athlete. It's just a matter of when.

It is clear that the Packers think that battle is over in regards to Jordy Nelson, no matter what the Raiders, Packer fans or anyone else thinks.

flackcatcher's picture

Same reason the Packers will not sign Dez. IAMGUTE is committed to a youth movement. Win now vs win forever. ( I wanted Jordy here too. Pro football is a cruel business......)

HankScorpio's picture

Please fit signing the 31 yr old Jimmy Graham to a 3 yr deal into that commitment to a youth movement.

flackcatcher's picture

Come on Hank, your too good and smart not to know the answer already. Need, flat out need. This all goes back to Cooks? for he who shall not be named swap. (Cooks agent was a fool.) And lets be honest here. Graham is on a 'show me' one year with a buy out if he doesn't perform at the level the Packers expect.

HankScorpio's picture

Good answer (and not because of the cheap flattery--- which I'm not necessarily buying :D)

There was a screaming need. It is much easier to talk myself into believing in Graham than Emanuel Byrd. But there is more of that youth movement in Byrd. Maybe they believe in him more than fans like me do.

Bert's picture

We are a "pass first" team with a very thin WR corps. Adams is one more concussion away from being lost for an extended time. Cobb is ok and Monty won't last 16 games. Of course Dez would be a welcome addition! Problem is, can we afford him and does he want to play in GB?

Flow49's picture

He’s going to have to play somewhere if he wants a big contract in 2019. No need to sign him now if you want him cheap. Let Dez sweat it out and beg for a vet minimum contract. Let someone else over pay for the drama queen if they want to.

HankScorpio's picture

From Dez's perspective, if he's looking for a one year, prove it deal, the opportunity to put up big numbers doesn't get much more golden than a team with a HoF QB and a somewhat thin WR group.

And we know the Packers think that group is thin, Before adding 3 picks on day 3, they were kicking the tires on more than one vet WR.

Gute already signed someone with baggage, coming off a few down years to a one yr, prove it deal.

Magic 8 ball might answer the question of whether Dez will be a Packer by saying "All signs point to yes". They kinda do. But that's not a yes yet.

croatpackfan's picture

At the moment "no signs point to yes" - and it'll never be...

Thank God.

Repeat Jordy, Jordy, Jordy, Jordy...

Jordy is much better WR than DB and Packers released him. Why anyone thinks Packers will sign DB?


HankScorpio's picture

Why I think they might sign Bryant after cutting Nelson is pretty easy. We do not know that they think Dez is all done. We do know they think Jordy is all done.

Sometimes football can be a cold business. I don't want that to be true. Bryant is a tool and Jordy was a model Packer. But repeating that something else is true won't change the truth.

Tundraboy's picture

"Bryant is a tool and Jordy was a model Packer."

About as perfect a way to put it. Might also be, one can still play for a couple more years and one can't . We shall see.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I'm content to wait so I can see what HHCD looks like in a Pettine defense. At the moment, I don't foresee a big raise from $6M AAV.

Pigskin's picture

Remember "Bad Moon" Rison? Give Bryant a chance. He has a passion for the game.

HankScorpio's picture

I remember them turning to him in desperation and then dumping him as fast as they could. And the reports of him throwing his SB ring in a river. I don't remember him contributing all that much on the field.

Bringing him up doesn't bolster the case to sign Dez, IMO. And I'm one that is more open to the idea of signing Dez than others, I think it is fair to say.

Bure9620's picture

We have 3 really good WRs, Davante, Cobb and Graham (yes Jimmy Graham is a WR, please show me him lining up over 50% of the time in line, he is TEINO) (Tight end in name only)
There is no way we pay up for him, he rejected $7 mil from the Ravens, BG will not even sniff $7 mil for Bryant and if he does I am losing confidence in him.

Bert's picture

I think Devante is in fact "really good" but Cobb is just "pretty good" and Jimmy Graham WAS "really good" about four years ago. In other words we are very thin in top tier WR/TE talent. Lots of unknown quantity but not a lot of proven quality. I wouldn't pay Dez $7 mil either but he would be a definite upgrade to our receiving corps. Especially with AR throwing to him in lieu of Dak P.

Packer Fan's picture

I think the Pack should sign him. This is a move that favors a win now attitude. And that is good. Yes, he can be a problem. But I think that MM and A-Rod can make it work by getting Bryant into the game early with some plays designed especially for him. Because without Brya, Adams is going to double teamed all the time.

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

No doubt about it, BG likes his receivers tall. Graham, Clark, Allison and all the late round rooks. Tall and fast. I think Dez could fit in this year's roster, I dont think it's going to happen, though.

LambeauPlain's picture

If Gute wanted an all pro WR on the downside of his career he would have signed Jordy.

Not only would Jordy have cost 1/2 the amount Dez Prima Donna will demand...they would also have gotten a team first, locker room leader.

Seriously...if the Pack signs Dez after saying adios to Jordy, as a fan, I will be very disappointed in the Packer front office.

dobber's picture

Bryant will be motivated to play well and be a model citizen on a one-year deal. He's made it very clear he wants to be on the market next spring with a chance to sign a multi-year deal. Being a pouting, sulking, lazy player gets him nowhere, even if he's not getting the ball as much as he'd like.

Don't get me wrong. Nelson is one of my favorite Packers of all time. There were times that I questioned how hard he was playing last season, but with Hundley chucking up ducks, it's not hard to understand if he let up at times. I think he's lost a step, and I can understand why people would be upset over his being let go if they sign Bryant, but I don't connect the two at all. They will be a better WR group immediately if they signed Bryant. Would they be better than the current group plus Nelson? Very possibly.

Lare's picture

Although Nelson was a fan favorite, that doesn't mean his team-mates respected him as a player with his current abilities. As anyone that has played sports at any level knows, the worst think for team morale is someone being given all the playing time while a better player is sitting on the bench.

I think the Packers organization is much better equipped to accurately judge the talent & abilities of players such as Nelson & Bryant than we are. And if they sign Bryant and he bombs (much like Bennett last year) they're the ones who will be held accountable.

4thand10's picture

That ship sailed during draft...Bryant is a Raider now.

4thand10's picture

Martavis Bryant that is :-)

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

The Packers have been linked to a lot of free agents this off-season. Everyone except Dez it seems. I hope this story stops soon. Dez said it would be weird to play here, the Packers haven't made a move twords him, they made several in the opposite direction. I'm not sure if I'm more sick of Dez speculation these last few days or Reggie Gilbert stories.

dobber's picture

I'd rather talk about Reggie Gilbert: he's currently on the roster.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

Me to. I like hearing the stories behind the undrafted players and how they get a shot. I'm just sick of hearing how he's going to be the answer to the pass rush and he's the reason GB didn't take a pash rusher. He's already exceeded expectations by simply playing a snap. Good for him. But to expect him to be a different maker is pushing it

will121's picture


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