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The Packers fell to 2-3 after a disappointing and disjointed loss to the Raiders in Las Vegas, but the record is secondary to the way the Packers are performing on the field. It's one thing to be young and growing, but this Packers team is trending in the wrong direction. Andy reviews what's going wrong on today's show.

Defenses are daring Jordan Love to make a quick decision.

Weakness met weakness and mediocrity reigned.

It was another poor start for the Packers offense and this time they couldn't overcome it as they fell to the Raiders 17-13 losing their 3rd game of the season.

The Packers go on the road to Las Vegas and face one of the worst teams in the league tonight. But, the Packers didn't look so great in their last game, either - can they right the ship?

On today's show, join Alex, Andy, and Perri as they preview Packers/Raiders and get you all set for tonights primetime matchup. You won't want to miss it!

It remains to be seen whether Jaire Alexander and Davante Adams will face off on Monday Night Football.

Why is it a perfect opportunity? Because the Raiders are one of the worst teams in the NFL. 

On today's show, Andy reviews 10 Packers who must step up the remainder of this season for the Packers to be successful. Don't miss it!

On today's show, Andy is joined by Ben Fennell to talk the state of the Packers after one month, a review of the Packers' rookie class, and a look ahead to Packers/Raiders. Don't miss it!

The former best wideout in the league has been hamstrung by mediocre quarterback play. 

Somehow we’ve already made it to Week 5 of the NFL season.

On today's show, Andy is joined by Mike Wahle to talk through the Packers' current issues, the play of the Packers' rookies, and what Green Bay needs to do to win in Vegas. Don't miss it!

Packers need to show up and beat an inferior team.

Packers are consistently inconsistent.

The Packers have struggled both stopping the run on defense, and running the ball on offense. On today's show, Andy and Justis brainstorm what the Packers can do to fix the issues on both sides of the ball. You won't want to miss it!

Let's raise the Packers Periscope and look at the past, present and future of the Packers and Raiders.

Dusty takes a look at the passing game from the Packers loss to the Lions

On today's show, Andy recaps the first month of the season and defines the 10 things we've clearly learned about the Packers through the first four weeks. Plus an injury report from Tuesday's practice. Don't miss it!

The Weekly Packers Brain Drain from Jersey Al.

Jersey Al picks out three thought-provoking plays from the Packers' last game.

Here's what's happening this week and next with the teams in the NFC North. 

On today's show, Andy recaps the play of the Packers' rookies through the first four weeks of the season. Don't miss it!

The running game has largely been ignored and if this offense is going to get off the ground it cannot just rely on the passing game. 

The rest of Green Bay's 2020 draft class has been a disappointment.

Let's hope so because it has been a liability through the first four games. 

On today's show, Andy reviews the question that everyone seemingly wants to ask (or already have an answer for)... should the Packers fire Joe Barry? Find out why, or why not, today!