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On Wednesday, the NFLPA and its president JC Tretter released “Club Report Cards” for the first time. 

On today's show, Andrew Mertig and Kyle Fellows discuss the NFL Scouting Combine and evaluate where the Wide Receivers and Tight Ends in the 2023 draft class rank historically and what colleges produce the best players at each position. Enjoy!

The Packers made a lot of noise in 2019, finally making a splash in free agency with four big name signings. Now that we have the benefit of hindsight, we can ask: was it really worth it?

South Carolina Defensive Lineman Zacch Pickens Scouting Report for 2023 NFL Draft

On today's show, Jason & Mark shout out Russ Ball for the wonders he is currently working on the Packers' salary cap. Plus the latest news from Aaron Rodgers after his appearance on Aubrey Marcus's podcast. Enjoy!

Oklahoma Running Back Scouting Report for the 2023 NFL Draft

A look at some special players from the premier College All-Star Game.

On today's show, Dusty & Sarah discuss the latest buzz surrounding Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers as Brian Gutekunst spoke to the media at the NFL Combine. Plus a plethora of other news you won't want to miss. Enjoy!

The Weekly Packers Brain Drain from Jersey Al.

Florida Quarterback Anthony Richardson Scouting Report for the 2023 NFL Draft

The Packers won't need to change their philosophy, regardless of who the QB is

On today's show, Jake, Jacob, and Ross are back together to preview the NFL Combine from a Packers point of view. Plus a look at some potential players to keep an eye on. You won't want to miss it!

Don't underestimate this tight end's heart. 

Syracuse Offensive Tackle Matthew Bergeron Scouting Report for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Matt LaFleur and his staff will not attend the Combine. His staff is not the only staff that will be absent. Is it a cause for concern?

The Packers face a monumental franchise altering decision this offseason, and in order to understand the true magnitude of the Packers' choice, Andy breaks down the key risks involved if they were to bring back Aaron Rodgers. Don't miss it!

Ultimately this will not be good for fans.

The Packers do some max-void year restructures and water is wet.

Arkansas linebacker Drew Sanders Scouting Report for the 2023 NFL Draft

A look at some of the notables from the All-Star Game presented by Shriner's Hospital Network.

On today's show, Nick, Gage, and Jimmy discuss the latest Packers moves to help them get under the salary cap. Plus a look ahead to which resturctures will likely still happen for Green Bay this offseason. Don't miss it!

On today's show, Matt, Eli and Jenelle discuss the news that the Packers coaching staff will not be attending the Combine next week and what their dream Packers scenario would be to hear about after emerging from their own darkness journey. Don't miss it!

The Packers have to ask themselves who they truly are before asking an all-time great to rework his deal. 

A look at some of the standouts from the NFL Player Association's All-Star Game

The tight end position is in limbo. It makes sense for Brian Gutekunst to target at least one tight end in the 2023 NFL Draft. 

On today's show, Andrew Mertig evaluates where the Quarterback and Running Backs in the 2023 draft rank historically and what colleges produce the best players at each position. Don't miss it!

The Packers have had 31 years of Hall of Fame quarterback play and "only" two Super Bowls. Only? Criticizing the front office for this makes no sense.

On today's show, Dusty, Steve, and Sarah discuss Zach Tom's best position, what they'd do if they were GM for a day, and where they'd like to see Aaron Rodgers play next season. Don't miss it!