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Green Bay lands an exciting physical linebacker prospect late on Day 3 of the Draft that provides immediate help on special teams.

There are two buzz words for the offensive line going into training camp: "versatility" and "depth."

On today's show, Andy Herman is joined by special guest Ty Dunne from Go Long ( to discuss the latest in the Aaron Rodgers saga as well as some MVS, and his history covering the Packers.

Adams shows loyalty and common sense. 

The Green Bay Packers RB3 role will be up for grabs this summer, and a name to keep your eyes on is second-year player Patrick Taylor.

On today's show, Dan, Jenelle, and Eli take a swing around the NFC North and review how the Packers' biggest rivals faired in the draft, and more importantly, how the Packers' draft class compared.

Thinking through life beyond Rodgers.

The Packers are at a crossroads and need to decide how they want to proceed. The approach the Saints took with Drew Brees could be a good case study.  

Mike, Matt & Gage take a look at Green Bay's final three draft picks from the 2021 NFL Draft. 

On today's episode, Paul Bretl, Mark Eckel and Dan Kotnik take a deeper look at the 5th round picks for the Green Bay Packers, Tedarrel Slaton and Shemar Jean-Charles. They discuss where the two could fit in with the team now and the immediate impact they could have in the special teams game.

We don't have all the details when it comes to Aaron Rodgers. 

Andrew Mertig, Maggie Loney, and Kyle Fellows share their thoughts on the latest buzz around Aaron Rodgers, discuss Packers' fourth round selection Royce Newman, and take a look at the draft classes of the rest of the NFC North.

We still don't know what to fully expect under Joe Barry, but we could see Jaire Alexander in the slot more, similarly to the uptick in snaps Jalen Ramsey saw last season.

How did Rodgers "beautiful mystery" take such an ugly turn in the last 90 days?

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On today's show, Eli Berkovits and Rob Reger take a deep dive into the Packers' third round pick, Amari Rodgers. Find out what Rodgers can bring to the team and how Matt LaFleur could utilize him within his creative offense.

The Packers fourth round pick, Royce Newman, brings athleticism and versatility to the Green Bay offensive line.

It was the lead-up to the World Championship Game - later known as Super Bowl I - and Vince Lombardi was nervous.

On today's show, Alex Strouf & Owen Riese take a deep dive into Green Bay's second round pick Josh Myers, and review how he can impact the Packers both now and in the future.

The Weekly Packers Brain Drain from Jersey Al.

The real issue here doesn’t have anything to do with Jake Kumerow, Shailene Woodley, or even Jeopardy - it’s about two men with different jobs to do.

The Packers moved up and drafted Clemson wide receiver Amari Rodgers in the 3rd round. A lot of people are calling him Randall Cobb 2.0, but is that really accurate? Let's talk about what kind of player Amari Rodgers really is. 

Whether the journeyman backs up Rodgers, Love, or stays QB3 on the depth chart, veteran experience is necessary this season. 

On today's show, Jake Morley and Ross Uglem take a deep dive into Green Bay's first round draft pick Eric Stokes, and how he can impact the Packers both now and in the future.

On today's show, Andy Herman is joined by special guest Zach Kruse to break down a wild weekend in Green Bay that included a brand new draft class and a ton of drama surrounding their MVP franchise quarterback.

Speed, special teams, big school experience were high on Packers' list.

Dusty digs into the film on 1st round cornerback Eric Stokes

According to various sources, these are the undrafted free agents (UDFAs) the Green Bay Packers are signing. Click on the player’s name for more i...