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The Packers have surprised everyone en route to a 4-1 start. How did this happen?    

The Packers really looked like a championship team on Sunday.

We really shouldn't be surprised that the Packers cannot stop the run.

If I were to hand out an MVP for the Packers at the quarter pole of the season, I wouldn't need much time to mull it over. Give me JK Scott.

The NFL is sending mixed messages.

How fun are the Smiths? Watching them play is like chugging a Red Bull with a chaser shot of 5-hour Energy.

Cory Jennerjohn examines why the offense has stalled through two games. 

We've waited all of August. We have sat through a pedestrian preseason. What form is this new and improved offense going to take?

The moment is finally at hand. Game week. Not preseason game week and not another week trying to figure out who has made strides in practice.

I've seen and heard arguments. I know that many people like DeShone Kizer because he's the veteran with real experience, thanks to 15 career starts.

Jimmy Graham is a tough guy to guage as the sun begins to rise on his 10th NFL season.

The issue hasn’t been if Kevin King can play. He has shown that he can be a strong player in the defensive backfield.

I would not want to be DeShone Kizer.

Competition is a great thing. It’s what drives athletes and it also makes them better.

The buzzword around camp so far has been energy. There are lots of young guys running around with bucketfuls of energy this year. 

Cory Jennerjohn examines the role the Packers pass rush will play in a new-look defense. 

Cory Jennerjohn examines the most important factor for 2019: The relationship between rookie head coach Matt LaFleur and quarterback Aaron Rodgers. 

Remember Josh Jones? You know, the Packers’ safety that skipped all of the “voluntary” organized team activities in effort to force a trade.  

Cory Jennerjohn hits on the Melvin Gordon saga and wonders what has happened to actually playing for a contract. 

Could this really be the final year for Mason Crosby in Green Bay?

The only way the Packers get deep in the playoffs is if the defense can get back on track. And what’s the easiest way for a defense to get back on...

Mike Daniels has been the fiery engine for the Packers defense for a few years now. 

I enlisted in the Aaron Jones Army last season.  I wanted Jones to get more touches last year and it looks like we are on the precipice of an incr...

The Packers are absolutely dripping with history.  They have 30 Hall of Famers, six retired numbers, 13 total championships, 10 NFL MVPs and four ...

Oren Burks breathed a sigh of relief after the NFL Draft wrapped up. 

  I’ve heard plenty of people ask the same thing ever since the Josh Jones debacle over a week ago.  “Who the heck is Raven Greene?”