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"Chips Report" from Packers Preseason Win at Rams

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"Chips Report" from Packers Preseason Win at Rams

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers by Jasen Vinlove—USA Today Sports.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers by Jasen Vinlove—USA Today Sports.

Our weekly "Chips Report" will always include two blue chippers (outstanding, exceptional play), two red chippers (good, though maybe not great) and two cow chips (dud performances). From the Packers' 21-7 preseason win over the Rams in St. Louis...


Blue Chips

  • Quarterback Aaron Rodgers—Getting the night off for the preseason opener sure didn't create any rust for Rodgers. He looks as sharp as he's ever been, directing the no-huddle offense to a touchdown on the opening series of the game and what should have been another had a touchdown not been nullified by a penalty in the red zone. Rodgers looked particularly effective throwing on the run, finding Randall Cobb in the back of the endzone on his touchdown pass. On the day, he completed 11 of 13 passes for 128 yards, averaging 9.8 yards per pass, good for a quarterback rating of 133.3.
  • Wide receiver and return specialist Jeff Janis—If Janis had a 99.9 percent chance of earning a roster spot coming into the day, he was 100 percent by evening's end. His 34-yard catch and run for a touchdown from quarterback Matt Flynn in the third quarter was breathtaking. Janis' speed was on full display, displaying a second gear most others don't possess. If that wasn't enough, Janis looked infinitely more comfortable on punt returns than fellow rookie Davante Adams. No, Janis wasn't asked to do anything out of the ordinary, but a nine-yard return and another fair catch instilled confidence. It's looking as if the Packers have to get him involved some how, some way during the regular season.


Red Chips

  • Outside linebacker Jayrone Elliott—It's difficult to have a better series than Elliott had in the fourth quarter, coming up with three sacks and a forced fumble all on one possession of the football. The only thing that would have made Elliott's outing better would have been if someone would have recovered his strip sack of the Rams quarterback. He looked like a natural with good bend coming off the edge to rush the passer and showed he's not going to go down without a fight at the very least. 
  • Outside linebacker Andy Mulumba—Despite a ton of depth at outside linebacker, Mulumba showed he's every bit of worthy of carrying on the roster as the rest of the players at his position. He tied for the team lead with four tackles if you count his tackle on special teams, which shouldn't be overlooked for a guy on the roster bubble. Included in Mulumba's statistics were two tackles for a loss, showing good quickness off the snap and effective pursuit down the line of scrimmage. Honorable mention goes to punter Tim Masthay, who had a higher net punting average (49.4) than gross (47.8) and three downed inside the 20.


Cow Chips

  • Offensive tackles Derek Sherrod and Aaron Adams—Sherrod had the more egregious errors of the two, but Adams doesn't get off the hook either. Both players gave up multiple hits on the quarterback, including a couple slobber-knockers on Scott Tolzien in the second quarter. Sherrod continued his shoddy play into the second half, guilty of a false start in the red zone that contributed to the Packers turning the ball over on down and later giving up a sack to Rams rookie Michael Sam, looking slow to shuffle his feet on that play and on several throughout the game. After such a promising preseason opener a week ago, it was definitely a letdown to see Sherrod struggle so mightily.
  • Running back DuJuan Harris—The low point of the game was Harris' third-quarter fumble, accounting for the Packers' only turnover of the night. But he also slipped twice on the turf in St. Louis, once on a kickoff return and then again on offense. Harris' subpar 18.0 kickoff return average might have the Packers wondering if that role might be another way to get Janis somehow involved.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor at Cheesehead TV and its "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Bearmeat's picture

For as good as they were last week, the backup OTs were equally bad this week. If either Bakh or Bulaga go down we're all going to be holding our breath.

That being said - keep in mind this is the best front 4 in the league - and it's not close. The Rams 3rd string DT/DEs would be 2nd or even have a spot starter on most other 43 teams in the NFL.

With that in mind, Sherrod and Adams should be judged them too harshly. However, if next week is just as bad....

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I think St Louis and New Orleans are the only two Astro-Turf like surfaces left in the NFL. Detroit has gone to the Field Turf HD stuff that is intended to preform like real grass, the Queens are at TCF and also on Field Turf this year.

Jordan's picture

Stroh has posted probably 100 posts talking about Sherrod winning the left tackle job. Hopefully he'll finally cease his uninformed, persistent jabber.

ben's picture

How do you know so much about football and still get it so wrong? Your consistency is astounding.

Bahktiari seems to have added some nastiness to his game. Bahktiari is a franchise LT.

Saying so is not delusional. Calling someone who says so delusional is delusional.

Nerd's picture

It wasn't good, but I thought he did settle down a bit. He's gonna need to work on his foot quickness. If he can do that, he'll be ok. At least he's got the upside, don't know we can say that about Adams.

Sherrod's been out awhile. He needs to get back up to speed.

ben's picture


yea go watch the game again. Sharrod's going to get somebody hurt. And it's not just this last game. His performance since day 1 has been poor.

(although Sharrod had his best game as a Packer last week, & does seem to be better at RT than LT)

I was impressed with Andrew Tiller, at RG & LG. He was at worst the 6th best Olineman for the Packers, yesterday anyway. Great Performance.

Luther Robinson is disruptive.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"No, Janis wasn't asked to do anything out of the ordinary"

I hope none of the punt returners are. Catch the ball, run for what you can get, get the ball in the hands of Rodgers and Lacy. Any other strategy is just silly IMO.

Kid Culi's picture

C'mon! Let's try an across field lateral to Jeremy Ross!! What could go wrong??????

Nerd's picture

Far as I'm concerned, he makes the team if he fields punts cleanly. But it was already looking like he was the #5 WR.

Great TD too.

cheesehead1's picture

Sherrod was very disappointing. Reminded me of his poor start with GB when he was a rookie. I know it's still early, but IMO, it doesn't look like anything's changed from when we originally saw him from a couple of years ago. I hope I'm wrong, but he seems to only be a slightly better version of Marshall Newhouse. I know he's a very big man, but he looked very slow out there. Hope he can bounce back next week.

Otto's picture

From season to season I forget how good Rodgers is. There are times he literally looks like "a man among boys." It shouldn't be possible at the NFL level, but he does it.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I feel like any fourth round draft pick who can't get on the field ahead of two UDRFAs should be in the running for a Cow Chip.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I hope the coaches move Bradford to ILB exclusively. He played a few snaps there last game. If he is moved, he will probably need some time to adjust. Looks like he has some instincts, and good hips, although his timed speed in the 40 and 3 cone are not especially impressive.

cheesehead1's picture

Otto is obviously right, but the key to our chances this year is to have a very good defense. We were a top 5 defense in 2010 and in "most" years, defense will win out. You have to look no further than Seattle's win over the record setting Broncos.

Pack2Rat's picture

No offense intended:

*Tretter makes it to the second level block on almost every play--EDS never

*Bostick and Richard Rogers (who has started both games) gets handled each time he tries to block--but he's open an awful lot and catches everything

*Rogers looked open on the Cobb TD and Janis on the White TD that was called back.

*Sad we are going to lose Dorsey and White b/c I think both will develop

*Linsley really struggles in space

Spiderpack's picture

COW Warning Ahead:

Our leader ARodge was playing patti-cakes with a shitty preseason defensive line and backfield who were all out of shape for the no-huddle and didn't game plan for him in the slightest. Sober up boys, it don't mean nothin.

Jeff Janis is not a "return specialist." He has not been a featured returner in the NFL, or ever. He is not necessarily worth a SHIT against starting NFL Cornerbacks the likes of Richard Sherman or Revis (with his knee fixed). We don't know if he can beat a single good physical press player in this league.

But Janis is, without a doubt, on this team.

Cow, are you jealous? I bet you wished you had said this.

Cow, have you lost your Mojo for God's sake?

He he he he . . . . .

Nick Perry's picture

Actually it's one of the better DL in the NFL. They were short Michael Brockers on the DL but that's it. Did you listen to the announcers during the game? They mentioned at least 3 times that Jeff Fischer had them doing "wind sprints" to help prepare for the "No Huddle". Not many NFL WR are worth a shit against Revis and Sherman, that's why they make 16 million a year! Perhaps with the new "Paddy Cake" NFL, Revis and especially Sherman won't be allowed to MUG WR of the line. About the only thing you said that was true is Janis isn't a Return least not yet. He caught that damn ball though so that's progress right?

Nerd's picture

Not only was it a very good DL, but the turf there plays to their speed.

I think the wet field slowed things down last week for Sherrod, so this experience might have taken him a little off guard. Hopefully he bounces back. If he can get some quickness back, he'll be solid.

Nerd's picture

Oh yeah, Janis isn't gonna be matched up against a #1 CB. If he is, that means Cobb/Nelson/Boykin/Bostick/Rodgers will be open.

Pack2Rat's picture

The Defense rests:

*Datone Jones may become stout but doesn't have any pass rush push. Who knew

*ILB still have no drop in coverage which causes the secondary to look lost with passes over the middle; after

*Khyri Thorton has to show up. Boyd making the chance for him to stick less and less

*We really spent high picks on Perry and Jones? They seem like just guys.

*Suprised Burnett and Richardson look so pedestrian

Aeric's picture

Perry can't play an Datone Jones is looking the same way. Hurts but move on quickly. I thought the defense looked like they understood what they were supposed to be doing and could even improve. Daniels is a man

Pack2Rat's picture

That's special

*Would lover for Banjo to supplant Bush. Could use his extra $$ fro Cobbs new contract.

*Out KO return team with Jones and Daniel forming the wedge is terrible. Really Daniels? Why not Barrington and Linsely?

*Where are our fast LB on the kickoff team. Hubbard and Barrington can't do worse blocking for the returner.

Nerd's picture

Seemed at times like the WR were getting open, hope our DBs weren't still "miscommunicating."

Point Packer's picture

Dix looks like he has tons of potential, but I don't seem him being a rockstar out there in year 1. And for that reason, I'm still really concerned about our safety play this year. For all the "Richardson hype" during this pre-season, both he and Burnett look as pedestrian as ever.

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