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The Green Bay Packers addressed the secondary again, drafting Josh Jones, a versatile defensive back from North Carolina State in the second round (61st overall) of the 2017 NFL Draft

As we approach the last few weeks, it's time to talk about playoff scenarios in the NFC North.

The easiest way to explain a draft pick to fans is to compare a player to a curent NFL player.

Each year, immediately after the draft, I like to take the time to take the first crack at the 53-man roster.  That is, after all, the 53 men who...

With their second fourth round pick (#137 overall), the Green Bay Packers select Dean Lowry, DE, Northwestern. MEASURABLES / COMBINE:

The NFL Draft is soon upon us.  For the next two weeks you're going to see a lot of mock drafts, and I mean, like, a ​lot of mock drafts.  For the...

The NFL Draft is soon upon us.  For the next two weeks you're going to see a lot of mock drafts, and I mean, like, a ​lot of mock drafts.  For the...

Just who is Cam Newton? That question has tried to be answered all week in the lead up to football’s finale on Sunday.

To our Christian Friends Merry Christmas to you all.

The 2015 Version of the Green Bay Packers has been favorably compared by some to  the 2010 – 2011 Super Bowl Champions. There are in fact many positive similarities this season but the differences are striking as well.  

Aaron's NFL picks for Week 13 of the regular season 

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Aaron's picks for Week 6 of the NFL's 2015 regular season. 

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News about the first place Green Bay Packers and their NFC North opponents the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings.

Aaron gives his Super Bowl prediction for the 2015 season. 

In what has become a depressing ritual, the Pro Football Hall of Fame Seniors Committee passed over the Packers great once again. 

The veteran tight end has drawn interest from several teams. 

If you took a poll of Packers fans you will find that they are divided on how well Zook will coordinate special teams.  There are those who see Zook as just another McCarthy buddy who didn’t make much of a difference last year when he was an assistant. Others look at his coaching body of work and come away impressed. 

The legendary Packers quarterback made the media rounds in advance of his ensrinement into the Packers Hall of Fame. 

No team has made a supplemental selection since 2012. 

The more intriguing aspect of Packers Training Camp 2015 might be the five possible roster spot battles described below. Each potential battle features at least one veteran player who could be facing the ax at the final roster cut-down.

The Packers All-Pro guard told ESPN he has finally been able to apprieciate some of the things he accomplished last year. 

CBS Chicago's Dan Durkin provides an excellent overview of how the Bears' new defensive coordinator has been successful against Rodgers and company. 

SN's Vinnie Iyer writes that the Packers will win a bookend Super Bowl to go along with their victory in the first one ever played. 

Football-starved fans, and reporters, can fall into the trap of making mountains out of OTA molehills. 

Fansided's Dairyland Express has an excellent overview of the most deserving members of the Green and Gold. 

While they remain one of the top teams in the league, the Green and Gold have plenty of questions to answer. 

After a 30-2 vote in favor of the proposal in question, the NFL has adopted new rules for points after touchdowns.