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Ross' Way Too Early 53-man Roster Prediction

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Ross' Way Too Early 53-man Roster Prediction

Each year, immediately after the draft, I like to take the time to take the first crack at the 53-man roster.  That is, after all, the 53 men who will suit up with the goal of bringing Green Bay's 5th Lombardi trophy home.  There are a few difficult decisions to make this season, and I don't envy the front office or the coaching staff.  Starters are in bold.  Rookies are italicized.

Quarterbacks (2)

  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Brett Hundley

Running Backs (4)

  • Eddie Lacy
  • Aaron Ripkowski
  • James Starks
  • John Crockett

Wide Receivers (6)

  • Jordy Nelson
  • Randall Cobb
  • Davante Adams
  • Ty Montgomery
  • Jeff Janis
  • Trevor Davis

Tight Ends (4)

  • Jared Cook
  • Richard Rodgers
  • Justin Perillo
  • Kennard Backman

Offensive Linemen (9)

  • David Bakhtiari
  • Josh Sitton
  • Corey Linsley
  • TJ Lang
  • Bryan Bulaga
  • JC Tretter
  • Jason Spriggs
  • Kyle Murphy
  • Josh Walker

Defensive Linemen (6)

  • Mike Daniels
  • Kenny Clark
  • Letroy Guion
  • Dean Lowry
  • Josh Boyd
  • Christian Ringo

Elephant ends (3)

  • Julius Peppers
  • Datone Jones
  • Nick Perry

Outside Linebackers (3)

  • Clay Matthews
  • Jayrone Elliot
  • Kyler Fackrell

Inside Linebackers (5)

  • Sam Barrington
  • Jake Ryan
  • Blake Martinez
  • Joe Thomas
  • Beniquez Brown

Cornerbacks (4)

  • Damarious Randall
  • Sam Shields
  • Quentin Rollins
  • Ladarius Gunter

Safeties (3)

  • HaHa Clinton-Dix
  • Morgan Burnett
  • Chris Banjo

Micah Hydes (1)

  • Micah Hyde

Specialists (3)

  • Mason Crosby
  • Peter Mortell
  • Rick Lovato

That was surprisingly easier than I thought.  My first run through I came up with 31 names.  There are a few places where I could see myself being incorrect.  Jared Abbrederis could certanly make the team.  He might even make the team over John Crockett.  It would not shock me to see the Packers carry three backs and seven receivers, using Montgomery and Cobb as the pass-catching backs.

Tim Masthay could also hold off Peter Mortell and continue to be the starting punter for the Packers.  I've selected Miississippi State linebacker Beniquez Brown, a kid that I had as a draftable player, as the UDFA that makes the team.  One does every year nad my pick for this season (besides Mortell) is Brown.  Offensive linemen Don Barclay and Lane Taylor might not go as quietly into that good night as one might hope think.  

It's worth noting that I think all seven of the 2016 draft picks make the active roster, no practice-squadders.

I mean.... I think you can win a Super Bowl with these 53 guys.  As usual, the Packers need to find a way to keep them healthy.


Ross Uglem is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @RossUglem 

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Evan's picture

LOL...I was thinking "only 4 CBs....eeeesh, then I saw the "Micah Hydes" category."

Overall, I'm with you. The only change I'd make is cut Josh Boyd for another true CB. Maybe Robertson? Maybe a UDFA.

I also wonder why you went with Brown over Pikula. I like Pikula just based on his speed (faster than Deion Jones, who I really wanted, but like 15 pounds heavier).

RCPackerFan's picture

lol. I love that Hyde has his own category. priceless...

EdsLaces's picture


holmesmd's picture

I'm sorry but Hyde is painfully slow. Why do all the fans think he can provide relief to any of the slot or boundary CB's. I like him and I think he's solid but he ain't no NFL CB. That's one thing I'm certain of:/

ray nichkee's picture

Hyde has alot of talent to put use but he is not an outside corner. He's a nickel back slash safety role player. I got a kick out of him having his own category.

holmesmd's picture

FWIW, I liked Dantzler last year and he was a big 4.4 guy. He got clipped early in camp. It's not just metrics;)

holmesmd's picture

FWIW, I liked Dantzler last year and he was a big 4.4 guy. He got clipped early in camp. It's not just metrics;)

RCPackerFan's picture

Overall I would probably agree.

Though I would say probably go with Abbrederis over Perillo. Or if you think 7 WR's is to much, then how about Henry over Perillo.

I'm not sure if they will keep Boyd or not. But with Pennel's 4 game suspension I could see them keeping him as the extra DL until Pennel comes back.

For the most part I agree with it though.

Nick Perry's picture

BINGO was RC's Name-O... I agree with Ross's predictions except with RC's inserts.

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

Me too I see one of the TE gone or even on the practice squad over Abby just to many things can happen.

Mojo's picture

I think one of the bottom two TE's goes - either Perillo or Backman.

Plus don't see Joe Thomas making it. Like how you snuck Beniquez Brown in also. I could see it happening.

I think the Ginger Wolverine maintains his position over the 2015 holder of the year.

I'm going with one more WR and CB to make the roster.

It's never too early to predict the roster.

sonomaca's picture

Backman could be gone if he doesn't produce in preseason. Perillo seems to find a way to stick.

holmesmd's picture

Don't understand the Thomas hate on here but I bet he makes the 53. He's not nearly as bad as most people here assert. Just sayin

Packer_Pete's picture

I don't see the hate either, but he is not very good. If you look at the roster, if all stay healthy, then Barrington and Ryan will be the thumpers. Martinez hopefully will emerge as one of the cover LBs, at least he showed that much in college. So now if you look at base or sub packages, besides Martinez, you could also play Matthews and Fackrell as cover LBs. you still have Peppers, Perry, maybe Jones, as your rush LBs then. Where exactly is there space for Joe Thomas?

dobber's picture

When you're in the bottom 5-10 players on the roster, you better not buy a house in town.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Who ever is better wins a roster spot, but that has not been the case at the Packer LB position over the last couple of years. How many forget why they brought Joe Thomas back? You better make sure you have more than two ILBs that can cover, or we are right back in the same predicament with an injury. Don't forget that due to CB and Safety injuries last year, we were not able to use Hyde nor Richardson as planned in the hybrid packages either. In my mind, the 10th LB roster spot will be for a sub-package, special teams guy...remember the former Bronco McCray here, too. As a side note, in some pre-draft rankings that I reviewed Brown ranked out at roughly #30, while Pikula was in the 40s. I feel both of these men will make the practice squad (at the least) if they live up to their rankings, nevertheless, my bet is on Pikula without anything more than a little film and talk of his character.

sonomaca's picture

Maybe a little light on corners. Have to see how Robertson Daniel looks in preseason.

RCPackerFan's picture

Honestly. I think there is a decent chance he makes it.

Basing it on the late season promotion from the PS to the 53.

dobber's picture

I agree: I think only 4 dedicated CB just isn't enough. They'll be scouring the wire or promoting from the PS faster than you'd think.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Here is where one of my UDFA pick comes. I think Kentrell Brice is as close as any UDFA having a spot reserved for him, if he can prove he can cover. But I agree with comments about Daniel having a shot at the roster. Goodson may be gone given the suspension issue. Brice had a top twenty ranking according to one site I looked at. Look for 10 LBs and 10 DBs to open the season

sonomaca's picture

Here's my surprise pick: Brandon Burks over Crockett.

DrealynWilliams's picture

4.41 40 and benched 225 24 times. Interesting. If he has hands that will definitely help him stand out.

sonomaca's picture

Not sure about the hands. He's got the athletic chops. Hands, instincts, vision TBD.

sonomaca's picture

What about Rotherham? They paid extra to keep him last year.

Packer_Pete's picture

that was last year. With this's years draft, the options increased considerably. He will have a hard time to find a spot.

dobber's picture

Five preseason games is a lot of time to figure out who stays (Taylor, Rotherham, Walker, etc.) and who goes.

Given the nature of the roster and all the FAs they need to assess, it might be that 5 PS games is a blessing.

Evan's picture

" might be that 5 PS games is a blessing."

You shut your damn mouth, Dobber.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Lol @ Micah Hydes

MarkinMadison's picture

Yeah, I can't do this until I see some pre-season action.

LOL at Micah Hydes though. That was funny.

BradHTX's picture

I literally did laugh out loud at that, and my wife called from the other room, "What?" I said, "Just a clever Packers blogger making a funny."

sgunderson17's picture

I really like what I saw with ILB Manoa Pikalu's career highlights.
Dude looks like he can play. He has a Clay Matthews aspect about him where he can close in on players faster than normal. He also seems to get off blocks really quickly.
He's my Way-Too-Early prediction to make the roster.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Same thing I thought before watching the actual games. That's why I try to stay away from Highlight reels. After watching full games -- I understand why he went undrafted. The speed and athleticism is definitely there though.

dobber's picture

My initial thought is that I like Pikula over Brown, but it's not based on much. I might almost rather keep both of them over Thomas.

Evan's picture

My preference is based on speed.

4.57 for Pikula vs. 4.77 for Brown.

dobber's picture

Agreed on speed, but the question is whether or not they can coach-up Pikula to be more than just an ST guy? His measurables are on par with Lee and Jones...doesn't run quite as fast, but he's still fast. He's got better tools...that should win.

Evan's picture

Yea, when talking about UDFA and the 53rd man on the roster, I'll go with the athleticism and tools and hope coaching can take care of the rest.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I'm with you on that. @Dobber It's picking the lesser of 2 evils.

Good awareness with little instinct/slow reaction (Brown)
Going nowhere fast (Pikula)

John Galt III's picture

Two FA's that will make Packer team or practice squad:

Mackinton Dorleant, CB - Northern Iowa makes the team or practice squad.

Same with safety Kentrell Brice as a DB from Louisiana Tech.

If they don't make Packers roster or Practice Squad, they will get scooped up by another team.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Based on now....I agree. Looks like Thompson's team has done a pretty good job with UDFAs if the news is correct. Note: With a 90 man limit on the roster, some of these UDFAs are not correct, or if correct, they will have to cut some players soon.

lebowski's picture

5 inside linebackers and only 4 corners? Don't think so.

Evan's picture

Plus 1 Hyde.

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

I do not see Gunter not making this team.

Evan's picture

100% disagree.

How come?

Evan's picture

*NOT* making this team. Never mind. Carry on.

sonomaca's picture

Get real. Gunter brings the wood more than any other corner on the roster. He finds the ball. He's big. He's extremely tough. Almost a corner/safety tweener.

No way I'm parting with him, even though he's not fast.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Read closely Sonoma....He used a double-negative.....We are on the same page.

Point Packer's picture

I would prefer keeping Lane over Walker. Tretter can cover both Tackles. Walker is garbage.

Agree that Kuhn is gone, though I'll be sad about it.

Regarding WR, I think we're going to have one "surprise cut". Hope it's Adams. Could be Janis. Likely Abby. Maybe they'll just keep seven.

I dont think both Periilo and Backman are both on this team come September.

sonomaca's picture

Janis. You must be nuts. Even if he never caught a ball, his special teams contribution is outstanding.

RobinsonDavis's picture

He's just thinking while typing. But, his thoughts on WRs are not much different than mine. Trevor Davis is best set as an outside speed threat....not a slot guy in my opinion. That puts him vying for a spot vs. Jordy, Adams, & Janis. Slots are Cobb, Montgomery, and Abbrederis. Note: UDFAs WRs, Allison & Waters were ranked in the top 60 of some pre-draft sites. So LOTS of competition coming....if they allow it! Numbers say Abbrederis (if Montgomery is health) & either Adams or Janis are not on the final roster.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Peter Mortell would have to be lights out better that Masthay. Masthay is the holder for Mason Crosby and Ron Zook ain't gonna be messing around with Crosby with out a DAMN good reason.

Packer_Pete's picture

The Micah Hyde category is priceless. The only suggestion I have is to include one more guy in there. As a mini Micah Hyde so to speak. not sure who that is, though, LOL

I do not think Datone Jones will make the team, at least not at elephant end. I think he may only have a chance if there are injuries on DL.

I also think Joe Thomas will be bumped out by either Brown or Pikula, and they only keep 3 ILBs. Don't think they keep 4 TEs. No value there. Instead of Thomas and a 4th TE, they'll keep another DB and a 7th WR.

And if I could dream, I hope that Davante Adams will not make this team. What a waste of a roster spot...

Regardless, the fight for roster spots will be good to watch in camp. There is talent on this roster.

chugwater's picture

No way will they cut Datone. They are enamored with him playing elephant end, and he showed some success at Minnesota. Suspect he'll put up good numbers in a contract year.

Packer_Pete's picture

It's all conjecture at this point. There will be injuries. But in a perfect world, if all stayed healthy, I just see Perry as much more talented. So Jones would just be the 3rd option. I believe Fackrell as a cover LB will find a spot, and I think Elliott has shown that he has a knack for getting to the QB. So I am not sure whether Jones would be a good player at that spot. The fact they move him from his original position after he failed there tells me a lot. Now they are looking to find a spot for him. Not sure he will pan out.

holmesmd's picture

Huh? Jones will make the team and Thomas probably will as well. Let's not anoint these UDFA rooks as being better than the guys we have had in the system. It's a rare occurrence but entertaining conjecture.

Packer_Pete's picture

It's all conjecture at this point. And Jones really hasn't shown anything yet. So I am not sure I am anointing anybody. Just sayin that Jones so far was a huge disappointment, and now has to play a position he never had to play in college and also played very sparingly in the NFL. Not sure he is a good fit there. The Packers are trying to find a spot since he was a 1st rounder. If he was a 6th or 7th rounder he would already be gone...

RobinsonDavis's picture

Let's admit one thing. The only reason for this argument is that all of them have shown some brilliance & a lot of inconsistency. If Jones can stay on the field, my bet is on him, though you could say the same for Perry. I like Jones rushing from the left side of the line. Perry, has demonstrated better on the right where we have Matthews generally. Both will be on the team next year, along with Elliott and Fackrell in my opinion.

4thand1's picture

I see Adams on the bubble this year. He needs to have a monster camp.
Did you exclude Pennel until the 4 game suhspension? And no Janis, every fans favorite?

Evan's picture

I cannot wait for Adams to make you all eat your words this season.

RCPackerFan's picture

Considering I said that he is a going to have a good year, does that count for me too?

Evan's picture

No, I know what side you're on. Just all this "I wish Adams wouldn't make the team" talk is such nonsense. Try maybe just the tiniest bit of patience.

Point Packer's picture

Or how about we just cut him and deal with the fact he's a bust?

Give the roster spot to someone with promise.

Evan's picture

Exhibit A.

holmesmd's picture

After 2 being entirely injured?! Really. Lol. Not very GM like if you ask me. Remember, draft and develop. The coaches see these guys play %90 more than you do in drills, practice, camp, and preseason. Try to keep that in mind when criticizing a young player. I promise that the Packers's coaches & management know much more than any of us. Just sayin;)

croatpackfan's picture

He played whole season injured! And Aaron throws were not on the spot as we used they are...

RCPackerFan's picture

I'm right there with you. I really don't get the hate. Yes he had a bad year. So did Rodgers, Cobb, Lacy and others.

They call it draft and develop for a reason. Because you have to allow players time to develop. Like you said, people need to have patience with players.
It took Driver, Nelson a long time to become the players we now know. Give Adams, Abbrederis, Janis some time.

chugwater's picture

Count me in with RC and Evan. The lack of understanding of the draft and develop strategy is astounding. WRs often take several years to get a feel for the game. With Jordy returning and Cobb on the field, Adams should see favorable match ups in 2016. Don't cut him just when he may be on the cusp being more productive.

Heck, Donald a Driver only had 24 receptions after his first two seasons.

Packer_Pete's picture

"Heck, Donald a Driver only had 24 receptions after his first two seasons." Yep - he also was a 7th rounder who barely made the team at first. Our starting QB didn't anoint him as basically a pro bowl caliber player" - even though he turned out to be one. Adams had a lot of chances already. Let's not forget they pulled Abbrederis in a game after his first snap when he dropped a pass which would've resulted in a 1st down. he never played another down during that game. In that same game, Adams dropped 4. Jason Wilde called out McCarthy in the presser about not giving Abbrederis another snap and leaving Adams out there. And the answer was BS. Adams already received preferential treatment, and so far has been a disappointment. he has not shown that he is an NFL caliber WR, plain and simple. If he wasn't a high round draft pick, he would have already been shown the door.

chugwater's picture

I don't necessarily disagree with you, but you didn't disprove my point either.

It's a process. Davonte may be one of those guys who puts it together in year three.

Point Packer's picture


How many more years will #12 be around and elite?

But yeah, let's be patient with a bust.

Evan's picture

Wait, wha?

So, you think they should just cut Adams after 2 seasons because Rodgers only has, I dunno, another 6 or 7 seasons left?

How does cutting Adams and replacing him with someone else you won't give a chance to develop help Rodgers?

Oppy's picture

See, the thing is, one shit year a bust does not make.

Evan's picture


4thand1's picture

To see him stumble last year after a promising 1st year was tough. Sophomore jinx? When Jordy went down he was supposed to step up and didn't. Yes he got hurt and the team still likes him, so the rest is up to him. This is put up or ship out this season.

holmesmd's picture

Where is COW. I demand you tell us what you have done with him! ;)

DrealynWilliams's picture

Naw, Cow. Please, give us your input on this. I'm taking notes.

Packer_Pete's picture

I don't hate the guy. Never met him, so how could I possibly hate him. But, I will give you my reasons why I think he should be gone.

1. After Jordy went down, it was widely reported that Rodgers and Adams worked together a lot during practice. We all remember the "pro bowl caliber" comment. Now, for all that work during practice, they showed remarkably little chemistry on the field. Part was Rodgers not throwing well for some time, but also they really never seemed to be on the same page. Or, if the throw was spot on, Adams simply dropped it. Now, this is not a player who was completely new, and if it's true they worked a lot in practice and it didn't translate on the field, what would make you think it will work differently this year? I just fear he takes valuable practice reps and time away from guys who would be better than Adams. To me it doesn't matter where he was drafted. All that matters is on the field.

2. Adams is neither quick nor fast. He can't get separation from a slot CB. so to be effective, he has to use his body to shield the ball, he has to run crisp routes, and he has to be a reliable pass catcher. He basically has to be a younger James Jones (even though James had a few drops of his own). So far he hasn't shown he can be that.

3. "Availability and Accountability" - McCarthy's mantra, supposedly - don't see it with Adams.

4. Where are the "wow" plays? I understand that with young guys, you don't get a polished NFL WR. You will get bad route running, you will get some drops, you will get mental errors. But, with all the other young WRs, there were plays where I sat in front of my TV and said "wow". I never said that with Adams. We all remember that when they finally had to play Abbrederis and Janis, as only James Jones was available at WR besides the 2, the offense suddenly had threats at WR. Those guys made plays. Janis, for all his bad route running, made a couple of remarkable adjustments during the 2 hail mary plays (I count the 40 yarder as hail mary too). I just feel with more and better coaching, as well as more experience, the ceiling for Janis is much higher than for Adams, as he also has something Adams does not have - elite speed. Abbrederis is a better route runner. Now they got another athletic WR in the draft. Montgomery is coming back, hopefully fully healthy, and he has flashed his potential. Given that Jordy and Cobb should be your starters, do you really think Adams will emerge as your #3 WR? I see so much more potential with any of the other WRs (and Abbrederis will be the odd man out IMHO), as Adams also doesn't play ST. So why keep him? I'd eventually see Jordy and Janis outside, Cobb and Montgomery inside, and Davis as 5th WR and KR. If you want to keep a 6th WR, I'd let the rest just fight it out in camp. Not sure Adams would win that against Abbrederis, or maybe one of the young UDFA will emerge. Who knows, but I simply don't see Adams as among the best 5 WRs, as spots 4 and 5 on the roster have to be ST players. Janis certainly is. Davis may be the new KR.

Just my 2 cents. Not trying to troll, not trying to start an argument, just laying out my reasons why I don't see Adams on the roster.

Evan's picture

All fair points...but my rebuttal is the same as before. Patience. It's still really early and Rodgers seems to love him -- that's enough for me.

As for "wow plays," the fake spike in the Dolphins game was damn impressive for a rookie, imo. Also, while not a single play, I seem to remember him carrying the offense against the Patriots in 2014. He also had a huge game against Dallas in the playoffs.

To me, those flashes give me hope for his development.

dobber's picture

We can view Adams, Janis and Abby as all being on the roster bubble. I think Janis's value as a gunner, especially given Goodson's suspension, gets him a free-pass to the 53 unless he's absolutely awful in camp. Neither Abby nor Adams really provides anything on ST. Given the investment in Adams, he wins unless he's even worse in camp than he was at times during the regular season a year ago. Barring injury or the Packers keeping lots of WR, there's not much I can see Abby doing to win a job aside from add value in ST. Someone else will have to lose a job.

Do we not remember how bad James Jones looked at times during his first couple seasons? There were times where he couldn't catch the clap in a Thai whorehouse...but he overcame that. With antibiotics...

RCPackerFan's picture

How about the play against Dallas that he turned a slant into a 40 yard TD.

Or my favorite. His play from Family night last year.

This was in the last game he played last year. Kind of shows his separation skills from a slot CB.

DrealynWilliams's picture

People like who they like and dislike who they dislike. Or they're prisoners of the moment.

Point Packer's picture

I like when people use "family night" plays to prove their point. In this case, only reinforces my position.

Evan's picture

I like when people pick at 1 example while ignoring the others provided to prove their point.

RCPackerFan's picture

The question was on wow plays. Was that not a WOW play?

Packer_Pete's picture

I'm not going to comment on Family Night - that's practice...

As for the Redskins game, all it showed was he could get separation from a FS - Goldson. Who has since been released. He's not and will never be a slot CB, but had to play since injuries depleted their secondary. They actually had the highest number of different starting DBs of any team last season. Not a single one of their DBs played in every game. So I am not sure that is a good measuring stick. But ok, fair point, he can beat a S in the slot - not sure he will face many of those during his career...

the Dallas game he certainly had a good play, I give you that. Aided by atrocious tackling and positioning of the DB. But that was a good play.

RCPackerFan's picture

If you don't want to count that play in a game type atmosphere, that's fine. I still count the play because it was in a full stadium, was on tv, and there is proof that he made the play.

To be fair, how often will Adams actually be lined up in the slot? They have Cobb, Montgomery, Abbrederis and Nelson who all line up in the slot. Along with Cook now. Adams is more of a boundary WR.

I'm not saying you have to like the guy. All I'm saying is lets, give the guy a chance. He had hi's and low's his rookie year. Which is typical of a rookie. Like I said in the Packers offense it takes time to master. This last year he was injured early. Nelson got injured and he put more pressure on himself and ended up losing confidence. He regained his confidence late in the year and was getting healthy and started to make plays.

I really do expect big things from him next year.

This is a really nice video on Adams.

RCPackerFan's picture

True about the Washington Game. There were other plays he made in that game that I liked better, but couldn't find them. There was also a couple of big catches against Minnesota that I couldn't find.

I'm not saying he will have 1500 yards receiving or anything. Though I think he will surprise people this year. I agree about the complimentary role. Him going against the #3 CB vs 1 or 2 is a lot better.

All I am saying is lets give this a guy a chance. Lets see what he does this year.

I get tired of drafting players and if they aren't pro bowl players before their 3rd year they are viewed as bad players and teams need to get rid of them. Whats the point of drafting and developing them if they aren't going to give them time to develop.

dobber's picture

I think he'll have a bounceback year. Assuming good health in the WR, with Nelson back and Cook added, I think a good year for him will be catching 50 balls. That might not be enough to fight the howling wolves off very much, but it will be a good year if this offense is back to where we expect it to be.

Evan's picture

He caught 50 last 50 with a healthy Nelson, Cobb and Monty would be fine by me. (He caught 38 as a rookie with a fully loaded WR corp.) That's the thing, with a fully healthy WR corp, there are only going to be so many catches for to go around.

Something like 50 catches, 500+ yards, 4-5 TDs would be a very good year, imo.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Thanks for this!! - my 2-cents...Pete puts up a good argument and it is based on many facts as well. The drafting of Trevor Davis though speaks volumes. A good player is not going to make this squad this year. Adams and Abbrederis especially, must stay healthy.

Tundraboy's picture

Like the O line. Would love to see that group play the whole year,although I want to see what Rotherham can do

holmesmd's picture

He won't have a backup career as a modle, that's for sure. Lol;)

holmesmd's picture

Model...stupid phone...

hobbes's picture

Micah Hyde should definitely be the starter at Micah Hyde.

Bear's picture

Just saw the 1 tape on Lowry playing Nebraska. It was supposedly his best game of the year. He kept falling down without contact and appeared to give up on plays. Probably just me...I'm getting old and senile. Don't see him on the 53.

dobber's picture

Probably tripping over cornstalks.

croatpackfan's picture

Interesting thoughts...
Wide receivers - Travor Davis is PS material, Jared will be in the mix...
Reason: They need polish route runners, not just guys who can run fast. If they need fast guy, it is easy. Just offer contract to Usain Bolt who can run 100 yards in less than 9 seconds and you'll surely win!
TE - why you are deliberatly forgotting Mitchell Henry, who was PS guy at the end of the last season, but was stollen by Broncos and was on their 53 men roster. All the way until they needed one more place for immediate need! I'm sure that he will be better than Justin and Kennard at the beginning of the season!
OL - even if they go with 9, I see Lane Taylor in front of Josh Walker...
DL - I wonder who will make place fopr Mike Pennel?
ILB - I think they will need to make decission on Joe Thomas during TC as they have solved nickel & dime ILB. I see only 4 ILB!
CB - Makinton Dorleant from UNI will make the roster. He was 7th round pick for Packers only if they had it. Guy is typical for Packers CB (5-11, 180, but has 4,39 speed), but Packers may take Robertson Daniel and place Dorleant to the PS... And here I put position taken from ILB...
Specialists - I'm not sure how it will finish with Tim Mashtay, but I will not put away possibility of his return!

dobber's picture

"but Packers may take Robertson Daniel and place Dorleant to the PS"

One thing that stands out from the Packers draft is that they're trying to get taller. Sure, Clark isn't a giant, but he's not 6'1" Billings, either. Everyone is 6'1" or bigger. If that really means anything, then maybe Daniel is the guy and all the UDFAs are chasing smoke.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Despite the fact that you made the position eponymous, but I don't think Micah Hyde is very good at being a Micah Hyde type player. He probably makes the team based on depth and being the PR, but he'd better be concerned if Thomas makes a jump or Martinez looks good.

Boyd and Ringo look marginal. They will have to force their way onto the 53 by the quality of their play. I think GB goes with 5 DL until Pennel returns.

Perillo, Backman and Henry duke it out for one spot. No reason to keep 2 extra bad TEs.

5 ILBs looks too generous. I like Brown, but again, this is a pure projection, so he will have to force his way onto the 53.

GB probably keeps 6 WRs. Not at all sure which ones will survive, and not sure if Davis will be one of them.

GB almost certainly keeps 9 OL, and probably 10.

Looking at the OLBs, my gosh, GB needs Fackrell to develop, if not early this year, at least by 2017. 4 of the 6 OLBs, Elliot, Peppers, Perry, Jones, are all in contract years.

The author has TT eating the $650K signing bonus + workout bonus he just gave to lane Taylor. Sounds very unlike TT. I will believe it when I see it.

dobber's picture

"Boyd and Ringo look marginal. They will have to force their way onto the 53 by the quality of their play. I think GB goes with 5 DL until Pennel returns."

Ringo has added 10 pounds and now lists at about 300. If that's good weight, I want to see how he acquits himself in camp and in the PS. As I said before, if the Packers are smart, they can use these 5 PS games to get a really good look at a lot of these depth guys. I have a suspicion that we haven't heard the last of him. Do we know if Boyd is even going to be ready to play?

Agreed on Taylor. He could be rendered irrelevant in the PS, but he's there as insurance, at least.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Ahhh. I'm lovin' these comments. [/sarcasm]

7th Rounder's picture

No love for Lerentee McCray? TT signs a free agent and we completely ignore him. He's a solid special teams player with potential to be a viable back up. I can't see TT signing this guy without a really good shot of making the 53. I'm not declaring he actually makes it but I think he's underrated in the roster predictions I've seen.

Packer_Pete's picture

you are right. I totally forgot about him, but given that most backup LBs have to play ST, he may be a good bet to stick around...

7th Rounder's picture

Cool. I just wasn't sure if him not making the predicted roster was intentional or not. Thanks Pete.

Evan's picture

"I can't see TT signing this guy without a really good shot of making the 53."

Somewhere, Ray Drew weeps.

dobber's picture


HankScorpio's picture

4 TEs seems unlikely to me given the quality at the position. In fact, given some of the outside the box roster positional breakdowns we've seen in the TT era, I think 2 is more likely than 4.

8 DBs is light. It's a passing league and you need 6 each and every week. Only having 8 on the roster does not leave much room for the kind of injury issues that regularly occur.

Rory Austin's picture

Abby isn't going anywhere... pretty good way to early 53 list.... should have included the practice squad in the calculations though, a lot more flexibility than you accounted for with the new guys , especially late rounders on practice squad...... Pennel coming back after 4 too..

sheppercheeser's picture

Glad to see (and I totally agree with) that Barclay and Masthay weren't listed.

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