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Sitton Makes Peace With 2014 Season. Have You?

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Sitton Makes Peace With 2014 Season. Have You?

Josh Sitton's words after the Green Bay Packers lost to the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game were striking when he said them and remain some of the strongest comments from any of the Green and Gold. 

To refresh your memory, Sitton the day after the loss to Seattle:

Anytime you feel like you should have won, it's tough to get over. And when it's the last one, it's very difficult to get over. You feel like it's a waste of seven, eight months. What's the point of getting this far? I'd have rather not even made the playoffs. 

We kicked their ass up front, and the whole game. We handled them all day. We should've won the game.

I remember being taken aback by Sitton positing that he would have rather have been sitting at home for the playoffs than experiencing one of the worst meltdowns in franchise history. 

Well, as one might expect, time and distance have softened Sitton's view of the events of that fateful Sunday afternoon, as he tells ESPN's Rob Demovsky. Looking back, the All-Pro guard is able to take stock in his individual accomplishments, such as making the Pro Bowl and playing through an extremely painful injury. 

From Sitton: 

Whenever you hit your goals, it's very gratifying -- especially when you battle through something all year. Obviously the main goal of winning another championship, we've fallen short the last four years, so that's disappointing. That's always the No. 1 goal. If you win championships, all the other stuff comes along. Disappointed that we haven’t done that.

I had goals personally and had goals as a team. Not being out there would hurt my team so I wanted to be out there to help my team. 

Sitton's comments got me thinking: How are Packers fans coping all these months later?

Personally, while the epic loss certainly hurt in the moment, I was able to move on pretty quickly. I still think this is a championship caliber team, and while opportunities like the one the Packers threw away in Seattle are hard to stomach, I still believe this team's window is wide open. Obviously a lot has to fall into place for any team to reach a Super Bowl, let alone win one, but I truly think the Packers have what it takes to be back in the same position this year. 

However, I also recognize there are plenty of Packers fans who thought missing this opportunity was some kind of beginning of an end for McCarthy and Rodgers. I'm genuinely curious if those fans feel the same way now, several months and offseason moves later. 

Sound off in the comments below.

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Pack Morris's picture

Hey, Aaron. Obviously your finger's on the pulse of Packer nation more than the average fan. But seriously, were people really thinking this was "some kind of beginning of an end for McCarthy and Rodgers"? Based on after-the-fact disagreement on the conservative playcalling in Seattle? I don't think that gives enough credit to either coach or player.

lebowski's picture

There are SOOO many dominos that have to fall into place to reach the Super Bowl. I think that's the healthiest team we've had in years. Count me squarely in the 'perfect opportunity pissed away' category. The NFC powerhouses of late have all failed to win multiples (Saints looked like a dynasty; Seahawks still do; 2010 and 2011 Packers). Still a kick in the gut. And I'm sorry, but our defense is once again a huge question mark in my mind.

Gman1976's picture

For many of us spoiled Packer fans it's "No Championship, No Peace." We absolutely hate to lose; but as far as last season is concerned, "It's history. Let's move on" (to another great season!).

DrealynWilliams's picture

I'm finally over it. The night of - I played it cool and laughed it off saying it was staged. The day afterwards - I was sick. I didn't visit ANY sports related sites for weeks fearing that I would accidentally scan across a "Packers choke" or "Packers meltdown" article and the emotions would resurface. The Seahawks' SB loss damn sure helped.

DD-393's picture

I was over it about three nanoseconds after the Seahawks threw that stupid pick in the Super Bowl.

Lphill's picture

Win the Super Bowl this season and I will be over it .

TheLegendary52's picture

Aaron, unrelated, but when will the next episode of "Nagler's Never Right" drop?

longtimefan's picture

I have been over after a few days after the game was over.

Cant dwell on it, will destroy your passion for the game,

chitter23's picture

I agree with a few people on here. The best medicine for the Packers and their fans was the manner in which Seattle lost in the Super Bowl.

I can imagine a lot of Packers players staring at the TV with their jaws on the ground in reaction to Wilson's pick on the goal line thinking, "At least THAT didn't happen to us!"

It. Is. Time.

Bearmeat's picture

Funny that you should mention this Nagler - I just watched the NFC CG for the first time since January. And now I'm pissed off all over again. Why did I do that??

Sitton was right. GB was FRIGGING BETTER than Seattle last year. It took a choke of epic proportions and a SERIOUS amount of un-repeatable luck for Seattle to "win." Any objective observer would say the same - or they've lost all "objectivity."

Unlike many others, I did not (nor will I ever) watch the SEA/NE Super Bowl. It was the first one I've missed since I was 5 years old in 1986. Just too painful to watch regardless of the outcome. I hate both teams and I wouldn't have been happy nor civil watching it. So we had friends over and watched a movie instead. :)

1/23/15 will not ever be ok - until GB wins at least 2 more Lombardis before Aaron retires. I think it's doable. 30 years between Favre and Rodgers, GB SHOULD have at LEAST 3 championships. Favre's teams blew it in 97, 04 and 07. Aaron's teams have blown it in 11 and 14 so far. :(

I know it takes a lot of things to fall into place for anyone to win it all, but I do think GB has the best chance next year. They will have fixed their STs, and their DL is going to be at least marginally better with Raji. One of the young CBs will replace Tramon just fine. The only real concern (other than injuries) is whether Peppers can play up to his level again at age 35 this year. CRUSHING Seattle H2H in Lambeau in week 2 en route to being SB 50 Champs will be SO sweet!

Nick Perry's picture

I watched it too Bearmeat, at least up to the point where it's 16-0. The Packers kicked Seattle's butt up and down that field that Sunday and fricken lost. I'm not over it just like I'm not over the 1998 game in Candlestick Pack where Jerry Rice obviously fumbled and the Packers recovered just before the pass to TO to end the game, or the 2009 playoff loss to Arizona with the Cardinal player doing a pull up from Rodgers face mask just before he fumbled and the game was lost.

The Packers stay healthy they'll be SB Champs this year AND next. Maybe them some of the taste will begin to go away.

Bearmeat's picture

Back to back would be awesome. But no one has done that since NE in 03/04. It can be done, but it's really rare.

I'd settle for 2 in 3 years. ;)

Tundraboy's picture

Well after reading your post Im ready. Go PACK GO

DBH's picture

I am over it. Last year was a fun season, and the team exceeded my pre-season expectations/hopes by getting THAT close to the Super Bowl. I really thought they would get to the NFC Championship Game and get embarrassed like some of their recent playoff losses.

In one year, the team won the division, they beat the Patriots (and removed COW from this site), beat the Lions with a twice-injured Aaron Rodgers in one of the most memorable games I can think of, and sent the Cowboys home crying in the playoffs.

DrealynWilliams's picture

"In one year, the team won the division, they beat the Patriots (and removed COW from this site), beat the Lions with a twice-injured Aaron Rodgers in one of the most memorable games I can think of, and sent the Cowboys home crying in the playoffs."

ABSOLUTELY beautiful! **standing O**

lebowski's picture

Was at that Cowboy playoff game, definitely a good rock to balance the scales

Tundraboy's picture

Man I love this guy. A true Packer and a true throwback.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I still haven't watched the tv copy of the game, it's on my DVR. Seeing that happen up close and personal... I may need some counseling (I wonder if Corey has recovered?).

But, I've just stuffed that memory into a dark corner of my brain and I'm on to the '15 season. It's going to be a great one... nah, it's going to be a super one! This team is effing STACKED!

calabasa's picture

Haven't coped with it yet. Makes me
fucking sick to my stomach. Despite all the coaching/personnel changes, my heart tells me that we saw McCarthy's true nature late in the game. I hope that conservative fold-'em compass is gone.

On another note, we should rank Packer fans' favorite non-Packer related plays. Definitely the Seahawks SB pick, and Favre's pick in '09 vs NO. What else?

chugwater's picture

Yes it stung (past tense). Yes it hurt. The Seattle SB loss helped a little. But as the weather heats up and summer gets underway, I can't help but feel optimistic.

We have the best QB and best O line returning. Who has a stronger combo? (DAL is nbr 2) GB has a a strong RB and receiving corps. Reminds me of the old Florida Gators - we don't rebuild, we reload load.

Hey...the defense will be fine. It was good enough to win last year. ST will be better. Can't wait to see the new DB's.

The bottom line is, yes, I'm excited about the upcoming season and can't quite comprehend how anyone thinks this is the beginning of the end. I refuse to believe the Packers think that way.

Go Pack Go.

chugwater's picture

My prediction: Pack goes 13-3 this year. One division loss. Smokes the AFC West. Splits the NFC West. Beats DAL and CAR. Home field advantage will be ours.

I maintain that ARZ and STL will give SEA fits when they have healthy QBs. SEA only won home field due to the injuries of division rivals. They were on the outside looking in for weeks. Can't rely on that every year.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

The sting is getting less, but I'm still really irked. I thought he Seahawks were overrated and I thought we had the better team, and we proved it for 3.5 quarters. Being up here in Seattle-zone, no one but me thought the Pack had a chance. It played out almost exactly like I thought.

I won't be OK with it until the Packers dominate them in week 2. It will suck re-watching the highlights in the lead up to that game, and I may need to turn the sound down because it will be mentioned in every other sentence by the commentators. Should we start out flat like the last few seasons, and lose at home, my only remaining excuse (home field advantage) will be gone and I'll have to admit Seattle has the better team. I really DO NOT want to have to go through another season listening to these gloating bandwagon-jumping pompus 12th-man-t-shirt-wearing windbags. Let's shut them up early and enjoy the Super Bowl season.

Tundraboy's picture

Yah. Now that's the way to look at it. Good idea about turning the sound down. Listening to the announcers will be unbearable until the end after we beat them, very roughly.

Paul Griese's picture

Over it. Direct TV ordered for this years SuperBowl run. Feel like I did in 2009 after Arizona, or 1995 after Dallas.

chugwater's picture

Agree too. This isn't a time for wallowing in our soorows. We'll come back even more determined. QB1, Adams, Cobb, HHCD...they all want a ring (or another). I agree this is more like 1995 or 2009.

Bring on the NFL!

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

I don't have a "Superbowl or bust" mentality but I do feel we let a perfect opportunity slip away. It's always easy to say the team looks strong and another SB is coming, especially with the best QB but #4 only got one and so far Rodgers has just one. We need another one and soon. I don't want to look back a few years from now and realize we had 2 of the best ever QBs back to back, over a 25 or 30 year stretch, and only got 2 Superbowls. I don't want the Packers to be viewed as the Atlanta Braves teams of 90s and early 2000s. Let's get another one! GO PACK!

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