Corey and Aaron celebrate the return of meaningful December football in Green Bay.

Aaron and Corey try to get past the brutal loss in San Francisco and look ahead to the matchup with the Giants.

Corey and Aaron put the bye week in the rear view mirror and get ready for the prime time showdown with the 49ers.  

Corey and Aaron bask in the glow of the Packers 8-2 record as they head into the team's bye week.

Corey and Aaron move past the embarrassment in Los Angeles and look ahead to the showdown with the Panthers.

Corey and Aaron break down the win over the Chiefs and look ahead to a showdown with the Chargers in LA.

Corey and Aaron try to figure out why some Packers fans insist on being miserable, despite the team's 6-1 record. And they talk some football. 

Breaking down the win over the Cowboys, the Monday night matchup with the Lions, and 100 years of Packers football.