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Tracking the Packers 2016 Undrafted Free Agent Signings (UDFA)

Tracking the Packers 2016 Undrafted Free Agent Signings (UDFA)

According to various sources, these are the undrafted free agents (UDFA) the Green Bay Packers are signing. Click on the player’s name for more information about him.

The list will be updated as more signings or tryout invites are announced.


WR Geronimo Allison, Illinios - reported by Ryan Wood

ILB Manoa Pikula, BYU - Reported by Jared Lloyd

CB Mackinton Dorleant , Northern Iowa - Reported by Draft Diamonds

Kentrell Brice, Louisiana Tech - Reported by Sean Isabella

QB Joe Callahan, Wesley College - Reported by Tom Silverstein.

ILB Beniquez Brown, - Reported by Tony Pauline

CB Josh Hawkins, East Carolina - reported by Tom Silverstein

RB Brandon Burks, Troy - Reported by Brad Byrne

RB Don Jackson, Nevada - Reported by Ben Ross

DE/OLB Reggie Gilbert, Arizona - reported by Aaron Wilson

P Peter Mortell, Minnesota - Reported by Peter Mortell

TE David Grinnage, NC State - reported by Ryan Wood

WR Herb Waters, Miami (Fl) - Reported by Matt Porter

DT Brian Price, Texas - San Antonio - Reported by Tom Silverstein

CB Warren Gatewood, Alcorn St - Reported by Michael Cohen

G Cory Tucker, Slippery Rock - Reported by Jerry DiPaola

WR Devonte Robinson, Utah State - Reported by Utah St. Football

OT Josh James, Carroll College - Reported by Tom SIlverstein

DT Tyler Kuder, Idaho State - Reported by Tom Silverstein

CB Randall Jette, UMASS - Reported by Michael Cohen


Tryouts/Rookie Camp invites:

C: Kyle Steuck, No. Michigan (Green Bay Native) - Reported by Tom Silverstein

DE Dale Pierson, Iowa St. - Reported by Michael Cohen


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HankScorpio's picture

There are usually a few guys on this list that end up sticking, It will be interesting to watch things sort out to see which ones from this group do.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Once again, Ted has some players here. Glad to see Pikula on the list. Gilbert a tweener DE/LB, but he seems to fly to the ball, some real exclamations to tackles. All the DBs look small except Gatewood, but all appear aggressive and fast.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I want to see Pikula's film so bad. I wonder how he is in the film room. Joe Thomas might be gone.

al bundy's picture

I agree its fun to see these guys. Maybe a few stick. Like a real punter.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Don't bring this to the Packers, Mr. Brown.

Otto's picture

That looked more like a Hunter Henry highlight video.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Ok, Kentrell Brice...


Wait a minute. Spoke to soon.

I want to see him cover. He's way too small to play Safety. He was banged up 2 - 3 times in this film

RobinsonDavis's picture

Freakish workout numbers for Kentrell Brice....I will be watching him & Dorleant. Though small, another one with speed and hops in the defensive backfield.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Interesting. We have the right coaches. I don't want to jinx it yet and compare him to you know who, so I'll wait 'til there's some film of him covering man-to-man.

RobinsonDavis's picture

I agree. Look at the punt returns of Dorleant! Don Jackson looks strong/fast. Still most intrigued by Kuder & DBs. A couple of these DBs will make the team. Pikula has a real shot too.

tm_inter's picture

Brice is 5-11. Chris Banjo is only 5-10.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I meant weight. Brice looks small. He's hurting himself when he comes flying down into people.

tm_inter's picture

I just wanna make a point that your saying "He's way too small to play Safety" was exaggerated and subjective. Kentrell Brice's size (5-11, 200) is about the same as Micah Hyde (6-0, 197) who started the first few games of the 2015 season at Safety.

The Packers' other DBs:
Shields 5-11, 184
Randall 5-11, 196
Rollins 5-11, 195
Goodson 5-11, 197
Gunter 6-2, 201
Banjo 5-10, 207
Clinton-Dix 6-1,208
Burnett 6-1, 209

DrealynWilliams's picture

Ok. Here's something about me: I don't mind being wrong. I agree that I shouldn't have said "way too small to play Safety", but I still don't think he could make it. If he can survive in the NFL playing Safety - great. Maybe my eyes are deceiving me in this case. I don't think he's 200 pounds either. I would hate to see him fly down and meet any NFL RB. I mean, we still see Morgan Burnett get taken for rides when he's making solo tackles. In the film I've seen of him he was hurt 3 times and 2 of those were from after he hit someone.

He has the speed. I'd like to see him at CB.

dobber's picture

"He has the speed. I'd like to see him at CB."

That's what I'm thinking. Might have the chops to walk down and cover a slot guy?

Ironically, with the exception of the guy named Jette, these DBs all seem to be able to run.

DrealynWilliams's picture

And we have the right coach to help him transition. I don't know how well he covers though. Training Camp can't come fast enough.

dobber's picture

Rookie camp is in, what, 10 days?

In edit: looks like May 23.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Hopefully we don't see anymore half-ass efforts this year on either side of the ball. That's part of the bench players job too.

Otto's picture

I think you may be mistaken. I don't think it's necessary to tackle to be a Packer's DB. I've seen very little evidence of that in the last couple of years.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Nice concentration from Geronimo Allison

I see you!

He didn't get a stat for this, but I'm sure that WR thanked him

Nick Perry's picture

Don't bother with Grinage, my God! He's slower and less explosive than Richard Rodgers!!! His Pro Day was as bad as his combine AND he put up 7 reps on the bench. Are you serious?? SEVEN!!

al bundy's picture

Is it possible to be slower that rogers and ada s? Ted doesnt get it that speed kills.

Oppy's picture

Wasn't that Al Davis' slogan?

I guess speed did kill for 3 years out of the last 20 that the Raiders made the playoffs.

Jersey Al's picture

4.33 40 time for Devonte Robinson, WR, UTAH ST

RobinsonDavis's picture

He and Brice are the new burners. Allison is the tall receiver type. Some nice variety here. Note to Devonte: Your music sucks! Clean it up. ADD Beniquez Brown to the high character music list as well.

al bundy's picture

Allison is too slow he will never make it wifh the talent already n place. Tall is good. Tall and fast is better and he was easily covered by the better backs he faced.

RobinsonDavis's picture

I agree, but let'em play....See what he can do. The Herb Waters highlights look good though. And Robinson can fly. Still like Janis and Abbrederis though.

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

That is fast, they have some burners if they can run patterns and stick to the team. Again TT and team have some hard decisions but injuries always happen in training camp.

NashvilleCheesehead's picture

"Mortell, the 2014 Eddleman-Fields Big Ten Punter of the Year, ends his career as the program’s top punter ever to don the Maroon and Gold. The Green Bay, Wis. native averaged 43.9 yards per punt in his career and had 72 punts downed inside the opposition’s 20-yard line, including 26 alone this season. In 2015, Mortell netted 20 punts that traveled 50-plus yards and forced 16 fair catches." Welcome home!!

RobinsonDavis's picture

Under the Radar type-guy Tyler Kuder. Benched 31 times at 225, 6' 3'' 301 pounds.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Really high bench press reps is not a good sign. Usually means short arms and slow twitch.

Dontari Poe is the only one of these guys I remeber seeing play.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Really??? Ndamukong Suh....32 Reps. Doesn't translate to being a football player, but.....

dobber's picture

Reuter, I think, posted an analysis of combine tests at different positions and which were the best predictors of future all-pros. The one that was the best predictor for OL/DL was bench reps.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I'm trying to find Kent London

Height- 6 foot 1
Weight- 215 pounds
40-Time - 4.53
3-Cone - 6.89
20-Yard Shuttle - 4.18

RobinsonDavis's picture

Don't know.... I see nothing in the most recent news either.

4thand1's picture

What happened to the German guy?

DrealynWilliams's picture

He was drafted by the Vikings

al bundy's picture

Great story and a nice thing they did. This kid could be a steal. 6'3 212, solid, runs a 4.4 40 and has great attitude and work ethic.

Dennis Steuck's picture

Proud of my nephew Kyle to be invited to the Tryouts/Rookie Camp. Only a few offensive lineman on this list so far. His size and work ethic make him worth watching.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Congrats!! Proud moment!!

RobinsonDavis's picture

Bears signed Braunecker...

cpitt's picture

I could see Hawkins and Dorleant making this team. Josh Hawkins is a baller.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Between regular Roster and the practice squad you should see from these FAs, at least:
1 CB
1 safety
1 Dline
1 RB

making one of these two rosters. Wishing them all luck! Also, expect Kuhn back now.

Handsback's picture

Callahan and Burks were two guys I was hoping the Packers would sign. Burks is a lot like Harris in size but faster and Callahan seems to have a very active arm. Callahan may also be the guy that allows Green Bay to trade Hundley. I'm not saying he will be as good as Hundley, but he could be good enough for a backup and free up Hundley to be traded before he hits FA.

With GB drafting 2 OTs Tucker may find a spot on the team before Josh James, but James has some good size.

It should be great competition between Brown and Pikula. Brice is working in a position that could impress the coaching staff and be a part of the team. Could see him replace a Banjo or Hyde a few years from now.

tm_inter's picture

Sean Richardson has had neck injury twice. His nfl career might be over.

MarkinMadison's picture

2015 typo.

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

So much talent so little time, seems each year about 5 players that would make the team will not. Ted does it again, maybe the roster needs to be 75 then we can fit them all in.

4thand1's picture

The NFL could easily expand the roster to at least 55, or at least make it possible to protect your players on the practice squad.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I can't blame him for going to a team where he feels he will be able to play sooner than later, but Mitch Mathews (6 foot 5,220 pounds) ran a 4.4.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Manoa Pikula

What don't make the highlights

But made up for it here.

Bye, bye Joe Thomas

dobber's picture

Still, you look at his measurables and he compares well to Derron Lee and to Deion Jones -- with the obvious exception of 40 times, but Pikula ain't slow. Markedly better bench. Explosive athlete. I think he's got a shot to make this team if he can play ST worth a darn...

DrealynWilliams's picture

That's why I can't understand why people are so fascinated with Lee as if he's the only athletic LB out here.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Manoa Pikula

He's aggressive too? And watch that shoulder dip

The ugly. Don't bring this to Green Bay. 2nd huge run.

LeagueObsrvr's picture

I see the Packers got their man, Joe Callahan. He should be interesting to watch.

waynerdk's picture has Packers signing RB Aaron Green TCU.

al bundy's picture

I read a post greene went to the rams

al bundy's picture

I found a web page listing by position the top undrafteds by position and only three of teds picks were on the list. Just sayin.

DrealynWilliams's picture


"Top Undrafted"??


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