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Three Thoughts From Thursday's 51-34 Packers Win That Could Define Their Season

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Three Thoughts From Thursday's 51-34 Packers Win That Could Define Their Season

The lights were bright at Lambeau Field Thursday Night as the Packers cruised to a 51-34 victory over the Steelers in their second preseason game.  In Thursday's win, the starters were given their first taste of extended play in anticipation of next week's "dress rehearsal" game in Oakland against the Raiders.  Although we will get a more complete sense for where the Packers are at heading into week 1 from their third preseason game against Oakland, there were still highlights of what we can expect from the Packers as the season moves forward.

Here are three season-defining thoughts that I came away with from Thursday's contest:

1. The Packers Offense Can Really Be 51 points Good:

Yes, I know that is a bold statement from just one series with Aaron Rodgers at the helm, but when examining the Packers offense you will quickly realize just how much firepower they possess.  For example, in Rodgers touchdown drive we saw three staples that the 2018 Green Bay Packers offense will consist of.  First, we saw the quick release slant play to Davante Adams for a gain of 27 yards, next we saw Aaron Rodgers's mobility on full display as he avoided a would-be sack and scrambled for a gain of 5 yards, and finally, we saw what will define the Packers red zone offense in 2018, an easy 8-yard pitch and catch to Jimmy Graham for a touchdown.  

In addition to this, we saw Rodgers full arsenal of weapons on display as the game progressed.  Ty Montgomery was used in both the rushing, receiving, and the return game (fumble notwithstanding). The continued game-changing ability of Jake Kumerow was again on full display, highlighted by his 82-yard touchdown catch. The presence of the tight end position combined for 9 receptions 84 yards and two touchdowns, showing their increased value to the Packers offense in both the receiving game as well as the blocking game.

If the Packers full offensive arsenal is deployed and their young wide receivers continue to develop, we could be looking at one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL.  

2. The Packers Defense Is Not 34 Points Bad:

The Packers defense showed some highlights and lowlights in Thursday's matchup.  They touted two "pick sixes" by Tramon Williams and Josh Jackson but were plagued by miss tackles and their inability to stop the long pass down the field.  The vulnerability down the field could eventually be corrected by the diminished roles and eventual release of Demitri Goodson and Josh Hawkins while the missed tackles will be corrected with stern correction film along with more game reps.  

Let me be clear, I am not going to tell you that the Packers will be an elite defense, but I am telling you that they will clean up the missed tackles and poor player placement that lead to the immense running lanes that the Pittsburgh running backs exposed.  Correcting the unforced errors coupled with the playmaking ability of  Tramon Williams, Josh Jackson, and Jaire Alexander at the cornerback position along with a healthy Mike Daniels and Nick Perry should equip the Packers with a formidable defense that can create turnovers which will lead to more offensive possessions.  

3. The Packers Special Teams Unit Will Be One of the NFL's Best:

When you draft a punter that has five-second hangtimes on his punts regularly, the issue of punt coverage improves itself naturally.  In addition to longer hangtimes and fifty-yard punts, the Packers special teams unit is full of hungry young players who are looking to earn game reps by excelling in the special teams game.  With players like Oren Burks flying down the field to make tackles coupled with the likes of Alexander, Jackson, Kumerow, Moore, St. Brown, and Valdes-Scantling etching a role for themselves as potential returners and gunners, the Packers will be well on their way to winning the battle of field position on a consistent basis.  

In addition to winning the field position battle, the Packers are equipped with one of the games best placekickers in Mason Crosby who has shown time and again that he can make a big kick when the game is on the line.  His leadership and consistency in the special teams unit will set an example for the young players who are looking to prove themselves.  They will see that if they work hard and perform consistently they will be put in a position to ascend the depth chart if an injury occurs.          



David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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Bedrock's picture

Offense, defense, and special teams...there are reasons to be excited for all three.
I haven’t seen much from the run game to be excited about, and I wonder how much that would help our opinions of Murphy (perhaps Spriggs?). Perhaps Philbin and the revamped offense are hiding the run game changes until Chicago.
The defense tackling is poor. A few have shown a lack of aggression which is concerning.
I have not heard much during the telecasts about the long snappers which is a good thing.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Bradley has had at least 2, I kinda think 3, poor snaps out of about 20 snaps plus a few in the game now (that's confusing: he has 2 or 3 bad snaps out of about 20 snaps in practice; Bradley also has several more snaps in the games, but he had no bad snaps in the games). Crosby made one and missed one after the bad snap in TC. Clean in the first two games, I believe.

alinger84's picture

Who was the long snapper vs. the Steelers?

dobber's picture

They've been splitting responsibilities between the two LS.

Jonathan Spader's picture

I wonder how much of the bad tackling is rust vs. technique vs. the new lowering of the helmet rule.

Chuck Farley's picture

Versus piss poor defensive coaching? Petine has a lot to show. Ha ha is horrible, standing around again watching the game. Surely petine saw last year's films but nothing has changed.
Capers teams were strong against the run. So far petine d is getting steam rolled. Could be a long season. Soon Rodgers and the o line will meet first string defenders not the b team

Jonathan Spader's picture

Positive as always Chuck. Capers teams were not strong against the run. They had a bend don't break defense that got sacks and interceptions when everything worked well. We got gashed up the middle pretty frequently. Pettine is showing vanilla defense because it's PRESEASON. At least give the guy a full REGULAR season before you cry out for the return of Capers!

As for Rodgers talk about worrying over nothing. Those defenders will meet our 1st string OL as well. Rodgers will shred defenses the way he always has. Love watching Rodgers with a chip on his shoulder.

dobber's picture

Capers teams could defend the run and get to 3rd and long...they just couldn't defend 3rd and long.

Oppy's picture

Sadly, this is 100% accurate.

The number of 3rd & longs over the years was immense, and should have been a feather in the cap.. but they seemed to fail to get off the field more often than not.


Hawg Hanner's picture

Gung ho! I expect a decent season. Could be great if they pick up some help at RB. The OL hasn't looked great. Has to stay healthy. Where is that kid they drafted. Lombardi would have had this lad in camp.

Want to see Spriggs play with the added weight. Like the defensive potential. I agree that Goodson had no more upside. Hawkins doesn't seem to make the 53 either. Shows we have improved the depth. The defensive backs for the opener all have talent. Safeties, I hear some things that aren't favorable. This is a contract season for Dix so you can hope he shows well. Is Brice really at a starter level talentwise or really a 3?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I deleted a snarky comment about Brice.

Rebecca's picture

Does anyone here know what snarky means?

mamasboy's picture

Rebecca I think it means having an "I'm better than you" attitude mixed with a little sarcasm.

croatpackfan's picture

Sometimes RB depends on what OL gave them. If OL can not give running lines, what you'll expect from RB?

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

This is an awfully rosy picture. What about those turnstyles called our offensive line? What about the fact it was mostly our starters getting shredded by the Steelers' 2nd team rushing attack? What about our young punter's continued issue with shanks?

What about our absolutely lifeless, punchless, worthless rushing attack? What about every OLB not named Gilbert?

I agree there are good things afoot, but this article is wayyyyyyy too positive.

GBPDAN1's picture

I kinda agree with A.L.P. on this one as I'm a little more cautious regarding this rosey picture.

Yes, our offense with Rodgers will be good, however, this will be contingent upon Adam's and Graham - and even more so - our O-line staying healthy (and obviously, Rodgers). The backup O-line is a scary mess loaded with turnstiles. It's imperative that Bak stays healthy and to a slightly lesser degree, Bulaga.

I'm not going to put high expectations on our D quite yet. I'm going to let them prove to me that they are a much improved unit. I feel they will be better due to the new CBs and Pettine. But, they didn't do much to improve our absolutely terrible pass rush from last year. I'm encouraged by Gilbert and I'm curious to see him play for a full game against starters. I do think he will help, but Fackrell and Biegel haven't showed anything, Clay looks like the average pass rusher he has been lately and Perry , once again, is injured. It was a small sample size, but I isolated on Wilkerson and he showed very little in the game. Our safeties are a big question mark and we are thin at ILB.

I know it's only preseason, but how would our starting D have looked against Ben, Brown and Bell if they would have played? Probably no pick sixes and our D got run over on the Steelers first TD drive with out Bell and a true threat of a passing game.

Special teams? They could be good, but our punter will have to play better in live game action, our Long snapper needs to be more consistent, our kickoff returner can't fumble and who's our punt returner?

The other issue is depth almost everywhere. We have to stay healthy. TT left this team thin.

Landing Mack would be such a huge boost. We could put Clay at ILB more, which at this stage in his career, is his best position. Our D would then be Elite, but , I'm not holding my breath regularly obtaining Mack.

I'm not saying our D will not be vastly improved. I just want to see them play a few games in the regular season before I get my hopes up. Here's to a relatively healthy season!

Tarynfor12's picture

Exactly what I said, though in a shorter to the point manner and those who disagree with my take will accept same from another. LOL
I love it !!!!!

Chuck Farley's picture


marpag1's picture

Agree, although I might have said "wildly optimistic" instead of "awfully rosy." Like you, I agree that the Packers can be pretty good, and maybe - maybe - even go all the way if things fall into place. But whenever I hear people talking about an offense that is "51 points good," and a defense that will become much better tacklers if only the coaches give them a stern look and a good talking to, and special teams that are going to be great because they have a veteran kicker and -OOH! - a bunch of rookies who are trying to make the team (as if that were somehow different from last year's bunch), then yeah.... pretty wildly optimistic.

Sure, things look pretty good. But this is NOT the 96 Packers heading into the season.

Tundraboy's picture

This is sensible.

dobber's picture

" I hear people talking about an offense that is "51 points good,""

I think we could say they were 37 points good on Thursday. It's hard to draw too many conclusions about quality when you're seeing a lot of guys who you hope don't play much once the games count. They looked better against Tennessee, IMO.

Duneslick's picture

Packer Greg says the packers offense only scored 37 points 14 were by the defense

Tarynfor12's picture

1) A 51 point offense...theoretically sure, actuality no...why...McCarthy cannot keep his foot on the gas.

2) Not a 34 point defense...yes they are...perhaps not every game but they are more so than not...why...C+/C- LB group, ditto secondary.

3) Special teams will be one of the best...unlikely but the punting of Scott will dictate that....who's is the consistent returner on receiving side?

As much as two preseason games have raised hope, it has yet to erase the deep doubt hovering still.

marpag1's picture

"A 51 point offense...theoretically sure, actuality no...why...McCarthy cannot keep his foot on the gas."

Uh... no, not really. Even calling it "theoretically possible" is quite a stretch. 51 points per game is 34% more than any NFL team has ever averaged for a whole a season.

It's like me saying that I think the Bucks offense can be "161 points good." Uh.... OK.

It doesn't have much to do with McCarthy keeping his foot on the gas. It has quite a lot to do with wild hyperbole.

White92's picture

A healthy Nick Perry? Surely you jest. :)

cheesehead1's picture

Time for Perry to stay healthy for a full season. If it’s another in-juried riddled season, then time to move on.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Perry can stay healthy. We just won't play him.

Chuck Farley's picture

Hey he got his money last year no reason to rush.

dobber's picture

"If it’s another in-juried riddled season, then time to move on."

I think he's currently being sequestered.

Demon's picture

Hey Taryn12, whats the over/under for games played for Nick (I've never earned my salary) Perry?

Tarynfor12's picture

10 1/2

Tundraboy's picture

Can't argue with that. Im personally hoping for 12 this year. Same with Matthews.

Since '61's picture

Taryn - I'll take the over with 11 games for Perry to play in but he will only show up for 6 of those 11 games. Thanks, Since '61

Bearmeat's picture

"The continued game-changing ability of Jake Kumerow was again on full display, highlighted by his 82-yard touchdown catch."

Easy, there, friend. Let's see Kumerow do something against starters. His highlight reel stuff has all been in the 2nd half of the first 2 preseason games so far.

Also, let's see about the defense too. Remember, this was Pittsburgh at home. In the preseason. Without their top 10 QB, all pro WR and RB.

Finally, I do not want to count my chickens about the special teams yet either. The potential is there - although I don't know about gunner, long snapper, and oh yeah, our returner from last year is sqarely (and deservedly) on the roster bubble. Plus, our punter, while he has all the tools to be a stud, has not yet done it in a game.

The pieces are there for this to be a good team. I'm not ready to call it an elite team yet.

4thand10's picture

I like the new Profile Pic! I agree with that assessment. Although I do still strongly believe this defense will be better. 1) Cause I think if Pettine sees something that’s not working he won’t keep beating that dead horse.

2) I think they keep more DL this year to add a different type of versatility....this is speculation on my part, but when you look around at the better defenses in the league (Jacksonville, Queens, Eagles, Atlanta D).. they have the ability to get pressure with 4 or 5. We haven’t had that ability in Green Bay for AWHILE. 3) Burks has been a bright spot, same with Jackson and Williams can still ball.

The Crappy part I see is Ha Ha is true to form like last year....he sucked and still seems like an unwilling tackler.. I don’t care what the rules still have to tackle.

Bearmeat's picture

Thanks. I usually pick who I hate more - the Vikings or the Bears - based on which fan base is chirping more in the offseason. The last 5-6 years, it's been the Vikes. :)

Agree about HHCD. UUUUGLY this past few weeks.

egbertsouse's picture

I know it’s too early to definitively tell at this point but so far the product looks the same as last year, except with Aaron Rodgers, a couple of CB’s who can stay in the same zip code as the WR, and a TE who appears to be able to catch a pass occasionally. Therefore, I’m not expecting any Super Bowl this year but, barring major injuries, maybe a wild card.

Bearmeat's picture

I think they'd have gotten farther than the first round of the playoffs with ARod last year.... and this as you said, is a better team. They need a couple things to go right at OT/WR/OLB, and health for ARod. But this is a team that can be competitive in January as it stands I think. Getting to February is still a possibility.

dobber's picture

CBs who can stay in the same zip code as WRs will make this defense a couple points better all by themselves.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Why all of the love for Jaire Alexander? What have we actually seen from this kid so far? We know he's a 1st round draft pick, fast, and talks a lot of trash. We have yet to see anything out of him so far in preseason. Hoping to get a better look at King and Alexander vs. Oakland.

Kb999's picture

I agree. We could have done better. There were greater needs that needed to be addressed.

Jonathan Spader's picture

I'm not saying we could have done better Kb999. I think it's too early to tell. I just feel like I'm missing the why there's so much hype surrounding him. Is it his talk? Tweets from beat reporters, draft status?

Kb999's picture

I would have not ruled out trading draft pics for a proven solid player. There are still a few out there. we have the assets. Brian G needs to make it happen. you snooze you loose. This team needs more depth.

Oppy's picture

People are hopeful because he's looked very good in training camp practices, good coverage and ball-hawkish, has made a few picks against Rodgers and 1st team offense.

Yes, it's speculative and optimism and we haven't seen him in live reps vs. a real opponent yet. Yes, he's still a rookie and will probably take some lumps. But there are legitimate observations of talent and potential that is feeding fans' optimism.

Hopefully we get a extended look at Jaire next week and can get a feel for where he really sits.

Kb999's picture

Let's hope good practice translates into good game

Kb999's picture

A typical preseason game. Hi 's and lows. A lack of continuity at times due to substitutions. The team will start to take shape after the next game. Just hope and pray we can stay healthy. Don't want to start the season banged up. It's more about getting a good look at the rookies. I still think we can improve and would not object to the signing of some FA.

Old School's picture

I don't disagree that the offense is pretty good, but I see way too many plays where the QB has to engage in evasive action. We've got a 35 year old QB and I think that's asking a lot of him. Part of it is backup tackles that aren't that good, but part of it is play design, too. If we can keep Rodgers upright and healthy, we're going to be good this year.

Maybe instead of trading for Khalil Mack we should try to get some blockers, or at least one more starting quality NFL tackle.

Defensively....when you give up 14 points in the first quarter to a rookie backup QB without his star receiver or top RB........that's not good. Yes, we had a few moments and we made some encouraging plays, but there's a lot on the defense that needs improving before we're an average/good defense.

The first several regular season opponents all feature teams that HOPE to have good offenses.....we'll see if our defense makes them look like that.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

1. Get Mack because he might be available.
2. Get Reid: he's cheap, available + an obvious upgrade.
3. Get an ILB: run stuffers are available. Might help. Maybe.
4. Get an OT: good idea, who?

Kb999's picture

Agreed. I hope Brian G thinks so.

LambeauPlain's picture

Tre Boston over Reid in a heartbeat. Reid doesn't run well anymore and was used mostly as an ILB last year as he was a liability at S.

Boston can play free and strong S. And he's only 26. Really strange why Boston is still available. He's visited several teams...maybe he's asking for too much.

At this point Boston would be an upgrade for the Pack. HHCD is a mystery to me. I thought Pettine would get him back to his pro bowl year. Not yet.

Bearmeat's picture

I'd take either tbh.

Bure9620's picture

Boston signed with Arizona

Qoojo's picture

Lack of pass rush is still a big concern. The rushing drive with bad tackling I put down to rust and not practicing tackling much. I expect it will improve. I don't expect a dramatic defensive upgrade from last year, but i do expect improvement.

Nick Perry's picture

I'm not disagreeing the pass rush is a concern BUT I believe we've seen nothing but the most vanilla of vanilla defense by the Packers. This is just straight vanilla...Not French Vanilla, Very Vanilla, or even Vanilla with a touch of Hershey Chocolate Syrup....Just plain ole bland vanilla...

dobber's picture


...and it's by design.

barutanseijin's picture

You guys say this every year.

Bearmeat's picture

Does Vanilla include blowing coverage assignments, getting tossed out of RB lanes, and missed tackling by the bucketful? Because that's what I saw in the 1st quarter against the Steelers vanilla/not pro bowl player playing offense a few days ago.

It's still a very valid concern, NP.

Qoojo's picture

I was going to make a very similar reply, then I read yours. Vanilla or not, it's going to take blitzes for the defense to apply pressure.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Our D is still a huge question mark. Where are the back end big hitters? The guys who make receivers shudder? The LB's who knock the snot out? The pass rusher that requires a double team? Rookie CB's covering Diggs and Thielen without a pass rush is scary. I hope I'm wrong, but I still see a lack of big time talent aside from our D line.

Jonathan Spader's picture

1. The big hitter days are in the past for most part. The league is actively finding those guys and the lowering the head penalty will make it even harder. Brice is the closest thing to a big hitter.

2. The pass rushers that require double teams Clark & Daniel's. Maybe CM3, Wilkerson, or Perry could at some point.

3. King has the length and speed to maybe cover Diggs same with Jaire on Alexander. Diggs in game 2 might get covered by Williams. Vikings have great CB play but can they stop Adams, Graham, and Cobb and most importantly Rodgers.

Qoojo's picture

The best change on offense is getting Philbin back as OC, and it's hard not to mention Graham. I really have high expectations for the offense this year. Here's hoping Pettine can bring the packers D back to decent.

In fact, for the first time in many years, I am quite optimistic about the packers' chances this year. Just need the injury dice to roll right.

dobber's picture

I was so-so on Philbin and the impact he would have (he helped build the Packer playbook of the last couple seasons), until I looked at his Dolphin teams and he helped that offense improve significantly. Unfortunately, he had personnel issues (and winning issues) there, but maybe he could be the difference here.

dobber's picture

"1. The big hitter days are in the past for most part."

Agreed. People seem to be missing this when they talk about 'punishing' defensive play. 'Hard hitting' needs to be replaced by 'sure tackling'...and that's something that hasn't been a strength of this team in the past.

Tundraboy's picture

Sure tackling would be welcome, especially from the Secondary.. That and the OL are my greatest concerns. Improvements there will go a long way

dobber's picture

Unfortunately, I can remember past Packers OL who were sure tacklers...

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Did you say 'knock the snot out of you'?


Paul Konieczny's picture

2-0 in the practice games is better than 0-2 I guess. So far so good. I’m not real worried about what is happening in practice. They will be fine, if they stay healthy. Tell me what team isn’t.

Qoojo's picture

Just watched the first half of Pit game. I kind of saw some of the same issues by the defense with the most glaring issue being lack of pass rush. I think the defense is better.

I don't really like Hundley or Kizer, but I would keep Kizer over Hundley based on potential. I see Hundley having the same issues this if facing 1s. Indecisive and mediocre arm strength. I don't see any of the qb backs up winning many games if forced to play for Rodgers.

Have to like how the packers depth has increased over previous years as packers backups beat the other teams backups. I think a lot of the UDFA corners are getting cut this year.

Not sure I would keep Rollins or Monty on the team. Safety seems a bit weak.

Jonathan Spader's picture

I get cutting Rollins by why cut TY Montgomery? We don't have a lot of RB depth, he looked pretty good to me as a runner/receiver still a liability in pass protection.

Qoojo's picture

At one point, when he came of the field, the announcer (I think it was Lofton) mentioned he had a "hitch in his giddy up". I have not read if it was serious or nothing yet.

I am doubtful of him staying healthy and contributing the full season. I guess he is one of the top 3 RBs on the team, with the ability to run full WR routes. MM probably needs to run him less.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Seems to me the main concern everyone seems to have about the Pack heading into the season is the OL and particularly the back up OL.

Even should injuries and depth become an issue and Roger's has to get the ball out quick what better situation could it be than to have two TE's standing 6'7" with incredible wing spans and big bodies to block out smaller defenders? Talk about safety valve for quick release.

DD's picture

I somewhat disagree with the article. Defense were playing against not the best steeler offensive weapons. Ben, Bell, Antonio and they were really gashed the first drive by Connor? And then receiver Washington! No run stoppage, poor tackling, d backs not aware of where ball was. Same as last year. Defense way to porous right now. Did you watch the jags, vikes defenses already? Way ahead of ours. Why????? We better buckle it up quickly. We have a great offense, but the defense is still questionable to me. Go Pack.

LambeauPlain's picture

For the most part MM does not allow any live tackling during Training Camp...and it shows.

DraftHobbyist's picture

Isn't the lack of full-contact practices a CBA rule?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Not really too much. Padded practices are limited to three hours per practice. As far as I can tell, full contract is allowed. Padded practices are limited to 14 during the regular season. GB could have the players in pads more often and for longer periods of time than it does. Most practices last a little over 2 hours to 2.5 hours. I kind of recall a long one. Doesn't mean they spent all of that time tackling or doing 1 on 1s, etc.

I actually am not certain about how I feel about spending less time that is permitted in pads. I don't know enough to determine the likely cost-benefit of more contact.

DraftHobbyist's picture

My main worry is the run Defense. I don't see it improving that much naturally. Pettine is going to have scheme is way to better run Defense with run-blitzes and extra numbers, because this is what guys like Oren Burks are. Burks is terrible at stopping the run, and given his weight, he's probably not getting better this season. Blake Martinez is better than Burks against the run, but he's no stud, and was considered worse than Ryan. The big problem with being bad against the run is that is exactly how opposing teams will want to beat us to keep Rodgers off the field.

Since '61's picture

This article and many of the comments demonstrate once again that too much hype and too much negativism is generated by the preseason.

Speaking for myself I won't know much more about this team until we see the final 53 and then after that 53 plays 3-4 regular season games.

For now we have seen 2 preseason games where we have yet to see the Packers #1 offense or defense play even one series. Even the Packers Starting offense against the Steelers (for one 6 play series) was missing Bulaga, and likely RB starters Jones and Williams. Other than the fact that we know that Rodgers will play well what else can we really say about the Packers offense based on those 6 plays. We already knew Rodgers to Graham was going to be effective in the Red Zone, didn't we?

On defense due to injuries to Daniels, Perry and Alexander we have yet to see the #1 defense take the field. Yet posters are concluding that Pettine is no better than Capers because the Steelers scored a relatively easy TD on their 3rd possession of the game. Poor tackling yes. But what do you expect after 2 preseason games, with new rules on tackling which no one understands.

Then, Lombardi would do this or that or not allow this. The fact is we don't know what Lombardi would do in this era of the NFL. Yes, he would be a successful coach in any era but we'll never know how he would deal with the lack of practice allowed by the CBA, free agency, salary cap, constant numerous injuries, rules changes, today's players, etc... because, assuming that he was a 50 year old coach today, he would have grown up in the 60s and 70s and he would have become a professional during the 80s in a completely different era of the NFL and a completely different era of society than the world he grew up and lived in.

The preseason is what it is. A time to evaluate young players and their possible roles on the team. To use the preseason as a basis to predict what the team will do during the regular season or whether the new coaches are better or play design is good or bad is ridiculous. Especially when at least a third of the players that are currently playing in preseason games won't even be in the league in 2-3 weeks. No team is giving away what they will do when the games count.

The only thing that matters is that our starters make it through the preseason healthy. The rest is conjecture and speculation. We already know that if we get down to our 2nd and 3rd stringers in any position group we're in trouble, regardless of coaching, schemes or hype. Why, because they are not as good as the 1st stringers. Take the preseason for what it is; "Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing". Thanks, Since '61

Bure9620's picture

Agreed, not putting too much into this until some real games have played out. The tackling is a concern as it appeared there was almost no proper technique used especially by Brice and HHCD. CMIII looked quite bad. He was tossed around like a rag doll by the Steelers tackles, he seems to not even be able to set the edge anymore, which he was great at. Also, With the tackles, that is McCarthy and Campen trying things out. No depth at tackle but what team really has depth at tackle??

henry113's picture

HaHa needs to go bye bye. My opinion, the defense was playing like a bunch of guys just trying not to get hurt. Just going thru the motions. Just doing enough. Its preseason folks!!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I think Bure is spot on. I can watch preseason games, but some posters here can see whether players use good technique. I've learned a little following Andy Herman and Ben Fennell for a while now, but there are posters who really know their stuff.

pooch's picture

That ts when you get hurt

MytQ's picture

Since '61.....Preach it brother. Finally a dose of reality to the madness of practice season. Preseason starts in two weeks. The regular season two weeks after that.

MytQ's picture

Since '61.....Preach it brother. Finally a dose of reality to the madness of practice season. Preseason starts in two weeks. The regular season two weeks after that.

snowdog's picture

Buzz killer . lol

snowdog's picture

Opps .. To slow for 61's comment . My apologies

Oppy's picture

You said it all '61.

All I can add is all anyone needs to do is go back and watch preseason games from any given year, then look at how the packers performed over the first six games of that season.

It's typically quite a different thing, and luckily, that's usually been a good thing.

Since '61's picture

Oppy - totally agree. Just think of some of our recent preseason MVPs; Tolzien, Hill, Hundley, Carl Bradford, Abberdaris, Janis and on and on. Their preseason performances meant nothing when the games counted. Thanks, Since '61

pooch's picture

They better get Reid here,send Haha's ass to Oakland with draft picks for Mack

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I never thought of including HHCD in a trade scenario with Oakland. Hmmm, looks like they lost Reggie Nelson. Obi Melifonwu isn't a FS, is he? Plus he got hurt last year. PFR doesn't even list a FS on their roster. Karl Joseph at SS is nothing special. Looks like Oakland signed FA Marcus Gilchrist on a one year deal, but they did guarantee $4M. That's a lot for him. [Note that Sportrac and OTC report somewhat different numbers.]

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In fact #1 pick,Perry ,Dix for Mack clear dead weight and cap space for a bonafide all pro

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Throw Hundley in too

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