Railbird Central Podcast: Packers Secondary is Primary Issue

Nathan Jahnke of ProFootballFocus.com gives us the lowdown on who might be available in the Packers secondary in the playoffs.

Episode 754

Helping us take one last look back at the regular-season finale against the Detroit Lions before looking ahead to the Wild Card round of the playoffs against the New York Giants is our weekly Wednesday guest, Nathan Jahnke of ProFootballFocus.com. We focus on the status of the banged-up Packers secondary and who might be availabe. After the interview, we spend some time discussing tight end Jared Cook and his first playoff appearance.


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al bundy's picture

January 04, 2017 at 10:04 am

Please. Do some homework. Do some research and I'll bet you will find Rollins, Randle, Gunther, et al were oft injured in college and were not highly rated by the teams that actually are good at drafting quality players.
Throw in the fact that most of our dbacks are smallish, lack size, strenght, speed, cover ability and skills and the idea of, wow we have injuries, thats our problem, becomes mute.
My point. This backfield sucked on the first day of the season when they were healthy so the injury excuse doesnt really fly.
How many times has Rollins, Randle, Gunther, Hyde, Burnett been in and out of the lineup this season. I rest my case and you can blame Tight Ass Ted for this.

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Amanofthenorth's picture

January 04, 2017 at 04:01 pm

That is one bitter Viking fan right there

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