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Packers vs. 49ers: Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Packers vs. 49ers: Game Balls & Lame Calls

The Green Bay Packers continued their 2015 revenge tour with a 17-3 win over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday afternoon, improving Green Bay's record to 4-0 on the season.  After getting past the Seattle Seahawks in week two and beating the Kansas City Chiefs for the first time ever at Lambeau Field just six days ago, the Packers beat the 49ers for the first time since 2010.  It was also the first time the Packers were victorious over the 49ers with quarterback Colin Kaepernick under center.  Kaepernick had previously been a huge thorn in the Packers' side, having led San Francisco to three straight wins over Green Bay, including two playoff games.  

The Packers scored a quick touchdown in the first quarter and then saw their offense stall the rest of the half.  Fortunately, so did San Francisco's.  Kaepernick was coming off of last week's game in which he threw four interceptions and no touchdown passes against the Arizona Cardinals.  Kaep finished the day against the Packers with no touchdowns and one interception.  He continues to struggle to run the San Francisco offense and espeically in the passing game.  Kaepernick completed only 13 passes in 25 attempts and added in 57 yards rushing.  Kaepernick's longest run of the day was his first and it appeared as though the Packers were still no better equipped to handle the read option than they had been the previous three games.  Green Bay was able to adjust and limit Kaepernick for the remaining three quarters.

With that, let's look at the top performers and those who need some extra time in the meeting room this week.  

Game Balls

Eddie Lacy

Lacy, still playing with a sprained ankle, put up 90 yards on 18 carries for a five-yard-per-carry average.  Lacy continues to show great vision and burst through the seams.  He also picks up the tough yards and remains a viable outlet in the passing game.  Lacy's number was called on two fourth-down runs on the same series during the second quarter.  He converted both with runs of 10 and six yards.  Unfortunately, kicker Mason Crosby missed the ensuing field goal attempt, but it was good to see the Packers impose their will on fourth down and with just a few yards to gain.  

Lacy's day wasn't flashy, but it was a key reason the Packers kept the passing opportunities open as the 49ers defense had to respect the run most of the day.

Nick Perry

Perry was an honorable mention after the game against the Chiefs.  This time, he gets the game ball.  He had two sacks on Kaepernick and put together a second straight solid game.  Perry is playing for a new deal next season, whether that's with the Packers or somewhere else and these last two games haven't hurt his cause.  He has three sacks in the last two games and all while rotating in at outside linebacker.  Perry has been stout against the run as well.  Perry has had a knack for the big play in seasons past, he has just not stayed healthy nor been consistent.  Perry is putting together yet another good stretch of football.  

If the Packers are going to continue their defensive success, Perry has to be part of the equation.

Damarious Randall

Randall got beat deep on a long pass to 49ers receiver Torrey Smith, but Randall played it as well as he could.  He also had a big pass breakup earlier in the game and continues to fill in on the outside when the Packers are in their nickel and dime packages.  He's playing well above what we can realistically expect from a rookie who was a safety in college.  His fundamentals are usually very sound and he looks to be improving with each passing week.  

Richard Rodgers

Rodgers had the team's first touchdown catch and added four more catches on the day.  Like Lacy, Rich Rod (ours, not the dingbat running U of A's football squad) didn't light up the stat sheet, but he's become a valuable part of the passing game in short yardage.  He's smart after the catch and uses his savvy to pick up additional yards.  He makes tough catches in traffic and has become a receiver that quarterback Aaron Rodgers looks for in key situations.

Dom Capers

At the game's outset, it looked like Capers had the same lack of answers for the read option as the Packers have suffered from in the past.  Capers made adjustments at the half and the Packers came out with an entirely different approach in half number two.  Kaepernick had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, whether a designed run or in the pocket.  The Packers sacked Kaep six times on the day after posting seven sacks against the Chiefs the week prior. 

The Packers also gave up less than 100 yards rushing on the day.  If this defense continues to play at this level, the Packers will be very difficult to beat.  To have a solid defense and a top-rated offense is a recipe for success all season long and especially when it counts during playoff time.  The "Fire Capers" hashtag was alive and well early in the game, but those who were tossing it around need to also give credit when he does something positive, as was the case on Sunday.

Other contributors under consideration:  

  • Nate Palmer, who missed a few tackles early but came around on special teams and nearly had an interception later in the game
  • Clay Matthews, with a sack and two quarterback hits, continues to be the linchpin on this stout defense
  • Sam Shields, who had another interception, but on a poor throw, so Shields didn't crack the game ball list
  • James Jones, who didn't catch a touchdown for the first time this season, but had a key catch on a deep ball thrown up by Rodgers as he was under pressure

Lame Calls

Don Barclay

Barclay has been a human pinata this season, while filling in for the injured Bryan Bulaga.  Barclay's performance against the 49ers had many of us counting how many more weeks until Bulaga returns.  Aaron Rodgers had been sacked just three times all season coming into Sunday's game at San Francisco.  He was sacked three times and hurried on many other occasions.  Barclay seemed to be at the center of most of those pressures.  He simply cannot handle the right tackle spot by himself.  The Packers have to commit help to Barclay's side and hopefully the offense isn't any worse for having to allocate a pass catcher to help block.  

The Packers have two home games followed by the bye week.  In a best-case scenario, they can survive these next two games and get Bulaga back after the off week.

Imitating Someone Else's Celebration When Your Team Is Getting Crushed

Aaron Lynch, you had two sacks on Rodgers today.  Well done.  You play with a lot of emotion and that's what makes you what you are.  Got it.  But mocking Clay Matthews' predator when you're down two scores?  C'mon man.  I get that Matthews mocked Kaepernick's "kiss the bicep" celebration earlier in the game, but the big difference there is the scoreboard.  Didn't you see all of the chiding Kanas City running back Jamaal Charles took last week when he mocked Aaron Rodgers' belt celebration and did a Lambeau Leap with the Packers well ahead?  The Chiefs also lost that game, by the way.  

I get that you have little to celebrate, but you don't get on ESPN SportsCenter's highlight reel or Top 10 list when your team is getting run out of the gym on their own home field as the opposing fans chant "Go Pack Go" loud enough for everyone to hear on TV.  





Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Pulse of the Pack podcast.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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HankScorpio's picture

Damarious Randall is playing very well.

What happens when Morgan Burnett gets healthy? Does Hyde go back to nickel and Randall to the bench? Or is it Hyde that sees his snaps cut?

Packer_Pete's picture

Hyde IMHO is playing better than Hayward, and so is Randall. It should be Hayward who will move to the bench. But that of course is just my opinion.

marpag1's picture

The problem, though, is that Hyde can't play pure corner, and when Hayward has played in the slot he's been lights out. So I think Dan S is probably right. We wait until Randall (Rollins?) can take over on the outside, and then Hayward shifts to the slot. But there's zero chance that Hyde moves to an outside corner spot.

Dan Stodola's picture

Exactly what should happen. Like to see Randall starting in Nov some time.

Dan Stodola's picture

I would guess that Randall goes back to the dime CB role he's had. So his snaps will go down some. Just have to bide our time, its only a matter of time before Capers and McCarthy get Randall in as a starting CB. Clinton-Dix didn't start till wk 9 IIRC, last year. Matthews didn't start until wk 5 or so. Randall's time is coming soon. Hayward isn't bad at outside CB, but like I figured in the offseason Randall will start later. Patience.

RCPackerFan's picture

it isn't even Randall, Rollins has played very well. He showed his physicality yesterday as well when he came up in run support to stop Hyde.

I would honestly prefer to keep Randall/Rollins in as CB's. I would prefer to use Hyde as a 3rd Safety or a hybrid Safety/LB type of role.
I don't think Hyde is as good in coverage as Randall or Rollins, so I would rather keep them in coverage.

Amanofthenorth's picture

Some sweet problems the packers have.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

" But mocking Clay Matthews' predator when you're down two scores? C'mon man."

Sometimes frustration comes out in sad ways.

It was great to see Kaepernick beat down again this week. I'd like to see his thug act move to the CFL.

Packer_Pete's picture

Kaep and the 49ers OC are so inept it's almost comical. I thought their D played ok but the Packers O, especially OL, was quite bad. Overall a good win, with 14 pts difference on the road, on a short week, but overall also no particular reason to celebrate. The 49ers are just not good enough at the moment to compete with the Packers.

croatpackfan's picture

I want to thank you Jason for putting Dom Capers in Game Ball category... He got a lot of negative from lot of Packers fans, with no reason by my opinion. I understood how good he is as DC in 2013 when he almost won the game for Packers against SF at home with team so beaten by injuries that he played DL man (Datone Jones) at OLB becuse only Andy Mulumba was able to limp to the field, no other LB was avaiable because of the injuries! And Packers was one interception away of winning that game...
I think that respect he got from his colleagues in NFL tells more about him and his knowledge then fans who just want to blame somebody for unwishfull outcome...

Dan Stodola's picture

Perfect. That is all.

HankScorpio's picture

I think you make a good point that Capers has respect around the league and has done a lot of things right. There is no doubt the most recent SB win had his finger prints all over it. That goes an awful long way, in my book.

But I also think it is true that the Packer defense has under-performed a lot during his tenure. I mean, some of the worst defenses in the long history of the franchise has occurred in the last 5 years. I have all kinds of theories about why that is. Some are kind of crazy and some are not.

I'm just glad that we're not worried about why the defense is under-performing now. I hope they keep it up.

Dan Stodola's picture

Injuries and loss of playmakers would explain alot, tho maybe not all IMO. What do you think?

porupack's picture

Perhaps Capers is genius at schemes, and utilizing players' unique talents, but maybe he isn't as good on instilling disciplined fundamentals and technique. Much of the fan frustration has been when players lose contain, not setting edge, and/or mis-communication in the dback area and yielding big plays at critical times of the game. The second area of consistent frustration is the prevent schemes late in the game, sending 2 rushers, and giving up a 3rd and 17. Otherwise, you're right....Capers is highly respected amongst peers and analysts. So that is my only explanation.

egbertsouse's picture

I love to see Kaepernick beat down, too. Can't wait for him to be out of the league but it won't be to the CFL, he belongs in the WWE.

ray nichkee's picture

Maybe he would succede in the wnba.

the real russ letlow's picture

I am very excited to see the words "Dominant Defense" applied to their performance against SF. We have the talent, and we've all been waiting for a game like this. I would think the D feels pretty good about not being "carried" by the O this game. Let's keep it up, and keep getting better!

Mojo's picture

"I am very excited to see the words "Dominant Defense" applied to their performance against SF."

Me too.

For some reason a great defense is more exciting to me than a great offense. Nothing's worse to me than watching a long march down the field by the opponent. It's just demoralizing. Kind of like slow torture. Plus a good D keeps you in every game.

Still need to swarm and tackle more consistently. But the overall speed is better and guys are flying around. The D line is winning more than it's share in the trenches. CM3 might not be in on every play - but he's creating havoc and making it much more difficult for opponents to scheme and run their offense. Secondary is strong and deep. OLB's are making plays. If Perry plays anywhere near his draft position - and he has a few times this year - then what a huge bonus.

I'll need to see consistency to claim GB has a dominate defense but as of now they're trending in the right direction.

porupack's picture

I think we'll know a lot about the Defense after the Rams game. We'll face a good offense that doesn't have the significant weaknesses of all of the opponents thus far in 2015. Kolb isn't an elite QB, but he can play consistent enough with some very good WRs. This will be a great game, maybe one of the best of regular season.
I agree, we're trending well with Raji plugging the middle, and ILB playing faster.

Tundraboy's picture

Agree. Don't know why someone gave you a dislike.

jh9's picture

I’m not writing this to bash or pile-on the criticism of Don Barclay. I’m writing this because I believe it’s time for the Packers coaching staff to seriously consider someone other than Barclay to start at right offensive tackle.

The Packers are one-quarter through what I believe could be a special season, and it might be 4-5 weeks before Bulaga returns. Over the last three games, we have seen what Don Barclay can do (or not) at right tackle. We know Bakhitari is not having his best season and scheming allows the Packers to only give help to one OT over a prolonged period without the offense suffering a decline.

We’ve all marveled at AR’s ability to move in the pocket these first four weeks and avoid the rush. He looks great, but I have to attribute that to it being the beginning of the season when his legs are still fresh. Unfortunately, we can’t realistically expect him to play Houdini every week. All it takes now is one wrong move or one hesitation and he could take a terrible hit.

I know the Packers coaches like to show their veterans loyalty and that’s a great quality to have. However, in this case, all it takes is showing that loyalty one game too long and our special season comes to an abrupt end. That’s why I think it’s time for the coaching staff to make absolutely certain we have no one on the bench who can play even a little better than Barclay.

If we have no one, so be it. We go to battle with who we have. However, if the Packers coaches don’t do their due diligence now and AR gets hurt by Barclay’s man, then the responsibility for that injury will be on the coaching staff and not on the player and I think that would be an inexcusable failure.

Big T's picture

Barclay is the offspring of Newhouse. Only way they get rid of him is if he walks. TT's ego will not allow it. Just hope and pray he doesn't end Rodgers career. Or hope and pray TT gets his head out of his arse.

HankScorpio's picture

I think it less about ego and more about finding competent NFL OTs is easier said than done.

Bear's picture

You're assuming that the coaching staff hasn't considered looking at others to replace Barclay. With their years of coaching experience I have to assume they check each O-lineman weekly during practice hoping someone will be better........unfortunately, that person hasn't shown up!

Evan's picture

Some perspective. We're talking about our backup RT. Have you seen the state of o-line play across the league? Hell, look at the Packers opponents so far for a sampling. Barclay has issues and has struggled, no doubt about it, but he'd start and be an upgrade on a lot of teams. Seattle, KC, Chicago and SF would all jump on him. Players who are better than him aren't just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.

The TKstinator's picture

Voice of reason. Well done.

porupack's picture

There's a packer fan. Evan, way to defend a packer that's down-but still playing his heart out.

RCPackerFan's picture

I think a simplier fix is to just provide him more support. Have the TE on that side more or have the RB slide to that side and chip on the DE. He definitely can't be left a lone on the edge down after down.

Bohj's picture

We are going to have to live with a few realities here. We were all seriously sad to see Barclay get injured last year because he was going to be great for depth. He has not had a great season because he is still finding his way post surgery. Remember...... He is not a starter. Bulaga is.

We are lucky to have such an offensive line as we do. Strung together with 4th rounders. Our only first rounder is injured. Imagine drafting 28th every year and trying to find big guys where they fall. We are a little behind because Sherrod did not work out.

Free agents are not an option. Most good tackles are taken early in the draft and are smartly locked up into long term contracts. Big guys are hard to find. Help is not on the way folks. All we can do is hope our existing guys get a bit stronger and better. And by stronger, I mean less injured.

4thand1's picture

I remember when they drafted Sherrod. ESPN panel said it was a really good pick by GB. Long arms, lmao. Bulaga's were to short and he is so much better, if e can only stay on the field. Like LVT said, I wouldn't mind TT picking up someone else. F-it play Walker see what he's made of.

Imma Fubared's picture

I agree with the assessments. The secret to why Kapernick had a problem is kind of easy. Mathews in the middle messing up that easy run up for the middle for yards. When he was forced to run wide, he got some yards but not enough to make a difference. We took the middle away and that screwed his mind up.

Dan Stodola's picture

Raji at NT and the DL in general have been excellent. Not to minimize Matthews but it a team/group effort.

Imma Fubared's picture

PS Perry one of my bust brothers did have a heck of a game. If he is truely playing for the big contract dump the sucker for the three years he kind of sucked.
Seems there are a lot of players that can light it up for the money then go to heck once they get it: Suh.

4thand1's picture

From what I've seen of Perry is, he's been a solid player when healthy. To many injuries, hopefully that's behind him.

WinUSA's picture


Just me or did the refs give SF a zillion make up calls for the one botched Illegal procedure call in 1st quarter that went the Packers way.

The Packer receivers where hit way past 5 yards on numerous occasions.

4thand1's picture

They hammering Cobb. One play he got leveled past 5 yards and no call. They knew GB was hurting at WR and wanted him gone.

WinUSA's picture

Great camera work that showed that exact play after the fact. It is nearly impossible to get a clean. reffed game against a West cost team on the West coast.

porupack's picture

Yeah, I saw that and other plays of significant contact. But, I was kind of glad to see GBP WRs get roughed around. They need this during the regular season because we've seen ref crews allow more contact in the post season and if WRs aren't accostumed to working through it, they get single eliminated. Remember all of the Patriot-Colts games? Colts WRs were soft and sent home.

DrealynWilliams's picture

It wasn't just you. On that play where Cobb first went out favoring his shoulder (pass in the End Zone) the 49ers CB was holding Cobb's arm down as Cobb dove for the pass.

The Pack's WRs were hit and held many of times past 5 yards all throughout the game. Trying to copy Seahawks blueprint, I guess.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I remember Clay popping Kap on an option play seconds after he had already handed the ball off to Hyde. I don't know if Kap was put on his ass 'cause of the camera angle but I do know Kap flew backwards. Anyone else remember this play?

4thand1's picture

Yep and Clay was talking to him the whole game. Klunkernick never could make all the throws and now he could get benched! Money well spent, this team is a walking train wreck and GB exposed it more.

Tundraboy's picture

Yes. Got away with one for a change.

DrealynWilliams's picture

It was a legal hit. That's the downside of running the option. QBs are fair game.

Tundraboy's picture

I meant it in the sense I was surprised they did not call something, being in SF

DrealynWilliams's picture


Lol, that false start called on Kap let me know what they think of him and the 49ers...

wimiller's picture

who ever said what a difference harbaugh made for kaep sure called it right. but what a difference for our D to have Hawk and Jones gone. we finally have a bit more speed in the middle and it shows. even nate palmer very surprisingly is playing at a higher level that Hawk and Jones did the past two years. and then Raji looks like the Raji of 2011.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Getting rid of Hawk and Jones definitely helps, but I think the players actually doing THEIR job is more appropiate. Those plays Nick Perry consistently made against the Seahawks and 49ers (this season) are plays NOBODY was making or consistently made the previous seasons. "Just do your job", or know your job (lol) was more of the problem than the players. At least, that's what I think/feel.

4thand1's picture

If the Packers can get to the by 6-0, look out! MM is really good at getting the team ready after a buy and we go to Denver. By then Mannings arm should be ready to fall off. He threw a couple of bad picks again yesterday and Denver's defense bailed em out again.

DrealynWilliams's picture

You know what's crazy? (I always think and feel the Pack can go undefeated) But I wrote down the Pack going 14-2 losing back-to-back games to the Broncos and Panthers. Of course, I hope I'm wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised....

Bohj's picture

This is indeed exciting times. We are set up alot like Denver with a great defense so far. And a great offense. The obvious difference is, Rodgers is in his prime. Manning is declining rapidly. I think our running game and Oline are better. (Read: better running game up front) Two undefeated teams after the first quarter. Regardless of what happens between now and when we play them, we should prove to be a much more formidable opponent than the lions or vikes.

Thanks broncos for adding to the "L" column for our division foes.

Bohj's picture

Speaking of division foes:
How sweet is it that Woodson got another pick on Cutler? Apparently that ties Woodson for ninth place with most interceptions ever.

Dude is still a stud. You will always be a Packer in our mind cwood. Just like it that you are on our farm team.....Read: Raiders.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Man, I wanted him to retire a Packer soooooooo bad! I wanted him to forever be one of us. It sucks that he's going to retire a Raider and be inducted as a Raider.

At least he got his only ring with the Pack though!

Evan's picture

NFL doesn't enshrine players into the HoF as a member of a particular team like the MLB.

Evan's picture

All true. As is the opposite, though. Denver's offense and o-line are gonna have their hands full with the Packers pass rush.

The Denver D is better than the Packers D, but the margin isn't huge. But the Packers O is a lot better than the Denver O.

Evan's picture

This was meant as a reply to John Galt below.

John Galt III's picture


My wife is a Bronco fan so I watch their games. Their Defense is the best in the League statistically and the best I have seen the Bronos have since I got married in 1994 and began to watch them..

OLB Von Miller is a menace. He beat the Viking OL opposite him every play. On the other side is
De Marcus Ware. and he is a sack machine.

Von Miller will kill Barclay and our QB if Miller is not handled properly. Either Bulaga is back by then or Number 12 could be in a lot of trouble.

When Capers and other coaches see Denver game film I am quite certain they will come up with something to stop Miller and Ware or it will be a very long day and we play in Denver.

We have not played a defense remotely as good as Denver so far this year.

What is the good news? Peyton Manning at 40 is not the Peyton Manning of 28. He just doesn't look as good this year and Denver's run game is suspect.

We play at Denver so we have our work cut out but the Broncos are by no means perfect so we have a good chance against them, but protecting Aaron Rodgers and keeping the pressure off him will be the key to this game.

DrealynWilliams's picture

If I had any say so on the Defense, I'd coach the DBs to jump every route that the Broncos run. Peyton's arm is weak. I've yet to see any zip or any pass that didn't have a bit of float to it. Also, I don't see more than a couple of routes ran by the Broncos WRs.

As far as the Broncos pass rush -- that's what I'm most worried about. Rather Bulaga is back or not. I know MM and the offensive coaches don't like helping the Tackles out much, but this might be a game where they reconsider.

Archie's picture

I'll grant you, DeMarcus Ware is 10x the sack machine that Peppers is. Denver got the best of us by far there. Peppers looks like his tank is close to empty.

ray nichkee's picture

I cant wait for your tank to get empty.

Zola Davis's picture

kc had good ends too and we handled them nicely. Key is running game.

Bohj's picture

"We have not played a defense remotely as good as Denver so far this year."

Yes. I know the stat line for Denver's D looks pretty solid, but conversely they have yet to play an offense as potent as ours. And they have the raiders and browns before us to get some false confidence.

4thand1's picture

Joe Philbin, life with out AR sucks. Then you got lucky and got Suh, he looks like shit so question.

DrealynWilliams's picture


I just died!

Zola Davis's picture

Philbin gets the ax today. Class guy, mastermind of Pack O in 2010.

Archie's picture

Anyone else notice McFatty was back calling plays Sunday? He had the play sheet, teh headset and his lips were moving. Clements was not talking.And teh Packer offemnse played like MM was calling the plays. Very inconsistent, too may throws downdield at bad times, 12 hanging on to the ball waiting for a WR to come open deep, etc. Very disaaponting. Clements had 12 looking like Joe Montana with fast paced crisp, mix of run and short passing game. Down and distance made run/pass always possible. Dump McFatty.

ray nichkee's picture

I didnt understand that jibberish but i do understand you suck.

4thand1's picture

Take it easy on Archie, he has a bad drinking problem.

WKUPackFan's picture

He can't seem to figure out that the Packers were grinding the clock from the middle of the 3rd. It takes second level thinking to understand that MM/Clements know they can run on 1st and 2nd in those situations because AR can convert 3rd. And a brain is required to understand that maybe, just maybe, AR is changing from pass to run at the LOS.

WKUPackFan's picture

When you're friends with Jersey Al you get to post vile, disgusting descriptions of coaches and players for years. Archie and Big T hung out at ALLGBP for years generating posts that would make Andre McGee's madam blush. However, I specifically recall Big T hanging out drinking with Al.

Intelligent posters get corrected, human filth is celebrated.

porupack's picture

Archie, this is jibberish alright, what happened to you at school today? Name-calling packers? Fatty and Fat-so are the big insults in kindergarten...but after about 2nd grade, bully's even give that up.

Brewcity's picture

It did seem like Rodgers wanted routes to develop downfield. Packers offense has been clicking when he throws the short stuff. Would rather see first downs and methodic drives than shot plays.

Abbredaris ran some nice go routes at WI with Wilson throwing bombs. Maybe he'll give the offense a bit of deep threat at some point this season.

Aaron Rodgers Mustache's picture

Hey fellas...
Not to thread jack here, but my wife and I will be attending our first game at Lambeau this weekend. We have gone to many other locations including, Wahington DC(where we live, worst fans in the country), Carloina, New York (Jest in 2010 Giants in 2011), Philly(for the playoffs in 2010 and regular season opener), Chicago(in 2007, we got blown out of the stadium with a very cold lookign Brett at QB) and Atlanta, but have just never worked the logistics out right to make it to Green bay. But she suprised me this year. Very stoked!!

Well I was wondering if any of the regular readers on this site would be willing to invite her and I to their tailagte or know of a tailgate we can attend. I know my fellow packer fans are notoriously nice but I really wanna show her a good time and the real spirit of Green Bay. I would be willing to provide beer and even food but I just want to have a fun time with fellow packer people.
Reply here or reply to my email at [email protected]
And dont get ticked if I post this message in a few other comment sections for this and other various packer blogs, lol. Gotta cast a wide net to catch big fish.. hahaha. Go Pack GO!!
Cant wait for the weekend to get here!

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