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Packers Mock Draft Monday 7.0

Packers Mock Draft Monday 7.0

Ross will provide a weekly mock draft using Fanspeak's mock draft simulator, On the Clock.  He will also scour the internet for a few mocks to see who the "experts" have Green Bay taking that week and will provide analysis.

For a number of reasons, I had been taking pass rushers in the first round, and I think it's a distinct possibility that the Packers will ultimately do the same.  With that said, the cornerbacks thinned out and I was able to select my CB3, Gareon Conley.  I went back to the well and chose Carl Lawson over a few EDGE players and wide receiver Zay Jones in round 2.  My strategy with this draft has been to leave a wide receiver out of it unless I believe he's a starter.  Between Davis and Allison the Packers have enough depth players at the wide receiver position, what they need is a possible star.  Godwin is a possible star and I snagged him in round 3.  I have Godwin as my 55th overall player for the Packers, so the end of round three is tremendous value.  Pocic, Price and Williams are just higher on my board than most, and repeatedly show up in these simulations.

This simulation was used with Matt Miller of Bleacher Report's 4/13 big board and, as always, fan generated team needs.  

National Mocks:

Dan Kadar, SB Nation- Marlon Humphrey, CB Alabama

He's right in there with Conley as a guy that can be drafted in the first round.  I've been a bigger fan of pass rush first, corner second, but it's not a huge deal one way or another.  It depends on if you view Randall and Rollins as completely lost causes.  

Rob Rang, CBS Sports- Conley

I'm sure Rob is using a lot of the same ideas in taking Conley that I am.  Rang considers Joe Mixon and Takkarist McKinley here as well.

Eliot Shorr-Parks, Cordrea Tankersley, CB Clemson

It would appear that the late push is for the Packers to take a corner instead of a different defensive player.  It's entirely possible, as Zach Kruse at PackersWire has indicated, that the Packers don't view cornerback as as much of a need as we all do because of the promise Rollins and Randall showed as rookies, and because of the presence of Coach Whitt.  

Chris Roling, Bleacher Report- Forrest Lamp, G Western Kentucky

Good player.  Position of need (in the sense that guard is ever actually a need).  Not going to happen.  Thompson will address interior OL in the middle rounds unless he already did with Kyle Murphy (I'm guessing that's what happened).

RJ White, CBS Sports- Kevin King, CB Washington, D'Onta Foreman RB Texas, Isaac Asiata, G Utah

Another corner.  King, at 6'3", would be a completely different style of cornerback than the Packers have had in recent memory.  He, Randall and HHCD could form an imposing cover 3 shell.  I don't like D'Onta Foreman very much.  Asiata is a nice player, I'd just be surprised if the Packers took a corner and then two offensive players.

Walter Football- Jabrill Peppers, DB Michigan,  Tyus Bowser, EDGE Houston, TJ Logan RB UNC, 

I don't mind the positions that are addressed here.  I do have an issue with the players selected.  I'm not a Tyus Bowser fan, that can be easily found in my EDGE rankings for Cheesehead TV's draft guide.  I also wouldn't take a running back that early, and I definitely woudln't take TJ Logan.

Jersey Al, Draft Tek- Quincy Wilson, CB Florida, Ryan Anderson, EDGE Alabama, JJ Dielman OL Utah, Kenny Golladay WR NIU, Brian Hill, RB Wyoming, Brendan Langley CB Lamar

Al kept jumping back and forth between picks that I loved (Wilson, Golladay, Hill) and picks I didn't care for (Anderson, Dielman, Langley).  Wilson, Golladay and Hill rank 23rd, 143 and 79th, respectively on my big board (Al spending pick 134 on Golladay didn't bother me at all).  I don't have Dielman inside the top 200, am lower on most on Anderson and don't think the Packers need another project at CB like Langley.  I'd much rather address something else, pocket Wilson, and see what Whitt can pull out of Gunter, Hawkins and Waters.  Hill is by far my favorite selection of Al's draft. 


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Handsback's picture

Humphrey is rated higher than Conley and I like his attitude the best of all the CBs. Overall....I like the draft. If TT did this, I would be happy unless they all turned out to be losers. Then I would blame it on Ross as the guy responsible for such a bad draft.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think Conley and Godwin both have nice potential. I'm high on Godwin as a potential replacement for Jordy down the road. Conley has decent speed, decent size and decent production. I'm not thrilled about him in round 1, but he is going to go in the top 40.

The more I look at him I don't know that Asiata is a scheme fit for the Packers. I like his size, strength and attitude. I like that he could fill in at center. Not sure he is the guy for the Packers.

dobber's picture

I think there's a group of about 4-5 CBs that could be made a case for at #29...which includes Conley. At that stage you're talking about preferences as much as players: which have traits you covet and which have warts you can live with? Conley's a good player. Whether I'd be happy with him at #29 would depend on who else is on the board.

MarkinMadison's picture

Yeah, there is a difference for me between happy and thrilled. At the bottom of the first round you're not going to get players very often that you are thrilled about. We were spoiled by #12 and CM3.

stockholder's picture

Kevin king, Conley, Humphrey, McKinley,Peppers, all will be gone. That should leave melifonwu, or Watt. Auwsie,White,Lawson,Willis, and bowser, (Broke Reggie Whites record) should be gone by #61. Al Jersey give me a break. What do you see in Wilson? (surely can't be CB) Later should be S.Jones, Moreau and H. Wilson. I think those 3 could be starters in the NFL. The draft is about getting starters AL. The best one I see here thats a big change is TJ LOGAN. A reach, but we saw TT reach for R.Rodgers TE. S o if TT wants to screw with everyone. Take TJ Logan. Logan will be gone by the packers 4th pick! Walters has it right moving him up.

dobber's picture

Someone PLEASE take Kevin King before the Packers for two reasons:
1. So someone else with a high grade for what he's done on the field, and not in shorts, slides to GB at #29.
2. So I don't have to listen to shareholder complain about it when the Packers would pass on him. ;)

stockholder's picture

I doubt Kevin King gets by Seattle from what I've seen. I won't complain if he does. Because I favor a safety (GM Move) and not CB for the packers. I feel Kevin King is a copy of Shields. ( he did not give up a TD last year. ) Still like him better than Conley. My feeling is there are 3- 4 guys that can start at CB in the second round. So TAKE WATT! The pass rushers will be gone, and so will any All -Pro type Safety. Just setting the record straight on King. : )

Ryan Graham's picture

I don't hate Kevin King but I wouldn't take him first round considering there will probably be better corners available and not to mention better players. You compare him to Sam Shields, sure ill give you his style of play. Remember when Shields was a young lad getting burned all the time relying on his speed to play catch up? In fact it wasnt all that long ago until he ditched that method.

What id be happy to see (if he's available) is Charles Harris go first round, and then go get yourself a corner in the 2nd. It's hard not to love TJ Watt and I do, but I just think there again will be better options out there. I've tried convincing myself but I just can't. Harris is a better option, but if he's not there the door opens for Watt.

Guys I like to be taken at 61 could be bigger bodies with speed, for example Fabian Moreau from UCLA or Cordrea Tankersley out of Clemson. Both long with speed that can play man coverage on the perimeter. Could both also compete if Randall or Rollins move inside which I anticipate seeing.

WKUPackFan's picture

Be careful, because stockholder's next comment will say he was talking about Desmond King instead of Kevin King. Or maybe he meant Stephen King. Or Ben Kingsley. Or Kings Island amusement park. Or any of the former Kings of England.

dobber's picture

I'm just not a buyer on King in the first round. Played on a really good defense at UW, but with better DBs (Baker and Jones) playing around him. How good is he really? I'm not sure, and players who jump a round or two (he was a 2-3 in January) when they're not playing games always make me a little nervous. I have to admit, he has some coveted traits, but I'm hoping someone else buys ahead of the Packers.

In the end? I think the Packers go edge in round 1...Maybe even go edge 1 AND 2 given the quality of the draft, and the loss of Peppers and Matthews' inability to stay on the field when he plays exclusively at OLB. As far as CB goes, they have a lot of draft capital wrapped up in Rollins and Randall, and have brought some help in with House. I think they really like Marwin Evans and Kentrell Brice, so I don't think they're in a tremendous hurry to replace Hyde. I wouldn't be surprised if it's round 4 before they take a CB.

jww061356's picture

I like Conley and Godwin, am a little shaky on Lawson. I think Pocic would be a nice addition, he and Murphy could fight it out in the preseason for the RG spot. I guess Williams is o.k. that late. Conley, is at worst the 3rd best corner in this draft; I think we would be lucky to get him.

MarkinMadison's picture

I'm not saying you are wrong - because you are not. It's just that this defense seems to work best with ball-hawking corners. Conley's college numbers do not scream ball-hawk. At all. Add to that issues with form tackling. and, I don't know. I just don't know.

OrganLeroy's picture

Tony pauline and many others are reporting that Conley will be LONG GONE by #29, partially because Humphrey's Hamstrings are a serious red flag. All the scouts love Conley and consider him the safer pick by far.

OrganLeroy's picture

My bad, not Humphrey's hammys, but Lattimore's hammy's!

Turophile's picture

Add the value of Conley (32) to the CBS value (36), it comes to 68. Divide that by two for the averaged pick of 34, right in the Green Bay periscope at #29.

He might go earlier, sure, but there is a fair chance he is still there. The biggest problem I have in the long draft build-up, is that the guys I like so often rise in the draft as the process unfolds, meaning others like the same guys, and my favourites often move too high for the Packers picks throughout the draft. It may happen with Conley, Gil Brandt has him at #11 in his top 150, ouch.

dobber's picture

I think the question on CBs and edge players in this draft is, with the perceived depth at those positions, will teams scramble to fill holes at the shallower positions (WR, OL, etc.) early and push some of the CB/edge players later? Look at what happened at DL a year ago: viewed as one of the deepest DL drafts in years, and several guys that many had tabbed as being potential Packer picks at the end of round one lasted a loooong time...Chris Jones and Jarran Reed late into round 2, Andrew Billings into round 4. Is that a function of draftniks impression of players vs. GMs? Probably to a point.

Thankfully, that kind of draft fallout would help the Packers tremendously if it happened for edge players and CBs. I don't see a similar kind of slide due to the value return on those players, but all it takes is a couple to slide...

Turophile's picture

While I agree (with dobber) OL is pretty thin this year at guard and tackle, I wouldn't say the same of WR. There are a bunch of guys available.

This year, there are maybe three 1st round WRs, 5x2nd, 4x 3rd, and some interesting guys beyond that. That doesn't even count guys like Engram and Everett, who are listed as TEs but play more like big receivers. Compare this to WRs in the 2016 draft (3x1st, 3x2nd, 2x3rd).

Going off on a tangent, there are always things that fans take into account less than GMs and Head Coaches. Receivers must be able to track the ball well in the air (so must DBs). Coaches don't like linebackers who cannot tackle, they don't like running backs who cannot block when it's a pass play, and they shouldn't (though history says some often do) take QBs who cannot read the field. They (mostly) don't like character risks with multiple mistakes, either, even if they are good players. All these things can move players about on a teams board, and create surprises on draft day.

Nick Perry's picture

Awesome draft with excellent value in each round. I'd prefer Willis over Lawson if possible but wouldn't mind this at all!

dobber's picture

I think Matthews big contract and injury issues (coupled with the loss of Peppers) make edge the primary need in this draft. I'm finding myself more and more enamored with the thought of a 1-2 of Watt and Willis (making a trade-up in round 2). Very different players. I really don't see Elliott as being more than a special teamer who gets some reps on passing downs, and Fackrell has to come in stronger to give himself much of a chance to contribute. Course, my draft crush last year was Vernon Butler, so what do I know?

Rossonero's picture

I'd be shocked if Marlon Humphrey fell to 29. He'll be long gone by the time the Packers pick.

I really think Ted will go pass rusher in the 1st round. If you want to improve the secondary, then it starts up front with the pass rush. I also don't think they are tossing in the towel just yet on Randall and Rollins.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think you are spot on in the second paragraph.

OrganLeroy's picture

I also think you're spot on in the 2nd paragraph. Pass rush always helps a weak secondary and our's was injured, every CB on the roster except Gunter was injured. We could even wait 'till the 3rd round for a high quality CB.

Rossonero's picture

Thanks! I agree with could get a starting CB in the 3rd round. This is a rich class of CBs.

Since '61's picture

If the Packers can pull of AL's draft I think we'd have our best draft in a long time. I hope that Al's crystal ball was pretty clear when he put this together. Thanks, Since '61

Bert's picture

Just draft BPA and all will work out just fine. Draft for need and we'll be drafting for need against next year.....and the next......etc.

Driftpvp's picture

Same settings but all 7 rounds

29: R1P29
61: R2P29
93: R3P29
134: R4P27
172: R5P28
182: R5P38
212: R6P28
247: R7P29

holmesmd's picture

Lol,Why the heck would we take a Safety in the first round?!:/

Tugboat2's picture

We don't need DL or a big need at safety. Please don't get tabor he is reallyyyyy slow for a CB and our defense needs a lot more speed

Tugboat2's picture

No we won't go safety in the first round.
1. Tj watt
2. Tankersley
3. Foreman
4. Anzalone
5.A. Best person for guard. TT is good at this.
5.B. Quickest corner on the board. Maybe myrick. We need speed.
6. Nate Garry. A good, fast, physical SS
7. Chas Williams. Maybe Brandon Riley if Williams isn't there.

Turophile's picture

Time for a rival attempt. Using the same parameters I drafted:

LB Jarrad Davis
CB Fabian Moreau
Edge Tyus Bowser
RB Marlon Mack
Edge Ejuan Price
G Jordan Morgan

LB Davis, along with Cunningham, often seems to go in the early/mid 20's, so it's nice to find him still there, he can play inside and out (though he'd need a few more pounds on him for outside duty). I picked him over the (inevitable) Charles Harris, Tak McKinley and TreDavious White.

Moreau is a 'run to the podium' pick, at #61, I don't worry about his shoulder surgery. He's terrific. Chose him over Adoree Jackson, Chidobe Awuzie and TE Bucky Hodges.

Bowser was the top rated guy left on the board at that pick - value was too good to pass up there.

Marlon Mack ( 'ball-bearing hips', as likes to describe him) was a 'need' pick, since center Pocic was still there, along with WR Taywan Taylor, and both are rated a round earlier. The most difficult choice was this round.

Ejuan Price. I pick this guy all the time. Undersized (5'11") powerfully built instinctive pass rusher, who should never last this long, imo - great value. Three linebacker picks is a complete makeover of the LBs. With Perry, Fackrell, Martinez and Ryan, the stage is set for many years. The Packers now have the depth both to sub in often , and to cope with injuries.

Jordan Morgan. My backstop guard if I haven't taken one earlier. Solid build, high character, hard worker, who will need a year, before he is ready.

Ross's draft, I liked every pick bar the last one. Plenty of value in that draft. Lawson is a bit stiff, but I really like his power, motor and production. Love the Conley pick as well, he should be a good one.

A note on the drafting of Forrest Lamp (Bleacher report pick), in round one. I cannot see it. If Ted valued G that high he's have kept at least one of Sitton/Lang. He'll fill that need later, or not at all. Also, draft evaluator Nolan Nawrocki (who I trust more than most), quoted a scout who doesn't like him more than a 4th/5th round pick - short arms and maxed out frame.

Like Jersey Al, I AM a CB Brendan Langley fan, he has great measurables, but the comp 5th is about the highest I'd pay for him, I'd prefer the 6th.

Turophile's picture

I viewed Davis as a versatile LB who can play inside and out. He could add weight easily. I see him and Cunningham as pretty equal. These days I would take him over, say, Tak McKinley.

I like Awuzie, not more than Moreau, but I do like him. I'd also give Haason Reddick a higher 'bust factor' than some others do - he's a bit short, a bit tight in the hips and most of his production is in one year. He's a good player, don't get me wrong, but I'd take both Davis and Cunningham over him, which many others wouldn't (including you, i guess).

stockholder's picture

I'm for Cunningham. Not Davis. Cunningham is what TT should have drafted years ago. I don't care if he's a need or not. @29 he is the BPA! ( But Watt is needed more.) Awuzie is just to ordinary. Pass! To many Cbs in this draft are just to average. You could take any of them after the top 5 and still get a spot starter.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

The top 10 on my Round 1 wish list, in order:

1. TJ Watt, OLB
2. Joe Mixon, RB
3. Jordan Willis, OLB
4. Chris Wormley, DT
5. Marlon Humphrey, CB
6. Kevin King, CB
7. Fabian Moreau, CB
8. Christian McCaffrey, RB
9. Jarrad Davis, ILB
10. Dalvin Cook, RB

I'd be happy with any of these, but someone from the top 5 would be awesome.

dobber's picture

I just have this feeling that Mixon--who I really like as a player, too--will be available at the end of round 2 or even into round 3.

mrtundra's picture

I.) Watt; 2.) Mixon; 3.) King, CB; 4). Samaje Perine, RB; 5.) Adam Bisnowaty, OL; 5b.) Vince Biegel, LB; 6.) Christian Kirk, WR; 7.)Shawn Lurry, CB.

Tugboat2's picture

I picked tankersly because I didn't think awuzie or Kevin king would be there in the second round.

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