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Packers Make Room for Colt Lyerla by Releasing Another Tight End

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Packers Make Room for Colt Lyerla by Releasing Another Tight End

The Green Bay Packers made room for tryout tight end Colt Lyerla on Monday by releasing tight end Raymond Webber, according to the league's transaction wire.

Lyerla had been a source of much debate ever since it was learned the organization had brought him in for a tryout last Friday during its rookie orientation minicamp.

A talented but troubled player, Lyerla will likely be monitored closely throughout the offseason as the team decides whether he's worth keeping on the 53-man when the regular season begins.

Prior to being dismissed from the football program at Oregon and getting arrested for possession of cocaine last October, Lyerla also went on a social media rant calling the deadly shootings at an elementary school in Sandy Hook, Conn. a government conspiracy.

However, Lyerla does possess a high amount of potential as a tight end, testing out as one of the best at the NFL Combine in the 40-yard dash and both the vertical and broad jumps.

Webber's opportunity in Green Bay didn't last long, having been signed in February and being cut roughly three months later.

After the latest transactions, the Packers are currently carrying seven tight ends on their roster with Lyerla joining fellow rookies Richard Rodgers—a third round draft choice—and Justin Perillo along with veterans Andrew Quarless, Brandon Bostick, Ryan Taylor and Jake Stoneburner.

All 90 spots on the Packers' offseason roster are filled, leaving no room for free agents like Jermichael Finley, Johnny Jolly and Ryan Pickett without having to sign release someone.

The Packers' also signed tryout defensive Luther Robinson, an undrafted free agent out of Miami, and officially signed third round draft choice Khyri Thornton to go along with the previously reported transaction of adding defensive back Charles Clay of Hawaii.

Robinson has been assigned jersey No. 97, previously worn by Jolly, although Thompson said during the NFL Draft that the team has not ruled out bringing back Jolly.

At 6' 3" and 301 lbs., Robinson made 40 tackles and two for a loss in three years at Miami but did not have a single sack in college.

Lyerla will wear No. 46 and Clay will wear No. 25.

As the 85th overall selection in the NFL Draft Thornton is expected to receive a four-year contract worth very close to $2.833 million, according to

Thorton is projected to receive $562,252 signing bonus and cap numbers totaling $560,813 in 2014, $670,813 in 2015, $760,813 in 2016 and $840,813 in 2017.

Among the Packers' draft choices, only Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Davante Adams and Rodgers remain unsigned.

Photo: Green Bay Packers tight end Colt Lyerla at the NFL Combine by Brian Carriveau.

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Eye Flys's picture

This really makes my day, glad TT took a chance on Colt. Here's to hoping that he proves he belongs on the 53 man roster, and has a very productive career in Green & Gold!

HankScorpio's picture

"A talented but troubled player, Lyerla will likely be monitored closely throughout the offseason as the team decides whether he's worth keeping on the 53-man when the regular season begins."

The PS seems like a great place to figure out if a guy nobody even wanted as a UDFA has turned his life around.

Olympique_Packers's picture

If he goes on the PS he could even refuse to integrate a 53-man roster which would show GB that he's all in the project the Packers have for him. Other than character issues, the PS would allow Lyerla to polish his game and kick off all that rust from not having a year of gameplay and even practice in Oregon.

RCPackerFan's picture

I don't think there is much risk signing him right now. They can release him at any point before the 53.

He is obviously very talented, very athletic. He has a very high upside as a player. He could do very well in the Packers offense.

He has a lot to prove off the field first though.

There is a lot of time between now and the training camp, so I'm just going to take it one step at a time with him. At this point he is another rookie free agent with a chance to make the roster or the practice squad.

Handsback's picture

I think you are right, the time between now and training camp is the most dangerous for this young man. One slip-up and I suspect he's gone.

I doubt he makes it, but I sure hope he does. If he makes it through training camp, I bet he's on the 53 man roster.

RCPackerFan's picture

That's why I think one step at a time is the way to go with him. Its how I think the Packers will go with him as well.
I think going to Green Bay was a good move by him. Less distractions then a lot of other teams.

IF (and that's a big IF right now) he makes it on the 53. Who doesn't?

I was thinking about this, this morning. Who do they keep?
I think they will keep 4 or 5 RB's, 5 or 6 WR's, and 4 TE's?

RB - Lacy, Starks, Franklin, Harris, Kuhn
WR - Nelson, Cobb, Boykin, Adams, Abbrederis, Harper/Janis/White/Dorsey
TE - Quarless, Bostick, Rodgers, Lyerla

If they keep another WR do they then get rid of a RB? Do they get rid of Kuhn, since a guy like Lyerla would be able to play an H-Back type of role?

It definitely is going to be interesting to keep an eye on these positions when training camp starts

Bear's picture

Could be a very good signing. Hopefully, we can talk about his and the other 89 players football skills and not beat the personal problems to death.

4thand1's picture

Have at it TT haters. I'm sure they'll blast ol Ted for this signing. IMO its a good thing. Big red zone target and can jump. He still hasn't made the team so what's the risk?

4thand1's picture

You still suck. We're embarrassed reading your asinine posts.

Sir Cheese 82's picture

I'm glad you don't like this signing Cow, it means that it scares you. Considering you're not a Packer fan I can see why you wouldn't want us to sign a 1st round talent TE without having to use a pick.

hump's picture

well cow,if you hadn't proved your an idiot before,you just reiterated it,just to remind us there is no doubt!!! for any nay sayers out there,i have spent stupid hours partying with college football players and a fair share of time with my ol buddys james whalen,al johnson and some of thier cowboy teamates,and i can assure all of the naysayers,that if you banned every college kid thats taken a toke or bump once or twice in thier life,we would no longer have an nfl. just got off the phone with james about the signing, and he(who actually held the ncaa record for catches in a season by a tight end,while at kentucky)told me flat out,lyerla has more upside than ebron,and he does know a fair share about te play,and although there is no garauntees about any kids character,football wise,lyerla is a legit 1st rd talent,and also according to whalen,chip kelly called lyerla the best pure athlete in div 1 football. way to go tt,you are goin out of the box and we love it!!

Nick Perry's picture

The Eagles are stacked at TE, that's what it tells me. That and he knew the Packers reputation working with troubled players. Obviously he said some terrible, insensitive things. With that said I'm quite sure most of us on this site haven't always done or said the right thing. I'm not suggesting that any of us would/have ever said anything remotely close to Colts comments. My point is we all have a past. Maybe yours is neon white clean, I know mine isn't. It's what he does moving forward is what counts.

Nick Perry's picture

Who's post yours? Of course it was. I mean why would Cow come to a Green Bay Packers fans site and have a positive thing to say? Everybody that visits this site knew what your post would sound like as soon as the signing was announced.

ballark's picture

Just so we're clear.... you publicly call a young guy you've never met a "turd" to make a point about him not having the class or character to be in Green Bay.


4thand1's picture

Glad you brought up the Vikings. Go to their blogs and drivel. You just made a huge Freudian slip. GOPACKGO.

4thand1's picture

Oh yeah, you still suck. LOL, I gave you a like.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Cow, I'm one guy, who for the most part is with you on this. After learning more of this situation, I pretty much agree with what you are saying. There is No Argument for this guy. You are Right!! The people who disagree with you, haven't a clue what those family's are going through. To have this guy make the statements he's made, & for GB to overlook them, is an outrage. There is No other way to put it, & I don't give a Fuck what the rest of you think. Maybe we can give Caruth another chance?? Yeah, I know about the drugs. I know about conspiracies, that's his problem. He shouldn't be rewarded with millions.

lebowski's picture

If nothing else this puts an end to the outdated "Packer people" fallacy. As Jackie Childs would say, "if they can help you win, bring them in".

HankScorpio's picture

One exception to the general rule does not negate the rule. If it did, the "Packer People" thing got blown out of the water with Johnny Jolly a long time ago. Things are not quite that black and white. There is grey, too.

You can afford a few guys of questionable character in the locker room. I would argue that is even a good thing to have those guys. They bring an edge to the team. I'm thinking back to Wayne Simmons. I thought Jolly's return last year brought an edge to the defense in the beginning of the year--although that edge seemed to fade as the season ran on

But if you bring in too many of them, pretty soon the concept of the team gets lost through distractions for media dust-ups or even brushes with the law.

Kevin's picture

In my dreams, Colt is catching passes and knocking people over. Question is which is the key phrase? In my dreams, or catching passes?

packsmack's picture

The entire 90s Cowboys dynasty was doing blow habitually. This kid tried it in college. Who cares? Seems like a good kid that had a rough home life and made a few bad decisions. He clearly can play, and if he keeps his nose clean, he will make all of the GMs in the league look silly.

Jordan's picture

I agree with you completely about the past coke. Who cares.

I think the guy just needs to make a large donation to the Sandy Hook victims fund.

In my eyes, he's got to atone for that sandy hook psycho babble he put out on twitter. What he said was despicable. Maybe he can take a trip to sandy hook and visit the cemetery with all the dead first graders and visit their parents and look them in the eye and see if he still wants to call them liars with his psycho conspiracy stuff.

His agent keeps telling the media that "he wants to prove everybody wrong". Wrong about what? Sandy hook? He's going to prove that it was a government conspiracy and the government shot all those first graders? :rhetorical:

Keep in mind that GMs in the northeast teams like patriots and giants couldn't touch him with a ten foot pole due to their proximity to sandy hook. GMs in Florida (and Charlotte,NC) have a lot of NE people there and couldn't touch him either. Apparently philly is too close to sandy hook as chip Kelly didn't even sign him as undrafted free agent. Lyerla publicly stated he wanted to play for Kelly and eagles.

Nobody drafted him. Nobody signed him as an undrafted free agent. He has a chance in Green Bay because there is a lot of character guys on the team and Rob Davis keeping an eye on him.

Either way, until the guy makes some sort of sincere public apology about the sandy hook thing, he's going to have a lot of people viewing him in a negative light. ...IMO.

Scatback Samurai's picture

Your point is definitely a sign on how screwed up our country and society is.

1.Most of our elected officials in Washington are crooked as hell and lie about a great deal of things. Some of these things do result in peoples deaths. NOBODY seems gets upset about those things. We keep voting them back in.

2.The Sandy Hook comment was stupid. There's no denying that. Keep in mind how young these athletes are. I don't know how old you are, but when you start having kids and get close to your 40's, you may look back at decisions you made when you were in your early 20's and wonder WTH your were thinking. Colt and many other athletes are still immature.

3. Why is it that we (U.S.A.) get so upset with what people say? Every day people get shot, abused, assaulted, get denied when they need help, get cheated out of education and job opportunities and don't have enough to eat, and we get our panties in a bunch from something an professional sports player says. One guys tweets a one word tweet about a gay player getting drafted, and the torches and pitchforks come out and we talk about it for weeks. If we spent a fraction of that energy being outraged about the things I listed, the world would likely be a better place.

As far as Colt, I'm hoping he works out. He has a ton of talent, and from what I understand, he only has a few years of experience at the TE position. He spent his high school career as a LB and RB. He was an effective college blocker from what I saw and believe he was the size and athleticism to effective attack the middle of the second level. We'll see how he pans out in August.

Evan's picture

But you'd pick up any and all steroid users from the airport and drive them to the stadium.

RCPackerFan's picture

So in other words, you would pick up the entire Seahawks team and drive them to their stadium? :)

Nick Perry's picture

That Jordan is a excellent comment. I think a public apology and a donation would be a excellent start in letting people know that he's truly sorry for his comments. Actions speak much louder than words.

The TKstinator's picture

Throw a bovine at it.
From extreme height.

HankScorpio's picture

.."Seems like a good kid that had a rough home life and made a few bad decisions."

I would suggest you're contradicting yourself. Good kids are good kids because they make good decisions. He may not be a monster. He may deserve a second chance. He may turn into a good man, in time.

But he sure ain't no good kid. In fact, he's been such a bad kid, he almost blew a chance to become a rich man through his physical gifts. And pro teams are not exactly holding to the standards of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir when it comes to behavior of the people they are willing to shower money upon.

MarkinMadison's picture

Abusing prescription drugs is a bad decision. (Farve) Sleeping with everything with a pulse is a bad decision. (Farve) Scheming to get revenge against a group of people (GPB management) in spite of the hurt you would do to an adoring fan base says something about your character. Let me suggest that with his comments about Sandy Hook, likely motivated by a strong hatred of a certain politician, and in spite of all the pain his comments would cause to a large number of families, also says something about Colt Lyerla's character. Farve is too old to change. Lyerla is not. Whether he HAS changed or not is very much an open question. No harm in putting him on the 90-man roster, but I'd question TT's judgement if he makes the 53 before Lyerla makes a very sincere and very public apology to the Sandy Hook families.

Roger Over's picture

Can't hurt I guess to give the kid a chance. I hope this doesn't make a statement about the guys we have now is all.
My only take is a lot of this free agent stuff is, these guys played for small schools for a reason. When I hear Hawaaii, Illinois State, I hear guys who could not make the rosters of Div I.
I also see a lot of teams not betting on these guys and not spending time and capital like TT does to make them fit versus free agency.
This is cheap ball. That's all it is, is cheap ball. Draft and development my patoot. No other team believes in D & D.

PackerBacker's picture

Name me a team that doesn't believe in draft and develop and I'll show you a team that doesn't win shit.

You can't win without developing talent. You might be able to supplement slightly with FA, but if your core isn't D&D, you will be consistently poor (See Redskins & Cowgirls).

4thand1's picture

LMFAO. Spend like an idiot on FA and fill the rooster with bums. A few players will be laughing all the way to the bank with an 8-8 season or worse.

cheesehead1's picture

Everyone deserves another chance. I think it's worth taking a long look at him. If he screws up again, then he'll be gone. We need a reliable TE with good hands. Maybe he's the answer. Only one way to find out.

nypenncheesehead's picture

just to stir the pot.... who can forget brandon jacobs in the backfield? does anybody have any recollection of lyerla's abilities as a running back? nice size... speed... how would this kid look in the backfield????

JimTaylor31's picture

I don't see the harm in giving him a chance. We all did and said stupid things when we were younger and most of us got second chances and ended up OK. I'm just glad we didn't have Twitter and other electronic media when I was a kid so my stupidity was pretty confined. I see no reason for any public apologies. The main thing is that he gets his head straight and moves forward doing something positive with his life. Whether it's football or whatever. I hope he makes it and does some good for the Packers.

ballark's picture

Here's an angle nobody on this thread has brought up, nor has many in the GB media...

First off, I suspect Ted makes every decision by asking, "Is this a good football decision? Is it good for the GB Packers team?" Seeing a possible gap at TE, and seeing Lyerla's skill and athleticism, it passed the football decision test.

But obviously, with Lyerla it then becomes, what are the chances he's on the right path, and do we want him in the clubhouse. I read GB talked to a LOT of people, and it's clear they talked to Colt. What I trust is that Ted would not have been willing to bring in a problem if he thought Colt was one.

But this brings me to the nuance that I think many have missed, and that's the Jolly experience. With Jolly, same thing, Ted saw first, a guy who could possibly help his football team. But then to see Jolly succeed as a human being, in the locker room, in the community...I think that might've impacted Ted more than he'd let on. Molding men is something that goes back to the Lombardi days and I wonder if Ted sees the value in that (beyond football, to some degree). Though again, guy has to first pass the football test.

What Lyerla said was upsetting for sure. The kid clearly has had some problems. But to date, he has never hurt anyone but himself.

At the end of the day, I trust and respect Ted's evaluation and willingness to give a young guy another chance, just as I did when he brought back Jolly.

JimTaylor31's picture

No, he hasn't hurt anyone but himself but he did quit on his team. So he has affected others besides himself. The fact that he did quit on his team last year troubles me as much as anything else. Again, I'm all for giving him another chance but at the same time if he trips up then he's gotta go. We can't go into the season with a guy we're not sure is going to be there when we need him.

JimTaylor31's picture

Well I think MM and TT asked the right questions and certainly Lyerla gave the right answers. But there really is no way to predict what a guy who is as unpredictable Lyerla will eventually do. I mean there's no harm in bringing him in and giving him a shot. But let's face it....he's a mess.

HankScorpio's picture

"The fact that he did quit on his team last year troubles me as much as anything else."

Me, too. That's the biggest red flag of them all, for my money. Injuries wreck enough havoc with the 53 man roster. Bringing in guys that are not committed to the team and/or are a higher risk of suspension need to be clearly better, by a longshot, than they guys they are competing against.

I think Lyerla's chances of making the 53 man roster are in the range of the chances Mary Swanson would date Lloyd Christmas.

The PS is another matter, tho.

Evan's picture

PS is certainly a possibility - but if he has a nice camp and stays on the straight and narrow, I don't know if he's make it to the PS/stick.

But we have many months before we have to worry about that.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Talent, money, donations, even apologies unless sincere, do not re-establish character or reputation. Deeds can, though. TT needs to discern whether Lyerla has a kernel of integrity within him. Quitting (or getting kicked off) the team and the rant about Sandy Hook bother me not just for the content but also because both incidents make me wonder if Lyerla can't accept authority and/or coaching. Quitting and the rant make me think Lyerla might be a self-absorbed jerk. Getting caught with coke is bad, but I have known several young people who abused various drugs in their teens and early twenties and went on to live exemplary lives. I cannot judge this young man w/o doing the investigating that GB has done. I hope TT is right about Lyerla.

The more important decision comes when deciding whether to give him a roster spot. If Lyerly self-destructs after making the 53, then it means that some other player who might have helped the team isn't on the team. And maybe Lyerla needs a year out of the spotlight to mature.

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