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Packer Transplants with Mike Daniels & Jason Wilde

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Packer Transplants with Mike Daniels & Jason Wilde

Episode 126

We talk with Packers Defensive Lineman Mike Daniels & Packers beat writer Jason Wilde about the upcoming game against the Falcons

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dullgeek's picture

The first thing *I* do when I get to WI is stop at Rocky Rococo's Pizza.

DraftHobbyist's picture

To each their own, but I think if you try other pizza places you might find one you like better. Wisconsin has a lot of great pizza joints. One of my favorites is Luigi's Pizza. Hansen's Pizza is pretty good, too.

PittPackers's picture

The best Packer Transplants in recent memory. The guests were great and the questions were both relevant and provocative, particularly with Wilde. Thanks for the great show!

coreyb's picture


Theresa Schultz's picture

New listener to transplants. Use the download audio feature however there have been problems the last 2 weeks. It only plays about half the show. Today's podcast cut off around 27:30 and goes right to the end. I'm missing half the show and no matter what I try I can't get it to play after 27 minute mark

PackerAaron's picture

Huh. Sorry about that. I'll ask Corey what's up...

Theresa Schultz's picture

Not sure if you made any changes or different day different results but I got the whole audio podcast today. Can't use the video stream as I'm listening with my phone and Flash 9 is not available on android.

coreyb's picture

Glad to hear you got something to work Theresa

DraftHobbyist's picture

It works for me on Google Chrome. If you're using Internet Explorer that could be part of the problem. Otherwise, try reloading and see if you can skip ahead. If worse comes to worse then just watch the video.

robert's picture

The calm (Wilde) after the storm (Nolan). I prefer my Transplants chaotic, irreverent and laugh out loud funny. Loving the helmet heater though!

MarkinMadison's picture

Rocky Rococo is pretty meh. It's more like a big thick slice of bread with some grease thrown on it. You want good pizza, go to Roman Candle in Madison/Middleton.

I had no problems with the audio download here. I went to SI to check out Nagler's stuff there this morning. Did a search, came up with about half a dozen hits, all dated material, and the video I tried to watch cut out froze after 20 seconds. Could be a home network problem. Who knows.

erikgj's picture

Two things.

AJ Hawks role should be reduced. But we need to keep him in the organization. QC coach or something after the 2014 season.

Rewatched the game yesterday. I have to give Devante Adams credit he was lit up and left the game dazed and came back strong. He even held onto the ball after being sandwiched. Played a great game afterwards. Great tough play be a rising star.

BlueEchoes's picture

Good stuff guys. 2nd episode I have seen and I am hooked. Will be checking it out often. Happy holidays!

PackerAaron's picture

Thanks very much! Thanks for checking it out. And back at you!

empecador's picture

I'm a cheesehead from Barcelona (Spain). It's the first time I listened you and I loved it.

I liked very much to hear Mike Daniels, one of my favorite players.

Congratulations for your work

PackerAaron's picture

Thanks! Glad you found us.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Last week I must admit that I was a bit infatuated with the sexy librarian glasses and the incredible football knowledge all wrapped up in a good looking package. Thank goodness you guys dumped that girl and were back this week with those same glasses, insights, and good looks.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

By the way, a few weeks ago you mentioned how key it is to have a foil on the site. What are we going to do now that the bovine is no more? We may need to ask him back...

4thand1's picture

He's been here before Danny, just got a new handle.

DraftHobbyist's picture

I loved how this PT really showed the personality of Mike Daniels. Direct and no nonsense. When asked about 3rd down pass rushing (great question), I loved how he said he'll do whatever the team asks, but at the same time he definitely seemed to think he's a good pass rusher (which I agree with). All-in-all, this week's PT was much better than last week's PT.

PackerAaron's picture

Always knew last week wouldn't be for everyone. Glad you enjoyed this episode.

DraftHobbyist's picture

I would have enjoyed it more if it was more fact-based. I have no problem with women being in the NFL, and actually I think that some day a woman will play in the NFL, but when you have someone on that made a few Youtube videos with a "few hundred views", then gets contacted by a national media contact with a job opportunity for her own show, and then she turns around and says that women are discriminated against in the media with very little facts then of course I'm going to complain. Her personal story of getting into the media is a story of how companies try extremely hard to get women into the media, much harder than the media tries to get men of equal credentials into those jobs.

PackerAaron's picture

And with this post you have proven that you have, without question, completely missed her point.

DraftHobbyist's picture

Just because I don't agree with her doesn't mean I missed her point. She's talking about how women are accepted into the NFL, but they don't get the positions that matter the most. They are the hosts and the people asking the questions instead of the people answering them. She COMPLETELY ignores that many men simply have better credentials.

Honestly, what woman has better credentials than someone like Bill Cowher to analyze a game? You have coaches and hall of fame players that are usually being analysts, and that matters. I'm not saying a woman can't be qualified because she didn't play, but we can't pretend like playing and coaching doesn't matter.

I've mentioned before that there are some women in medical analystic positions (Stephania Bell), and there are women in executive positions that may some day want to join the media, but do you have any names of women that are more qualified to be analysts than Hall of Fame players and coaches?

As for simply trying to bring in the female audience, I don't think that's a good reason to discriminate against men and hire women with less credentials to be analysts.

We hear these arguments all the time with the "wage gap" that doesn't exist. People constantly claim women get paid less, but that has to do with credentials and what jobs women go into. The jobs that kill the most people are 90%+ male, and people rightfully get paid more for putting their lives at risk. When you compare never married women with no children to never married men with no children, do you know who gets paid more? Never married women make around $1.17 to every man's $1 for the same work, not to mention extra maternity benefits. In Vietnam, women made just as much even though men paid the most with their lives because they were put in the riskiest areas while women were not.

The fact is, and I'm not trying to be mean, she thinks about the issue in a very shallow manner. She completely fails to see the root causes of things, and that's what happens when you get sports writers that never actually researched the topic taking on political issues. We see actors and musicians leading the way on these kinds of issues, but the fact is that very few of them actually do the proper research.

If you a want a life-changing book to read I'd suggest to you, her, and viewers to read the book "The Myth of Male Power". It will change how you view the world.

PackerAaron's picture

"She COMPLETELY ignores that many men simply have better credentials."

Lol. And why would that be exactly?

And wow are you ignorant when it comes to the gender wage gap. That book has done a great job of warping your viewpoint.

4thand1's picture

Burn that bra baby, I'm from the 60's

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