Pack-A-Day Podcast - Episode 1953 - Packers Clearly Won the Aaron Rodgers Trade

On today's show, Andy is back with Sam Monson to discuss the Packers' playoff surge, post-Thanksgiving Christian Watson, Jordan Love's ascent, and a look back at the Roders/Jets trade. Don't miss it!

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On today's show, Andy is back with Sam Monson to discuss the Packers' playoff surge, post-Thanksgiving Christian Watson, Jordan Love's ascent, and a look back at the Roders/Jets trade. Don't miss it!



Andy is a graduate of UW-Oshkosh and owns & operates the Pack-A-Day Podcast. Andy has taken multiple courses in NFL scouting and is an Editor for Packer Report. Andy grew up in Green Bay and is a lifelong season ticket holder - follow him on Twitter @AndyHermanNFL!

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November 30, 2023 at 01:23 pm

Without question the Packers won the Aaron Rodgers trade. Not just this year, but annually for many years to come!

First, some historical points!

I associate with being a serious NFL draft nerd and have been for close to 50-years. For whatever reason It is just my thing and gets my juices flowing in the months leading up to the draft each year. It certainly distracts from the cold and snow during this time of the year. I also want to share It is great for myself and fellow draft nerds to to be able to use this platform to share draft perspectives on CCTV, and from what I have identified is there seems to be about 10 posters who truly dive deep into players prior to the annual draft who I have much respect for based on the time they invest researching players.

Like all of you, I sometimes hit a home run identifying certain players the Packers should draft at various positions, while at other times I am either completely surprised by a Packer selection, or just simply miss the mark. It happens but also what helps to make the NFL draft fun!

For the April 23rd, 2020 draft first round draft selection my research showed me there were just 2 players I thought worthy of the Packers #30 selection. One player was WR, Justin Jefferson, while the other was QB, Jordan Love. I really liked both players a lot and of course the Packers could have used a quality WR (is there ever a year they don't?), while with Aaron Rodgers on the team it was just not as important to draft a QB. I would have been happy with either player but the player I really wanted was QB, Jordan Love because I experienced the 1970's and 1980's and know all too well the importance of taking a top QB when available. Whether fortunately, or unfortunately the MN Vikings had both the #22 & the #25 pick in round 1. During the 2020 draft I had a small draft party at my house that included a close friend who I label being a 'misguided & misfortunate Viking fan'. As the Vikings were on the clock with their #22 pick I claimed the Vikings were going to take WR, Justin Jefferson (even if they hadn't I knew they would select him at #25 if he was still available). Of course, the Vikings did draft Jefferson with the #22 selection and later they traded their #25 selection for like either the #30, or #31 pick. Consequently, I was extremely nervous someone would draft Jordan Love and when all of a sudden they announced on ESPN that the Packers traded their #30 & #136 selection to move up to #26 I shouted out loud the Packers were drafting Jordan Love. Of course I was correct with this particular draft pick and the rest is history!

As any of you regulars at CCTV know........from Day 1 when the Packers drafted Jordan Love I have been his biggest fan (arguably). I saw the natural athletic ability and extreme confidence he had who in my eyes had similar abilities to Mahomes, or a Brett Favre (only time will determine how good Jordan becomes). Most everyone on CCTV (yes, pretty much everyone) complained, cried, and have repeatedly bitched about the drafting of Jordan Love ever since April 23, 2020. While I acknowledge there are many posters here at CCTV who have a high football IQ there are only about 10 posters at CCTV who have both the ability to recognize NFL talent, and who invest the necessary time/work to identify talent who should/shouldn't be drafted in the different rounds of the draft.

I share all the above because none of the success Jordan Love has been stacking as the season progresses have been a surprise. It has been my expectation since even prior to April 23rd, 2020. Jordan Love will be the GBP's franchise QB for a long time. Every year, following the draft it is ALWAYS enjoyable to see most of the same posters crying, complaining, and bitching about certain players who were drafted because I know more often than not they will have to eventually admit their initial reactions were incorrect.

Yes, absolutely get on board the Jordan Love (and Gutey) train as the future looks bright. Whether the Packers get into the playoffs this year only time will tell (my prediction had been 9 or 10 victories prior to the season) all of us should be excited about Jordan Love, the offense, and the overall team. It is young with a lot of talent! This 2024 draft with 5-selections in the top 100 is going to be huge for the GBP's. If they successfully hit on those draft selections I believe the Packers will have a SB caliber team in 2024, 2025, and 2026.

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