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Justin Outten to be hired as Packers' TEs coach, not Brian Angelichio

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Justin Outten to be hired as Packers' TEs coach, not Brian Angelichio

-- So Brian Angelichio won't be sticking around after all.

As of Monday night, Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the Green Bay Packers' new regime won't be retaining Angelichio and instead, will hire Atlanta Falcons assistant offensive line coach Justin Outten to coach the team's tight end position.

This doesn't come as a shock considering the staff was relatively fluid under new head coach Matt LaFleur, however, it's certainly a surprise considering reports suggested Angelicihio would be one of the rare few Mike McCarthy proteges to be kept on LaFleur's staff.

McCarthy was fired on Dec. 2, and after the season, the Packers did away with a significant part of his previous coaching staff and parting ways with anyone who had ties to the team's former coach of 13 seasons.

As of right now, running backs coach Ben Sirmans is the only offensive position coach or assistant with any relevance to McCarthy.

Outten has served as an offensive assistant for the Falcons since joining the team's staff full time in 2017. He has a well-groomed background in working with the offensive line, despite what his current job title with the Packers would be. He previously spent nine seasons working with Spring Westfield high school as an assistant head coach, offensive coordinator and offensive line coach.

This isn't the first time the Packers have made somewhat of an unorthodox hire and moved a coach from one position group to another.

In 2012, the Packers made former assistant offensive line coach of five seasons Jerry Fontenot their new tight ends coach, spending the next four seasons working with the likes of Jermichael Finley, Richard Rodgers and Andrew Quarless.

Outten doesn't have a true playmaker at the tight end position right now, or even a vertical threat that can stretch teams down the seam like Finley was able to do for most of the first two years of Fontenot's tenure. There's a strong likelihood that the Packers aim for one of the coveted tight ends in this year's draft class, sometime within the first three rounds.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Nick Perry's picture

"Outten has served as an offensive assistant for the Falcons since joining the team's staff full time in 2017. He has a well-groomed background in working with the offensive line, despite what his current job title with the Packers would be. He previously spent nine seasons working with Spring Westfield high school as an assistant head coach, offensive coordinator and offensive line coach."

Are you F***ing kidding me? An assistant line coach for 2 years, TWO with the Falcons and before that at a HIGH SCHOOL??

I'll be the first to admit I WAS WRONG. I actually posted I had been warming up to the MLF hire a day or two after he was named HC. But after the O-Line hire and now a coach with TWO years as an assistant in the NFL and 9 years in HS as our TE coach I'm cooling quick....The "Experts" said MLF might have a hard time filling out a staff and it seems to be true. I mean are you REALLY telling me these two were the best hires to make OR the best hires MLF could make??

This is starting to get embarrassing!

Rak47's picture

I don't think that he would have had as many interviews set up if coaches were not willing to come to GB. This smells of FO meddling. I really think with McCarthy and so many of his staff still due paydays they want to go as cheap as possible. Why else would you turn away the best Special teams coach on the market by far if it was truly all about just winning? From what I've read Rizzi and LaFluer got along quite well during his interview and LaFluer liked him. Also I think Murphy wants a coach and assistants he can control more easily as opposed to veterans who've been around the block a few times.

Nick Perry's picture

I really think with McCarthy and so many of his staff still due paydays they want to go as cheap as possible.

CHEAP should NEVER be a what drives a team like the Packers who make money likes it's raining benjamins and preaches it's all about Championships.

" Also I think Murphy wants a coach and assistants he can control more easily as opposed to veterans who've been around the block a few times."

Sure, because hiring a guy who was coaching 16 year olds just 3 years ago is SO MUCH better.

cuervo's picture

You've obviously never hired or promoted anyone. Every single coach, manager, CEO, etc. started out with little experience but showed someone an ability to do more. They get promoted and if their ability continues to grow they get promoted over and over.

This is nothing new, you have no clue who any of these people are, and therefor have no clue what their abilities are. I guess your assumption that they suck because they don't have 30 years of coaching experience fills your need to continue the drama party. We could hire a bunch of Ron Zooks, Winston Mosses, and Shawn Slocums....all have extensive NFL coaching experience. Geez....

Nick Perry's picture

Now this is interesting...You call me out for making an assumption yet you assume to know something about me based on what I post on CHTV?

I'll tell you one thing...I don't assume anything about anyone on this site other than WHAT they post is because they love the Packers and it's THEIR opinion on that specific post. I'd appreciate it if you did the same with me.

BTW..."Drama Party"...Yup, that's exactly the need I'm trying to fill! You got me dude...

Rak47's picture

"I guess your assumption that they suck because they don't have 30 years of coaching experience fills your need to continue the drama party."
You're making quite a few assumptions yourself. there are two sides to every coin. you're assuming they were hired because they were the best available for what the packers will spend. You're also assuming they were not hired because he can't get better. You're assuming they excelled in their last position. If that was the case why let them walk? Many coaches will promote their best coaches to keep them in house? There's a whole lot of unanswered questions from both sides of the coin, not just one.

Rak47's picture

"I guess your assumption that they suck because they don't have 30 years of coaching experience fills your need to continue the drama party."
You're making quite a few assumptions yourself. there are two sides to every coin. you're assuming they were hired because they were the best available for what the packers will spend. You're also assuming they were not hired because he can't get better. You're assuming they excelled in their last position. If that was the case why let them walk? Many coaches will promote their best coaches to keep them in house? There's a whole lot of unanswered questions from both sides of the coin, not just one.

Jimmy Ryan's picture

Is the kettle black?

Coldworld's picture

Reports that we declined to pay what a proven ST coordinator was asking make me very nervous about the thought process in the FO.

That said, this hire could well just be a question of identifying someone with talent to move up. I am not sure whether this was a position that was well coached in 18. With the usage of the TEs being such a mess it was pretty hard to deduce anything about the position coach positive or negative.

Nick Perry's picture

The Packers, who are paying the first year of LaFleur’s new deal and the final year of Mike McCarthy’s contract, reportedly balked at Rizzi’s demands.
It doesn’t sound as if the fit between LaFleur and Rizzi was a problem. Per Silverstein, the two had a “great visit” in Green Bay last week."


Hawg Hanner's picture

Maybe you didn't move so quickly in your career and had to suffer years in one position before you were able to move up. I can look at the facts you stated and see a very bright guy who made the jump to the big league and is now ready for more responsibility, The really smart people move up the ladder wuickly

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

Nick Perry, the team didn’t have to hire Outten. They were, by all indications, planning to retain Angelichio as the TE coach. So, it’s likely that they saw more in Outten than in Angelichio. At this stage in the off-season, I’m still going to reserve judgement on MLF and his coaching staff.

Rak47's picture

How do you know Angelichio didn't like what he was seeing and wanted to leave to pursue other opportunities, Jim? It's just as likely either way. If Angelichio asked to leave I'm sure LaFluer wouldn't want him if he didn't want to be there, so it's likely they gave him his release. I'm sorry my friend but I'm not buying the argument they saw more in an assistant coach from Atlanta [3 years removed from high school coaching] who had a terrible line, than they did in an already proven coach. I know Atlanta's line sucked becauseI live in Atlanta and have Falcons season tickets. I see all their games. Falcons O-line coach was Kyle Flood who's leaving to coach the O-line at Alabama. If this guy was so good why didn't the Falcons promote him instead of letting him walk like flood? I'll tell you why, because Dan Quinn knows he can get way better coaches than an assistant with very limited experience.

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

I don’t know Outten, so I can’t provide any support of him vs. Angelichio. Still, what proof do you have the Angelichio was unhappy with “what he was seeing and wanted to leave to pursue other opportunities?” Is that based any facts? Thanks.

Rak47's picture

I never said Angelichio was unhappy, I asked you how you would know if that wasn't the case. Since you seem so sure the Packers see something in Outten to make them want him over Angelichio. So no it's not based on facts, it's pure speculation same as your claim that the Packers saw more in Outten than Angelichio. That's the whole point Jim! It's all speculation and scrutiny. Yet when someone on here scrutinizes a move the Packers make everyone gets upset and acts like the scrutinizer is passing judgment. Instead of looking at the move objectively they want to give credit automatically to the Packers as all knowing in never wrong. 31 other teams make mistakes, but the Packers? Never!

Rak47's picture


JimR_in_SoCal's picture

Rak47 said: “I never said Angelichio was unhappy, I asked you how you would know if that wasn't the case.”

That’s nonsensical. You might as well have asked me how I would know if [Angelichio’s least favorite color is green] isn’t the case.

Rak47's picture

Well I would expect you to know that as much as expecting you to know what the Packers were thinking in replacing Angelichio. Once again it's all speculation. You typed your opinion on the matter, and it is only speculation. What exactly are you saying, your speculation is better than mine? Seriously?

bosco08's picture

I know Brian personally. He wanted to stay.

Skip greenBayless's picture

lol.. Nick, I really enjoyed your rant. You remind me of myself about two weeks ago getting bombed relentlessly for speaking out against the LaFleur hire. I was a little shocked at the Getsy enabler hire and that was before I even read this latest hire. My God a high school coach is now our tight ends coach lol? I saw all this coming. Nobody believed me or wanted to believe me. I got attacked and even calls for banishment for speaking out against the inexperienced LaFleur who's claim to fame was "having a cup of coffee" for a year with the Rams coach.

Outten's hire has outed LaFleurs'a inability to hire the most qualified assistant coaches. Probably a buddy hire when he was qb coach in Atlanta who knows. This is yet another downgrade in assistant coaches as Angelichio was highly respected around the NFL just like Campen and Whitt. We have downgrades accross the board in the front office and we no doubt have downgrades in the head coach and assistant coaches. Yeah, yeah, yeah, give them a chance and "hope and change". I've been down that road before. I'm older now and wiser. If you believe this is the best the Packers have to offer than you really set the bar low. This is disgraceful what is going on at 1265. God, I wish Trump was running the Packers. He's the only guy that could save this team from caving in.


Rak47's picture

Hey Dash you're gonna love this, It's being reported now that LaFluer has his eyes on Mike Mallory for Special teams coach, lmfao. This guy is so horrible that after coordinating Jacksonville ST and finishing near the bottom of the league 3 years in a row he was DEMOTED to assistant ST coach by the Jaguars. He's basically another Ron Zook. Never fear though why would LaFluer hire a failed retread coordinator you ask? Because Mallory's brother was on the Atlanta's staff with LaFluer. But I guess he's the best LaFluer can do. If he hires this guy watch all the idiots come out in droves to defend the move, lmao for real. Now let's get some thumbs down from the h8ters and the peanut gallery. There's an article about it over on PW.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Rak em!! I want to congratulate you on the increased amount of dislikes you received today. You are becoming a force. That's a good thing. Dislikes are rare and only the best of the best get them in large amounts. If you keep telling the truth and are honest you might be respected like the greats here are respected. Keep up the good work.

Now as to your latest. That is some VERY interesting info Rak. So this Mike Mallory is at the bottom of the rankings for 3 years and Golly Gee LaFleur is showing a major interest in him? After hiring a high school coach today nothing surprises me anymore with these poor decisions they are making. I think you could put 24 assistant coaches names on a SEE n Say and have a toddler pull the lever and he would make a better decision on who to hire.


Rak47's picture

Got a lot of dislikes for telling the truth objectively today, Dash! But it was pretty cool because now I know what Aaron Rodgers feels like on a breezy Sunday afternoon after dismantling the Bears @ Soldier field and breaking their fans hearts, lol.

Rak47's picture

I just call it like I see it Dash. Some of LaFluer's hires I like quite a bit and a couple I think are garbage. No rose colored blinders on me. It always amazes me how sensitive some folks get when you scrutinize any move the Packers make.

Curt's picture

wow - and before any practices has been held, let alone preseason or games. Give the guys a chance - the old highly qualified folks didn't work out so well the last couple years

Rak47's picture

Why did LaFluer say they were going to build the best staff possible when they aren't? It Started off good retaining Pettine, and Angelichio, along with scheduled interviews of Monken, Hackett, Dorrell, Jefferson, Rizzi, Pollack. All experienced quality coaches. Then the wheels fell off and he starts hiring assistant coaches at bargain basement prices.Two so far in [Stenavich/Outten] one of which was just coaching high school ball 3 years ago. With a few more on his radar like Chris Shula,Brayden Coombs, Chris Horton, Rod Wilson,Doug Coleman, Ryan Ficken, Mathew Harper, Jeff Hammerschmidt, Stan Kwan, and Matt Daniels, all assitant coaches in the NFL who would be dirt cheap first time position coaches. And those are mostly who he's reportedly considering for the Special Teams coordinators job. Are you kidding me? Whatever spin job they end up selling on these coach hires I'm definitely not buying.

kevgk's picture

Just because you can recite names doesnt mean your opinions about those names are worth anything. Stop pretending to have any valuable insight.

Rak47's picture

No need to be offensive just because you don't know who those names belong to and what they've accomplished at the NFL level. You also don't understand that experience translates to the NFL, as well as real life, so it's safe to assume you have none other than what you experienced living in your mothers basement. Rather than project your ignorance about the subject on me, just ask and I'll explain to you in simple terms even you can understand. No need for you to PRETEND to be high and mighty.

Rak47's picture

So easy to spot the "In Ted we Trust" crowd. Now that they've worn that out, on to the next. The " In LaFluer we trust" era starts now. Lafluer could hire a glass of Root Beer to be a position coach and all the dimwits will say "give it a chance it has a good head on it", lol. Or some poor schmuck will say "that's what I'm talking about he's foaming at the mouth to get out there, can't wait to see what coach Root will do. There is no making a bad decision with these people only excuses for bad decisions.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Angelichio had some kind of reputation coming in here but just look at the production out of the tight ends since he arrived. For all the embittered commentators out there, the TE coach was/is accountable for the crap output at the end of the day and he is appropriately looking for other opportunities. For those who want lots of experience, well we had Dom Capers and Ron Zook. How could we go wrong with such veteran guys huh?

Rak47's picture

Graham can't block and that's Angelichio's fault? Bennet couldn't run or catch and that was his fault also? Kendricks doesn't do anything exceptionally well although he does everything ok. And McCarthy has been repeatedly criticized for his use of TE's. Idk if Angelichio's a good coach or not but I won't blame that dumpster fire of a position on him. On the flip side we also have had inexperienced coaches trying new positions like David Raih and Edgar Bennett and those didn't work out so well did they? As you said they are appropriately looking for other opportunities. See it works both ways, two sides to a coin, not just one.

Stu M's picture

Blocking can be coached. Catching the ball, yes, that falls under coaching IMO. Running can be coached too in terms of footwork and "running" your routes. Why not get Lance to focus on one aspect of what he does to make it great instead of "Oh you're okay at that, lets get you okay at something else." That falls on coaching and maybe if they were coached better, they would have a more important role in the offense.

Rak47's picture

Can you coach heart? How about fortitude? Maybe a willpower coach? You see these are things that cannot be coached that are attached to each and every player. If you never played the game you probably wouldn't understand. All the coaching in the world is not going to make a player capable of doing something he can't do.

carlos's picture

I’ll take heart over a lot of things. I don’t know much about the assistant coaches so don’t have a lot of a response. All I know, and yes I played, is some of my best coaches I’ve been around didn’t make it to the top even though I think they should have. They seemed very intent in their role on the team and were great teachers.

Vrog's picture

Calm down people.

The TKstinator's picture


Lare's picture

I just checked outside, the sky isn't falling yet.

I don't care if the Packers have experienced coaches, I want them to have good coaches.

Rak47's picture

Good coaches tend to get hired a lot and that's why the best have the most experience. The best coach on the Packers staff is Pettine who coincidentally is the most experienced. I don't want good coaches I want great coaches. Every team in the league has good coaches but only a few teams have great ones and even fewer teams have the talent on the field to match. All the FO talked about with Lafluer's hire was how much experience he had with QB's, coordinating different offenses, and calling plays. I guess that whole experience thing doesn't come into play with position coaches just head coaches. In public relations it's easy to spin whatever story works best for your agenda as people will believe whatever they want that makes them feel good regardless of facts.

Pauline Wienandt's picture

Oh my God, all of you naysayers. Give our new coaches a chance. Do you think all the retread coaches did not start out with little experience. I think some of you so called Packer fans would not be happy if you did not have something to complain about regarding the Packers. I'm excited about the youth that they will have for coaches. Young fresh ideas is what we needed. Not the same ole same ole that we have had for the past few years. Give them a break and do not pass judgement until it is due.

Rak47's picture

Check the dictionary Sis, Scrutinizing and Judgement are two different concepts and are not synonymous.

carlos's picture

You’re right. Everyone has to start somewhere. Just teach, have passion, be a positive motivator and lots of energy. Learn all you can and do a lot of listening. Some great ideas can come from the strangest places. Make progress every day and as one coach would say,”No days off.” It’s a tough business.

LeotisHarris's picture

I don't know, Pauline. I think you'll miss the flamenco dancing and bull fighting, too. Ole!

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I agree!

By all accounts there was a lot of dysfunction with the Packers last year. I have been in management turnover situations and what is taking place is 100% routine. The other thing is I routinely have experienced in life is where those with a lot of experience presumably are better in various jobs than those with less experience. Very frequently that couldn't be further from the truth. Look no further than MM. Set in his ways and didn't keep up with new innovative thinking. A fair number of experienced coaches are part of the old Boys Network (Winston).

Going with younger coaches who are HUNGRY and innovative (think Getsy with all the new pass catching drills) vs a bunch of old guys players cant relate to. These young coaches are still wanting and hoping to climb in the coaching ranks where many of the grizzled experienced coaches know they no longer have ability to ascend further and go thru the motions coaching the same techniques they have for past several decades.

I will remain open minded and accept change and hope that equates to success. The old saying that 17 years experience may be one years experience 17 times can often be true. Go Pack!

RCPackerFan's picture

"I just checked outside, the sky isn't falling yet."

Give it a few hours. Storm is supposed to hit soon.

FTS Messamore's picture

It looks like he's following the same playbook as Shannahan and McVay. Did we not see this coming? Young energetic staff to coach young developing players. I'm fine with it until the results are bad. Let's see how this plays out guys.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Maybe I should apply?

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Can't take a joke counter: 3

Nick Perry's picture

Thumbs up Jeremy, thumbs up...

carlos's picture

I’d apply, but I’m too old.

Rak47's picture

Have you coached with LaFluer, or know someone who's brothers- half sisters- husbands-uncle did? Then you'll probably get the job.

carlos's picture

My friends and relatives coached high school. I was stuck at the “pee wee” level. Way more fun.

tm_inter's picture

Give Matt LaFleur a chance to recruit his own team of generally young coaches. If experience was the word MLF did not qualify to be Packers head coach in the first place.

After all, MLF himself and his cronies Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay all started out as very young and inexperienced. Look at what McVay has done to the Rams who are going to the Super Bowl - and McVay will only be 33 years old in two days.

Daren726's picture

Just about every coach started out coaching high school. They all were junior assistants or interns at some point. We are looking for a complete change. Let’s give him some leash to make it. We need fresh blood with new ideas.

Rak47's picture

Say what? every coach starts out coaching high school? The ones that do 99.9% of time have more than 2 years assistant coach experience before moving to an NFL position coach and coaching a position they've never coached before. MLF is an unknown and he seems to be hiring a lot of unknows as opposed to known quality coaches. That's not to say these guys won't do great. The problem is no one knows as they're unproven as position coaches. Not everyone is good at it. Reportedly Aaron Rodgers told David Raih in camp that Raih didn't know what he was doing. And Raih was an assistant for a couple years as well. Obviously McCarthy thought he was ready but that didn't mean he actually was. Only time will tell. But some fans want to go by more than just faith, some of us would like to feel confident in what LaFlluer is doing.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

It isnt all about X's and O's. Can you teach? Do you have the ability to communicate and relate to young men?

Give me someone with less technical football knowledge but with great communication, motivator and teaching ability and you will have a GREAT coach in no time. Reverse it and you will have a poor coach. You can teach X's and O's but you cannot teach someone to be a great communicator, motivator with teaching ability.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Hope so. There isn't a word in his CV about ever coaching TEs.

Googled him: he was a three-year starter at center for Syracuse, and spent 8 years at that H.S. which might be a football factory: apparently, he coached 24 OL who got collegiate scholarships.

If he can teach and inspire Graham to block, that would indeed be an accomplishment.

WMA's picture

Be better if he could teach and inspire Tonyan to block.

Rak47's picture

Why would he have ever needed to coach TE's TGR? Dont'cha know? Lafluer hired him so he must be good. Could probably coach any position in football you can think of, even some of the ones you can't too.

RCPackerFan's picture

I love how over reactionary everyone is.

Yes, perhaps this guy doesn't look good on paper with a short resume. Does that mean he isn't or won't be a good coach? No.

None of us know any of these guys. We don't know their coaching style and we don't know how they are with the players.
So when we know nothing how can we say whether or not this is a good move or not.

So that being said, lets wait and see what happens.

Big Moe's picture

Well said!

The TKstinator's picture

I, however, have always made it a priority to under-react. Rarely turns out unfavorably.

ReaganRulz's picture

Lets give these guys a chance. I am excited for a new approach. It’s a risk but something that a lot of fans are looking for. We need a couple more playmakers and if it all pays off, we are back to dominating the league.

nostradanus's picture

Haha, chill out people, none of us are qualified to judge the quality of these hires.

It's not like Angelichio was setting the world on fire as a Tight Ends coach, his Tight End unit was a major fail!

MLF is bringing in young up and coming guys he can work with and that are going to implement and run things the way he wants.

Lets at least wait until the pre-season before we over react and bring out the pitch forks and the tar and feathers.

That is all....

Big Moe's picture

"Lets at least wait until the pre-season before we over react and bring out the pitch forks and the tar and feathers."

LMAO, omg that is perfect.

HankScorpio's picture

"Lets at least wait until the pre-season before we over react and bring out the pitch forks and the tar and feathers."

Or at least until the coaching staff is confirmed by the Packers. As of the time of typing this reply, they have 3 coaches listed on their official site. Matt LaFleur is the head coach. Nathaniel Hackett is the OC and Mike Pettine is the DC.

We think we know more. But we thought we knew Angelichio was the TE coach. And now we think he's not. So clearly unconfirmed reports have been incorrect in the past.

carlos's picture

Well said Nos

Razer's picture

Maybe nobody wants to coach with LaFleur. Maybe they don't like the people interviewing them. Maybe the word in the coaching realm is that Green Bay is dysfunctional. OR maybe these guys know their stuff. I am hoping the latter.

My only concern is that we have a play-calling HC who will be immersed in the offensive plan and kissing his sheet during the game. If you are going to hire assistant assistant coaches then you need someone to work the coaches. It was my biggest problem with McCarthy. Chronic underperformance on the team and he never took the time to rectify the problems.

Lphill's picture

Tony Romo for quarterbacks coach, this guy will be a head coach some day.

Razer's picture

Tony Romo is a broadcast star. All he has to do is show up and chat with Jim Nantz. Why in the world would he give up that sweet gig to toil away in a film room like he did for the last 20 years.

carlos's picture

I like that idea about Romo. He is from Wisconsin. I always hoped Leroy Butler could help coach our DB’s. Maybe I’m wrong, but think he could be a good coach.

Bure9620's picture

Very interesting hire. It is wait and see for me. Maybe with an O-line background he can teach JG how to block?? Not likely. Though, experienced coaches are not always the best fit as is true with anything. Older=more stubborn. It's true. Not to offend any of the older posters.

I am more concerned with ST coodinator. Considering we had the worst teams unit in the league, ML needs to get this one right. He nailed the Hackett hire imo, he or Monken would have been great hires.

4thand10's picture

Young does not necessarily mean innovative either...that goes both ways. Everything ....from music to football plays is just a copied regurgitated version from a past time. Now grasshopper, take the pebble from my hand.

PatrickGB's picture

I agree with the posters who want a wait and see approach. The only exception is waiting on the ST coach. If money was really the only reason the FO gave for the non hire then I get a bit antsy over possible interference from the Murphy/Ball team.

Ezra's Hotdog's picture

Could have been the ST coach Rizzi wanted more $$ than the Packers were paying LaFleur.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture


Justin Outten is entering his second season as an offensive assistant for the Falcons. Before joining the staff full time, Outten was as an offensive intern for the Falcons during the 2016 season. Before joining the Falcons, he worked at Spring Westfield High School as the Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach from 2008-16. During that time, he helped coached 24 offensive linemen that received scholarships to play on the collegiate level, and he also coached one high school All-American during his time at the high school.

Before coaching at Spring Westfield, Outten worked as a graduate assistant at Syracuse University where he worked with the offensive line from 2007-08. Outten played at Syracuse from 2002-07, where he was the starting center for three years. During his time playing for the Orange, he was selected as a team captain and played a part in his team become Big East Champions in 2004. Outten was also a recipient of the Ray Martino Award for loyalty, enthusiasm, and perseverance. 

Outten is a native of Doylestown, PA.

carlos's picture

Good work Irish. Some real positives in there.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

LF and Hackett will set the course and steer the offensive assistant coaches in the direction they want. They will teach these coaches their system and what they want from them. In turn LF and Hackett want motivated and energetic coaches who are relatable to the young players who can turn around to teach and motivate.

I am finding all this invigorating and exciting! Feeling very jazzed and pumped! While I cant guarantee this I bet a lot of returning players are getting pumped and excited as well.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Sounds like Luke Gettsy will return as QB coach. That guy has a lot of interesting ideas.

NitschkeFan's picture

Pack had lots of very experienced coaches the past couple of years. Loads of it this year, result 6-9-1

Quality of coaches and players makes a difference. We blog readers have no idea how good any of these new guys may or may not be. But we will find out.

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

I really wish I could give your comment more than just one thumbs up!

rsbme's picture

I couldn't agree more. Only time will tell.

sam1's picture

Sounds like all the arguments and dissatisfaction here the Packers should have kept McCarthy and got rid of many player personal! I say we just have to wait and see what these guys have to offer and bring to the table with their experience or lack of! Hopefully I'm right but we should be just fine!

Since '61's picture

While I agree on the wait and see approach and the fact that I don't know these new hires very well I am concerned about the hiring process in Green Bay.

If MLF is making then hires I can live with it and hold him accountable but if Murphy is involved then I would be very concerned on many levels. How is MLF accountable if Murphy is involved with the hires? Are they going cheap? Why should Murphy be involved at all?

I'm hoping for the best and that MLF knows what he is doing but I would feel much better if the Packers would chuck Murphy, finish the house cleaning and move forward. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

albert999's picture

Hire Brian Urlacher for DL coach or linebackers coach
hell even special teams coach
The man knows football and it would be a gut punch for the bears

Uncle Albert

Wilson Maywick's picture

I'm so sorry.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Uncle Albert. I think at this point in time with your rising popularity thanks me branding you Uncle Albert that it's due time you make the change and edit/change your name from albert999 to the ever more famous Uncle Albert. You won't be sorry.


KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Murphy will absolutely not be involved in the selection and hiring of assistant coaches. Gutey and LF report to Murphy and no doubt update him on what they are doing. Murphy would not be in these interviews. Wow!

LambeauPlain's picture

Yet Jerry, I mean Mark Murphy nixed Rizzi’s hire.

I think he is meddling too much in ML’s sandbox.

LambeauPlain's picture

Outten seems to have been a very successful young coach. Angelichio didn’t exactly generate excitement at the TE position in either pass production or blocking prowess.

Then there is the Sitter/Quitter Bennett fiasco and the complete invisibility of M. Lewis this year...that is a mystery.

The new O line coach seems to be an up and coming young coach too...and ML has a good file on him.

Getsy was a good get! He seemingly did very good as OC at Miss State last year for their 8-5. The loses were fairly close and the wins were lopsided. Plus he should relate to the QBs quite well as a former QB.

Rossonero's picture

My concerns about hiring less experienced coaches (not so much the name brand) are that:

1) It'll cause LaFleur and other coordinators to spend more time than usual putting energy into these young coaches and could potentially get in the way of taking attention away from the players.

We have a young roster, and it's about get younger with veterans like Cobb and Matthews likely gone.

2) Can these young coaches navigate such a dramatic transition? (LaFleur included).

LaFleur probably is better equipped than the others, but the first 90 days is going to be critical. They should have a “Problem Preferences Assessment” which enables them to to quickly select the most appropriate and rewarding problem areas to address.

2-3 years from now, what things would like people to be saying about them? This helps create the vision.

3) What kind of culture will LaFleur hope to create? If he's already talked about it, someone please let me know what his response was.

I say this because I've been really impressed with how quickly Matt Nagy built a family-like culture in Chicago. His team cares a lot about each other, they go up to bat for each other, but you can see they also genuinely enjoy playing with each other. It's a strong locker room.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall in Green Bay....

PAPackerbacker's picture

I think it's fair to give MLF a chance to see what he can do. No one can predict whether the coaches he hires will be good or bad. Only time will tell. I just hope they can all work together and make the Packers into a contender again.

albert999's picture

Hire Tony Romo for offensive coaching filler/OB coach

albert999's picture

Romo is a Wisconsin native!

WMA's picture

Burlington's Own

Coach JV's picture

It's amazing how so many "fans" are just outright pissed off at stuff they have no idea about.

Some guy must suck because he isn't older than dirt? Some other guy must suck because of this, or that? LaF sucks because he isn't filling the team with people who are the "popular" choice? LaF must suck because other coaches are blocking their guys from leaving?

Why don't you "naysayers" wait until you see a play called, a football snapped, or a practice before you pass judgement on stuff you don't really understand in the first place?

One true fact is that NOBODY called YOU to coach or GM their team... so at least the Pack got that one right...


Lare's picture

I agree Coach. I think the #1 rule about fan blogs is "If someone acts like they really know what's going on, there's a 99.9% chance they really don't".

And that includes me.

Coach JV's picture

It includes me too, Lare! LOL

albert999's picture

One true fact is we are all just fans and have opinions not necessarily judgements no matter what time of year it is and NOBODY called you to judge whether anyone understands.

Curt's picture

Its like the old Howard Cosell - Don Meredith exchange....

Howard - Well, Dandy nobody asked me but....

Meredith cuts in - You're right Howard, nobody asked you!

Coach JV's picture

Look at all of these new coaches in this way...

Imagine that You're Matt LaFleur. You've just been hired to take over the most storied franchise in the National Football Goddamn League!!! You have just been handed the best QB to arguably ever play the game!!! You have the world in the palm of your hand except one thing...

You need a staff... OMG!!!!!!

So, since you're young and bright and actually understand how the NFL works, you know that coaches do not have to let their best assistants leave to pursue other jobs. You also know that the majority of coaches you want to hire will not allow anyone to interview those precious assistants.

So where do you turn?

You could:

1. Go the "experienced route" and call Wayne Fontes and all of his assistants out of his grave. You could hire McCarthy... I hear he's available and is "highly successful"... But because the only experienced people available just got fired, or they're ancient retreads.

2. You talk to your network of experienced coaches who are still employed, and you find out who the hungry and bright young Assistant-Assistant is and you give the guy an interview - and maybe even.... wait for it.... A SHOT!!!!!!

OMG that's the most horrible thing anyone can do!!!!! LaF is a douchebag loser who is gonna drive us right into the ground and the netherworld of the 70's and 80's because he gave a young guy a shot!!!!!

So you guys are all smarter than me... you tell me where LAF is supposed to find experienced coaches when their bosses won't let them interview?

You claim you want change... you got it...
You don't want tired-ass retreads... you got it...

Now... IMAGINE that you're LaF and just found out that your most storied fan-base has a bunch of jerks who are prophesying your doom. IMAGINE nobody is in your corner. IMAGINE that you KNOW you have what it takes to be successful, but your supporters are shooting you before you even take the practice field...

Yeah... That's a lot of you guys....

albert999's picture

Don’t give yourself and all of us enough credit to think MLF reads or cares about our opinions.
Fans cheer, boo, judge, agree and disagree
Welcome to the NFL

Skip greenBayless's picture

Uncle Albert, this Coach JV is clearly upset that a couple people here are raising concern over the inexperienced LaFleur hiriing basically a high school assistant coach to coach up the tight ends. Since Coach JV is involved in high school coaching himself naturally he's going to take the side of the high school football coach. His opinion should be wiped from the board because it's so biased.


albert999's picture

Well said once again Riproar

albert999's picture


Doug Niemczynski's picture

Good riddance. .

Doug Niemczynski's picture

TJ Hockenson ...Baby!!!!! The coming of GRONK II

GLM's picture

Being an offensive line coach...if he can improve the blocking at the tight end position, then it's a step in the right direction.

Leave it up to the OC and the coach to put the TE in the right position to make plays.

veteranviewer's picture

The offense must be addressed for the Pack this offseason as Rodgers is the best player on the team and he must have better receivers to score points. In line with this I think the Pack should draft Hockenson, a difference maker, at 12 and pass rusher at 30.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

RC, I am going to give Outten a chance. I am a fan, so that's my first inclination, and I also have no say in the matter.

Somehow during LaFleur's interview I doubt he used hiring Outten as a selling point. A big part of the interview supposedly is about the staff the HC plans to assemble. Here, I suppose LaFleur might have said young, inexperienced, but innovative guys with strong character. The high school experience suggests teaching skills, but overall there can be little dispute about Outten's resume being thin.

I don't suppose Murphy was telling HC candidates the parameters of the salaries available for assistants and coordinators either. If he did, I assume he just said customary amounts. At this point I am assuming that the ST coordinator asked for the moon.

We will see how it goes.

albert999's picture

Mallory interviews for ST coach
Mallory has been coordinating special teams in the NFL since 2008. He served five years (2008-12) as the assistant special teams coordinator for the New Orleans Saints before leaving to be the coordinator for the Jaguars in 2013. He held that role for three seasons before being demoted to assistant special teams coordinator in 2017 under Joe DeCamillis.
In 2005, Mallory was retained as the defensive coordinator at Illinois by Ron Zook, the former Packers special teams coordinator. He was fired by Zook in 2006. LaFleur let Zook go after he was hired earlier this month.

Tundraboy's picture

I'm going to reserve any judgements, if at all, until I see the product on the field. Until then I'm enjoying the prospect of real improvement from the last 4 plus years of false hope, and reliance on trust, rather than what my eyes tell me. Big off-season awaits.

albert999's picture

Let’s go get Cole Beasley from the Cowboys
He’s a free agent and not HAPPY

Ahead of hitting the free-agent market, Dallas Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley suggested the team's front office dictates where passes are thrown.

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