The 50 Greatest Games of the Favre-Rodgers Era: #40-36

Continuing our countdown of the top Packers games from 1992-2022.


We’re continuing our countdown of the Greatest Games of the Favre-Rodgers era, and today we’re split all over the place, with games coached by Mike McCarthy, Ray Rhodes and Matt LaFleur. 

The march on toward number on continues. Here we go!

#40 to #36

40. Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys, 2007 (DAL 37, GB 27)

Overall score: 6.59/10 (40/55)

Significance: 8.06/10 (11/55)

Entertainment value: 5.94/10 (53/55)

Intensity: 5.78/10 (49/55)

This is a really unique game for this list because not only is it a loss, but it’s also carried almost entirely by one category: significance. This game will forever be remembered as the game where the Packers and their fans first saw the real potential of Aaron Rodgers as the future starter of the team. With Brett Favre down with injury after yet another struggle in Dallas, Aaron Rodgers came in and brought the Packers’ offense back to life. While it was too little too late, it was a massive moment for the franchise, and possibly the signal the Packers’ front office needed that they could indeed move on from the aging Favre and begin the next era of Packer football. Fans voted this as the 11th most significant game on the list: more than a number of playoff games. 

View full game here.

View highlights here.

39. Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers, 1999 (GB 23, MIN 20)

Overall score: 6.67/10 (39/55)

Significance: 4.71/10 (51/55)

Entertainment value: 7.86/10 (25/55)

Intensity: 7.44/10 (29/55)

In a game that was VERY similar to the Bucs game we’ve already had on this list that took place the following week, the Packers gut out a tough, gritty victory against a division rival. The game stayed close and went back and forth for 60 minutes. WIth less than two minutes to go, Randall Cunningham nailed Randy Moss in the end zone for the go-ahead touchdown. However, Brett Favre put together a masterpiece two minute drill, featuring plenty of dump offs to Dorsey Levens. On fourth down and with 12 seconds left, Favre hits Corey Bradford for the game-winning touchdown in a pure thriller at Lambeau.

View full game here.

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38. Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears, 2021 (GB 24, CHI 14)

Overall score: 6.70/10 (38/55)

Significance: 6.02/10 (34/55)

Entertainment value: 7.49/10 (33/55)

Intensity: 6.59/10 (37/55)

This game is mostly unremarkable; the Packers and Bears kept it fairly close in the first half, with the Packers pulling away in the second. It’s the circumstances of the game and one particular moment that will have it etched in the history of the rivalry forever. In what many thought could well be Aaron Rodgers’ final game at Soldier Field (there ended up being one more), Rodgers mouthed off to fans after running in a crucial touchdown, yelling “ALL MY FUCKING LIFE! I OWN YOU! I STILL OWN YOU!” An entire career of dominance built to that moment, and there was absolutely nothing Bears fans (or their players) could do to refute those exclamations.

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37. New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers, 2011 (GB 42, NO 34)

Overall score: 6.79/10 (37/55)

Significance: 4.85/10 (50/55)

Entertainment value: 8.25/10 (16/55)

Intensity: 7.27/10 (31/55)

An absolute barn burner to start a fun 2011 season for the Packers, who produced one of the finest offenses in league history that year. There are a lot of memorable moments in this one; Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees at their peaks going back and forth on the field, the Randall Cobb barrel roll kick return touchdown in his first NFL game, and a heck of an intense finish with a goal line stand. The game may not have a whole lot of significance to the franchise, but boy was it fun.

View full game here.

View highlights here.

36. Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings 2019 (GB 23, MIN 10)

Overall score: 6.80 (36/55)

Significance: 6.29/10 (29/55)

Entertainment value: 7.37/10 (37/55)

Intensity: 6.73/10 (36/55)

The 2019 Packers were winning a lot of games, but still were being looked at as being somewhat fraudulent. They weren’t exactly “winning pretty.” There were a lot of close, ugly games, and with the team being under new management in Matt LaFleur and a couple years removed from its last playoff berth, this wasn’t a team that looked legit yet. That changed with this game. The Packers put on a dominant performance, led by a strong defensive effort and the “Smith Brothers,” Preston and ZaDarius, who terrorized the Vikings’ offensive line and Kirk Cousins all night long. This was the announcement of the arrival of the LaFleur-era Packers under Aaron Rodgers and a sign that this was a team to be taken seriously.

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Honorable Mentions:

55. Denver at Green Bay, 2003

54. Seattle at Green Bay, 2012

53. Packers at Vikings, 1997

52. Packers at Broncos, 2007

51. Packers at Patriots, 1997




50. Detroit at Green Bay, 2011

49. Tennessee at Green Bay, 2020

48. Baltimore at Green Bay, 2001

47. Green Bay at Miami, 2014

46. Chicago at Green Bay, 2014

45. Atlanta at Green Bay, 1994

44. LA Raiders at Green Bay, 1993

43. Tampa Bay at Green Bay, 1999

42. Seattle at Green Bay, 2016

41. San Francisco at Green Bay, 2013-2014 Wild Card

40. Green Bay at Dallas, 2007

39. Minnesota at Green Bay, 1999

38. Green Bay at Chicago, 2021

37. New Orleans at Green Bay, 2011

36. Green Bay at Minnesota, 2019


  • Fans had the opportunity to submit games they loved into a Google form
  • The 55 most-mentioned games were chosen to be in this poll
  • Fans voted in the poll, giving a 1-10 rating for each game in three categories:
    • SIGNIFICANCE: How important or significant is the game to the franchise?
    • ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: How entertaining do you find the game?
    • INTENSITY: How intense was the action or atmosphere for the game?
  • With all votes in, I created averages in each of these categories for each games. Their overall ranking is the mean value of the averages for each of those categories using the formula: (SIG + ENT + INT)/3





Tim Backes is a lifelong Packer fan and a contributor to CheeseheadTV. Follow him on Twitter @timbackes for his Packer takes, random musings and Untappd beer check-ins.


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May 16, 2024 at 07:17 am

We were at that Dallas game when Rodgers showed he could handle an offense. What is most memorable was at the end of the Packers warm-ups, Rodgers came into the end zone, stood in the middle of one of the small stars painted on the field, and raised his hands in victory.

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