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Gut Reactions: Week Two

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Gut Reactions: Week Two

  • Clay Matthews is not human
  • Aaron Rodgers seemed to be thinking way too much in the first half, esp when the Bills showed pressure with no safeties over the top. Like he was trying to think of the perfect play to counter it. In the second half, he seemed to just run what was called and really made them pay.
  • Speaking of Rodgers, I think its pretty obvious that he and Mike McCarthy had a "don't zero in on Finley" talk this week. Both Bill Michaels and Greg Bedard pointed out separate plays where Rodgers didn't look at Finley when he was wide open downfield.
  • Very interesting to see the Bills pound the football with success in the second quarter
  • Fantastic play by rookie Morgan Burnett on the strip/interception. Read it perfectly and timed his hit beautifully.
  • I think we just saw the beginning of the Bryan Bulaga era.
  • Both Greg Jennings and James Jones made fantastic back shoulder catches.
  • If I coached wide receivers, I would have a cut-up tape featuring nothing but Donald Driver after the catch - the man just wants it more than you do.
  • Liked to see the return of the Psycho package today - yielded two sacks.
  • Secondary still having major issues with stack/bunch formations. Not a good sign.
  • Huge matchup next week on Monday Night Football - the 2-0 Packers take on the 2-0 Bears. Can't wait.
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PackersRS's picture

Bring on the Bears. Prediction time: We win against them at Chicago, we make the playoffs. Simple as that.

RockinRodgers's picture

CM3 is making the whole sack the Qb think look easy. I think the Bills should leave Lynch in Green Bay.

Bearmeat's picture

We're going to need a running game sooner or later, and I predict we'll need it next week. We're better than the Bears, but we can't do what Dallas did today (throw 50 times) and win. Get Lynch here NOW!

nerdmann's picture

Remember they've got Starks on the shelf too. I've heard they're high on him.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Hasn't played in 2 years... I wouldn't count on him contributing anything.

j4a1's picture

Leave Lynch in Buffalo.

The zone game requires timing. It isn't always about the runner. The run blocking was terrible today. The timing was bad and the Rb's just didn't hit the backside block when it WAS there...which wasn't often.

Let's let these guys play a couple of games and see what we have before we rush off and give up valuable players or picks for a guy that may not be much better.

cow42's picture

Brandon jackson sure gets knocked backwards a lot.

nerdmann's picture

Did Kuhn look better than Jackson because Bulaga was in there or because he IS better than Jackson?

packsmack25's picture

Well, the team that had Lynch lost by 27 today. The team that had Hawk won by 27. I'd rather be the team with the guy that wins games.

cow42's picture

bet if you switched both those guys before the game today, the score would have been about the same.

pack can't trade hawk right now - with bishop injured.

i could still see hawklynch happening.

packsmack25's picture

You have no way of proving that. Meanwhile, Hawk was in on 9 tackles for a defense that flexed it's muscles today. He's valuable, much moreso than Lynch would be. I'd rather give this "Rushin' Russian" Dmitri Nance some looks than trade away a known commodity for a guy who has been mediocre at best as a RB.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Go look at Lynch's numbers in '07 and '08 very solid as a rookie and 2nd year guy. He's young. You put him on a good team, who knows what he could do.

Not saying I want it to happen, but still mediocre is a stretch.

packsmack25's picture

Not really a stretch. He's not a difference maker. If he were, the Bills would win more games and/or he'd have a little bit better than average stats. Look at Steven Jackson in St. Louis. Their line is just as bad if not worse than Buffalo's, and he makes things happen anyway. He's a guy who could make a difference. Lynch just isn't. He's not worth the risk to team chemistry or the risk of whatever we have to give up. Unless it's a 4th round pick or lower. Maroney is just as good, potential-wise, in my opinion, and he only netted the Pats a swap of a 6th for a 4th.

andrew's picture

packsmack.. completly agree.. hawk definitely played a good game and was all over teh ball he was around teh ball carrier constantly and got pressure on the qb multiple times and his pressure lead to a few of the sacks this game... gettin pressure is something the fans always complain about.. hawk gets pressure.. no one seems to care.. yall dont make no sense

Wiscokid's picture

All conjecture. The Bill's o-line sucks. Lynch would still look good in a Packer uniform. Who said the trade had to to be for Hawk? That might make sense but it could be another player (maybe an Offensive lineman) or it could be for a future draft pick. I still don't like betting the farm on Jackson staying healthy.

Hey, this was still a GREAT football weekend!. My three favorite teams won. 1. Green Bay 2. Anyone that plays Minnesota and 3. Anyone that plays Dallas. To top it off the Badgers won. Life is good.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I'm torn about the bares winning. I hate the cowgirls but I despise the quears. Oh well, we'll deal with them soon enough.


Wiscokid's picture

I understand. I too was torn on Spares and the Cowgirls but I really can't stand Dallas. Probably due to the eight straight years they beat us because every damn game was played in Dallas. That and I've been stuck living Dallas for long time and Cowboy fans can be pretty obnoxious. That's probably true for Bear fans as well but as you say, it was a tough call.

graham's picture

lol the bills best unit is their oline. they always can run the ball and its not their rbs that get it done. look at forte better than all 3 bills rbs but cant run because of his oline. i think the bills oline is pretty good

Wiscokid's picture

You can think that but how many sacks did they give up? 4? That just screams good line play. And with all the talent at running back that they have, they sure didn't show it (combined total of 124 yards). It all starts with the O-Line. So lol back at you.

Tommyboy's picture

That's a little bit of an oversimplification though, man. Lynch was on the losing team and Jackson on the winning team - but it certainly looked like Lynch had a better day. My point is that you can't just pick two players from opposing teams then point to the TEAM'S performance as the measuring stick for the two players.

That said, I'd actually rather hang onto Hawk right now. I'm not giving up on the running game without Grant just yet (one week seems a little quick for that) and Hawk is a good against the run, and we needed that today...

JerseyPackFan's picture

I guess the whole offseason spat between Urlacher and Gale Sayers has inspired this team to try and salvage Lovies job. Make no mistake, he is going have The Bears ready to play the Pack. Enjoy the win, don't get too high off it and be ready for a fired up Bears team.
Seeing this is the longest rivalry in the NFL I will expect a slug fest between the two teams for sole possession on the NFC North. I love games against the Bears.

Mel's picture

With the crapy announcers on cbs today not even mentioning clifton leaving the game... Did he get hurt or just straight benched??

packeraaron's picture

Mel - there's a bit of debate on this. McCarthy said he was hurting this week and didn't practice. Then they pulled him after two series and it is announced as a coaches decision. One thing is for sure - he had no business being on the field today. He was terrible the two series he did play.

MarkinMadison's picture

Thank goodness the Bulaga era started against Buffalo, and not Peppers on MNF. I still will not be surprised to see Clifton start next Monday night. If whatever is ailing him can get even marginally better, they may not want to put Bulaga in that spotlight.

PackersRS's picture

He has been nothing short of terrible so far. Whereas Bulaga completely manhandled the opposition. There was a play that Bulaga simply locked onto his man, and gave Rodgers 5+ seconds to work.

SpiderPack's picture

Don't forget that Bulaga has had the last 5-6 months to glean and sip what Clifton has seen/felt/busted. That was the whole reason to pay Cliffy all that $$$.

PackersRS's picture

IT was the right move. What if Bulaga doesn't pan out? We're screwed.

Paying both Tauscher and Clifton was the right move.

It was TT's way of trying to win right now.

Andyman's picture

A battle of undefeated on MNF next week. Crazy. Love it :)

WWR's picture

man i hope they dont trade hawk. I have a jersey that I wear all the time as well as a couple posters of him.

Burnett is going to be a stud (not to say he isn't already)

Wiscokid's picture

I wonder how many #4 jerseys everyone is stuck with?

SpiderPack's picture

Not Me!!!

Anita's picture

The OL had better not let Peppers or Urlacher near Rodgers. Watching the two of them so far, they'd be more than happy to put #12 on the turf for good....or at least the rest of the season.

Wiscokid's picture

Why do you suppose the Bears signed Peppers?

FITZCORE1252's picture

I heard they were gonna let Clay play O-line as well as D next week. Nobody else, just Clay on the line... Rodgers won't get touched.

PackersRS's picture

Remember last year, on the MNF opener, when Cutler was picked, and CM3 got onto his face, and Cutler got bothered and almost started crying? Expect to see plenty of that next week.

CM3, right now, is the most feared defender in the league, bar none.

FITZCORE1252's picture

True that

FITZCORE1252's picture

It's an embarrassment of riches we have. Last years DPOY and the early front runner for the award in 2010. Now, if we could only get an offensive weapon or two to compliment them... We're so stacked!

Steve in Mpls's picture

Our team has to feel pretty good today. Of
course there are still some quite viable
concerns,running back,secondary depth,etc.
However, once in the groove, [email protected] def., I
can't think of another team currently that
can stop us. I realize it's a long season,
and anything can happen, but today is smile
time. Plus, those filthy Queens got beat!!!

Tim's picture

For fun you can go here:

to vote for a guy who threw 3 picks today.

nerdmann's picture

Heard he threw another one that was called back by a penalty.

SpiderPack's picture


foundinidaho's picture

That was fun. Though I wanted to pick "Coaching" as well. Heeheehee.

tony's picture

Lynch got 17 carries... I fully expect the Packers to trade for him this week. Jackson didn't have it, and I like him as a 3rd-downer anyway. And if Bulaga's the guy for the future, trade Colledge or Hawk to get him.

dilligaff's picture

Why trade Colledge, he plays LG and Bulaga is playing LT?

bucky's picture

What we learned today:

Clay Matthews > God
Aaron Rodgers> Brent Favre
Tyrell Sutton (and every other back on an NFL roster) > Brandon Jackson.

ppabich's picture

did you have to bring up sutton? I'm crying right now.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yeah I know, he's really making a name for himself!?!? Get over it people... Oh, it's 'cause he's buried on the depth chart that we haven't heard a peep out of him. Right? If he warranted playing time, HE'D BE PLAYING. He's an undersized guy with below average speed for the position. He would not help us one iota. Period.

NyPacker's picture

"Secondary still having major issues with stack/bunch formations. Not a good sign."

Saw the same thing as well Aaron. Problem is, guys are getting confused on which man to cover. I think both Woodson and Collins hesitated on a crossing pattern on 3rd down that gave the Bills an easy completion. Veteran QBs are going to be looking at this very closely.

SpiderPack's picture

Oh my god I hope they fix that.

WoodyG's picture

A 3rd rounder may be enough to nab Lynch ...... Getting Lynch would be nice but not by giving up an AJ at this point ....... BJ on the D seemed non-existant in the game ....... BJ on the O... Ya, he'll get us to the SB, at least in someone's fantasy (AN's) .... Good to see CJ get some minutes .... Gotta find a way to get GJ more touches ..... CJ played well even with a club ....... JJ seemed to be open more than usual .....

Is BF "old" or what ???? .......

Corwin's picture

Kampman could end up being that "3rd rounder" if he and the Jags play well enough this season

bogmon's picture

CLAY is not human....he is in fact a Norse legend that has descended down from Valhalla to wreak havoc mercilessly on the tundra of Lambeau's field.
He weilds two arms like mighty goats that rage and slaughter with reckless abandon on his weekly adversary ....
or something like that....

FITZCORE1252's picture


hoogus's picture

Put in some other average LB and that guy will do what Hawk does. It's the position, not Hawks talent that nets all those stats. Hawk himself is meh. He'll be doing a lot of sitting next week.

nypacker's picture

You wouldn't besaying that if you went back and looked at the INT he made in the Ravens game. Hawk has talent, it's just an enigma of why he doesn't express it often.

Nononsense's picture

I was disappointed in the way they used Brandon Jackson. I didn't see many series where he got more than one carry and he never got a chance to run twice in a row, that I can remember.

I wanted to see them give him more opportunites than that but I can't complain with the offensive results. At least he was able to score a TD.

As for Clay Matthews, all I can say is wow. I figured he would be better in his second year but this is even more than I had hoped for. Great job Mr. Matthews.

packeraaron's picture

Totally agree on non-use of Jackson. It was absurd.

SpiderPack's picture

Aaron, do they not believe he can be a primary back? It seems that must be the case, considering the Bills poor run Dfense. My initial gut reaction was "Oh My God We Need A Running Back."

bucky's picture

You are joking. Seriously. Every carry from Jackson today was a waste of a down. He was given his shot, and he failed miserably. He got the ball 11 times and was able to average what, 2.8 ypc? Pathetic. I can't wait til Dmitri Nanc e learns the offense enough to bench Jackson for good.

packeraaron's picture

You just described some of Ryan Grant's games...

Cuphound's picture

Isn't that why were supposed to believe that we'll be fine? Grant wasn't exactly a young Ahman Green...

FITZCORE1252's picture

You've gotta let the guy get settled into the game. 2 carries here, a carry there... rhythm isn't just for QB's on offense. Sure some teams have efficient production implementing RBBC, but for a guy getting his 1st start in years... I don't think coach did him any favors with his playcalling.


Cole's picture

I havent like ARods awarness so far this year hes been missing alot of open receivers. And sometimes is seams a though hes deciding who hes going to throw to b4 the play starts which may be because hes affraid hes going to get hit. Hopefully he can corect these things

Glorious80's's picture

MM said last week he was playing too fast in the first quarter.

Tarynfor12's picture

The BJ band wagon seems to be losing riders.Honestly haven't watched the game yet,but it sounds like he was falling down or getting hit backwards alot.
If you don't see the ability in 3 years you just won't in year 4.
Should have traded him in pre-season with D Lee,now it's too late or is it?

packeraaron's picture

Jackson got the yards that were there to get. He barely got the ball.

As for Lee - he was great today. No way should they trade him. Had a great tackle on kick coverage and was great in the run game blocking on the edge.

bogmon's picture

Thank you Aaron. A voice of reason.
Sometimes fans have really strange and disconnected opinions about what is happening on the playing field.

Overall, I think the Offense has been really out of sync.

As for Jackson...his receptions out of the backfield are very effective and as a result he offers something that we never really had with Grant as the starter.

Lots to look forward to with this team.

thepretzelhead's picture

I don't get how our 3rd down back suddenly stops being the third down back when he becomes the number one? And how does our fullback- Kuhn who got one or two carries suddenly become the featured?
Give Jackson a chance to buidl up a sweat..

bogmon's picture

I kinda wonder if they were sorta 'experimenting' with the RB sitch in this game. They obviously had the Bills taken care of and maybe they were just giving guys a lil' run to see how they can use them and what situations really best suit their talents.
No better way to test them than against a live and hungry first string defense.

packeraaron's picture


FITZCORE1252's picture

Adjacent over Hypotenuse.

hoogus's picture

Yeah, but one could say the same about Grant.

packsmack25's picture

The truth comes out. You don't watch the games. That's why your thoughts on things like BJax's value are so off-base.

WoodyG's picture

Nice follow-up ...... Talk about a preconceived opinion ... Haven't even watched the game!!!

FITZCORE1252's picture


FITZCORE1252's picture

I don't get it. The game starts at 5:30 here next Monday, I'm suppose to be to work at 7:00, I'm already thinking of a good excuse for being 2-3 hrs late... Missing a Packer game does not compute to me. In-friggin-comprehensible.


PackersRS's picture

Well, if it were me, I'm pretty sure I"d come down with a flu... What a coincidence...

Wiscokid's picture

You are starting to look a bit ill. :)

FITZCORE1252's picture

Thing is everybody will know what the deal is. I think I'm leaning towards "I ran out of gas and didn't have my cell phone with me". They will know I'm fulla shit, but they can't prove it!

Tarynfor12's picture

I said I haven;t watch the game yet,and was just commenting on what i was reading from some thoughts.
I will watch the game on monday...over and over-NFL REWIND

JohnRehor's picture

Never would have guessed going into week 3 the Packers and Bears would be tied at the top of the division at 2-0.

No way Clifton should start against the Bears, with Peppers coming off the edge. If he has looked this poor in weeks 1-2 (granted one was vs. Trent Cole,no slouch as a DE) the speed of Peppers would make him look silly. Bulaga should be the starter going forward.

nypacker's picture

Bulaga isn't really the quickest lineman on the field either. Last time the Packers played Peppers, Clifton did an okay not spectacular but okay job against him. IMO Bulaga should get a series or two in order to get his feet wet. If he can handle Peppers let him get the whole game. But I wouldn't start him from the first play onwards.

bomdad's picture

BJax was frustrating to watch, too much hesitation.

Burnett better man up on his tackling, cause the run defense needs him to stop those 6-8 yard runs from becoming 15 yard runs.

And JMike had a great game, if you like your biggest reciever running out of bounds instead of bowling over a CB. I am surprised the Bills gave him free releases most of the day.

I think AR's slow starts are directly related to Clifton's presence in the starting line.

packsmack25's picture

If I had to judge what happened today based on your comments alone, I'd think the Packers lost by 3 scores. How do you see that many bad things in a 27 point win?

Wiscokid's picture

OK, I'll say it, overall the Packers looked great today. I'd take that game every week. You got to love how well Jordy Nelson has helped the return game and I think everyone was thrilled with CM3, including CM2 who was in attendance today. If he was trying to impress dad today, we need to make sure he has season tickets.

Go Pack!

FITZCORE1252's picture

I do agree about Morgan. I thought the same thing. He doesn't appear to be a fan of sticking his nose in there and doing the dirty work. I think that can be overcome though... a little more time being in the film-room with Woodson surely will not hurt.


I'm personally pleased with the victory, but not elated. Let's not kid ourselves, there's a very good chance the Bills will be on the clock the second the Lombardi is awarded. We SHOULD beat THAT team by 27, if we are who we think we are. Chicago will be a much better measuring stick.

WoodyG's picture

After reading these amazing posts, now I'm forced to rewatch the game ...... I thought for sure GB won & by a fairly good amount ...... Da Viqweens didn't come back & beat the Phins on a last second miraculous pass from BF, did they? ..... Now my head hurts .... Confusion.

SpiderPack's picture

I just watched BF's Viking press conference and I just have to say: His heart aint in it! And, I know that sad Fauvre attitude. Look for the Queens to lose a lot of games this season, especially since AP had 142yds and they still couldnt score shit against Miami.

davyjones's picture

Just got back to St Paul from the game. 11 caries is not enuf to judge a guy. He looked to me like he ran hard when given the chance. Grant had a lot of 2-3 yarders before he'd rip on off lifting his average, but it would take a while to get him going. MM didn't give him much chance to get going and there really wasn't a ton of room for him to run when he did get the chance.

I gotta say, this "don't zero in on finley" thing is perplexing. My God, he was wide open on a bunch plays where AR went elsewhere. If the Man is open, get it to him. If he does enuf damage, opponents will adjust and leave others open & then they get their share. But if the play is there--TAKE IT!!

DAWG's picture

Good game,2-0 BUT ,Running game sucks!

bill's picture

to all u guys sayin lynch is not a difference maker...remember m.faulk was nothing special until he was traded to a high powered offense on st louie,yes he had a few good yrs but......he went to greatest show on turf and poof... hall of not saying lynch is half as good...but u never know.the trade is a wise one ...hawk for lynch for hawk and if they want a pick give them a 7th and get on with...bottom line is we neeeeeeeed him as security to get to THE let him come to the greatest team on eurf[earth].........bill in jersey

CSS's picture

No. Marshall Faulk was the OROY and pro-bowl MVP his rookie year. He dominated every year with the Colts and, the year before he was traded, led the league in total yards from scrimmage, more than NFL MVP Terrell Davis. He didn't just 'explode, with the Rams, he was on pace to have a Hall of Fame career with the Colts.

Faulk was never buried on a depth chart in his career, Lynch is 3rd.

No comparison....

Glorious80's's picture

Why that should be as the team does a lot of intensive pre-season and pre-game work.

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