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Grading the Pack - End of Year Review

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Grading the Pack - End of Year Review

With all the excitement and change that’s happening around Green Bay these days, looking back and reviewing a massively disappointing and injury plagued 2017 season may not seem like the most fun exercise. It’s easy to want to look forward to a free agency under a new, more aggressive GM, a draft that involves a top 15 pick, and a season under new leadership at the coordinator positions on both sides of the ball.

While all of those changes are undeniably exciting, the core of this football team is undoubtedly going to be made up of players already on the roster. Sure there will be exciting new rookies and maybe even a big free agent or two, but this team will be made up of potentially 35-45 players who were playing in 2017. And while the season was disappointing, it wasn’t without highlight plays, highlight performances, and players who showed signs of becoming impact players in 2018.

So without further ado, here is your 2017 “Grading the Pack” year in review:

If you haven’t already, you can find a full list of every player graded for the 2017 season here:

Highest Graded Offensive Players:

Aaron Rodgers +20.20
Davante Adams +19.85
David Bakhtiari +18.00
Lane Taylor +11.30
Aaron Jones +9.00

Even in an injury shortened season, Aaron Rodgers was the standout for the 2017 season. Had he not come back early to injury, his grade would have been even higher as he did have a negative grade with the season on the line against the Panthers. Davante Adams continued his stellar play over from the 2016 and David Bakhtiari continues to be arguably the best left tackle in football. The fact that Aaron Jones made the list with so few games played is worth noting as well.

Highest Graded Defensive Players:

Kenny Clark +10.95
Mike Daniels +6.30
Clay Matthews +5.50
Morgan Burnett +4.40
Damarious Randall +4.35

While on offense you can make a case for Rodgers, Adams, or Bakhtiari as the MVP, on defense there is little question that the MVP was Kenny Clark. His emergence this season was maybe the one saving grace on the defensive side of the ball. Rookies Josh Jones, Kevin King, Vince Biegel, and Montravius Adams came along slowly and free agents Davon House, Quinton Dial, Ahmad Brooks, and Ricky Jean Francois were replacement level players at best. Clinton-Dix regressed, as did Kentrell Brice and Nick Perry. We saw signs out of Blake Martinez and Damarious Randall really had a great end to the season but Clark was the star.

Lowest Graded Offensive Players:

Justin McCray -14.90
Jason Spriggs -13.10
Lance Kendricks -7.90
Bryan Bulaga -4.95
Kyle Murphy -4.00

The common thread of the lowest graded players? Right tackle. McCray, Spriggs, Murphy and Bulaga all spent the majority of their time at right tackle and all struggled mightily. Most alarming was that even when Bulaga played this season, he didn’t have one game in which he had a positive grade. The hope is that Bulaga was simply playing through injuries and can bounce back next season, but Spriggs was a massive bust. Had he not gotten hurt for the last two games he unquestionably would have been the lowest graded player on the team. I still have some faith that Murphy could be a solid backup right tackle and that McCray could compete much better at right guard, maybe even as a starter.

Lowest Graded Defensive Players

HaHa Clinton-Dix -9.40
Josh Hawkins -5.90
Kyler Fackrell -5.20
Kentrell Brice -5.10
Quinton Dial -4.60

The Packers defense had a lot of players grade in the negative, but not a lot of players that were egregiously awful players. The exception may have been HaHa Clinton-Dix. Coming off of a Pro Bowl season, expectations were understandably high for HaHa. I’m not sure if it was losing Morgan Burnett as his safety partner, a focus on playing deep, trying to confuse opponents, a lack of effort, or maybe injuries, but Clinton-Dix was not himself and his play cost this defense tremendously this year.

Some blame should be put on his teammates, coaches, and the scheme as well, but there were plays to be made and when asked to make them Clinton-Dix came up short.

Highest Rated Individual Games – Offense

Aaron Rodgers – Week 5: +7.35
Aaron Rodgers – Week 3: +6.00
Aaron Rodgers – Week 1: +4.25
David Bakhtiari – Week 15: +3.95
Aaron Jones – Week 5: +3.75

Against Dallas in week 5, Aaron Rodgers certainly didn’t have the greatest stat line of his career: 19/29 – 221 yards – 3 touchdowns – 0 interceptions, but he was efficient and made plays when they mattered most. His game winning touchdown drive to win the game was one of the highlights of the season. He added in 4 carries for 32 yards and helped the offense put up 20 points in the fourth quarter to move the Packers to 4-1 after the big road victory against Dallas.

Highest Rated Individual Games – Defense

Nick Perry – Week 1: +3.20
Mike Daniels – Week 1: +3.15
Josh Jones – Week 3: +3.10
Kenny Clark – Week 6: +2.60
Kenny Clark – Week 7: +2.60

The week one performances from Nick Perry and Mike Daniels were by far and away the best defensive performances of the season. Both players were disruptive for the entirety of the game and Mike Daniels’ forced fumble was really the play that turned the game in Green Bay’s favor. It was encouraging to see Josh Jones have the performance he did in week 3 and hopefully he can rekindle that type of play in 2018.

Lowest Rated Individual Games – Offense

Justin McCray – Week 6: -7.80
Kyle Murphy – Week 3: -4.45
Jason Spriggs – Week 11: -4.00
Jason Spriggs – Week 15: -3.20
Jason Spriggs – Week 14: -2.85

Once again, right tackle was the issue here. These are replacement players, coming in for injured starters and playing well below replacement level football. To be fair to the GM and coaching staff, when McCray was in the game at right tackle they were down to their 6th offensive tackle and most teams aren’t going to have that type of depth. McCray was thrown into the fire early in week 6 and simply wasn’t ready for that moment. People weren’t going to remember much from week 6 outside of Aaron Rodgers’ injury, but McCray had a day to absolutely forget.

Lowest Rated Individual Games – Defense

HaHa Clinton-Dix – Week 7: -3.05
Josh Jones – Week 7: -2.50
Josh Jones – Week 15: -2.45
Kevin King – Week 7: -2.30
HaHa Clinton-Dix – Week 15: -2.30

The Saints didn’t exactly light the world on fire in week 7 with their 26 point performance, but in that game we saw three of the worst defensive performances of the season from HaHa Clinton-Dix, Josh Jones, and Kevin King. The Packers are lucky that they were able to get picks from Davon House and Damarious Randall in that game or it could have gotten completely out of control. Brees was able to attack the rookies King and Jones with great success and their poor play helped New Orleans role to a 9 point victory in Green Bay.

Highest Rated Players Per Snap – Offense (minimum 50 snaps)

Aaron Rodgers +0.048
Aaron Jones +0.038
Ty Montgomery +0.026
Davante Adams +0.026
David Bakhtiari +0.024

These next categories may mean more than the highest and lowest rated overall players this season. These are the highest graded players on a per snap basis. While it’s not surprising to see Aaron Rodgers top the list, it is a perfect example of why Aaron Jones needed to get more playing time than he did this season. There’s no greater example then his game winning touchdown run in overtime against Tampa Bay. That was his one and only touch of the game and he took it to the house for the walk-off touchdown.

A lot was made out of Jamaal Williams this year, and he had a fine season, but he should start the season firmly entrenched as the number three running back to start 2018. Green Bay doesn’t have great depth everywhere, but they have an embarrassment of riches at running back.

Lowest Rated Players Per Snap – Offense (minimum 50 snaps)

Jason Spriggs -0.047
Justin McCray -0.025
Bryan Bulaga -0.021
Michael Clark -0.021
Kyle Murphy -0.018

Jason Spriggs is the anti-Aaron Rodgers. While Rodgers graded a ridiculous +0.048 per snap, Jason Spriggs almost equaled him with a -0.047 per snap. It’s really tough to put into words just how much Spriggs struggled in his playing time this year. He struggled in 2016, he struggled in preseason prior to his injury, and he really struggled at the end of 2017 when he came back.

There was a lot of buzz about Michael Clark to end the season as well but his performance against Detroit in week 17 was bad. He has a long ways to go.

Highest Rated Players Per Snap – Defense (minimum 50 snaps)

Kenny Clark +0.016
Lenzy Pipkins +0.011
Mike Daniels +0.010
Chris Odom +0.0085
Clay Matthews +0.0084

While it’s no surprise to see names like Kenny Clark, Mike Daniels, and Clay Matthews headline this list; the names Lenzy Pipkins and Chris Odom are a bit more jarring. I think most people realized by the end of the year that Pipkins was playing well and deserved more playing time but Odom was rather impressive in his limited snaps this season as well. I was truly shocked to see Odom inactive in Week 17 and not given the chance to audition early for 2018. To give those snaps to Kyler Fackrell and Ahmad Brooks seems almost criminal.

Lowest Graded Players Per Snap – Defense (minimum 50 snaps)

Montravius Adams -0.031
Quinten Rollins -0.022
Kentrell Brice -0.018
Quinton Dial -0.015
Josh Hawkins -0.015

Maybe the biggest surprises on this list, at least from expectations coming into 2017, were Kentrell Brice and Quinten Rollins. I cannot overstate enough how impressive Kentrell Brice looked in limited playing time in 2016. He looked like he was ready to become a breakout star. Quinten Rollins, meanwhile, came off a truly uninspiring 2016, but from all reports had a fantastic training camp. Neither performed well and will need to bounce back to make the team in 2018.

Highest Rated Games – Total Offense

Week 1: +21.25
Week 5: +16.00
Week 3: +8.90

So week 1 had Green Bay score 0 points in the first half and end the game with only 17, mostly due to a turnover in the red zone caused by Mike Daniels. To give them their highest grade of the season in this game probably doesn’t add up. The odd thing about this game is that the players played well, the team did not.

I’ll give you two examples of what I mean. The first was Davante Adams. Adams ended with 3 catches on 47 yards on 7 targets. An average day at best. However, Adams was able to break open multiple times against Seattle’s secondary and would have gone for very large gains… if he was thrown the ball. Unfortunately it was one of those situations that the times Adams was open, Rodgers was looking at Cobb/Nelson. The times he went to Adams, he was unfortunately covered. It just happens that way sometimes.

The second example was in the run game. As a whole the offensive line graded out well but it seemed that on almost every run play you’d have four linemen blocking well and one missing their assignment. The four offensive linemen would grade out positively and only one would not. That one missed assignment was almost always the cause for the short gain or loss of yardage in the run game. Great individual efforts don’t always amount to great team success in football.

Highest Rated Games – Total Defense

Week 1: +7.20
Week 6: +4.65
Week 3: +2.05

This isn’t a surprise. Green Bay had an awesome game defensively against Seattle, holding them to nine points while also setting up the offense for a touchdown with a forced fumble deep in Seattle’s territory. Green Bay was aided by Seattle’s porous offensive line, but Daniels and Perry were beasts and Wilson ended the day with only 158 yards passing.

Lowest Rated Games – Total Offense

Week 17: -5.90
Week 6: -5.25
Week 11: -4.85

This also shouldn’t be a surprise. Green Bay had nothing to play for and the absence of Rodgers, Montgomery, Bulaga, Jones, Nelson, Adams, etc… didn’t make things any easier. Green Bay played uninspired and Detroit rolled all over them. It was a fitting end to a difficult season.

Lowest Rated Games – Total Defense

Week 12: -9.90
Week 15: -8.75
Week 7: -7.75

There’s no debating the fact that Pittsburgh has a dynamic offense that can beat you in a variety of different ways, but Green Bay’s defense wasn’t even remotely up to the task on Sunday Night Football. Brett Hundley and the offense actually had a really nice night and a win against Pittsburgh would have given Green Bay a bit more leeway to not have to run the table in Rodgers’ last three games to end the season. The defense struggled all game, allowing 6 points or more in every quarter, and the path to the playoffs was fully off track.

Most Games Played without a Negative Grade

Davante Adams - 13
Ty Montgomery – 8

I’ve already heard people start whispering about moving Montgomery back to receiver in 2018 but I can tell you full stop that there is no chance of that happening. Montgomery graded out well in every game he played this season and didn’t have a single game with a negative grade. He’s, at worst, the second best running back on this team and it’s unequivocally his best position. He’s simply not that good as a wide receiver. Adams had a Pro Bowl caliber year in 2017 and if he stays healthy, his future is very, very bright.

Most Games Played without a Positive Grade

Bryan Bulaga – 5
Quinton Rollins – 5

Both Bulaga and Rollins only played five games this season, neither of them had one game that graded out positively. Green Bay desperately needs both to bounce back and become solid contributors next season.

Most Games with a Positive Grade (Offense)

Davante Adams – 13
Corey Linsley – 13
Lane Taylor – 12
Jamaal Williams – 11

No surprises here; Adams was the most consistent player on the entire offense this year. That’s a phrase that is still jarring when you consider just how bad of a year 2015 was for him. We saw the redemption of Davante Adams in 2016, the redemption of Damarious Randall in 2017, hopefully Spriggs, Fackrell, Brice, or Rollins can have a similar story in 2018.

Most Games with a Negative Grade (Offense)

Justin McCray – 11
Lance Kendricks – 11
Geronimo Allison – 9
Aaron Ripkowski – 9
Richard Rodgers – 9

It’s not like any of these five players were expected to have monster rolls with the team in 2017, but be that as it may, all five were given opportunities this season and none of them truly made the most of it. I still think some exception can be made for Justin McCray who came in not expecting to make the team as a developmental guard and was thrown into the fire as a starting right tackle. That’s a tough ask no matter how you slice it. The other four, especially Lance Kendricks, should have been more prepared and handled the situations better. I like McCray’s odds of making the team next year but the other four are in serious jeopardy.

Most Games with a Positive Grade (Defense)

Kenny Clark – 11
Clay Matthews – 10
Damarious Randall – 9
Morgan Burnett – 8

Damarious Randall started the year with four straight games grading in the negative. He then finished the year with a positive grade in 9 of his last 10. Kenny Clark was the most consistent defender of the group.

Most Games with a Negative Grade (Defense)

Kyler Fackrell – 12
Quinton Dial – 12
HaHa Clinton-Dix – 10
Dean Lowry – 10

The biggest surprise to me here was Dean Lowry. I really had high expectations for Lowry coming into the season but he simply did not live up to the preseason hype. He played a little bit better down the stretch but no better than a replacement level player. Hopefully he can make that true jump in 2018 that we were all expecting out of him this season.

2017 Draft Class:

Kevin King: -1.05
Josh Jones: -4.30
Montravius Adams: -2.05
Vince Biegel: -1.50
Jamaal Williams: +4.65
Deangelo Yancey: N/A
Aaron Jones: +9.00
Kofi Amichia: N/A
Devante Mays: -1.85
Malachi Dupre: N/A

Total: +2.90

For this season at least, this draft class was saved by the performance of their two rookie running backs. If you take Williams and Jones out of the mix, the rest of the group graded out collectively as a -10.75. It’s obviously still a good thing if Green Bay gets two really good running backs out of this group but they will absolutely need King, Jones, Adams, and Biegel to improve in 2018 to truly reach their championship goals.

2017 Free Agent Class

Martellus Bennett: +0.45
Lance Kendricks: -7.90
Jahri Evans: +8.10
Quinton Dial: -4.60
Ricky Jean-Francois: +0.25
Ahmad Brooks: -4.15
Davon House: -2.25

Total: -10.1

I rightfully understand the excitement in Green Bay about the Packers being more willing to go after free agents. If they do, they need to do a much better job than they did in 2018. There’s a narrative out there that Dial, House, Kendricks, and Brooks were solid pieces and that they played well enough to warrant their signings. That’s simply not the case. You can make a case for House being a good pickup but Brooks, Dial, and Kendricks massively underwhelmed. Their biggest free agent, Bennett, was a gigantic bust, and Ricky Jean Francois couldn’t make it through the season either. Jahri Evans was the lone solid pickup and even he was signed to replace TJ Lang who outperformed Evans in 2017.

If you want to know a huge reason why Green Bay struggled in 2017, the draft and free agent classes this season were a huge reason why.

Remaining 2018 Free Agents

Morgan Burnett: +4.40
Ahmad Brooks: -4.15
Davon House: -2.25
Jahri Evans: +8.10
Quinton Dial: -4.60
Richard Rodgers: -3.25
Jeff Janis: -0.75

Green Bay already took care of their major free agents by keeping Davante Adams and Corey Linsley in house. Jahri Evans has already talked a bit about possibly retiring and the real question will be if Green Bay wants to bring Morgan Burnett back. He seems like he would be a good fit for Mike Pettine’s defense, but he will ask for a lot of money in an open market and could get a contract that Green Bay would rather not pay.

Lower PFF Grades

Lane Taylor
Corey Linsley
Kevin King
Lucas Patrick

When grading plays this season I specifically tried to stay away from seeing how PFF was grading the Packers. I didn’t want any bias in my scores and wanted to be able to compare at the end of the season. Since getting a chance to review our scores there were four players who PFF had given lower grades to than me. I thought PFF was a big harsh on Kevin King and were well undervaluing both Linsley and Taylor. Taylor especially was one of my top graded players on offense and I thought he played really solid football through the full season. PFF disagreed and had him rated a 68.8 and only their 34th graded guard.

Higher PFF Grades

Blake Martinez
Jake Ryan
HaHa Clinton-Dix
Nick Perry
Dean Lowry
Vince Biegel
Ahmad Brooks

There were also some players that PFF had much higher grades on than me, interestingly enough, all on the defensive side. I’m ok with how PFF graded Martinez & Ryan, and Biegel didn’t play enough snaps to have a definitive grade on him one way or the other. Their higher grades on Clinton-Dix and Perry are really where I have the biggest issue. It’s worth noting, however, that PFF and I agreed on the vast majority of players this season and there were very few players that we disagreed on, at least to any great extent.

I hope you've enjoyed the grading this season. Thanks for reading and commenting!


Andy is a graduate of UW-Oshkosh and owns & operates the Pack-A-Day Podcast. Andy has taken multiple courses in NFL scouting and appears weekly on 107.5 The Fan in Green Bay to breakdown film. This past season he was an analyst on Green Bay Nation on WFRV TV in Green Bay. Andy grew up in Green Bay and is a lifelong season ticket holder; follow him on Twitter at @sconniesports.

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jeremyjjbrown's picture

Wow, what a write up!

HaHa Clinton-Dix -9.40

HaHa stole money from the Packers this season. I hope Pettine looses a shoe in his ass.

GBPDAN1's picture

Great write up. Very informative and telling . Let's add RT (or at least back up RT if Bulaga comes back to form) to the need list along with stud Edge rusher, TE, CB, WR.

With the uncertainty of a Morgan Burnett resigning, and the regression of Dix, I'm starting to worry about safety. Let's hope the new regime can upgrade these positions realitivly soon. Go Pack !

ScaryGary's picture

i was ready to be done with ha-ha this year, talk about over-rated. i gotta admit I've change my tune, the fact that he spoke up was cool, the fact that what he was saying was regurgitated by murphy a week later in hiring process makes me think he is a leader. ha-ha has always had the ability i hope he takes his leadership to next level, and for a home town discount with those numbers

egbertsouse's picture

Yeah, he spoke up and pointed the finger at everyone but himself. He should give back half of his paychecks. Show him the door!

Coldworld's picture

Immature football player? If you fired all of them you would have to play soccer or basketball or just give up.

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture


Jimmy Graham FA
Shutdown CB FA

Draft Best edge rusher @ # 14
RT 2nd round draft pick
WR 3rd Draft pick

(Let Cobb walk to free up $ to sign Jimmy Graham )
Keep Jordy, Clay, Burnette

Resign AR!!!

The TKstinator's picture

There is no single player/position on defense that can elevate the entire unit the way a great QB can elevate an offense.

Therein lies the challenge before Pettine.

DD's picture

Agree with Graham and edge animal. Restructure Cobb, Nelson, and Matthews to free up money. If they refuse then the Pack must say goodbye as much as it hurts me.

WKUPackFan's picture

Let's pump the brakes a bit on Jimmy Graham. Football Outsiders ranks him as the 27th TE in 2017 per DYAR, and the 28th TE per DVOA.

In comparison, such notables as Eric Ebron (18,19), Mercedes Lewis (22, 22) and Jermaine Gresham (24, 23) were all ranked higher than Graham.

Fountaintown's picture

Pre-planning draft picks, and drafting for "need" instead of taking BPA is why the roster is in the shape it is now. I absolutely hate when people say "take X position in round Y". The draft never plays out the way people think it will

The TKstinator's picture

Agreed, señor!

ScaryGary's picture

all u jimmy graham lovers i have an obeservation, I'm from iowa so i noticed this 6-5 freak allan lazard from iowa state. he runs a 4.6 forty and has tweeted stuff about national anthem so he went from like a second round to 4-5 round grade. this dude is big, can catch, can move, and seems to have a personality. i say snacth him up with one of our third round comp picks, at worst hes a red zone target for our guy AROD

ScaryGary's picture

think outdoor marques colston. if I'm wrong i hope the bears draft him

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I definitely plan to re-read this article, probably a few times. Wonderful write up and work all season long.

It explains the healthy scratches for Montravius Adams. Talent a plenty. Hope it was missing TC and games - has to be hard for any rookie DL.

Coldworld's picture

I am beginning to wonder if HHCD is getting downrated for others here though. And I still remember pulling my hair out over him.

I think this indicates why we need to keep Matthews one way or another. I think it also illustrates why we need a FA wide receiver and TE.

Other than that, this has been a great enterprise through the season. Thank you for all the time and effort devoted.

Finally, I can not help myself, but the comment on the clip asking if Hundley joined Favre as throwing an interception on his last pass for GB. YES, PLEASE, YES Mr Murphy Gutekunst

Andy Herman's picture

Thanks Reynoldo!

The TKstinator's picture

Same here!

Andy Herman's picture

Thanks Jonathan!

4thand1's picture

Great Job.Only way to go is up.GOPACKGO

Turophile's picture

I was hoping you'd do a season recap Andrew. Thanks for that - enjoyable and informative read as always.

The only thing i'd take issue with in the whole piece was this comment:

"If you want to know a huge reason why Green Bay struggled in 2017, the draft and free agent classes this season were a huge reason why."

I agree with most of this (the vet FAs were poor), but I never expect much from rookies in a draft class - RBs being something of an exception as they can have an impact as a rookie if their instincts are good. I always look more to the players in their second year - ie

Clark very, very good
Spriggs very bad
Fackrell bad
Martinez very good
Lowry bad
Davis neutral
Murphy neutral

I did hope for more with this years top picks (I seem to be arguing against myself here), but King was dinged up (eventually had surgery), J.Jones wasn't mentally there yet, and both M.Adams and Biegel were also dinged for a crucial and lengthy period.
I'll be hoping to see the second year jump in 2018, for several of these guys - fingers crossed.

PS. i notice you didn't really say anything about safety Jermaine Whitehead, who I know you liked during the season.

Bearmeat's picture

Great stuff, Andy. Thanks!

Andy Herman's picture

Thank you!!!

MarkinMadison's picture

Good write up. I tend to think that Ha-Ha was a bit lost without Burnett, Makes re-signing him a priority in my view. For TT he would be getting too long in the tooth for a top contract. We'll see what the new bunch thinks.

NitschkeFan's picture

Great article Andy, thank you very much!

Andy Herman's picture

Thanks Nitschke!

freddisch's picture

Great analysis. Appreciate all the effort that whet into this report. Look forward to your work next season. Thanks

Andy Herman's picture

Thanks Freddisch!

Lphill's picture

The Packers defense is better with Clay on the field ,would be a big mistake to let him go , I think Pettine will bring out the best in him , I can't say the same for Perry , he just can't stay healthy .

Coldworld's picture

Perhaps a third proven edge rusher might help both be effective by reducing playing time, allowing more flexible usage with fresh legs both in terms of effectiveness and health?

The nearest thing I have seen to a potential third outside rushing threat is in glimpses of Gilbert. The rest either are not good enough or are as yet unproven

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Clay Wil be gone...Burnett will be gone...cobb will be gone and buluga maybe gone..he is iffy.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Clay Wil be gone...Burnett will be gone...cobb will be gone and buluga maybe gone..he is iffy.

Coldworld's picture

I doubt all of those will be gone. Baluga is a different case. Not willing to write off a player for injury without a lot more info. But they have to consider a true second option. Hate to see injuries end careers early so fingers crossed

dobber's picture

Baluga was always underrated with his sonar and ability to tolerate bitterly cold Arctic waters...

The TKstinator's picture

Love it. And Raffi’s song about the baby version really gets one’s toes to tapping.

Coldworld's picture


croatpackfan's picture

Andrew, thank you very much, once again...

Regarding PFF I will say just that they lost me when they, few years ago, graded Palmer as highest QB for the week (while he had 3 INT and Cardinal lost) and they graded Aaron in the bottom (and Aaron had 3 TD pass and QB rating over 100 and Packer won).

Their explanation was so stupid that they lost, in my eyes, all credibility!

So, I believe your grading much more than PFF grading...

Andy Herman's picture

Thanks Croat!

Doug Niemczynski's picture


Doug Niemczynski's picture

Awesome Write Up !! And with all that being said.

Bottomline : WE SUCK !!!

Coldworld's picture

We suck less than we did at New Year. Don’t jump off the bridge quite yet.

OldTimer's picture

Perry was my biggest disappointment. All that money spent on potential. There always seems to be something hurt on him. He is always "Nicked" up. Maybe if his parants would have named him "Able" it would have helped.

The TKstinator's picture

HHCD was mine.

stockholder's picture

Interesting on Lowry.(BAD) Interesting on people keep saying DE /Pass rusher. This club is going to stay with the 3-4-4. So I'm going to lay it right out there. No way the packers trade up. Any pass rusher will be a bust at 14! Let may say that again. Any pass rusher will be a bust a #14! There is nothing special about any of them at #14. The packers should take a 3-4-4 DL. ( Follow the 2009 Draft!) Raji and Mathews! Now let me tell who. The best Nt is Vita. The other player flying up the boards is Hurst. If Vita gets his pads low enough he will be better than Natgata. And The LIons will take him. Hurst could be fast like Arnald. Next Trade up into the first round again. Take your LB there, or pass rusher on the drop! If you don't take the DT you'll miss out on the better player. And Let's keep him away from the LIons.

The TKstinator's picture

Did you (somewhat indirectly) refer to ‘pad level’???

stockholder's picture

Yes, That is the only possible knock on vita. So one group says per pro level. He's still very young, and with better coaches it's a win, win. He's still climbing high into the first. I'm using CBS sports grades right now. They are usually close every year. I'm sure a lot will disagree with a DT. But when you look at who's behind Clark, Lowry, and Daniels. They need better. This guy is going to be a logical pick that high.

Barnacle's picture

Maybe we should focus on quarterback AND backup and whoever is in charge of that? Did the past failure(hint MM) get fired?

Our only chance is a healthy Aaron Rogers. That is the problem. Spending huge amounts on him prematurely is not the answer. The answer is get a coach who can figure things out rather than depending on Rogers to call plays and coach the offense and get a backup and have someone coach him up.

McCarthy had years to evaluate Hundly and plan for the time he may be needed. MM failed miserably!

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