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From the Press Box: Really Late Edition

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From the Press Box: Really Late Edition

So, I'd like to excuse my tardiness by blaming the freakish snow this weekend but unlike the suckers up north, I still have power.

Instead I had a ton of backlogged work, decided to do the column Tuesdays and then lost internet about 5 minutes before I sat to write the column. Unfortunately, despite poking the modem with a sharp stick repeatedly the interwebs would not appear and the column went unwritten.

Until now.

I learned something this Halloween. I learned that taking 35 Junior Pee Wee football players with assorted family members in tow looks a lot like a horde of Dothraki horsemen on a bender to people manning candy bowls.

Fun though—nothing like a ton of sugared up mini-football players running amok in neighborhoods.

Here are a few more things I noticed this weekend involving regular sized football players.

Philip Rivers is Broken

We all know being a quarterback is about more than yardage totals, which Rivers has. It's also about making good decisions, delivering the ball cleanly and not turning it over. Playing smart.

Someone should tell Rivers that since he appears to have forgotten.

Tim Tebow may be the worst quarterback in the AFC West but Rivers is doing his damnedest to bring that title to San Diego. Somewhere Matt Cassel is contently mediocre.

Rivers is turning the ball over at an astonishing rate, with almost an average of two interceptions a game. He's got more interceptions (11) than touchdowns (7) right now and we're only halfway done with the season.

In a year when quarterback yardage records are on pace to be shattered, Rivers is on pace to destroy his own high water mark for interceptions.

It's hard to pin down the why. He just looks off.

The Chargers tend to start slow and come on late for a run at the playoffs but if Rivers continues to play the way he has so far that's not happening.

Meanwhile the Kansas City Chiefs are on a tear after a horrendous start. Maybe Todd Haley has a voodoo doll of Rivers in his hobo-licious beard.

Tebow and the Horrible Lack Of Humor

I'll talk a bit about Tebow's quarterback issues on this week's edition of The Hard Count but I wanted to touch on an interesting backlash around some Tebow-mocking going on.

It's called Tebowing, and it comes from Tebow's predilection for genuflecting on or around the football field. There's a whole web site devoted to the mocking of it.

Some people are more clever at it than others.

Some people are more offended than others as well.

Jemele Hill wrote a pretty good piece about it on and she poses a good question: would some of us be so nonchalant if he were Muslim? Jewish?

(actually the folks at took that as a challenge)

Certainly there is and always will be a sensitivity about religion in this country. Or more to the point certain religions, since I'm pretty sure less people would be bent out of shape if he were a practicing Wiccan being mocked.

I don't dislike Tebow, nor do I take any joy in his struggles. But you're a public figure and when you wear your heart on your sleeve—no matter what it is in regards to—people are going to comment and not always positively.

As far as the Lions mocking him? He's a big boy, it's the NFL and far, far worse things are said and done on the field.

Public figures get mocked. Football players get mocked. All the time. Why is it different with tebow?

Maybe because everything else involving Tebow is as well.

Were the Lions out of line? Is the Tebowing Meme wrong? I believe it can be a fine line to walk but don't think that overall this is something to get bent out of shape about. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Who is the Worst team in the League?

I'm ending this with an unscientific straw poll. For the last few weeks we've been inundated with 'Suck for Luck'—something that was a joke amongst the scouting media for the longest time which somehow mainstream media took on as an actual real thing and is beating it to death.

Nobody is losing on purpose. Why bother when you lose by accident so often anyway?

Here are your terrible teams—vote in the comments section. Feel free to enter write in votes and explanations as well. Remember—being terrible is about more than the record (though that doesn't hurt)!

Miami Dolphins (0-7)

Indianapolis Colts (0-8)

St Louis Rams (1-7)

Arizona Cardinals (1-7)

Seattle Seahawks (2-5)

Denver Broncos (2-5)

Carolina Panthers (2-6)

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6)

Minnesota Vikings (2-6)

Washington Redskins (3-4)

Dallas Cowboys (3-4)

Philadelphia Eagles (3-4)

Cleveland Browns (3-4)

Holy crap - nearly half the league has a sub .500 record.  Is that normal?

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Norman's picture

"I learned something this Halloween. I learned that taking 35 Junior Pee Wee football players with assorted family members in tow looks a lot like a horde of Dothraki horsemen on a bender to people manning candy bowls."

Is Dennis Miller writing your material now Andrew?

andrewgarda's picture

Only if it got me hired into the MNF booth. I can't be worse that Kornheiser.

PackersRS's picture

Oh come one. It's a +1 for Game of Thrones reference.

andrewgarda's picture


MarkinMadison's picture

Tebow came into the league last year, and was #1 in jersey sales. Was it because of his skills? Not really. The truth is that he is a lot like the Couch kid out of Nebraska that the Packers took a late-round flyer on a few years ago. I would argue that Tebow is so popular precisely because he has always worn his religous beliefs on his sleeve. I am not saying that he did it as a marketing tactic, but it definitley had a marketing effect. I do not like people mocking his beliefs, but Tebow is not the only guy who makes prayer gestures in the league. How else do you mock this guy, who's play, quite frankly, is open to being mocked. And let's be real, without his faith, he is just another asterisk in the league. And even with his faith, his performances so far suggest that he will soon be out of the NFL.

andrewgarda's picture

It's SO early in his career and development that I think it's too hard to say for sure whether he can be good. So far, it's been ugly but so many rookies are. Jury is still out, but they're about to start deliberations.

As for the 'Tebow effect' - first I have more than once heard people mocked for thanking God for getting them a win in sports. As far as prayer gestures go, you don't see it all that often in the NFL though you do see it. Tebow has an incredibly high profile, so it stands out more. I don't think it's particularly fair but that's the price you pay for being a big name everyone knows. It's something most celebs and such accept otherwise they duck the limelight and tebow sure doesn't.

Now, the other aspect of this I think is interesting is Tebow is probably suffering from a general backlash against conservative Christians in this country right now. While some of the backlash in the NFL is disgust with the disproportionate hype, in thye media and elsewhere I think it has lots to do with the perception of Christians in this country right now, which isn't good.

Finally I point back to my Sanchez-Tebow comparison of last week. Nobody liked seeing someone get hype too early on without 'deserving it'. Both Sanchez and Tebow take their fair share of heat because of the hype that has come with them and (in Sanchez's case) where he resides. We love to see people fail, especially on a big stage.

fish/crane's picture

Here are a couple of other things he seems to like to wear on his sleeve:

packsmack25's picture

From The Pressbox posted really late>Tebow

andrewgarda's picture

My mechanics might be better as well.

packsmack25's picture
andrewgarda's picture

WOW. That's pretty funny and a little wrong in places. But funny.

PackersRS's picture

This is awesome. It's like a MIRACLE!!!!

andrewgarda's picture

Nothing brings people together quicker than hate.

PackersRS's picture
B4lombardi's picture

People seem to always thank God for winning the game. I guess they didn't practice or study film. I have yet to hear anyone blame God for losing the game?

Maybe they should do a study? Some quarterbacks should practice and study game film and some should pray without practicing or study. When they play we can see which wins! and who to blame.

packeraaron's picture

One of the best standup routines ever:

"No one ever says 'We were going to win the game until JESUS made me fumble. He hates our team.'"

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