Davis Allen NFL Draft Prospect Profile and Scouting Report

Clemson Tight End Davis Allen Scouting Report- 2023 NFL Draft

Name: Davis Allen

School: Clemson

Year: Sr

Position: Tight End

Measurables: 6’6”, 245 lbs.


Hand Length: 10”, Arm Length: 32 ¼”, Wingspan: 79 ¾”

40 Yard Dash: 4.84, Shuttle: 4.45, 10 Yard Split: 1.6, Vertical: 38.5”, Broad Jump: 125”, Three Cone Drill: 7.31


Courtesy of Sports-Reference.com


General Info:

A passionate baseball player and the son of a Georgia Bulldog, Davis Allen never envisioned himself suiting up to play football for the Clemson Tigers. As Allen’s focus shifted to football and Clemson expressed interest in signing him, the feeling became mutual for the four-star tight end who committed to play for the Tigers just four days after receiving a scholarship offer. Davis said of his quick decision, “It was a no-brainer, honestly. After a couple of visits, I knew.”

After starting just one game in his freshman season, Davis Allen started his next three seasons and finished his career in Death Valley with 951 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns. He was elected captain for his senior season that saw a career-high 5 touchdown catches. Allen is projected to be a Day 3 pick in this weekend’s draft.


Positional Skills:


Contested. Catch. To borrow a quote used for Mike Williams, 50/50 balls are more like 80/20 balls when thrown to Davis Allen. His positioning and body control in contested catch situations are incredible, and his vertical and broad jump are 96th percentile and 95th percentile respectively. This made the tight end a difficult cover for opposing players on seam routes and fades in the red zone. Even when he was blanketed in coverage, Allen proved able to high-point the football over defenders.

As a run blocker, he demonstrated a willingness to compete with larger defenders and consistently blocked to the whistle. Allen’s quick feet helped him to compete with more explosive edge defenders as a pass blocker. At times, Davis was able to evade a defender or two after catching an RPO or play action boot.


Davis Allen’s game lacks explosiveness. His 4.84 second 40-yard dash is evident on the field, where lackluster route-running and poor downhill speed prevented the tight end from regularly creating separation. Though he is able to suitably manage catches in traffic, he rarely provides his quarterback with a large window in which to throw the football.

A lack of play strength impacted Allen as a blocker during his time at Clemson as his punch lacks power in both run blocking and pass blocking. Often driven back by larger defenders, Davis’s tendency to leave his feet behind him does not help him close the leverage gap.


Fit with the Packers:

Tight end is the biggest hole the Packers must fill before September. With the departure of Robert Tonyan and the uncertainty surrounding Marcedes Lewis, the only tight ends on the Packers’ roster are Josiah Deguara and Tyler Davis. Deguara is more of an H-back, and Davis has yet to solidify himself as an offensive contributor. The Packers should look to add players to this room through the draft.

Many mock drafts have predicted an early tight end selection for Green Bay, such as Michael Mayer, Dalton Kincaid, or Darnell Washington. Should the Packers miss out on these early options, they may choose to select Davis Allen on Day 3 of the draft. Though he would not qualify as a dangerous weapon for Jordan Love, Allen could replace Marcedes Lewis’s jump ball threat in the red zone and potentially fill in for Robert Tonyan in the play action passing game. If he is their headline addition, the Packers will not improve at the tight end position, but Davis Allen would serve as a nice complement to Josiah Deguara.


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golfpacker1's picture

April 25, 2023 at 09:30 pm

To make our offense explosive, which helps Love be successful and helps our defense stay off the field as much, the Packers need to start using the TE position as a weapon just like the good NFL teams do. We might just as well trot another O-lineman out there in place of the TE if all we see the position as being 30 catches and let block a lot. Defense don't respect us as long as that is our TE gameplan. Even blocking TEs should be catching 30 to 40 balls a year. That keeps the defense honest and then they don't have an easy time stopping our RBs and WRs.

We need to score 3 great to good TEs this draft. The dream scenario would be a trade back from #13 to somewhere between #20 and #29 so we can pick up that uber important third 2nd rounder. We start our draft with one of Kinkaid, Mayer, or Washington with our first pick, so we have our first top 5 TE in 20 years that we can use the way the Chiefs use Kelsey and the Niners use Kittle. Then we bang out our next 3 biggest needs @ Edge, DT, and WR. ALL by the end of the 2nd round. Safety comes in the 3rd.

But almost as important would be the extra 4th round pick we would get and use it for a second TE like Josh Whyle or Schoonmaker, Finish up with this guy Davis or Kemari Averett-Bethune Cookman, Durham-Purdue, Sims-Baylor, and our TE room is now a strength, and our offense and defense will benefit because we start winning time of possession.

What I fear is we make the god-awful mistake of trading up for a player we don't need while wasting our hard earned pick from the Jets.

Please listen to me. Teams that think they are a good player away from the playoffs can afford to trade up. WE ARE NOT ONE OF THOSE TEAMS. We are rebuilding so we can get to that point. Almost any player we would take @ #13, we can get the equivalent talent of player later and save the picks we trade away. This is not that hard to understand.

And we don't need to shove cornerback or offensive tackle ahead of the big 4 needs because we don't have a need right now at CB and OT. All that will do is screw up the rest of the draft while we choose from lesser player for the critical positions.

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stockholder's picture

April 25, 2023 at 10:04 pm

There is No dream scenario. The TEs are over-Rated.
I have a second rd grade on them all.
Due to their combine Times and past Injuries.
So at 42: a TE will be there. Possibly Mayer.
No need to reach. Luke Schoonmaker @116.
Thats two good Tes for Love.
If Gutey gets the first one. No need to panic for the 2nd.

2 points
golfpacker1's picture

April 26, 2023 at 10:04 am

Mayer will be gone in the first, as will Kinkaid, and there is a good chance Washington too.
Sorry but I can't agree with you. We sure as hell shouldn't miss out on picking one of the top 3 TEs in what is the strongest class in 20 years. And we wouldn't be reaching at all if we can find someone to trade back with, and pick TE in the 20s. Lets bring our offense full circle by getting and using some top TEs as weapons.

Oh, I forgot, you have been on record as wanting Love to fail. If we keep using the TE position the way we have that will be a possibility.

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jannes bjornson's picture

April 26, 2023 at 10:25 am

I would still bag three over the course of this draft. My selections are known with Kraft in rd two and Schoonmaker in 4-5th. Durham caught a lot of passes in Purdue's Brohm Bros. offense. The blocking sleds are in rds 6-7. Maybe LaFleur can get tuned into the New offenses? "Corn Dog" on two, Won the SB for Andy Reid.

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StarrtoRodgers's picture

April 26, 2023 at 07:14 pm

"Please listen to me."


Why, what can anyone here do?

This is largely just an echo chamber of angry Church Ladies, spoiled Packer fans born after 1980 and paid Packer Management propagandists and their sycophants. They can't help.

1 points
stockholder's picture

April 25, 2023 at 09:52 pm

Maybe a 7th rd pick.

4 points
Leatherhead's picture

April 25, 2023 at 10:40 pm

There are currently 4 TEs on the roster, not two.

-1 points
golfpacker1's picture

April 26, 2023 at 09:55 am

Would any of them start for another NFL team. I will answer that for you. NOPE.

2 points