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Cory's Corner: Honesty Is Needed In Green Bay

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Cory's Corner: Honesty Is Needed In Green Bay

The one thing that still confuses me about Thursday night’s collapse was Aaron Jones’ disappearance. 

The most dynamic player on the Packers roster only got five carries in the second half as the Packers fell to the Seahawks 27-24 in a game that really dented Green Bay’s playoff chances.

“Each game you get the ball to all your playmakers,” said Packers coach Mike McCarthy during his Monday presser. “I think it’s fairly evident that the scheme is set to get the ball to our running backs. So, Aaron (Jones) is no different, he’s part of that process.”

At this point I want McCarthy or Aaron Rodgers to throw the other one under the bus. This constant lying is getting old. Either McCarthy wants to throw it 60 times a game or McCarthy is actually calling a run but Rodgers is checking it at the line of scrimmage. 

This is the genesis of the disconnect between Green Bay’s coach and its quarterback. We will never get a straight answer from either one of them. It took until Week 8 for Jones to get double digit carries in a game this season. 

And it obviously doesn’t help that the Packers are slogging through the year with a 4-5-1 record. Remember, this team had the third-best odds to win Super Bowl LIII in the preseason. 

“It sucks,” said Randall Cobb, who has only started four games this season because of a nagging hamstring. “Everybody’s very frustrated. Nobody wants to lose games. We don’t go out and work everyday in the offseason to come into the season in shape and go through training camp and beat each other up in training camp and go through seasons and lose games. Nobody wants to do that. That’s no fun. We want to win games, we’ve won a lot around here and we’ve got to find a way to get back on track.”

Everyone has tried to answer that question numerous times and there are two ways for the Packers offense to be more effective: 1. Trust Jones as a runner and receiver. He’s akin to the Bears’ speedy Tarik Cohen, but Cohen usually gets the ball more. 2. Run the offense out of the no-huddle and beat defenses with a thousand cuts thanks to a plethora of quick, short passes. Tom Brady has excelled at this and there’s no reason why Rodgers cannot carve up a defense with short, efficient passes. 

The problem of course is ego. Rodgers wants the home run. He seeks it so much that he will bypass the easy first down yardage to heave a lower percentage pass downfield.

“Our record speaks for itself,” Cobb said. “There’s a lot of football left but we’re running out of time.”

That’s exactly right. The Packers still have a playoff heartbeat and currently sit as the ninth team in the six-team NFC playoff field. And to make matters even sweeter, they have the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL. 

But none of that stuff matters if McCarthy and Rodgers aren’t going to be honest with each other. 



Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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Stic's picture

Honesty left the organization the day TT darkened the doorway at 1265. Some said that was good and still say so. Dishonesty became habit and now permeates the packers from top to bottom. It has to be ripped out by the roots. Won't happen nor will a SB until it is.

Savage57's picture

I've seen some stupid stuff posted here, but I think we have an all-time winner.

Who the #*[email protected] do you think you are to summarily indict a man's integrity without any evidence to substantiate it and then proclaim it's institutionally pervasive?

When people didn't have the protections afforded by hiding behind an anonymous URL, you'd have found yourself in court trying to defend slander and libel charges for publicly stating the stuff you wrote.

Tarynfor12's picture

Why the outrage?

It's the norm these days and is written,spoken and seen performed on every social media and regular media every minute of every day and is actually promoted as being a ' right ' to do so and protected under every Liberal Democratic selected Federal Court...unless directed toward them. It's what the morons, I mean people want, even if they don't know better, and they mostly don't.
Pick someone out, point a finger, make an accusation based on no facts or evidence, and then demand the accused be fired,jailed, and more without due process whether true or not. Guilty,guilty,guilty because we must believe what anyone accusers you of...period. No matter how long ago, not matter the accusers history....GUILTY!!!

jlc1's picture

Can't let this pass, especially as this site is such a break from these kinds of comments. So here goes. Somehow the poster thinks the problem on social media is "Liberal Democratic" and then some words that suggest he/she means judges. There is more than enough bad behavior on social media to go around but please sir/madam just look at the tweeter in chief to see if that is really model behavior. No facts? No evidence? He is the master.

Tarynfor12's picture

As like in football, the one who responds to a cheap hit almost always draws the penalty.

The Lib/Dem throws the punch, Trump hits back and he's flagged for attacking the assaulter...the problem is most of those who throw the first punch are the cowards screaming they were assaulted.

This social media generation is made up of 90 percent of these types....cowards behind the internet who throw a punch and then scream abuse when hit back.

ballark's picture

Gtfo with this political bs.

Tarynfor12's picture

I didn't start it but like I said...the one who hits back is penalized. Thanks for proving me correct. : )

Rak47's picture

If you didn't start it who did? Lmao. Way to take a page out of POTUS book. Deny, deny, deny, then,

" just tell them what you want, they'll believe it", Trump.

Old School's picture

If everybody doesn't try real hard to get along, then we don't get along. And throughout history, what happens when people don't get along?

Rak47's picture

On another thread I made a comment that we need a coach with more morale character than Potus when someone mentioned hiring Josh McDaniels and I had people telling me to leave politics out of the thread. Then Taryn actually talks politics but where are their comments now? I guess there won't be any from them since Taryn's comments are pro Trump, lol.

fastmoving's picture

Trump is that just that c typ you call him, but is he really social media generation? Im sure he thinks so...…….

but at least, you are a smart, fearless hero. with you original pic. man, you make that site great again………..

Bure9620's picture

There's wonderful people on both sides.........

egbertsouse's picture

The moderator needs to keep political bs like this off this site. Where are you?

Since '61's picture

Thanks egbertsouse and I completely agree. Since '61

Skip greenBayless's picture

I agree. This is outrageous what jlc1 said. These people have lot of nerve. What Taryn said was in relation to the subject matter about honesty. What this jlc1 guy said was just pure hate. No place for this here I agree.

fastmoving's picture

but its good for you...otherwise you would be one of the last to have the right to post here. and the chief moron has twitter too……..

but at least its funny how you spin everything around. not matter what it is. but at least you can see how Trump "works".

TT was a great guy, just like Lombardi...…….both far better man, as anyone mentioned in that post

Packers0808's picture

And what do you stupid Republicans do everyday with the tweets from Trump. You people who put politics even in sports are politically mentally ill!

packergal's picture

Did you just put politics in sports by posting a comment that referred to some as "stupid Republicans"?

Packers0808's picture

Yup because if you can figure out all by yourself what they did there are stupid republicans for putting politics in sports I didn't, duh!

BobWellhoefer's picture

Just shut up. Your party lost bigtime and your fearless leader loses daily. You are over, and so is your outrage. But quick, run outside, there's probably someone you can yell at to get off your front lawn.

Lphill's picture

the dishonesty is on the behalf of Mike McCarthy , if he allows Jones more carries and he succeeds which he will then MM looks stupid for not feeding him more in prior games, MM is holding this offense back and the whole world knows it, this offense needs some fresh play calling and that wont happen until MM is gone. sooner rather than later.

Rak47's picture

When asked why they didn't run more in game, McCarthy usually has his ready made "flow of the game" bullcrap excuse prepared for postgame but this does not work when the Packers are up for most of the game as everyone knows, even pee wee coaches know that you run the ball to protect a lead and siphon the clock.

HugePackersFan's picture

I think M.M. is a good Head coach and a lousy Offensive Play Caller. The Pack offense has become so predictable, that every team's Defensive Coordinator knows just what to do and when to stifle our offense. You will never see M.M. call a gadget play, trick play, onside kickoff, halfback option pass, flea flicker, etc. He should be watching game films of college and pro teams who practice and perfect these plays to win football games, not blow A.Jones off tackle or guard 10 times in a row. A.R. has to get plays called that feature the catching skills of his receiving corp... short passes, first down control, run the ball, pass it deep to D. Adams. I have watched football now for 60 years. Notice how Sean Payton from the Saints has such a bevy of good plays that enables Drew Brees to move the ball down the field with ease many times per game... and win them. A new OC is certainly in order now that this season is shot to Hell. The Seahawks game was pure distress, when MM refused to challenge the dropped pass by the Seattle receiver and later Wilson took them in for a touch. When we reach a point where MM does not trust A.R. on 4 and 2 on Seattle's 33 yard line, brother I hope we lose 4 out of the next 6 games and start the 2019 season with A.R. and a new QB coach, and a new O.C. to bring a fresh new approach to a highly talented team that can and will exploit their competitors. Happy Thanksgiving to all Packer Fans across the Nation!!!

Old School's picture

I hate the Stale and Predictable playbook argument.

We rank 8th in total offense. We lead the league in rushing yards/attempt. The obvious conclusion is that the plays ARE working......when they are executed correctly.

But we make a lot of.mistakes on offense that kill drives and cost points. Fumbles, sacks, penalties, bad throws, dropped passes, etc. are not a function of a stale playbook, but rather of failed execution.

If McCarthy leaves and a new guy with a new playbook, the plays still will have to be executed. And I think it doesn't make sense to try to rebuild an offense around an old, expensive QB. So we might all just think about what change might actually mean.

WisconsInExile's picture

The Stale argument principally applies to 3rd down, where the Packers have really really struggled. See ‪

Old School's picture

I hate the Stale and Predictable playbook argument.

We rank 8th in total offense. We lead the league in rushing yards/attempt. The obvious conclusion is that the plays ARE working......when they are executed correctly.

But we make a lot of.mistakes on offense that kill drives and cost points. Fumbles, sacks, penalties, bad throws, dropped passes, etc. are not a function of a stale playbook, but rather of failed execution.

If McCarthy leaves and a new guy with a new playbook, the plays still will have to be executed. And I think it doesn't make sense to try to rebuild an offense around an old, expensive QB. So we might all just think about what change might actually mean.

marpag1's picture

When people equate good play calling with dialing up "a gadget play, trick play, onside kickoff, halfback option pass, flea flicker, etc." ... it usually means that they don't really understand what good play calling actually is.

Colin_C's picture


egbertsouse's picture

These guys are all public figures and have 7 figure incomes. They can put on their big boy pants and take it. I served on the city council for 2 years and took crap for $200 a month, it goes with the territory.

LambeauPlain's picture

TT was a dark liar? He was a master of talking to the press and saying absolutely nothing of importance, but that isn't lying.

And trash him all you want, but the man worked incredibly hard and gave everything he had to the Team.

I do not think internally mendacious, secretive General Managers are able to generate consistent success for 13 years.

Tundraboy's picture

One of my mentors and bosses once told me work smarter not just harder.

LeotisHarris's picture

You were fortunate to have such a visionary to guide you, Tundraboy. I hope he/she reached out to others to leverage that thinking, to bring about true synergy, cast aside silos in a paradigm shift to move forward with the work and deliver results that endure.

Tundraboy's picture

Yes I was, and we did. Learned the right way early on. Thanks.

Green Bay Shareholder's picture

Not sure about the honesty part, I don't think TT was dishonest about his approach, other words such as accountability and incompetency would be more appropriate. I sensed this implosion coming years ago when most were definitely still drinking the Kool Aid that was being served. A blind man could've seen the deterioration of the franchise through lack of initiative wrapped up in the guise of draft and develop b.s.. Yet anyone that stated the obvious was immediately lambasted as a spoiled fan - Ted knows best - MM is a highly successful head coach, playoff appearances - division titles etc..

Last I knew there are not trophies for playoff appearances. With most of that success being attributed to 1 Superstar QB and a mediocre, at best, supporting staff, with talent rarely being replaced and needs never being answered with experienced players who could provide leadership. Can't believe there are still shreds of that management team that still exist in the organization so many years since 2010.

I am also a Red Sox fan and that organization fired it's manager after they won the division in 2017 and World Series in 2013, went out and got some key components through free agency and drafted and developed well. The new manager, Alex Cora, had never managed previously, the organization was in pursuit of a World Series Championship not Division Titles. The result was a hustling, vibrant and over achieving team where there was no I and Me, as well as the winningest team in franchise history and a World Series Title. I know a different sport and financial restrictions but the comparison between the 2 franchises this year is so striking. Most of the Packer players look defeated before the game starts, Aaron Rodgers frustration shows up on nearly every unsuccessful play. Never saw any of that on the Red Sox team this year.

dobber's picture

There's a difference between dishonesty, disinformation, and just flat-out not saying anything of any real meaning. TT dabbled in the second and lived in the third. MM is the same way.

I think people here would love to have the Hoodie (now capitalized), but he gets a pass for living in all three worlds based on just being the Hoodie.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Many of us never thought TT should say much of anything about most subjects. GB still has six games to play, so I don't think one of MM and AR should throw the other person under the bus. If there is a difference of opinion on run/pass percentages and Aaron Jones, GB needs AR and MM to resolve it. I might hope that the solution involves more touches for Jones, but that's a different argument. Pointing fingers seems counterproductive. Every player on offense knows the answer anyway. My guess is that some of the beat writers do as well.

I have just now read the comments to this article. Yes, Taryn, Rak made a political statement (though he/she denies it) but it got addressed right away and it was made yesterday and in a different article thread. No need to continue on about politics. Moreover, it seems to me that you were discussing the public figure doctrine, which is judge-made law. I would have to think more deeply about it, but I am not sure whether the decision that was rendered should be deemed conservative or liberal. To an extent it protects an individual's right to free speech, but also more broadly institutions right to publish based on a collective good such as the public's need to know. At any rate the big losers are all individuals deemed to be public figures, any number of whom might never have aspired to be, or thought of themselves as, public figures.

The TKstinator's picture

1. “Fairly evident” that they want to involve the RB’s?
2. Do they really “beat each other up” in TC?
3. “Plethora” w/o “aforementioned”?

dobber's picture

It's fairly evident that the aforementioned RBs beat each other up in a plethora of TCs?

The TKstinator's picture

NOW we’re checking all the boxes!
Well done, sir!!

dobber's picture

I'm in education, so I'm all about checking boxes!

LeotisHarris's picture

No child left untested, but *is* our children learning?

The TKstinator's picture

Same here, amigo. (Or at least that’s what they make us do currently.)

Nick Perry's picture

I know I've been a bit of a negative puke about the Packers this year. I also know ANYTHING can happen once your in the playoffs. But DEEP DOWN in the pit of your gut...Does anyone really believe THIS Packers team has a remote chance to win a SB if they were to sneak into the playoffs? I mean HONESTLY??

Lets do this instead. Give Gutekunst FULL CONTROL including hiring HIS OWN HC. This "Power Structure" the Packers have suggests dysfunction IMO. It didn't work for the Vikings and it won't work in GB. One more good draft like the 2018 draft and about $50 million or more in cap space is a lot of resources to gather some missing pieces...Let Gute do it.

The next coach the Packers hire...The next decision they make for their HC will be the most important decision this franchise makes for years. The Packers have 4 maybe 5 more years with Rodgers. Get this wrong and the Packers will be known as the franchise that pissed away the career of perhaps the best thrower of a football in the history of the game. Get it right and the Packers just may hoist a few more Lombardi Trophies. Forget THIS year and worry about getting THIS right.

Bearmeat's picture

Mark Murphy must understand that. If he doesn't, he, beyond a shadow of a doubt, deserves to be fired too.

Actually, I'm not so sure that he doesn't deserve to be fired already for this power structure crap and the hair-brained idea that Russ Ball should be the next GM because Ted sed so. Thank God for MM and AR freaking about at that one.

dobber's picture

OK...I'd like to hear what evidence people have for the 'failure' of the current power structure. This is a serious question, because at this point, I just don't see a sample size large enough to really judge. I'd like to know if I've missed anything.

For most, it's going to be driven by their opinion of McCarthy...which, any GM could have been given the mandate by topmost management (whether that be owner or team president or board chair) upon his hire that he had to keep MM for the 2018 season. Do we really have any idea what BG thinks of MM at this stage? For all we know, he's a staunch MM defender.

flackcatcher's picture

What we know dobber is pretty damn vague. 1265 runs better operational security than most of the U.S. military on a daily basis. If hadn't been for Bob Harlan speaking out in relationship to Mark Murphy, we would still be in the dark about the turmoil inside Packer HQ. And after that, 1265 screwed the lid tighter on than before. And to be perfectly blunt, we fans don't know a damn thing beyond that.

Guam's picture

Well said NP!

Rak47's picture

If they want to get it right McCarthy and his old inflexible stale system and old out dated play calls need to go. The league has caught up to his offense and he has not the slightest clue how to adapt, that's the main reason why the Packers are 4-5-1 and teams with older coaches like the Saints and Chiefs are 9-1 and 9-2 respectively and that is because Sean Payton and Andy Reid are innovators. Here's an excerpt from Peter King this week. NEW ORLEANS — “This is the first time in NFL history a play like this has been run from this formation! Ever!” jovial Saints coach Sean Payton called out to his offensive team Saturday night in a second-floor ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton on Canal Street. This was a man in love with his job." Now this would never ever happen with McCarthy, it's more like "this entire scheme has been run millions of times, it will work forever if you just keep your pad level down, that's all I got guys now let's go win one for the gipper".

Demon's picture

I know ive been very negative this year also, only because i am completely worn out on the TT and MM regeim. Any way you look at it the pack has underachieved for the lsst several years. But no matter what ,there are still people here who defend and support them.

Many of you that are praising Gut and bashing TT are the same ones that 2 years ago were stating "in Ted we trust"

Similarly I predict when MM is shown the door and the Packers return to respectability. Them same people that are praising MM right now will be bashing him and be all for the new coach.

Gute has an excellent job so far as GM. Let him have full authority of the team and lets see what he can do.

Rak47's picture

My faith in McCarthy has been wavering since 2015 but I lost all faith in him in 2017 when I saw just how damn clueless he was once Rodgers got hurt. He wouldn't know creativity, and flexibility if they walked up to him introduced themselves simultaneously and spit in his face. He hasn't the slightest clue how to fix the offense and that is why he sticks to the same old tired clichés and looks completely blank in his postgame interviews.

Donster's picture

Well said NP! Couldn't agree with you more! No way this team can turn it around, much less be good enough to get to the Super Bowl. In fact I don't want them to turn it around down the stretch. It would give Murphy a reason to keep MM around for another year. Which would be another year down the drain.

rstain99's picture

Team is soft they don't play thru pain. Really makes you appreciate a guy like Favre, Rodgers is a tough guy (showing his stubbornness) no question but you are right its always the home run ball no short game. Think its time for HC change this team will not make the playoffs stud LB needed (Mack)? Hopefully Pettine can push his ideas on next years team time is running out AR will be 35+. Safety is also troublesome position maybe FA oops they could have had good number of FA's this past offseason. Reid was available but not to GB sorry he was and they dropped the ball AGAIN. Lots of holes, lots of questions

BradHTX's picture

With all due respect, the “Tough Guy Favre playing through pain” narrative really is more the product of a time when no one was concerned about the lasting effects of a concussion, and you could get an injured player all jacked up on Vicodin and send him back out on the field a series later. Those days are gone, and it’s probably for the best.

I think Rodgers coming back out in the second half of the Bears game and winning it on one leg puts to rest any questions about his toughness. Now if he would just throw a check down and move the chains on 3rd and 3...

Handsback's picture

I see Gutsy getting full control next year and decide to give MM another 1 year deal. I see another influx of talent because of the multiple draft picks. MVS with another year under his belt becomes a very good receiver that totally gains Arod's trust, and similar for Esq. A solid guard and RT helps keep the pass rushers off the QB and open some holes for Jones.
The defense will be improved with the play of the young CBs and added talent. That is all for next year.
This year I see playoffs, a break even season and a year for everyone to forget.

dobber's picture

I just don't expect the power structure to change unless one of the four (Murphy, Ball, McCarthy, Gute) leaves and creates an opportunity. Making a change where someone is moved under one of the existing "VPs" is a passive aggressive way of trying to force a resignation. If MM is canned (or resigns), that creates the perfect opportunity to move the new, incoming HC (especially if it's a first-timer) under BG, though...where he likely belongs.

Bearmeat's picture

Which brings us back to the necessity of MM moving on. I don't go talk to my dean when my chair is a butthead. I talk to my chair first, then (and only if it's serious) to I talk to the dean.

GM - With a cap guy who does what he is told. Period.
Head Coach
Coaching staff
Team leading players
Rank and file players.

The End.

pacman's picture

Are you crazy? Why do you think MM reports to Murphy now?

We don't know for sure what is going on but EVERYONE can see that MM/AR is not working.

It might be all AR's fault but MM has rarely shown that he is a good HC. He's not the worst but without AR, he would be mediocre. Maybe he knows that and that's why he give AR so much leeway. But that goes back to the point above - it's not working. We could have been at least 6 -3 -1 if it was.

Lare's picture

We would be 7-3 if our special teams weren't so terrible.

Packer Fan's picture

Check out Packers Wire. A nice article about two plays. Two first and ten where both passes were incomplete and no one was open, but.... Both times the underneath receivers were open and Rodgers passed them up.

So... when Rodgers starts hitting those short receivers to bring the line backers in, the others receiver will begin getting open. And I have said this before, if Rodgers hits Jones with four or five of those short passes over the course of a game, not screen, they the offense will get more consistent. And Jones will break one of those short passes for 20 yards or more.

Right now defenses ignores those short receivers because they are not a risk as long as Rodgers doesn't use them.

LambeauPlain's picture

AJ had 100 yards in the first half and 60 came on screens and quick hitters he took up field for first downs.

It worked very well when sprinkled in with play action runs....granted, his avg per run was just under 4 yards, but the seahawks had no answer for the screens and quick pass to him. They were going to have to adjust...then the run game can take off.

MM has a goofy tendency this season to see the O click with an inventory of chain moving plays...then completely abandons it and changes direction as the offense flames out.

Can you imagine the Rams giving Gurley 6 touches over 2 full quarters? Me either.

Pauly's picture

Look at how AR played the 2nd half of the Bears game. Fast, hurry up, short passes. Worked well and opened up some long passes.
I still blame MM's stupid ignoring Mack in MM's 1st half play calling,, setting up AR for injury. (Bulaga was fresh off injury and rusty)
NO had a 50/50 run pass game Thur. (Not to mention Hill everywhere) And scored a ton of points with Drew Brees cruising.
Have not seen that type of Bears play since in a sustained way since then.
Brady wins SBs like that with a weaker team and GB can't seem to figure that out even when losing to Brady.
Las Vegas had GB #3 to win SB start of season!!
This year is hopeless,, time to play rookies for experience and see what we have plus get higher draft status. Seems worse to get in playoffs for one away game.

Tundraboy's picture

"Brady wins SBs like that with a weaker team and GB can't seem to figure that out even when losing to Brady."

That and the last Seattle game we're the last straw for me. MM is an albatross.

Bearmeat's picture

Best take you've had all year, Cory. Well done.

Cory Jennerjohn's picture

Thanks a lot Bearmeat. Appreciate it.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Good job Cory. I'd like to cap off this piece with a song dedicated to you Cory.

Razer's picture

I wouldn't roll this season and this team up to an 'honesty' thing. I might use the concept of 'competence' (or incompetence') when wrapping my head around the under performance. There is evidence of incompetence on numerous fronts.

- Special teams coaching
- Offensive scheme\game planning (see Drew Brees)
- Game management (time outs in particular)
- Effective use of personnel
- How to use a RB or TE

Most of this stuff falls directly at the feet of the HC who oversees these aspects of the team. McCarthy has let too many things fall through the cracks. For me his inability to design a running game into this offense is the singular incompetence that requires a new direction. This failure limits the offense and defines the ceiling for the team.

dobber's picture

"But none of that stuff matters if McCarthy and Rodgers aren’t going to be honest with each other. "

I suspect they have been...several times. I suspect that the problem is an unwillingness to compromise on both fronts.

Bear's picture

If you think we have a coach and Rodgers problem now, image a new coach holding Rodgers accountable! That will be a major problem.

Bear's picture

If you think we have a coach and Rodgers problem now, image a new coach holding Rodgers accountable! That will be a major problem.

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

That depends on the choice of new coach. It's not a forgone conclusion that Rodgers has that much pull.

Tarynfor12's picture

Honestly, watching the game last night was like a steroid induced reproduction of what Rodgers and Warner gave us in that playoff game in 09 season. Which by the way is a side of Rodgers that has long been erased from his image,though which hurts more since defenses were still allowed on the field, especially in the secondary, unlike the recent version of the NFL.

Last night the trenches showed how much damage it can cause but with that came the total disappearance of DB play.

Honestly, even if Rodgers and MM were to get on the same page, this team's concepts of the new NFL witnessed, the Packers still don't have a chance. Save the game played against the Rams recently, that team was no where near what was displayed last night.

The give and take that takes place and brings harmony in GB will ring hollow on the field after as it has before the wanted,needed and assumed must have as pointed in this article.

Last nights game cannot be taken honestly by any measure. It's a ridiculous combination of Fast and Furious and any action movie with Dwayne Johnson where all laws of reality are gone and CGI rules supreme and everyone is inhuman.

For many, the action fits today's video game mentality, I personally became more bored than the FG duel of the recent Dal -Atl game first half.

Honestly, I wonder if the officiating wasn't compelled to help make the game a video game result,since the buildup was all about scoring, and whether the Refs did or not by command, they did well in support of running up the scores.

The Packers haven't got an honest chance and that's the reality honesty point of view.

Rodgers has become the old dog in the land of QB's and even Brees is a decade younger now then Rodgers may ever think himself again.

pacman's picture

No such thing as a football game with more than 100 points scored. I don't know what to call it but it was not football. Oh for the days when scoring more than 30 points was rare.

(can you tell when I was born?)

Razer's picture

...Last nights game cannot be taken honestly by any measure. It's a ridiculous combination of Fast and Furious and any action movie with Dwayne Johnson where all laws of reality are gone and CGI rules supreme and everyone is inhuman...

Well said. Call me a relic but uncontested offense is video game mindless. If the objective is to get to this style of play then I won't be watching.

splitpea1's picture

You could tell by how quiet the crowd was at times that they were sick of it too.

The TKstinator's picture

I thought I was the only one. Very encouraging to hear that others see it the same way!

dobber's picture

The Arena League loses it's mystique after a couple quarters...

The TKstinator's picture

Yeah that’s only 50 cents.

LeotisHarris's picture

There were defensive touchdowns scored last night as well. I enjoyed watching the game, but then again I enjoyed watching the Packers 48-47 win over the Redskins on MNF October 17, 1983.

Would you enjoy a return to 3 yards and a cloud of dust offenses, and 9-6 or 6-3 final scores? Those were realities in the 70s and 80s for Packers games.

I'm finding the key to me enjoying watching football is not having the Packers on the field.

The TKstinator's picture

I remember that Redskin game.
How about a score of 35-28?
Not 54-51, and 9-6. Some offense, some defense. Not just “last team with the ball wins”?

LeotisHarris's picture

Works for me, TK.

Maybe the NFL Competition Committee, and/or Rules Committee could reduce the number of points awarded for touchdowns. Let's say 2 points for a touchdown, and 1 for a field goal. Just eliminate extra points. Scores would be lower, which would appease those wandering this world stuck in pre-operational thought. A 7-5 final score could be exciting!

The next move for the committees would be to allow defenders to hit again. Maybe there's some kind of slogan the NFL could market. Have to think more on that, but some popular short message to bend the will of nervous sissypants millennial parents who want Shay and Finn to play soccer rather than good ol' 'Merican football!

Finally, overtime could be settled by a high school rules wrestling match between head coaches. Indian leg wrestling would work, too. It's time for bold action. I've heard a lot of people saying NFL spectators are taking advantage of the plethora of choices competing for their entertainment dollars.

The TKstinator's picture


CheesyTex's picture

In 1983 the D was not hamstrung by a rulebook designed to make the game more "entertaining", which makes that game special in my book.

Indeed, with all the recent rules changes to support offense, I believe that owners are evolving the game from true sport to mostly entertainment for more TV "excitement" and TV$. Perhaps everyone else has known that for years...

But I also loved to watch Woody Hayes' Ohio State teams, so maybe I'm the rare old bird that just appreciates good defense.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Leotis, I was at that Monday night game. Near the 50 front row. I hated the front row because I had to stand to see over the Redskin players on the sidelines. I remember a couple players giving us fans the finger after we were shouting at them. I never in a million years would have thought Mosely would miss that field goal but he did. Fans went crazy. Those same Redskins went on to win the super bowl that season. Kind of sad the record has been broken.

LeotisHarris's picture

That's a cool memory, Dash. It really was an absolute high for us, to get that win on MNF when MNF really was a special thing.

I have no historic live game memories to share, but a few cool moments. Was there when Allen Rossum returned a punt for a TD against the Falcons in a New Years eve playoff game. Saw Matt Flynn's huge game against the Lions. Was there for the gut-punch last second loss to the Panthers during Ray Rhodes single season, saw Favre's jersey retirement, and the opener against the Bears after we won the 96 Super Bowl.

Up until the last 2 years we've tried to attend one game per season as a family. It's gotten less enjoyable to be at Lambeau. Last game was a drunken shit show in section 127, so season ticket holder seats, many sold to opposing fans. Between the drunks and guys my age telling me to sit down ("you bought a seat, not a stand") I'd rather be at home. Imagine, a fan wanting to stand, yell, and support the home team.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Same here. I have no desire to attend a Packers game anymore. Zero. I would rather watch it on tv. It's all too commercial now. I used to love that old green fence along Lombardi Avenue with a yearly slogan. Just a single person with an ugly green fence and some yellow paint. It came from the heart at that time. Now we have corporate sponsorship rights to the fence etc. The mystique is all gone and so am I. I am sure the younger people like the new theme park outside Lambeau. At one time it used to be just about football. Not anymore. Not anymore.

flackcatcher's picture

Taryn. Your take is far kinder than mine. Mine is unprintable....

nostradanus's picture

After watching the cream rise to the top this weekend in the NFC: SAINTS - BEARS - RAMS - it just shows how far the Packers are behind scheme and talent wise.

The Packers are in a RE-BUILD and in the off-season will clear a bunch of Cap Space (Mathews-Cobb-Perry)

Im now not so sure the Packers won't keep McCarthy and give him one last shot at this considering:

1. McCarthy brought in a new Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator, New assistant Coaches.

2. The new GM is in the middle of cleaning up bad draft choices from Ted Thompson, bad contracts from aging and underperforming players.

3. They have an aging, injured Quarterback coming off a major injury to his throwing shoulder/collarbone.

4. McCarthy's team has been competitive through poor officiating calls, injuries and a former all-world Quarterback who has seriously underperformed by his lofty standards.

Im on the fence about this as I believe McCarthy is an excellent coach, but does the Packers brass believe it?

Can McCarthy get Rodgers to buy in?

Can McCarthy get the locker room to rally behind him?

I think the Packers have a chance to make a statement and possibly win out if they catch a few breaks and can gain some momentum.

It should be an interesting six weeks and an even more interesting off-season.

Go Pack!!

dobber's picture

You do a nice job, here, of objectively laying the groundwork for why MM might still be calling the shots in 2019. I still think his chances are about 50-50, and that's with loyalty figured in.

I think #4 is the clincher: they're still playing for him. If the effort disappears over the next couple games, I think things will change dramatically and most of the other arguments won't matter.

flackcatcher's picture

This is a solid honest take Cory. We fans know so little about how these decisions are being made that we are operating in a vacuum of information. In the long term, it is bad for the organization, when your fan base knows you are at some point lying to them. Those of us who comment or write on CHTV here, have said something similar. 'There is something wrong with Aaron Rodgers, and the Packers are hiding it.' For the long term health of this organization, it would be in everyone's interest if the Packers come clean on what is going on with their most important player.

packergal's picture

“…At this point I want McCarthy or Aaron Rodgers to throw the other one under the bus. This constant lying is getting old. Either McCarthy wants to throw it 60 times a game or McCarthy is actually calling a run but Rodgers is checking it at the line of scrimmage.

This is the genesis of the disconnect between Green Bay’s coach and its quarterback. We will never get a straight answer from either one of them…”.

So can anyone in the GB press ask the “elephant in the room” question of BOTH MM and AROD…

Q: “…Compared to QB/OL play of Saints, Steelers, NE and SD, GB now leads the league in percentage of dropbacks that result in highest number of sacks (30). I’m sure you know the answer based on your film reviews and team meetings with the Offense; therefore, what percent of these 30 sacks are attributed to the HC playcall that results in long developing plays or to checks at the LOS to find the open receiver and the home run ball?”…

Head Coaches and QBs that are prepared and in alignment will know the answer and do everything in their power to alter this for the next game(s) and perhaps provide precise answers to the press.

And… IF both are gracious and quick on their feet, the presser answer may be: “ The answer is about 50/50 but we’re working to improve this”…

On the other hand, ineffective Head Coaches and DIVA QBs will provide answers that cause added frustration ( “…I am a successful head coach”…) and added passive/aggressive comments (…"We need a galvanizing moment”…)

Skip greenBayless's picture

Very nice packergal. It seems so simple doesn't it. A WI journalist simply does their job and asks MM and Rodgers the question we all want to know. Why can't they do that? If just one person would ask MM or Rodgers the question on play calling they might get journalist of the year. It's right there for the taking.

Demon's picture

Its funny that journalists ask stupid nonfootball questions like what their golf handicap is......but wont actually do their job and ask wth is going on on the field.

stockholder's picture

Thursday was the first I heard A-Rods knee has a tear. After the Vikings game we won't have to worry about A-Rod. He'll go in for knee surgery. Cobb why can't you just shut-up and leave now. Your milking the injury for all it's worth. Perry I hope you get cut. I'm tired of waiting for you. You never were a OLB and your buddy Capers should have been fired in 2016. Buluga while I admire your ability to keep showing up, you just don't have the speed anymore. They cut Sitton, Your next. CM3. Your still a leader, but the label you carry is buyer beware. Kendricks I hoped for better, Give way and leave. Crosby you didn't earn your salary this year. Your winning edge is gone. Your as much a question mark as any rookie could be. Lets be honest. These guys are no longer the face of a winning franchise. Thank you all for your services. Like many teams we get tired of the constant negativity. If your being honest about MM as coach. Then lets be honest about A-Rod. The guy does not care if we win. MM should change the number he wears to this: $. He got his money. Unless he becomes a difference maker again, cut his ass. The money has gone to the trainers table. It's time to change that. . There is no insurance with any of them. No Growth. Any good Broker would tell Gute, Cut your loses, invest in winners. This just isn't about MM and A-Rod.

dobber's picture

"Thursday was the first I heard A-Rods knee has a tear. After the Vikings game we won't have to worry about A-Rod. He'll go in for knee surgery."

My understanding was that is was a "partial tear"...which is another way to say "severe sprain". All sprains are a tearing of ligaments, but they heal on their own (to some degree). A complete tear will not regrow on its own and requires surgery. Unless he's re-injured the knee, of which there's been no report and he's out of his brace, it's unlikely that he'll need surgery.

Tundraboy's picture

What frustrates me is that as an organization we always are seeking the great RB hope. Then when we discover one that resembles one, we don't capitalize on it. Ever.

LambeauPlain's picture

Here's what gets me....during the bye week self scout MM declared "we have to run the ball more....we have to pass more out of play action. This was very clear from the self scout."

Nothing changed.

MM always gives lip service to being a more "balanced offense". But with the exception of Lacy's second year and Stark churning out the yards spelling him then...MM is mostly just talk about running the football to establish the line of scrimmage.

It is even more frustrating watching the O sputter by ignoring a potential stud like AJ knowing MM mostly focuses just on the O.

Plus, he now has an O coordinator, run game coordinator, and pass game coordinator, and a QB who has free reign and a lot of game planning input.

Maybe there are too many cooks in the kitchen?

packergal's picture

Lambeau, wouldn't it be interesting to know:
• Why MM decided to add a Run Game and Pass Game coordinator under the Offense?
• Which specific responsibilities do the Offense Coordinator, the Run Game Coordinator and the Pass Game Coordinator have in finalizing the game plan for the next opponent?
• Who is held accountable when the Pack loses the game as a result of poor production on offense?

Tundraboy's picture

"Maybe there are too many cooks in the kitchen?"

Totally agree. Especially after Philbin. McCarthy wrote the book on it. In 2015 rather than take the bull by the horns McCarthy created a bureaucracy.

jlc1's picture

Unless MM and the Pack go to the SB this year his tenure is over. Getting to the NFC championship game won't even cut it because a loss there would mean three straight losses, suggesting he is a coach who can't get his team over the hump. Take away the SB win post-season, which is a bit unfair in this context, and his post season record is 6-8. Winning in the post-season is the goal for the Pack, not just getting there and MM's record falls a little short of that goal.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Aaron Jones Snap Counts:
WK, AJ snap #, [Rushes/Targets] (JW/Monty snap #s)
Week 3: 17 [6/1] (30/20)
Week 4: 29 [11/1] (28/20)
Week 5: 22 [7/3] (33/29)
Week 6: 19 [8/1] (27/26)
Week 8: 32 [12/2] (13/6)
Week 9: 43 [14/4] (31/NA)
Week 10: 42 [15/5] (14)
Week 11: 44 [11/6] (4)

Counting just the weeks Aaron Jones was available before to the bye (weeks 3 to 6), the three RBs got 300 snaps, with Aaron Jones getting 87 snaps (29%). Jones got 32 carries (188 yds for a 5.875-yard average) and 6 targets in those 87 snaps, including 4 receptions for 41 yards. Monty got 95 snaps (31.67%) and Williams got 118 (39.33%).

MM said it would be RB by committee, and by god it was. MM needed the bye to figure out Aaron Jones should be the lead back. The adjustment was eventually made, but as usual with MM, it took forever.

[Flak: I saw your reply on this topic in another thread. Yes, I grant that some of those factors you mentioned influenced the usage of Aaron Jones. OTOH, MM said it would be RBBC, and we got 39%, 31% and 29%: that just sounds so like MM to me. IDK.]

flackcatcher's picture

Thanks tgr. I went back over the last eight games on video and all 22 before crunching the numbers, came to the same conclusion as you did. I only wanted to make sure that I included human factors such as game flow into my comment. (and keep it short and readable of course)

4zone's picture

I think it would be interesting to see the success rate of running plays AR changes into pass plays at the line.

4zone's picture

Or the percentage of times he actually changes them.

Pack204's picture

Too many hands in the cookie jar. GM needs full autonomy to make football decisions. This team has good parts on defense that should allow progress into next season. I like the job Pettine has done. The reality is you rarely get honesty in these press conferences. The media constantly lobbing soft ball questions getting the status quo answers. I really dont pay attention much anymore to what MM says after games it just feels scripted anyways.

Rick F's picture

Honesty is the most important thing to get improvement. MM said we have to take a scrub brush to the offense. Ok how much has formations or personnel groups changed? Not much, then the well paid players are not playing at high level. MM said we have to self scout the team and change things during the bye week. It is the same stuff with a few wrinkles once in a while. The QB takes shots at the coach in the media and MM pushes it to the side. The tension is real and the more frustrated they become the worse this will get.
Praise is a dangerous thing, to much and you get 12 on a pedestal, to little and a player isn’t confident or trustworthy to play great. Football is a team game and HC/ QB must be locked in for the team to have success. All great teams have that structure, the packers had it and lost it somehow. It is that simple trust your players and players must trust the staff. If that doesn’t happen then MM must move on.

Since '61's picture

If we're discussing honesty we should start by discussing our own honesty. Have we as fans been honest with ourselves about the quality of players on this team? Have we created higher false expectations based on pre season performances and a few good plays by rookies? Of course much of this blindness is fed to us by the Packer sites that we follow constantly hyping how good the team is during the preseason only to condemn them now while the wheels are apparently falling off.

Did we expect too much from Pettine's defense in his first year? And most importantly do we expect Rodgers to score a TD on every possession and overcome every mistake made by his team mates and to overcome bad officiating by the officials and the loss of all of his starting receivers except for Adams?

Reading every post here it seems to me that the answer is yes, if we're being honest. I see many posts here stating that this team has the talent to win. Really?! What is that based on? What have they won since 2010 and especially since 2014?

Posters used to blame the play calling to which I usually responded "it's execution, not the play calls", or a version of that. Now that Rodgers is not executing as well as he has in the past it's all Rodgers fault because of his poor execution. Of course it's always MM fault if we don't win the SB regardless of the roster weaknesses.

We even had someone post that we should cut Rodgers and play Kizer or Boyle because they would execute the offense better. I guess that was based on Kizer's brilliant performance during the Bears game which Rodgers had to come back with an injury to lead a 20 point comeback during the 4th quarter. Or maybe we should play Boyle because he has yet to take a snap in an actual NFL game. Talk about over valuing our players.

The fact is that we have some solid young players in place. The problem and the reality is that we need more of them. As for the honesty theory what is that based on? And more importantly why should it matter on the field?

I watched the NY Yankees "Bronx Zoo" in the late '70s and that off field organization was totally nuts and the players weren't exactly best buddies either but when they went on the field it was all about playing winning baseball. They went to 3 consecutive World Series (76-78) and won 2 of them (77 & 78). Why or How? Because they had great players who refused to give up even when they were 14 and a half game behind the Red Sox in 1978. If the front office structure is the problem, which I don't believe it is, then blow it up as of yesterday. What I see happening on the field is a mistake filled team with players trying either too hard or not understanding their roles well enough to execute (some of that is on the coaching staff). All exacerbated by a QB who is not playing up to standards that we have taken for granted while he is injured (shoulder, knee and who knows what else). "Madness, madness". (From the Bridge on the River Kwai)
Thanks, Since '61

Tarynfor12's picture

" If we're discussing honesty we should start by discussing our own honesty. Have we as fans been honest with ourselves about the quality of players on this team?"

I sure have been honest about the quality of the players and usually get ripped for doing so. Sure I've been incorrect at times, but never to the depth of wrong as some of the kool-aid drinkers...that will now surely reply.

: )

Since '61's picture

Taryn - you have been one of the few who has told it like it is. To me it will be interesting to see if this team still wants to play for MM over the last 6 games. I think we may have our answer by the end of Sunday evening.
I'm hoping that we can still find a way to win rather than to lose on the road. It's another long wait until next season if we go down again early this year. Thanks, Since '61

Tarynfor12's picture

Thank you Since 61'

I think the players can no longer deny the pending divorce and like in marital divorces, children are at times placed in a predicament of having to choose between them. Their are no winners in that situation most times.

I will not infer to the players as like children in a divorce, but some players will take sides. Likely those who know they'll remain go Rodgers and those that know they 'll not remain may opt with MM for possible part of which ever team signs him as HC.

This isn't a given but a simple point to consider. The Packers as a team, if they believe it still exists or remains in the hunt,it will be seen Sunday and if not, those who have already accepted the divorce and chose, will be easily noticed. The half time score/play will aid here...all in or all out.

Sunday may be the fallout everyone knows is in the coming,especially if the Bears win on Thursday and the Packers losing or looking same at halftime and surely if a loss on the big stage again.

Rebecca's picture

That last sentence is an embarrassment. Maybe you could have someone proofread your nonsense?

Rebecca's picture

Wtf are you talking about?

LeotisHarris's picture

Rebecca, if I may, allow me to translate as I am semi-fluent in Taryn. I believe in the last sentence, Taryn employs a plethora of words to suggest the upcoming aforementioned contest against our purple-clad neighbors to the west may trigger a meltdown of sorts should our beloved Packers come out on the losing end. Further, she postulates the added pressure of a nationwide audience may cause the alleged rift between coach McCarthy (who is fat and stuck in the dark ages) and Rodgers (whose last name contains the letter "d", and who no longer cares about winning) to surface for all to see.

Taryn goes on to suggest, albeit with confusing grammar, the likelihood of this drama playing out before our very eyes in realtime on national television will be increased dramatically should the Monsters of the Midway (who signed Mack when we didn't because Gute doesn't really care if we win) defeat the Dee-Troit Lions (who have a Belichick-bred defensive guru as their new HC) on Thanksgiving day.

The TKstinator's picture

LOL ALL DAY, amigo!
(To say nothing of the seamless insertion of the required “aforementioned” and “plethora”.)
I say, jolly good show, old chum!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

ALP wrote that there was insufficient talent so GB should dump all the big contracts (CM3, Nelson, Cobb at a minimum), and not sign any FAs. That was a very unpopular and he got drummed off this site, though mostly he left due to his inability to stay away from politics. Taryn has expressed doubts about the actual talent on the team.

I can't say I espoused ALP's position. I did have serious doubts about the talent level on the team, but I thought if a great many things went well, including a return to AR being Godgers, a deep playoff run was possible. The doubts are implicit in the article I wrote in March (link below), but I try not to stray far from pure cap issues in my articles as opposed to my comments. Like most here, I was way off on some player assessments:

Perry: thought he'd be above average. Should have realized the moment I read he had needed off-season surgery he'd be worse than I thought, but I was not prepared for him to be a nothing.

OL: thought McCray would be alright at RG and Patrick would be able to muddle through a few games at OG if needed.

Wilkerson: I thought he'd be reasonably good, and hoped he'd look something like Calais Campbell. With a great DL, I thought OLB with CM3, Perry, Gilbert and Fackrell had juuuust enough.

Marcedes: I expected great blocking plus a 1 or 2 short receptions per game. Just enough to give GB the run/pass option with him at TE.

My own prescription was decisive but intended to win in 2018: trade or if necessary cut Cobb, Nelson and HHCD (trade or if necessary, rescind 5th yr. option really) to pick up $25.7M in cap space. Sign Boston to replace HHCD, Richardson or Wilson as boundary WR, sign Jordan Matthews or Taylor Gabriel for the slot, Eifert at TE, and Wilkerson and a middling CB like Carrie. Those additions would be about $24M based on their actual contracts. I'd have signed Reid as well either as a starter or sub-package depth guy. Of those players, Richardson, Eifert, and Carrie would have been 4 year contracts, probably with 2 year outs. I'd have added the 4th rounder I got for trading HHCD to our offer for Mack and dumped CM3 to pay for Mack in 2018.

Would we have been better? Would our talent base have been better going forward?

ballark's picture

For me, this honesty issue came into full view last year when it was abundantly clear Hundley was way out of his depth. Rather than picking up Kaepernick who’d beaten Aaron Rodgers in two big money games, we stayed the course and needlessly threw away a season. I won’t ever forget that the Packers did that.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

There were many other available QBs the Packers could have had, besides Kaepernick!
The 49ers with brilliant mind Kyle Shanahan, they didn't want Kaepernick.
Nobody else did!

He's not a good passer. He's a good runner. And he's cancerous.

I'm 100% with u on McCarthy's failure at QB, with Hundley. He should have been fired for misjudging him. And for his defensive combative answers to the media when asking him about those QBs.

But enough with the Collin Kraepernick mentions!

NateMPLS's picture

I think they should honestly try Philman with calling the offense. I feel like their are a ton of wrinkles with this offense that we will never see because of MM. Not only will we truly know how good the sceme is, but also how much we really need to clean house. I know Aaron really likes Philman, so maybe they could get a play calling chemistry going. I just think Aaron is sick of hearing really stupid and obvious calls in his headset. I saw him several times this season hearing the call and kind of saying "what a stupid call". I think MM is way out of touch with what a dynamic offense is and should be. And Aaron Jones should be touching the ball AT LEAST 10 times more a game. Dude should have over 1200 AP yards already.

ILPackerBacker's picture

How wonderful would it be for JUST ONE Of the incompetent and inept packer press ask MM and Rodgers the real questions about the non use of Jones.

Yet today you can read on ESPN that the biggest licker in packer history for teddie is NOW saying the last three years of drafting were bad...go back and read his stories and see when that line of thought started.

Packer reporters do as told.

1265 pointed the finger at ted now that he is gone and on death's door and the shameless boot lickers responded.

Curly L bought the press in green bay decades ago for 400 tickets a game and never sold them.

They are a disgrace

John Kirk's picture

I couldn't agree more. It's why we have an dumbed down fan base. People are colored by what the press feeds them, and they feed them fluff and garbage.

These guys are to a man laughable. Journalists? No. Sycophants who help create a sycophantic fanbase.

I'd love to see McCarthy take questions from the press in NY or Philly. He'd look as ridiculous as Mustache McAdoo.

Dean Ticks's picture

I agree with one of the earlier posts. Murphy should allow Gutey to make the call on the coach.
I think MM has run his course here. This passive aggressive banter AR & MM have engaged in shows it. That being said, a new coach should be brought in to take control of the situation. Rodgers could be audibling his way to passes instead of runs. But I doubt it.
MM has been stubborn as hell about putting Jones in the witness protection program after having mulitple games where he was awesome in 1st half.
AR is at fault for missing check downs and trying to create the human highlight reel. It's great when it clicks, but this season he needs to be able to check down instead of trying to force it.
TT did a mediocre job at best in his last couple years. He avoided FA like the plague in most instances. I give him a pass on Bennett, because Bennett was a true talent. Unfortunately, Bennett decided to engage his five cent brain too often and made the situation a mess.
I'm torn as to who to replace MM, but he needs replacing. Keep Pettine as DC if at all possible because the D has actually kept them in it for the most part.
The power sharing structure stunk like a steaming bowl of crap from when they announced it. Why make a GM have no real power. Murphy can hire/fire GM, GM can hire/fire coaches and work with said coaches to make up the roster.
As for the political banter, I enjoy a good debate with the opposite side as the next person. But FB and Twitter have become cesspools because of that. Keep that discussion out of this venue.
GO PACK GO! Beat the Queens and keep that stupid ass horn quiet on Sunday!!!

rnthomas's picture

I have said all season and some of last season that the Packers do not use the "slant" anymore.If Rodgers is not being told not to use it,it is on McCarthy.Short passes to get 4-5 yards and running on 2nd down and maybe third would bring our "O" out of the funk they are in.The "D" have played their best in the Rams and Seahawks games. Better be some changes made for the next 6 games.Remember, we won a wild card in 2010 that led to a Super Bowl.We could do it again if somebody(ies) puts themselves accountable.

marpag1's picture

"But none of that stuff matters if McCarthy and Rodgers aren’t going to be honest with each other."

The notion that McCarthy and Rodgers "aren't being honest with each other" is patently absurd. MM reads his play call into the headset microphone and it is relayed to the earpiece in ARod's helmet. Rodgers knows with crystal clarity what play MM is calling, and MM knows with equal clarity whether or not Rodgers actually ran that play. Yet somehow they aren't being "honest with each other." How is such "dishonesty" even possible?

What the article actually seems to be saying (not that anyone can ever really tell in this little "corner" or the internet) is that ARod and McCarthy aren't being very forthcoming with the media, and no one really gives a damn about that... except for the media.

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