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Cory's Corner: Harold Landry Solves Plenty of Packers' Problems

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Cory's Corner: Harold Landry Solves Plenty of Packers' Problems

In order to instantly make the Packers’ secondary better, more pressure must be made on the quarterback.

The NFL comes down to two things: 1. Having a quarterback and 2. Having a guy that can disrupt the quarterback.

While just about everyone was gushing about Saquon Barkley’s strength and speed in the Underwear Olympics also known as the NFL Scouting Combine, Harold Landry was also making a name for himself.

According to Pro Football Focus, Landry has been graded as the best edge rusher prospect. That’s better than LSU’s Arden Key, NC State’s Bradley Chubb and Texas-San Antonio’s Marcus Davenport.

His Combine numbers were so special that his 6.88-second 3-cone drill time for the 252-pound Boston College standout were amazing. There has only been six defensive linemen drafted in the first round that clocked a time under 6.9 seconds. Those guys are: DeMarcus Ware, J.J. Watt, David Pollack, Melvin Ingram, Joey Bosa and T.J. Watt.

The reason why the 3-cone drill is interesting is because it showcases how well a player can bend and maneuver corners.

What stands out to me is that Landry doesn’t give up on plays. Even when he gets stood up for over three seconds like he did vs. Virginia Tech. He still had the awareness to chase down Hokies quarterback Josh Jackson from behind and make the sack.

The Packers’ starters were among the worst in quarterback hurries last year. Drafting a guy that led the nation with 18 sacks this past season on 69 quarterback pressures would be like putting a defibrillator on the defense and shocking it back to life.

CBS Sports has Landry going to the Packers at 14, which I think would be a steal. Granted, his run defense has been a question mark, but in a passing league, you have got to stop the passer first.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Packers are kicking the tires on reuniting seven-year defensive lineman Muhammed Wilkerson with first-year Packers defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. Remember, this comes on the heels of coach Mike McCarthy saying at the Combine, “I’m sick and tired of our defense feeling like the stepchild.”

Well, McCarthy, two moves like this would completely reset the defense. A unit like this and the defense won’t be an afterthought anymore. No longer will the goal be to win games 35-28 thanks to the right arm of Aaron Rodgers.

The first piece is Landry. Ironically enough, Ted Thompson gave Capers a quarterback seeker in Clay Matthews in 2009. Now it is all lining up for new general manager Brian Gutekunst to replay the same scenario by taking the best edge rusher in the draft.

The Packers won’t be disappointed. Landry is better at this moment than Matthews and adding him could mean that Matthews gets shifted to inside linebacker — whether he likes it or not.

The quickest way to fix the defense is by rushing the passer and Landry will be great. He will be so good that Green Bay cornerbacks won’t be a punch line anymore, because quarterbacks won’t consistently have that much time to carve them up.

No need to overthink this one. Pettine needs an answer and Landry solves a lot of problems. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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Markus Hall's picture

Go get him and throw a bag at Trumane Johnson! That way we have a #1 corner and a pass rusher.

Nick Perry's picture

I like Landry and knew there would be plenty of posts on him after his combine. IMO he's be a solid pick. He's not lasting into the 2nd round like some have projected and after his combine I wonder if he gets past the top 20.

Sign Mo Wilkerson and draft a guy like Landry..Pass rush problems FIXED. Hell having those two on defense would go a long ways in improving whoever the Packers have at CB too.

Off topic... After reading that little tidbit on TJ Watt (3 cone under 6.9 seconds) I REALLY hope Kevin Kings shoulder issues (which he was drafted with) are behind him. SO GLAD Thompson is no longer making the picks for GB!!...Thanks Cory.. ; )

Cory Jennerjohn's picture

I actually thought the same about Kevin King. Those two will forever be linked.

Turophile's picture

Landry looks like a solid pick to me despite many outsiders big boards listing him in the late 30's early 40's. I think he is among the best choices as a pass rusher (I like him over both Key and Davenport).

"Cory's Corner: Harold Landry Solves Plenty of Packers' Problems"
I guess you could say the same about Connor Williams, Marcus Davenport, Quenton Nelson, Denzel Ward, Leighton Vander Esch, Calvin Ridley.

What interest me particularly now, is which way the Packers go in rounds 2 and 3. Something like TE Goedert and WR D.J.Moore would be very nice, but that would leave a hole at CB.

dobber's picture

I agree: it may be that round 1 (and potentially 2) won't change much for the Packers in the next 8 weeks (if they're really all about getting the best player/value independent of needs) of player acquisition, but those mid-round picks (3-5) where the player talent becomes relatively broad can really be significantly impacted by what happens between now and then. We'll all be looking at round 1, but a lot of the success for this team for the next several years will likely have a lot to do with those 5 picks from rounds 3-5.

nigrivasilayesrej's picture

Cory posted something that makes sense!

Savage57's picture

I can't second guess this team anymore, not after they showed their football insight and moxie in last year's draft by passing on TJ Watt and trading down in return for a tore up CB and some other guy that played LB at Wisconsin.

dobber's picture

Also effectively passed up by the Packers (aside from Watt)...

Reuben Foster, who also arguably played a position of need (ILB) and has since (and some might argue, predictably) blown up and is in danger of having his career done before it's even really started.

Ryan Ramczyk, who stepped in at RT and played a full season there saving the Saints' bacon in their turnaround year...wonder how he would've looked on the right side for the Packers in place of a multiply-injured Bulaga (note the spelling)?

I refuse to lament TJ Watt. You can always live the roster in retrospect and almost always do better when you have the lens of time to look through, but that's just beating yourself up. Who's to say that TJ Watt, in GB, wouldn't have blown out a knee in camp (several here had questions regarding the soundness of his knee prior to the draft last year) and never played a pro down for the Packers? Not any more out-of-the-question than him being drafted and playing 60+% of the defensive snaps and logging 8 sacks and 2 picks.

Savage57's picture

I refuse to not lament lamenting the Packers passing on one of the finalists for DROY. Your laundry list of what-ifs notwithstanding, Watt had the risk of injury (what NFL player doesn't) and instead took two players who WERE injured. Ted got 'creative' one last time to the Packers lasting detriment.

Watt had the skill set, the attitude and the pedigree to be a Packers great for a decade. Instead, Ted traded for door #2, and got a torn up CB who showed nothing and some other guy that played LB at Wisconsin. Not a zonk, but like trading the new car for patio furniture.

dobber's picture

I am really good at "what-if's"'s a result of drinking lots of Kool-Aid.

John Kirk's picture

For those who like PFF, I don't, they graded King as the 115th CB out of 121. That's not very good. I see what PFF saw in King's case.

Landry is smallish and didn't have the senior year that he had as a junior. Wasn't close. If you like what PFF says about him just remember how they graded King and don't forget they rated Linsley as one of the worst centers last season. A PFF ranking means...nothing.

Much like the Hawk pick at 5 there's really nothing there to choose from on defense in our pick range. I'd be awful careful thinking Landry is a homerun. How many thought that of AJ Hawk at 5?

I would understand the pick and be okay with it but I wouldn't love it.

Here's a series of GIFs that show all of Landry's sacks from last year. Had 5 all year vs. 16.5 previous season. Amazing he had 7 FFs as a junior. He said he got hurt in the Louisville game and then following week.

dblbogey's picture

The year we drafted Hawk was a very down year for exceptional talent at the top. There was no consensus that Hawk would be a home run.

dobber's picture

I think that Hawk was touted as the safest pick at the top of the first round that year...a 'jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none" kind of player. I think TT played that draft not to miss, rather than playing to hit it big. I remember at the time being a big proponent of Vernon Davis...he's been a good TE with a long career (and a couple really good seasons with a young Alex Smith throwing to him).

Rossonero's picture

Landry's numbers were down in 2017 due to an ankle injury that forced him to miss the last 5 games. He can bend and torque his hips as good as anyone in this draft class, which I might add is razor thin on pass rushers.

fthisJack's picture

who's #1 on your board,Kirk? then we can all look back and maybe say shoulda woulda coulda about your pick. and this would be giving you an advantage with pick number 14 and not in the mid twenties.

fastmoving's picture

I wonder if ever someone can write that about you............

Since '61's picture

We had an article here in the last 10 days or so which showed how much of a debacle our 2015 draft has been. We may be looking at the same for 2016 and 2017 classes as well. I agree with you Savage, it’s pointless to try to figure out what the Packers will do in the draft.
Having said that I’m willing to give Gutekunst a chance to improve our drafts, although he was part of TTs team and we’ll probably never know how much influence he had or didn’t have on the players chosen.
The draft is always a crap shoot but after one season I would trade TJ Watt straight up for Beigel any day of the week and twice on Sunday. We’ll see if that trade holds up after the 2018 season. Thanks, Since ‘61

stockholder's picture

Landry won't solve anything. Yes he's a good player. No rookie is going to set the NFL on fire. You have lost faith in Perry, and Mathews, to want this guy. To many eggs being put in his basket. You don't think anyone can step up, and the others will bust out. Landry gives you depth. But the other 1/2 of packer nation has been wanting a shut down corner. And where's the depth on the DL or the holes in the OL. I don't see Landry dropping back and giving you that coverage LB either. He's a one trick pony. Much like Mathews and perry now. Sorry but it's time the Packers draft someone that can be an All-Pro. BPA!! Landry would be a TT move. Need before common sense! Landry is not scary Good. He is not a #14 pick and is considered boom or Bust.

Cory Jennerjohn's picture

I agree that a shutdown corner would be critical. However, an elite pass rusher would make the back end look a lot better than it is. And who knows, maybe the Packers still bring in two guys that Mike Daniels wants: Malcolm Butler or Aqib Talib.

Royalty Free GM's picture

Elite corners also make pass rushers look better. It takes time for QB to find his 2nd or 3rd target...

dobber's picture

When you have two guys who have a hard time staying on the field (at times) like Perry and Matthews, another guy who needs to be accounted for can make a big difference. When one goes down, you've got someone who can pick up snaps and hopefully prevent offenses from shading protection to the other side. Aside from that, even if Landry turned out to be just a rotational OLB in his first year, it gets Matthews more snaps in the middle (or as a 'rover') where he showed in 2015 he could hold up much better. Not only that, you're likely taking a lesser player off the field in favor of a stronger one. Don't be too down on Matthews: he's still a freakish athlete when healthy and is not too shabby playing in space.

stockholder's picture

Too much sugar in your Kool-aid again. Another guy? = Biegel , Fackrell, Odom,Talley,Thomas, are suppose to give Mathews more snaps. Were getting away from the all around LB. Landry isn't big enough to play DE and will only slow down like Mathews,Perry, Peppers, etc. Sorry but I see OLBs, and even ILbs faster than Landry. Even Kampman did well when he was an elephant. If you draft Landry your committed to the 3-4-4. He isn't CMIII. And if you want more rush like Philly. Put more on the Line.

dobber's picture

I do like sugar...

OnWisconsinGoPack's picture

Unfortunately, there's no clear cut person they could trade up for, so they have to trade a pick for someone. For example, send a 1st and 2nd for Clowney or something like that.

If we stand Pat, we need to our best to find the diamond. Not all stars and all pros are found in Rd 1

dobber's picture

I think your point is a sound one: that the Packers best use of their picks might not be from drafting rookies, but from shopping for vets. We'll have to trust their pro scouting department to locate those guys.

Community Guy's picture

i like the strategy you outline Jonathan.. i haven't heard fans shouting for it lately, so i want to throw out the possibility of moving up to get the best available pass rusher (BAPR). most think Chubb will be out of reach; however, if the organization feels strongly that the next best pass rusher, say Landry or Davenport is "our guy", would it be worth it to move up one spot? Washington has pick #13.. how about trading late (5-7) round picks to move up to pick "our guy"?

especially with this draft, i agree with the strategy of double dipping to find corner help.. while making sure WR and TE are addressed.

Bear's picture

Various scouting reports have Landry as a pass rusher who gets washed out on runs and can’t hold his ground or get off blocks.

nostradanus's picture

We will see how the board looks at #14, the best GM's will let the board dictate which player to take. It is rare for the Packers to be drafting this high and "Herr Gute" is not going to reach for a guy that is rated as the 22nd player in the first round. If there is nobody worthy of the 14th pick when it comes around, the trade back and get Landry and an extra second rounder. There now you've got your guy and some ammo to move up into the late first and get your corner.
Problem solved.

dobber's picture

"We will see how the board looks at #14, the best GM's will let the board dictate which player to take."

Can't agree more. Let's hope Gutekunst quickly establishes himself in that group of GMs.

""Herr Gute" is not going to reach for a guy that is rated as the 22nd player in the first round."

22nd best player to whom? Some drooling draftnik in his parents' basement who, when not meddling in elections on behalf of the Russian government, is grading players based on the color of their uniforms and the number of banana daiquiries they can down during happy hour at TGI Fridays?

marpag1's picture

Dude, you NEVER draft an edge defender who drinks banana daiquiries. That's a place kicker drink.

I think we're looking for the guy who chugs Jim Beam.

dobber's picture

At this stage I might be happy with an edge defender who pounds Old Mil.

nostradanus's picture

Haha so true, good one :)

lou's picture

It is an amazing process the NFL Draft. So much work is done prior and up to the actual picks and unless you have a pick from 1 to 10 the chances on hitting big in the first 2 rounds are not that good, GM's tend to "reach" from pick 11 through the rest of the first round even with all the meta data in front of them and rounds 3-5 tend to be the most productive picks for long term starting players. Lets hope our new GM has a solid first draft that includes one or two impact players.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I agree with this article, though I feel Landry is one of 4 or 5 guys who would really help. But Landry looks terrific. Great choice.

My disagreement is on Matthews. Costing us over $11 million in crucial cap space, there's no way I'd keep him to help man the middle.

HankScorpio's picture

Matthews is still a playmaker. He's just not a feared edge rusher. I'd add 3 more years on a deal that allows him to make the same $$ this year, lowers his average value and buys time to see what Pettine makes of him. His blood lines suggest he can play well into his late 30s. He's 31 now.

Just to throw out some numbers: 4 yr, $7 mil SB, salaries of $3 mil, $6 mil, $7 mil, $8 mil. $500k workout bonus each year. That's $33 mil total, $8.25/yr AAV. Cap hits of $5.25, $8.25, $9.25 & $10.25. Maybe throw some of that out year salary into a roster bonus due at the start of the league year to give Matthews a hedge vs being a late cut. I don't know if he'd take that deal. I suspect he might. It's an extra 100K for this year. But it recognizes he's not the same guy he was when he signed his last contract that was much more lucrative.

That cuts his cap number in half this year. And gives both sides time to find his level under Pettine. Which I hope looks a lot like it did in 2014 under Capers, when he had 11 sacks, 9 PDs, 1 int and 2 FFs. I think production like that would be worth the cap hit in each of the 4 years under the suggested deal. OTOH, if he doesn't live up to that contract, he can be released with cap penalty of $3.5 mil halfway through the deal.

marpag1's picture

"His blood lines suggest he can play well into his late 30s. He's 31 now."

Unfortunately, his hamstrings seem to suggest he can play well into his late 20s. And then it becomes a question of which one do you believe, the bloodlines or the hammies?

I think he's still an asset, but he needs to take a cut. Not sure if he will. And I'm not sure if we can really count on him as a full timer whether it be outside or inside.

HankScorpio's picture

I don't mean to split hairs but I don't think a pay cut is the issue. Money is not a particular issue for the Packers. They have it coming out of their ears. If Matthews wants to get every penny that his contract calls for, I don't really care. Especially since I think he could get that if allowed on to the free market.

What the Packers do need is some cap space. So I'd like to see them reduce his cap number while retaining a guy we both agree is an asset that has diminished some over the last few years.

4thand1's picture

Landry was my 1st choice a while ago, if he hadn't played injured last year, he'd be top 10 most likely. CMIII should take a cut if he is going to stay, he won't be a high priced edge rusher any more. Nick Perry should be expendable also if he can't stay on the field. We have to replace aging vets with younger hungrier talent, that's just how it is.

dobber's picture

I would argue that signing Wilkerson might be the roster pressure needed to force CMIII into restructuring. He's (Matthews) holding just enough cards at this point to know that his stated stance of not taking a "pay cut" will likely hold up until stronger personnel come along. I don't think management will take a hard line with him on his contract until they have a player(s) in place that will clearly and significantly cut into his existing role.

Rossonero's picture

Same here. I like Landry a lot.

Handsback's picture

Landry was thought to be a top 10 player until he became injured (Fits the Green Bay profile) with an ankle injury last year. His run support is also an issue for Landry. So is he better for the Packers than Vea, James, Smith, Davenport, and Edmunds?
I'm no scout/medical doctor/coach so I have no idea, but while Landry shows some good pass rush moves and tested great in the most important indicator of a good pass rusher.....he still may not be the BPA.
Personally, I would perfer Edmunds, James, and probably Vea before Landry.

stockholder's picture

Truthfully , I don't know how you take Landry, if Smith is still on the board. Just more versatility and coverage ability.

dblbogey's picture

I'd love Vea. Could be a dominant D line with two young studs inside. We'd still have 7 picks in the next 4 rounds for pass rush, cb, te, rt.

OnWisconsinGoPack's picture

Landry and Davenport are only round 1 options with Carter and Mata'afa offering upside in Rd 2... Not a great year for EDGE

Doug Niemczynski's picture

1.Vita Vea
2. M. Davenport
3. J. Jackson

Are the 3 names i see a lot in the mock drafts.

M.Davenport is being compared to Demarcus Ware just words but you never know. We NEED a pass rusher really bad.

If we sign Wilkerson than great.

Then we have Mike Daniels , Kenny Clark , Wilkerson up on the front 3. Nick Perry , Blake Martinez , Clay Matthews inside linebacker and draft M.Davenport and then you have your linebackers .HaHa Clinton-Dix safety, Damarious Randall and Kevin King CBs and then you decide if you're going to keep Morgan Burnett SS or replace him with someone else. Josh Jones is still a little rough yet and then lastly we try and get some veteran backups and then the defense doesn't look too bad.

I would love to get a starting free agent M.Butler or Talib?

Anyone have any thoughts about Quentin Rollins?
I mean maybe he is not a starter but i still like him and maybe Hawkins or Pipkens get better. I wish Reggie Gilbert the best I hope he makes the 53 man roster this year and show us a little more of what he did at the end of last year.

OnWisconsinGoPack's picture

I think too often we draft what we perceive to be the BPA and this we are left deficient in areas and have good depth in others.

I'm on board with Wilkerson as long as we don't draft Vea.

Landry's health issues, Davenport's competition, etc. leave risks that need addressed with each.

This is why I've been a bigger fan of drafting Derwin James at 14....higher floor IMO.

dobber's picture

I'm a fan of Derwin James, as well. I think he grants tremendous flexibility to this defense, gives Pettine a multitalented S to toy with, and puts a player in place that the Packers can fall back on if HHCD or Jones don't play well in 2018. If all three play well, it's a nice problem to have.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Derwin James.
Mock drafts I've seen have him going just a few notches like number 11 12 or 13 don't think he will fall to number 14, but you never know.

sonomaca's picture

Much depends on how many QB’s we get in top 13. If Cleveland and Giants go QB, Indy likely finds a trading partner at #3. If so, there is a panic for QB-needy teams to get up to #4. So, 4 QB’s in first 4 spots.

That leaves Lamar and Rudolph. I can see at least one of these going before #14. If so, that leaves 8 position players: Barkley, Chubb, Nelson, Roquan, and Fitzpatrick for sure.

That leaves James, Vea, Landry, and Edmunds. So, the Pack would be guaranteed to get one of these. If only 4 QB’s went before #14, Pack could either take Lamar, or trade #14 to a team which wants him or Rudolph.

dobber's picture

These are the kinds of thoughtful Doug comments I can appreciate!

...the "we suck" count in this post: 0!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I thought I'd be a little nice today.
I have three likes I think I just broke a record OMG and no dislikes.

flackcatcher's picture

Rollins has had some really bad luck over the past two years. Back to back groin injuries may have robbed him of the quick twitch needed to play DB. I hope not, he deserves better than that.

Johnblood27's picture

Wow Doug, I am impressed.

This may be your best post ever.

Nice job!

croatpackfan's picture

I want Vita Vea at 14th.

With him, Packers will have hell DL for any OL presented today in NFL!

sonomaca's picture

Best post on this thread. If new defense features a 4 man front, add Vea to Daniels, Clark, and Wilkerson or Lowry, and you’ve got a front which can collapse the pocket, making it easier for Perry and Matthews to get home. Edge rushers rarely succeed in the absence of a top notch front.

sonomaca's picture

Oh, and one other thing. With a D line like that, and Perry’s run stopping ability, no one’s going to run on Packers.

OnWisconsinGoPack's picture

With a 4 man front, I'm not sure that would give us very athletic ends. Someone like Andrew Brown, Chad Thomas, etc. are more traditional 4-3 ends. With the suggested, we'd be great against the run, but not much of a push from outside

olwig420's picture

Everyone's upset that the Packers have way too much capital tied up at one position on the offence at WR. Now we want them to do the same thing on Def at LB?

John Kirk's picture

It's bad enough to keep drafting the same position over and over and still needing a player at it, but it's light years worse when you have paid exorbitant money to that position and it still needs 1st round draft pick help. That is where we are at EDGE.

I don't see WR as needing any less help than EDGE.

It's not about just this season. Who rewards the Packers the most? Landry, Sutton, etc. ?

Argument for sure that there are plenty of WRs vs. few EDGE, but I'd rather sign Mo and stop all the talk that we need to draft defense, defense, defense. Give us the best player.

When the scope is dialed into we need EDGE so let's get the best EDGE, that blocks you off to every other position where someone might be a lot better than the best EDGE.

Would we take Chubb if Landry goes before him and he falls?

4thand10's picture

Like the Author stated...its an underwear exposition.But, I would make a bad coach or scout. Because if I had a chance to grab the next AP or Barry Sanders....i would trade picks for a dynasty type RB like Barkley.

My hypothesis on this would be because it takes the other teams 2-3 players to tackle, and a ton of coaches to "game plan " around those types of players.

4thand1's picture

Barkley would make it impossible for any defense to stop GB. The Packers would have to do what Atlanta did to get Julio Jones.

4thand10's picture

But it's tough to project all the way around. I like players in this draft but can't have em all :-). It's also hard to tell what our needs actually are because of couple of factors... 1) Rodgers returns, 2) I have I hopes but I have no idea what we have for talent on the D under a Pettine system vs what we had. Tons of room for improvement on that side of the Ball. I'm not 100% sure of if it was lack of talent or schemes. Deep down I know players make plays but at the same time putting them in positions where the odds are in their favor is equally important. Just tough to speculate right now.

Royalty Free GM's picture

I’m confident that our defense can learn new attitude with Pettine and be much better.

But our offense is not getting any faster with Philbin. Our offense might suck next years! if we don’t do anything big to help them.

Cubbygold's picture

Thats a big assumption, and you're suggesting a career defining trade to move up and get him. Barkley had something like 21 carries for 41 yards against ohio state, and one carry went for 34 yards. Doesn't sound like a dynasty type of player to me, thatwas the biggest game of his career and he no-showed

sonomaca's picture

Didn’t Packers Super Bowl team feature players like Cullen Jenkins, Raji, Pickett, and Howard Green?

It starts up front. Draft Vea!

jimtalkbox's picture

I've seen enough. The combine only cemented the athleticism that we thought was there.


Community Guy's picture

just an honest question: some injuries are more chronic than others.. are ankle injuries very chronic? if "yes", we need to pump the brakes on the Landry hype.

4thand1's picture

Vea could very well be there at 14 when teams before us start their QB run. You can't have enough big guys up front, especially goods ones.

sonomaca's picture

Viva Vea!

Johnblood27's picture

Vino Viva Via!

Touche Sonoma CA

Tip back a nice Chard.

4thand1's picture

I can here the Lambeau crowd VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Royalty Free GM's picture

Way too early to get him. We have 14th pick, not 24th.

We will make a big mistake if we forget our offense.

We can not afford to give both; first draft pick AND biggest FA sign to go to the defense. And it seems our biggest FA signing will be defensive player.

We already have the slowest WR (and TE?) corps and it will be even slower next year! Get speed and talent. Get WR Riley, if we are so lucky he is still available. If you could get Marvin Harrison at 14th, would you take it?

OnWisconsinGoPack's picture

Sure, but he's not Marvin Harrison by any stretch. Too much depth at WR to spend it at #14 overall. If there were an AJ, Julio, Nuke like option then sure. Suttons athleticism is close to the value needed, but still hard to pull the trigger.

You can get DJ Moore in the 2nd or Anthony Miller, just as good of not better than Ridley.

Royalty Free GM's picture

We don’t know, he well might be. We don’t want to miss this opportunity.

This might be reality: Our league slowest offense might suck next year if we don’t do any big moves!

It is useless to talk if there was “Julio”... if there were Julio, he would be gone at top 5. Ridley is a perfect at #14. He might be too good for #14, but if he is available, we really should take him.
I think there is a clear drop in WR skills after Ridley, so no more average 2nd and 3rd receivers. Get the best one.

“value needed”?
We should take Pettine’s approach and used it in offense too. Get the best players and change the system to fit what you have. Keep the system evolving.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

“I’m sick and tired of our defense feeling like the stepchild.”

11 step childern all drafted with high picks...

Allan Murphy's picture

God i hope Brain C comes back miss that show ,

Samson's picture

Adding Landry along with Wilkerson would turn this "D" completely around. --The entire "D" would be suddenly transformed --- The LBs would improve, the secondary would improve. Even CM3 might earn his $$.

The best part -- It's entirely possible. -- Gute just needs to be aggressive & bold.

Chuck Farley's picture

I still am a believer that we have dead wood on the d that gute and petine will have to sort out. Thus, they can probably improve the d will some new blood, but it's going to take two GOOD drafts and some free agents help to become serious contenders.
This team needs a lot. Ted drafted shitty for five years and left a mess that ain't gonna be cleaned up in soon.
My thoughts, draft speed and non injury prone guys like king.

Dorinahaggett's picture

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"I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious."
"The Bears still suck!"
"A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall. "