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Are the Packers Done in Free Agency?

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Are the Packers Done in Free Agency?

During the first two offseasons that Brian Gutekunst has been general manager of the Green Bay Packers, he has proven to basically be the anti-Ted Thompson.

Last offseason, he signed Jimmy Graham and Muhammad Wilkerson, while also trading back in the first round for a future first-round pick. That's just something it's hard to see Thompson doing.

It's even harder to see Ted going on a big spending spree like the one the Packers went on by signing Preston Smith, Zadarius Smith, Adrian Amos and Billy Turner.

The reality is that is least one of those guys is going to be a bust and there could be more. The good news is that all of them are young and ascending.

Amos comes from Chicago and his loss hurts the Bears secondary. He also gives the Packers a reliable safety they have desperately needed and with that next to him, maybe Josh Jones can develop into the starting, in-the-box safety Green Bay was hoping to get when it drafted him in the second round.

The key acquisitions, of course, are the Smiths. 

If they aren't able to generate sacks and pressure on the quarterback, the Packers defense isn't going to meet expectations. Green Bay could add another pass rusher in the draft and Kyler Fackrell could have another really good season, so it might not all be dependent on them, but if the Packers want to get back to the playoffs, they need some kind of production from those guys.

At any rate, when thinking of why Gutekunst is different from Thompson, another thing TT didn't do often was bring in cheap veterans to help fill needs. 

Thompson preferred to let young draft picks or practice squad guys have a chance instead of signing a cheap veteran with experience in the league.

Right now, the Packers don't have much cap space and with much of what they have dedicated to draft picks, there aren't any big-name signings coming.

Which begs the question, are the Packers done in free agency? 

My guess would be no. 

I just don't know if Green Bay will add anyone before the draft or not, but I expect at least one more veteran free agent to join the roster. Tramon Williams came back last season and it's possible that another former Green Bay defensive back returns this time around and honestly, there are two DB's that merit consideration.

One is Morgan Burnett, who signed with the Steelers last offseason, yet is set to be released April 1. Burnett played in 11 games, making two starts and finished with 30 tackles, six passes defensed and zero interceptions.

It wasn't a great season and it's clear he's on the backend of his career, however, the Packers could still use more depth in the secondary, particularly at safety.

After Amos and Jones, there is no one proven. Tramon Williams was at least decent at safety and could see more time there this season but this could be one spot where the Packers wait until after the draft.

The Packers have six picks in the first four rounds of the draft and it would be surprising if they didn't take at least one safety or defensive back by that point. There will be a lot of candidates, but if the Packers find one capable of competing with Jones and other youngsters like Raven Greene for the starting job, they would probably pass on signing Burnett, minus some type of injury emergency.

But if the board just doesn't work out at safety and the position isn't addressed until the sixth or seventh round, a guy like Burnett could be a relatively cheap insurance option and a pretty decent third safety, even as a stopgap.

In terms of the pass rush, as I said, Green Bay isn't done. The Packers are certainly going to add another edge rusher or a defensive lineman or even an outside linebacker, but at some point in those first four rounds, probably more than once, a defender with some pass-rush ability will be drafted.

On the whole, the Packers just need impact players, the kind that get sacks, forced fumbles and interceptions and just make big plays. A guy like Michigan's Devin Bush could be an example of that and while he doesn't fill a huge need, he would add a huge piece to the middle of the defense.

The point is, you never know where the draft is going to lead you and if the Packers wind up not grabbing a defensive lineman in the first few rounds, a guy like Wilkerson might be worth exploring. 

Green Bay invested in edge rushers with the Smiths, but on the interior, there is basically Kenny Clark and Mike Daniels, who is also coming off an injury-plagued season like Wilkerson.

Wilkerson is familiar with Mike Pettine's scheme and fit well last season in Green Bay before getting injured. He also signed a cheap deal and should expect nothing more than the minimum plus incentives after missing most of 2018. 

He could be a low-risk option if defensive line depth is a concern, but again, he is a probably a post-draft guy. 

Zach Brown is a guy I have been hoping the Packers would sign for years and he is out still out there, as is Jaime Collins, although he might be too expensive, even if he would be a great fit with Pettine due to his versatility.

Another guy that might be worth a phone call is Sam Shields. After sitting out a season, Shields played well for the Rams and could help the Packers in a reserve role.

Who knows if the organization would clear him, but he seemed healthy last season with the Rams. He played in all 16 games and started two. He picked off a pass and broke up four others and he's still out there on the free-agent market. Truth be told, I might prefer him to Tramon Williams if I had my choice.

In the end, I don't think the Packers are done with free agency. I just don't see them signing anyone in the next few weeks, not unless a great opportunity comes up in the next couple of weeks. 

Gutekunst is a lot harder to predict than Thompson mostly because we are still getting to know him.

Things have been quiet with the Packers lately and that's likely because they are finalizing their draft board but once that process is completed and the draft is over, I wouldn't be surprised to see more veterans added and some of the names listed above, could be prime candidates for bargain shopping. 


Chris is a sports journalist from Montana and has been blogging about the Packers since 2011. Chris has been a staff writer for CheeseheadTV since 2017 and looks forward to the day when Aaron Rodgers wins his second Super Bowl. Follow him @thepackersguru

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BoCallahan's picture

Zac Brown will be 30 this year. He has a lot of miles on his body but still a few good years left in him. Also, I’m not so sure he would be considered a cheap veteran. He was released by the Redskins (yes, the NFL Redskins) after playing 1 year of a 3 year, 21 million dollar contract. The contract was back heavy. He is out of our financial range.

Coldworld's picture

At this stage, I don’t think we will see more FA activity until after the draft shakes out. Only then will the team know where veteran help might be beneficial as either a stop gap solution to allow rookie development or because a value player didn’t drop at a certain position. It is common for the draft to result in releases too. A secondary factor is that neither of the two FAs most likely to be considered from those on the team last year, Wilkerson and Campbell, are ready to pass physicals.

I would be surprised if FA is done, but I think it’s done till May.

carlos's picture

A safety and a corner need to be drafted for the back end. DL and inside backer who can move and tackle to tighten up the middle and cover some space. Need some speed.

meatstyk's picture

He has a few good years left in him? Are you a pro football scout?

Lare's picture

"The reality is that is least one of those guys is going to be a bust and there could be more."

The Smiths, Amos and Turner have already been in the NFL a few years, I would think that if any of them were going to be a bust they would have done so by now.

I expect Raven Greene and Ibraheim Campbell to be in the mix at safety and guys like Lancaster, Looney, Brown and Lowry to compete for play along the DL.

I agree that there's some 2nd or 3rd Tier FA players that Gutekunst may sign after the draft, I'm just not sure what guys like Burnett and Wilkerson have to offer any more.

Savage57's picture

The reality is we don't have a clue who's going to do what. But your points about their past portend a reason to be optimistic.

If I'm Gute, I hold my remaining cap space for post June 1 and camp cuts.

Coach JV's picture

Agreed... I don't think any of the signings are a "bust". Will they all be superstars? Pobably not, but they'll make their share of plays. Thet're also dependable and AVAILABLE on game day. These guys don't miss games or have the injury bug.

I also agree that Greene and Campbell will be in the mix at Safety. Green has raw talent and can be refined... Campbell is better than he gets credit for and Pettine loves him.

Burnett is not going to be picked up by the same GM who cut him a year ago. That's just sentimental thinking. Mo might be good if we don't find someone better in the draft.

I'm still hoping for a cheap CB and a veteran QB...

Guam's picture

I think Chris used the wrong description when he said "bust". The reality is one or more of these guys won't live up to their contract and will be cut from the team. If my memory is working correctly this morning, statistically only about 20% of the free agents signed will still be with the team at the end of the third year of their contracts. That means three of the four guys we signed won't fulfill their four year contracts with the Packers. They likely won't be busts, but they may not live up to their contract value either.

Nick Perry's picture

That stuck out to me as well Lare but we do see players all the time who go to new teams with their pockets loaded with money only to look NOTHING like the player the team thought they were getting.

BUT I think the Smiths and Amos will turn out to be good signings with the potential to be excellent, even great signings for GB. The only one I'm questioning a little is Turner but the Packers went after this guy obviously really wanting him as their RG and/or possible RT after 2019. He's also a guy they can move around in the event of injuries. Because he was signed so quickly and fairly was pricey, this was obviously a guy Gutekunst really wanted.

Dzehren's picture

Do you think GB will resign free agent Ibrheim Campbell? I thought GUTE would have signed him by now.....

James Martins's picture

Campbell will be resigned. He is not signed yet because he would fail a physical now.

Dzehren's picture

Thank you! Makes sense.

Lare's picture

In the three weeks Campbell played for the Packers, he had 18 tackles (three solo) and one forced fumble. He reportedly tore his ACL in the Cardinals game.

jannes bjornson's picture

Lare, I believe Fadol Brown took Wilkerson's spot. He played with some energy.

SterlingSharpe's picture

There's not much money left for spending on outside free agents.
The Draft has to replenish the roster. Guty has to hit on some guys.

I'll take this:

• Round 1, (12th overall) ILB Devin White, LSU
• Round 1, (30th overall *) WR Marquise Hollywood Brown, Oklahoma
• Round 2, (44th overall) S Nasir Adderley, Delaware
• Round 3, (76th overall) DL Khalen Saunders, Western Illinois
• Round 4, (108th overall) Edge L.J. Collier, TCU
• Round 4, (112th overall *) OT Tyler Roemer, San Diego State
• Round 5, (140th overall) CB Lonnie Johnson, Kentucky
• Round 6, (172nd overall) TE Dax Raymond, Utah State
• Round 6, (182nd overall *) TE Donald Parham, Stetson
• Round 7, (204th overall) RB Devine Ozigbo, Nebraska

Coldworld's picture

That mix seems plausible. I’m not a college expert so I don’t comment on individual players. I also think we are set up for BPA, and hope we stick to that determinedly.

For me the only must is that we draft a safety, in my view preferably two, who possess cover skills. If we take a WR early, it better be because merit clearly demands it. We need upgrades across the team. Adding another to a deep position in round one or two doesn’t excite me even if it might be an upgrade in the medium term.

Rak47's picture

Please burn it in the fireplace!

Rak47's picture

My wish list/mock.
12. Devin White, ILB LSU or Ed Oliver DT Houston
30. TJ Hockensen, TE Iowa
44. Chris Lindstrom, OL Boston College or Erik McCoy OL Texas A&M
76. Amani Hooker S Iowa.
108. Alex Barnes, RB Kansas St
112. Ben Banogu, OLB TCU
140. Ben Powers, OG Oklahoma
172. Darnell Savage, S Maryland
182. Dru Samia, OL oklahoma
204. Maxx Crosby, DE Eastern Mich.
I originally posted this about two weeks ago so some things have changed since then. It's beginning to look like White and Oliver won't be available at 12 and if the Pack want Hockenson it may have to be at 12. We'll just have to see how it all plays out.

Bure9620's picture

Your Picks:
Round 1 Pick 16 (CAR): White, Devin, ILB/OLB, LSU (A)
Round 1 Pick 30: Fant, Noah, TE, Iowa (A-)
Round 2 Pick 12: Risner, Dalton, OT/OG, Kansas State (A-)
Round 2 Pick 19 (TENN): Jacobs, Josh, RB, Alabama (A)
Round 3 Pick 18 (TENN): Thompson, Deionte, FS, Alabama (A+)
Round 4 Pick 16: Hooker, Amani, FS/SS, Iowa (A+)
Round 5 Pick 12: Crosby, Maxx, DE, Eastern Michigan (A+)
Round 6 Pick 12: Boykin, Miles, WR, Notre Dame (A+)
Round 6 Pick 25 (CINN): Thorson, Clayton, QB, Northwestern (A+)
Round 7 Pick 9 (CINN): Ferguson, Jazz, WR, Northwestern State (A+)
Round 7 Pick 12: Mims, Denzel, WR, Baylor (A+)

The only one here to my knowledge that does not fit the RAS score the Packers adhere to is Jacobs. However at 220 lbs. Or more the Packers only really look at 3 cone, similar to Eddy Lacy.

jeepingmakooi's picture

Bush over white... I don't see gb drafting three receivers again this year. I doubt Thompson makes it that far down. I also don't see them drafting a QB.

Bure9620's picture

These are potential Special teams guys. The Packers like to take size and speed in 6th or 7th rounds to find teams guys. Janis, Donnerson,

jeepingmakooi's picture

I don't see us going after wr that hard this year late again. Teams guys can be found in other positions to find guys that can play there and other places besides one that we hardly have enough room on the roster for now.

Bryan Chisholm's picture

I'd love if it went this way, but a couple of these guys I think will be gone by the round you've placed them. No way White is there at 16.. doubt Jacobs will be there #19 in the 2nd... Hooker in the 4th seems like a stretch as well.. but you never know I guess. I hope so lol

Rak47's picture

I could definitely get behind this draft. Nice job, Bure!

Bearmeat's picture

We need a deep safety, and not one from the draft. This is a not a good DB year in the draft, nor a great WR year, nor at OL. Why reach there? Go where the talent is - front 7 and TE and a bunch of HWS flyers on day three.

I've personally been a fan of Tre Boston at deep safety for a long time. He's better than HHCD ever was and would pair with Amos well. I would also love to re-sign Wilkerson after the draft if needed and if he's recovered.

Bure9620's picture

Amos played a single high look when the Bears went to it, they were usually in a 2 deep but Amos can play deep middle.

Bearmeat's picture

You want a mistake eraser who can turnover the ball at FS. Amos is a good player, but I haven't seen much of that in his career.

jeepingmakooi's picture

1. Devin Bush LB
1 cgj S
3. Chase whinovich Edge
3 Dawson Knox TE
4 Andy Isabella WR
4. Tevon Coney LB
5. Bryce Love RB
6. Mark Fields CB
6. Lukas Denis S
7.! Maxx Crosby DL

jeepingmakooi's picture

Amazing how I get thumbs down but the draft with threw receivers again gets a thumbs up.. yeah.. let's start over again with the receiving corps and waste yet another year with Rodgers is seeing that second year jump with the five or so rookies we had between roster and practice squad...

Archie's picture

Devin White would be a worthy pick at 12 as would Ed Oliver. However, there's probably 50-50 chance that either wil be on the board at 12. If that is the case, do we take a chance on Montez Seat if he's there (heart issue)? Bush and Burns are more like #20 picks. There is no premium talent at CB/S. So we go back to DL and look at Rashan Gary (4-3 DE underachiever) or Clelin Ferrel l, another 4-3 DE? AT DT, Jeff Simmons might be the pick had he not torn his ACL. Then there's the two Clemson guys, Wilkins and Lawrence. Lawrence may be off GB's board. I suppose Wilkins is a maybe.

So for my money, if White or Oliver is there, he's our guy. But if they are not, I think we are forced to look on offense. OT Jawann Taylor may be worthy of the 12th pick. After that, excluding QBs who none of us expect after AROD got extended for a bazillion dollars, the only other guy I can imagine them taking is the 2-way TE from Iowa, Hock. A young stud TE is a top need. One that blocks is a huge plus in a LaFleur/Shanahan/McVay offense. So Hock could be the right player at the right price.

What are the odds that one of White, Oliver, Taylor, or Hock are available at 12? Probably pretty high. If not, I'm looking trading partners. In fact I might even consider multiple trade downs at that point.

So with 25 days to go, those are the 5 most likely options that I see with one caveat. If Sweat is the guy they covet and if his heart issue is not considered a huge problem, he could be our pick at 12. But I think if Sweat begins to fall, he will fall hard and may even be there at 30.

stockholder's picture

I believe White ,Oliver and Wilkins(BUFFALO) will be Gone. If Gute doesn't trade up. He's stuck with Bush ,Gary , Williams , or Hock. \ Because the holes are at DE , Ilb, and S. I doubt Hock. This pick then should be Bush based on need. The @30 is going to be Safety. If Hock and Fant are Gone. @44 will be safety again. I couldn't pass on Simmons. But Gute will. So I believe the packers will do this if he stays pat on picks. @12 BUSH , @30 Adderley S @ 44 Thornhill S. Look for a double safety pick in this draft based on the first 30 picks. This position gets depth first.

Dzehren's picture

Stockholder- what OT’s are worthy of the #12 pick if the board doesn’t go as planned?

stockholder's picture

Jon Williams Alabama is the only consideration in the first round for me.

Archie's picture

Williams as in DT Quinnen Williams??? or CB Greedy Williams? If the former, I turn the pick ASAP! What a great addition he's be. Another CB? A need pick if and only if they have soured on King and other than injury, I can't imagine why that would be.

Unfortunately for GB, the likelihood of Williams falling outside the top 5 is slim and none. Ed Oliver seems like the perfect fit for Pettine and his defense. To me, it would be worth a small trade up to ensure the pick. But if he goes in top 8 or 9 picks, the consolation choices will be good as well. Again, to me, Oliver on defense and Hock on offense would be perfect scheme fits for GB while also arguably BPA at 12. I know TE is a devalued position in the draft but how many 2-way blue chip TEs are there any more? One just retired with 7 Super Bowls. Belichek has shown us the value of TEs, hasn't he? Heck, he has proven you really want two, not one. So it would not surprise me to see Gutey come back to TE in the middle rounds and take another one. Just think if he figured out a way to land both Hock and Fant! They are complementary TEs for sure. Pull a Belichek.

Dzehren's picture

Maybe Jonah Williams LT Bama
Not a sexy pick but would benefit QB 1 the most.

stockholder's picture

J. Williams -Ot. Greedy Williams CB will be a top 12 pick. And Murphy is climbing because of his hips. The demand is just to strong. Right on Oliver. Fant is my choice @TE. with Jace sternberger later. Hock is to hyped for me. No to Irv Smith. Height is a big concern.

ILPackerBacker's picture

Amazing how intelligent, rational and careful reasoning is down voted here.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

There is going to be a good, solid player worthy of #12 on the board when we pick. I am not against a trade down 3 or 4 spots because not only do I think there will one good player at #12, I think there will be several. Unless you're locked into one of just 2 or three positions. I am open to Taylor or Jonah Williams at #12, for example. Johah might slide a bit due to an underwhelming combine.

Don Guske's picture

I think we have all the WR that we need. OL is where you need to concentrate. Give AR enough protection and you can put any body out as reciever and AR will find them .
Lombardi's teams were great because they had the best OL in the league Bart Star had 4 minutes to find an open reciever!

Jonathan Spader's picture

Aaron Rodgers has held onto the ball at times for 8 minutes before throwing it out of bounds. He did that because the WRs weren't getting open. You can't just put anyone in at WR with a good OL look at Dallas.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Nelson +52.5 DVOA (1st),
James Jones +41.3 (3rd),
Jennings +20.5 DVOA (12th in the NFL),
Driver +17.1 (16th in the NFL).
Cobb: +42.1 DVOA (UR but 375 yds)

Allison: +12.6 DVOA (UR- unranked), 122 Passer rating
Adams +6.1 (30th) 116 Passer rating when targeted;
ESB: -7.2 EVS (UR);
MVS: -11.3 DVOA, (63rd);
Cobb: -22.1 (78th)
Graham: -6.6 DVOA (30th in NFL for TEs)

We desperately need another receiving option, probably two. It can be through internal improvement, but you're placing a bet on the offense becoming elite. I advocate drafting a day two receiver. That, too, is a taking a chance, but it increases the odds.

2018: -6.6 with GB, 30th among TEs;
2017: -4.0 with Sea, 33rd among TEs;
2016: +25.1 w. Sea, 6th among TEs.

Graham was not misused by Seattle (they knew what to do with him in 2016 but not 2017?) or by GB - he has just lost it. He ain't gonna be a good receiving option in 2019.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

BTW, per Demovsky/ESPN Stats & Info, Allison had 43% of his receptions when playing the slot. Per playerprofiler, Allison played 12.6% of his snaps in the slot. Per FO, Allison played 241 snaps, so 12.6% of that is 30 snaps in the slot. 43% of his receptions is 9. So....

9 receptions on 30 snaps in the slot!!!
11 receptions on 211 snaps when split wide. OK, but not !!!

What should one deduce?
A) Allison can play the slot really well?
B) Allison is just okayish when split wide?
C) Allison can play both the slot and split wide?

Looking at FO splits for WRs in the slot versus split wide, most WRs play better in the slot than split wide. Couple guys can't play in the slot at all, like Martavis Bryant and Dez Bryant, quintessential X receivers.

Dzehren's picture

I’de like GB to look at Aaron Lynch outside linebacker from the Bears. Just urned 26. Would be a good edge rotational played with special teams prowess.

Spock's picture

Well, there's an article out there (NFL site on MSN) about possible draft day "surprises". One would be the Packers trade the 12th pick to the Jags for pro bowl cb Jalen Ramsey. I just don't see that happening, but Gute is, at this point, too unpredictable to us fans to rule it out. I still think he stands pat and gets BPA. My gut feeling (which is usually wrong, lol) is that because he's gone out and gotten two relatively expensive FA pass rushers he is less likely to use that 12th pick on Edge. I said "less likely" but I wouldn't rule it out if that's the top guy on their board when the pick comes up. :)

RWood832's picture

I doubt that GB has the cap space to pick up Ramsey's contract.

I do think that Gute will consider Edge at 12, specifically Burns from FSU. He has the versatility to play Edge as a pass rusher but can also move inside as a dime or nickel LB in certain packages. He has pass coverage ability which Sweat and Ferrell don't really possess. He is the best replacement for CMIII due to his flexibility. He and Oliver are my top two choices for 12.

If I were Gute I would trade up from 30 to nab Fant around 22-24 and use 44 to pick the best OL or S on the board. I am a big fan of Lindstrom and Risner at OL and Thornhill at S.

jeepingmakooi's picture

Is Ramsey still on a rookie deal? If so then we could at least rent him for the year or so

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Yes, but it is $7.4M in 2019.
2020: because he was top 10 (#5 pick), the 5th year option is largely worthless. It is $12.35M for 2019. It will be more in 2020.

Not against it so much, and it fits in 2019, but we'll have trouble with a $13M cap hit in 2020. Probably would have to extend since I would never even think about using the 12th overall pick on a one or two-year rental.

Since '61's picture

I don’t think there are any must have FAs left out there. So if I’m Gute I see how the draft plays out and then go back to FA to see if I can add some depth at a reasonable price.

But as others here have stated, I think we’re done until after the draft and maybe until after 6/1 cuts.
Thanks, Since ‘61

Archie's picture

Would I trade up in R1 to get both Oliver and Hock?


Trade from 12 to 9 or 10 for Oliver and from 30 to the late teens for Hock. Would be worth to get two blue chippers in same draft that are versatile and perfect scheme fits. Keep pick 44 for a S. Then take a few swings at everything else.

1A Oliver
1B Hock
2 Abrams

Tough not to like even if it costs us our 3rd and both 4ths. Gutey is the anti-Ted Thompson, isn't he?

Archie's picture

no matter, I found the edit link. :)

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

To inject the semblance of realism, you might mention what picks you're giving up to move far enough to get Oliver (might not be far or even necessary) and Hock (probably 10 spots plus, which equals a big, fat, enormous cost). Of course, you could punt and sent a future pick or picks.

Qoojo's picture

I wouldn't call him the anti-TT yet. I see it more about getting "his" guys in the system. You see this roster makeover pretty much every time a new GM and coach takeover. Let's see what happens in a couple more years when almost the whole roster was picked by Gute.

I do think Packers are finished in FA unless there is an emergency need or low cost vet that helps with depth. Ignoring the usual UDFA signings.

jeepingmakooi's picture

Everyone pushing for an o line man early.. this oline class is pretty weak.. we also have Alex light and Nico siragusa along with the freshly signed Turner. If we draft someone there definitely nothing saying they will help anyway this year.. if we draft at 12 and not trade down.. we should be drafting a player who can be an impact player right away.. an edge guy at 12 is basically out.. maybe an inside guy but they will have to be a dominant force to displace the guys that are there now. Daniels Clark Lowery Lancaster and most likely wilkerson when he can pass a physical... Tight end is a good bet in the first 2 rounds... Linebacker is kinda weak on the roster right now Martinez and Burks along with Crawford who is teams guy.. makes sense to take a dynamic player early for that. Receiver class is pretty deep but really no room on the roster right now unless your gonna cut loose someone who was drafted last season already.... Not even Moore deserves that as he has been working hard.. corners yeah we could look there.. greedy is definitely top of the class... Sharp decline after the too 3-4.. running backs are abundant in this draft.. including talented late round guys or mid round guys like Love who is a runner up Heisman. Regular special teams guys like k/p shouldn't even be looked at except nfor camp comp unless a kicker just kicks the leather right out of the house over and over again and has evidence of kicking in cold weather with a cross wind.

Ryan B Dub's picture

Seems we are so low in cap space the “splash” is over. Anything else will be a bandaid with hopeful upside. Wilkerson seems possible. And a few others depending on over all season health at various positions. I’m ready for this draft. Should be fun to try and keep up with.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"Amos comes from Chicago and his loss hurts the Bears secondary."

Hmm true, there is another version that works too.

Dix joins Chicago and his arrival hurts the Bears secondary.

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