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And That’s a Wrap for the Pack

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And That’s a Wrap for the Pack

After Sunday’s embarrassing 31-0 loss at the hands of the Lions, it is safe to say that this is going to be one interesting offseason in Green Bay.  I have to admit, the Packers had me completely fooled by their somewhat improved play under Joe Philbin and how the players in the locker room were preaching about finishing the season strong.  I thought that the Packers were going to continue to roll and beat the Lions by a 31-0 score, and I was completely wrong as the script was flipped and the team never made it out of the tunnel and were never in the game at all.  

The dumpster fire that was the Packers season finale, was a microcosm of the inconsistent and alarmingly poor play that plagued the Packers week in and week out in 2018.  When examining the totality of the season a bit closer, we have to come to the obvious conclusion that the Packers were not just plagued this season because they were an inconsistent team that couldn’t get out of its own way; they were plagued this season largely because they were just a bad team that did not have enough talent on the roster.  

In a league where wins and losses are often determined by a few game-changing plays, it is much more difficult to contend when you have an unbalanced roster that relies on 5-7 pro bowl caliber players to carry the majority of the load for your team.  This unbalanced roster construction of the 2018 Green Bay Packers played just as big of a factor in the team's demise as the inconsistent play and backbreaking turnovers and penalties.     

The construction of the team's roster is so unbalanced and is suffering from such a lack of talent that it will, in all likelihood take more than a season to rebuild and restore the proper balance to the Packers fifty-three man roster.  Brian Gutekunst must strike gold with both the12th and 28th-32nd picks (the Saints pick) in the upcoming draft and select two pro bowl caliber players to speed up the rebuilding process and ensure that the Packers become contenders again sooner rather than later.  For the remainder of the draft, Gutekunst will have to find multiple starters on both offense and defense and continue to build the depth and improve the talent throughout the fifty-three man roster.  

The first step towards changing the fortunes in Green Bay will be to change the coaching staff as soon as possible.  Joe Philbin did an admirable job trying to salvage what was left of an already abysmal season but let’s face it, the Packers need a clean break from McCarthy like philosophies, and everyone that is linked to his coaching staff needs to be given their pink slips, starting with Ron Zook. 

I know that the popular consensus is to fire everyone and retain Mike Pettine as the defensive coordinator, but realistically, the only feasible way for Pettine to remain in Green Bay is if he becomes the Packers next head coach.  It is very hard to fire every one of the previous regimes coaches except for one lone wolf and expect there to be continuity within the new coaching staff.  That is why it is essential that the new head coach of the Green Bay Packers be given the autonomy to hire their own staff.    

There is certainly plenty of blame to go around for everyone that has been a part of the Green Bay Packers historically dismal 100th season of football.  The blame starts at the top with CEO Mark Murphy for creating a convoluted power structure, making both the head coach as well as the general manager report directly to him instead of going with a more typical collaborative approach as they have done in previous years.  Murphy should have had the conviction to fire McCarthy last season but instead kept him around and created a precarious and uncomfortable situation for him as well as first-year general manager Brian Gutekunst which clearly did not work.

Murphy, who deems himself as a “football guy”, continued to make questionable decisions and provide the organization with poor leadership when he allowed Aaron Rodgers to play in the final two games of the season, despite the fact that Rodgers battled through injuries ALL season long.  Don’t get me wrong, no one loved seeing Aaron Rodgers engineer a Packers comeback win on the road more then I did, but Murphy is responsible for being the adult in the room and making a decision that benefits the long-term future of the Green Bay Packers organization.  Because of this dreadful lack of leadership from Mark Murphy, Aaron Rodgers and other key veteran players suffered injuries in the season’s final weeks and were exposed to unnecessary injury risks.  

Mark Murphy and Brian Gutekunst need to take a serious look at themselves in the mirror and reevaluate the direction of this organization because, at this point, there is no one else left to fire.  

In order for the Packers to get back on the proper track, it is essential that:

  1. Mark Murphy and Brian Gutekunst put their heads together and find an innovative new coaching staff and move away from the stubborn old ways of the past. 
  2. Mark Murphy and Brian Gutekunst must strike gold on their ten draft picks in the 2019 NFL Draft and must eliminate missing out on trade and free agent targets and signing busts in free agency. 

On a personal note, I just wanted to take the time to thank all of our loyal viewers at Cheesehead TV for their support this season.  I encourage you to stay tuned for all of our offseason news and draft coverage from our award-winning staff as it is sure to be an eventful offseason in Green Bay.    


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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JimR_in_SoCal's picture

Thanks David, for being one of the many great contributors here on Cheesehead TV.

David Michalski's picture

Thank you so much for following all of us this year, it will definitely be an interesting off season with a lot of hot takes so be sure to stay tuned with us for the complete offseason saga that will be sure to dominate the headlines. Go Pack Go

Bedrock's picture

So basically GB management just needs to do all things good and avoid making mistakes. ;)

They’re going to make mistakes, it’s the nature of dealing with humans.

The breakdown of necessary steps is what makes this off-season exciting.
Guards, pass-rushers, safety, middle of the field catcher (slot or TE) are my immediate roster needs. I’d like improvements in LB and OT.

As for coaching, Zook needs to go. I can understand the difficulties in coaching up the carousel of new faces due to injuries, but a new face and voice are needed.
A new coach needs to find the chip that Rodgers had when coming out of the draft. Find that chip, everything looks better.

I know some will say one player cannot be relied upon that heavily. I say ride the horse we’re blessed to have. Support him with what is needed.

Lare's picture

Although I know there's a lot of people here searching for someone to criticize and blame for the Packers season, the simple way to look at it is that even with 1/3 of the team on IR and Rodgers having a down year, if the Packers would have had even average special teams play they're probably in the playoffs.

The team needs a new direction, new schemes. new strength & conditioning concepts, new teachers for the players. It looks like we'll be getting all of the above.

I've said since last offseason that 2018 was a transition year, a year to rebuild & restock so that the team could be successful again in 2019. But the new coaching staff will probably delay that another year, which will give Gutekunst another year to rebuild the talent on the team so they're legitimate contenders in 2020.

Guam's picture

Well said Lare. I also thought this would be a rebuilding year due to TT's many draft failures, but I certainly did not realize the roster was this badly depleted. Like you I now believe it will take more than next year to patch all of the holes. Between selecting a new coaching staff and infusing talent into our roster, Murphy/Gute have a career making/breaking offseason ahead of them.

Tundraboy's picture

 "I say ride the horse we’re blessed to have. Support him with what is needed."

Yes Sir. Have been saying that for years. Same as with Favre. One would think that after the lean years the board would have learned that lesson, but the organization has lacked that strong leadership since Harlan and Wolfe. I suppose the board itself has changed and the hard times are now a more distant memory.

jlc1's picture

Nowhere but up from here. Four straight losses to the Detroit Lions means you are missing much of what it takes to be a successful NFL team.
From that perspective I think it is fair to think that Mark Murphy's seat should be getting warm. Unlikely that he actually has to move on any time soon given the franchise's history though. An honest assessment though would indicate the franchise is moving in the wrong direction despite having Aaron Rodgers on the field. Not winning with him is a serious indictment of the franchise no matter what one thinks of Rodgers at the moment. Murphy owns the next few years more than even Gutekunst does in my opinion.
And yes thanks to all the writers who contribute here and posters who brought humor to some dark days this year.

pacman's picture

Lot's of questions for management to answer:

Why did AR play - because there were many on this board that said he should! And it is clear that management reads this board to figure out how to run a football team. There was no other possible reason for him to play.

Ok - now to be serious. I still don't see any announcement that Zook has been fired. He should have been fired mid game after the fake FG.

Ok - now seriously being serious. Actually, the last comment was serious.

#1 of interview question for new HC - how are you going to control AR?

I firmly believe that if everyone gets healthy, 1-2 FA's, some normal progression for rookies and one of the 2 round 1 picks is a hit, we are back in it next year - IF Rodgers plays like his old self. If not, we will be hoping for a playoff spot to go nowhere.

Go get em, Gute!

David Michalski's picture

For the reasoning on why Zook and others haven’t been fired, I’d refer you to my colleague Zack Jacobsen’s article ‘No Immediate Adjustments Coming for Packers Assistant Coaches’ he does a good job breaking down the timing of the firings of the assistants. Also in the article Zach and Rob Demovsky state that Zook is expected to be out. It’s just a waiting game and we all would have liked to see the program killing Zooker left on the tarmac of many different locations. Lol thanks for following all of us this year! Go Pack Go!

pacman's picture

You could've made the same argument about firing MM. Yet Murphy decided it was time to show some guts and do it. But he should have done this 3 years ago.

Nobody really cares anymore as long as he is gone for next year which is probably the surest bet in GB.

Thanks CheeseheadTV for letting us vent.

Old School's picture

16 teams in the NFC.
50? Named to the Pro Bowl.

That's an average of about 3 per team. So if we have 5-7 ProBowlers ......isn't that about twice the average?

Jonathan Spader's picture

The ProBowl is a popularity contest not a judgement of talent so who cares old school? Not a criticism but a legitimate ?

Bearmeat's picture

Am I the only one that doesn't see GBs roster 1-53 as THAT bad?

I mean, what are the positions where we truly suck at from top to bottom:

1. OLB 1/2
2. FS
3. RG
4. TE

Now what are the positions we could get better:

1. RT
2. SS
3. P
4. K

Now what are the positions where there isn't enough depth:

1. OLB
2. FS
3. SS
4. OT
5. OG

Now where do we have young and exciting guys who just need to play:

1. CB2,3,4
2. WR 2,3,4
3. DT3,4,5

Now where are we good to excellent:

1. QB
2. RB
3. WR1
4. NT
5. DT1 (daniels)

I mean... the roster isn't outstanding, but with an all pro QB, and some injury breaks, this SHOULD have been a playoff team this year. With an offseason that hires the right coaching staff to get ARod back on track and a couple good personnel moves (literally only 4-5 "right" moves of any type could make a difference)... this team can contend for titles in 2019.

That said, I too think that 2020 is more likely.

Bedrock's picture

I’d even argue the talent is there at TE but we lacked play-calling to utilize them.

Zook also messed with Crosby (who alone contributed to more than one non-won game). Some consistent play from a strong-legged Scott will make this position acceptable too. One Zook subtracted improves two positions and 1/3 of the team.

Bearmeat's picture

Disagree. I think Graham is an overpaid JAG and I want to cut him. Tonyan is intriguing - but I want the rest of them gone and to start over.

Old School's picture

I think Graham was a top ten TE by most objective measures. He was the second leading receiver on the league's #8 passing offense.

Bearmeat's picture

Sure. Just like when you look at ARod's numbers, you think that the passing offense was great. Then you watch the player and games, and I think most objective observers would change their tune.

Graham was highly inefficient and definitively not a game changer this year.

Old School's picture

Yes. Subjective evaluation is always superior to objective data.

Since '61's picture

Old School - we won 6 games. How many of those 6 wins was Graham a factor in the victory? None.

He had one game with over 100 receiving yards. He had 3 receptions or less in 10 games. This is not subjective, these are facts. This guy makes us want Richard Rodgers back.
He actually caused the only 2 interceptions that Rodgers had all season. Those picks should be on Graham's stats not Rodgers.

The bottom line is that the Packers were 6-9-1 with him and we can be 6-9-1 without him. Chuck him and get a young player who can run faster and actually catch the ball.

David Michalski's picture

I agree, Jimmy Graham has zero shot of being on this team just with his cap hit for next year, and although his reception total is higher than anyone thought it was, he was brought in to be a redzone presence and only ended up with 2 touchdowns. There were too many games in which he was non existent. He was an absolute bust and Gutekunst can ill afford another signing like Graham.

Rebecca's picture

Data has no value until used. Deciding how to use it is subjective. There is no way around it.

The TKstinator's picture

Too many “non-won” games this season.

Rufus's picture

TK,Hell yes. Lets recap, Just beat the Bears Game 1, Just beat San Fran, Lost to Redskins, Detroit, Arizona, Almost lost to the Jets. We won 1 away game. How many games lost because we could not play 60 minutes. We could have been a 3 win team.

David Michalski's picture

That’s the thing, I think that the areas where we do not have enough talent and depth, which you highlighted are what is holding the team back. And with our O-Line we’re going to have to draft a tackle and a guard, OLB position we’ll likely have to sign and draft multiple players, as well as the safety positions. And not just draft and sign, but hit on everyone which is why I think 2020 in year 3 of Aaron’s deal is where we contend. I think though that it is crucial to see guys like Josh Jackson, MVS, and ESB along with the other young members of the secondary take massive second year jumps. Our incoming draft class must also continue to rise throughout the season as we can ill afford to see any regression or plateaus from the in-coming talent. I think a slow start is probable but I’d be interested to see if the new coaching can write the ship towards the end of the season and go 8-8 or 9-7 so that 2020 can be a very exciting season for the Packers.

Thank you for following our coverage and stay tuned for our free agent and draft analysis this offseason! Go Pack Go!

Bearmeat's picture

Agreed 100%

Kb999's picture

Bear, you are what your record says you are. Our record says we suck. As for our all pro QB, he took a step backward this season.

Bearmeat's picture

My point is that the sample size for the NFL is so very small that one or two bad weeks can ruin a season. This team looked primed to make a run coming out of the bye... then Monty, Jones fumble, injuries etc... happened. Go back and look at those scores and remember the 4th quarter. In each and every game in that hideous Oct/Nov stretch, this team had a lead or was driving to take the lead. And the team went 1-5.

The team vastly underachieved and will get better next year based solely on that. They're more talented than 6-8-1 suggests. Just like the Vikings were less talented than 13-3 suggested last year - and this year bore that out. Same thing will happen to literally everything going right for the Bears this year. They'll regress.

Old School's picture

Actually, our record says we were about average.

Old School's picture

Actually, our record says we were about average.

Kb999's picture

Old school, we can't compete with the elite teams. When you get your ass kicked by the Cardinals and have to go to OT to beat the Jets, your not average. We are at the bottom of the barrel.

ShanghaiKid's picture

I'd actually add ILB at positions that could get better. Martinez is good, but I agree with Andy. When he isn't kept clean by his front guys, he can't shed blocks, and can't make plays on the ball. They need to find an impact player to man ILB.

They also desperately need to find a FS who can play deep. If Jones is your box guy and you have a ball hawk in the back-end, that alone impacts every facet of the secondary.

I agree 100% with you though, this team still needs 4-6 pieces before it's fixed, and probably needs until 2020 to get the depth issues fixed and it's a true contender. Lotta work left for the FO.

bjkdad44's picture

Can’t they coach Matinez how to shed those blocks? Again... coaching (or non-coaching?)

ShanghaiKid's picture

Well he's struggled with block shedding since he was drafted, and he's had two different coordinators. At that point it's on the player for not be able to do the task, which also happens to be a large part of his job description.

Go watch a guy like TD, Jones, Mosley, Kendricks. Even younger guys like Jaylon Smith, Vander Esch, Roquan. That's the type of dude that needs to be in the middle. Blake Martinez isn't close to being any of those guys.

Bearmeat's picture

If you want that, you have to draft an elite talent. Give me an elite talent at edge or free safety or Right Tackle or Tight End over an elite ILB.

Great in a vacuum. But we can get away with a good-old-mediocre Martinez at ILB if we can rush the passer and cover and have an elite NT.

ShanghaiKid's picture

It’s hard to argue your point. I’d just point to how much nastier the Panthers and Cowboys look with elite talent at that position. Neither team has a great pass rush. But they haven’t needs it it because they have guys who can blitz and cover from any angle and front.

Bearmeat's picture

I'd say that the Panthers have an adequate pass rush, and the Cowboys have a good one. Regardless, for years both defenses struggled. ILB is the OG of the defense. You need one, and he needs to not suck. But you can get away with a Honda Civic at the position.

You need a Ferrari at edge and CB1.

ShanghaiKid's picture

Hard to disagree with your point on that.

Swisch's picture

Any possibility that Martinez would do well as an outside linebacker? I'd hate to give up on a guy who is so good a tackler; and he's young enough to perhaps improve in shedding blockers.
How would Matthews do as an inside linebacker again, if he could be signed at a respectable but reasonable salary?
Any of our other current linebackers promising either inside or outside?

Lare's picture

I lost all respect for Matthews the last few weeks, he was totally quitting on plays and coasting trying not to get hurt. As far as I'm concerned he can leave Green Bay on the same bus as Zook is riding on.

Swisch's picture

If that's the case, maybe Matthews wants out of Green Bay.
Yet, it would seem he would want to excel at the end, if only to impress other teams for a good contract.
Perhaps Matthews is a cautionary tale about signing a player like Mack. Even if Matthews has been a star to a degree since the Super Bowl season, and even if he may have been hampered over the years by a generally poor defense, it seems he has not been that dominant type of player he appeared to be at first.
If we're concerned about Rodgers' astronomical contract taking away dollars for signing other players, what happens if another huge contract is given to a defensive player?
Regardless, thanks for the response, Lare.

Old School's picture

Yeah, hard to believe he's one of the leading tacklers in the NFL.

Bearmeat's picture

"I agree 100% with you though, this team still needs 4-6 pieces before it's fixed, and probably needs until 2020 to get the depth issues fixed and it's a true contender. Lotta work left for the FO."

That's a shorthand way to say what I was saying. IF we get the right coaching staff and IF ARod gets the inches between his ears fixed and IF we get 4-6 pieces from any combination of draft/free agency/trades and IF we get lucky with injuries, this is a title team in 2019. Any one of those things I could say is even likely. But all 4? Probably not. And we are not going to be deep until 2020 if most things go well.

Murphy gave McCarthy a year to figure it out, and that year cost us. So, we're effectively back to January of last year with a mess on our hands - albeit with a slightly more talented and much younger roster.

ShanghaiKid's picture

Agree with everything you said here. I still think the most important of any of those scenarios is Rodgers needs to get the six inches between his ears right.

You can hire a new HC, but if Rodgers pulls the same stuff this year a new HC won’t mean squat.

Bearmeat's picture

Yep. And he is a world class diva - just like Favre was. Ugh.

That said, just like Favre, Rodgers has all the reasons in the world to clean up his act. Starting with his legacy. If he wants to be considered any better than top 15 ever, he must win another trophy, and GB has his rights until he's 39 and could franchise him after that.

Lare's picture

"Murphy gave McCarthy a year to figure it out, and that year cost us."

Yes, and McCarthy got fired because he couldn't figure it out. Had he brought in a new ST coordinator, had he brought in a new OC with a fresh scheme, had he brought in a better WR coach and had he retained Alex Van Pelt the Packers could have been in the playoffs right now and he would still have a job. He didn't, so as you say it delayed the rebuilding by a year.

Everything happens for a reason, we'll soon see what that reason is.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Bearmeat you forget that we are also out from under bad contracts. We are no longer on the books for CM3 and Cobb. Perry and Graham are what remain of our overpaid underperformers if Rodgers can return to form. That helps us out big time in FA if Gute doesn't sign more Grahams and finds more Breelands.

fthisJack's picture

Martinez......I can't believe you're knocking a guy that had 144 tackles and 5 sacks from the MLB position AND he played every fricking game!!!! this is one of the last positions that need an upgrade. if all the other starters had stayed healthy for the entire year this team would be in the playoffs.

canadapacker's picture

Totally agree Bearmeat with the roster evaluation - Except - I hate our tight end situation - too old- too slow and unable to get any YAC. I hate the fact that too many of our Olinemen are playing with other teams ( in the past and I am not talking about Sitton etc) which the guys that we kept are walking bandaids. I totally hate our Special teams both the philosophy and the fact over the past few seasons we have taken stupid penalties hits in the back away from the play. I said before the last game that Special Teams coaches need to be fired - and that Crosby either needs to be replaced on the Kickoffs ( he still can make most including some pretty long field goals but cant kick it through the end zone) or cut. I believe that our Strength and Conditioning efforts seem to be lacking and too many guys are not in shape and get hurt too often, I often wonder if MM had an overly cautious approach to playing guys - football is a tough game and one needs to play through pain. We need to improve helmet technology and reduce concussion related time off - now that is not going to stop what happened to Adams last season against Chicago and Carolina but too many guys seem to get hurt hitting the ground on tackles and slight leg bumps in the piles - do we have the best that money can buy from a headgear perspective or are we even looking at that?

Finally - I think that our draft philosophy needs to change on the Linebacker mould - we need faster stronger and lighter guys with a crazy mentality.

ShanghaiKid's picture

@Canada. "Finally - I think that our draft philosophy needs to change on the Linebacker mould - we need faster stronger and lighter guys with a crazy mentality." <-- This 100% been clamoring for it for some time.

Bearmeat's picture

Faster and Lighter works... if they're kept clean. For that, you need a great DL. We have one great player, one very good one, and a bunch of projects. If you gain speed at ILB, you lose bulk to stop the run. Unless you have a guy like Urlacher who can do both.

4thand10's picture

Urlacher played in a 4-3 cover 2. Completely different defense than what GB has been running. But your right, the LBs have to be kept clean in this style of defense. Pettine has ran both styles 3-4 and 4-3s with success. Like I said at the beginning of the season... with Howard in Chicago, a healthy Murray in Min and Detroit getting Blount and spending a higher pick at the RB position ....we needed more beef up front in terms of DL and edge...and didn’t get it. They neglected that area and along with WR. Special teams was also a disaster this year

Samson's picture

Does a bear $hit in the woods?
Only if his name is officially "Bearmeat".
The Pack finished 6-9-1 because the 53 man roster lacks not only playmakers but veteran depth.

However, I do agree. --- The Pack with a few right moves & some luck can at least contend for the North Division in season 2019.

Bearmeat's picture

Happy New Year, Samson.

Kb999's picture

Thanx David. After yesterday's performance, every coach needs to be fired. After that, Murphy & Gute need to resign. The Green Bay faithful paid their hard earned money to see this lack of effort. They should refund everyone who went to the game & apologize to all who watched this mess on tv. This was a slap in the face to every Packet fan.

tincada's picture

Kb, Couldn't have been said better. Why the hell AR was on the field these last two games is baffling. Or, guess who is running the team. Not Murf the Surf, not Terrible Ted (aka Gute) nor Joe I'm lost in the O-zone.

Gort's picture

It is his job.

Kb999's picture

Tincada, I hate to say it, but this team looked better last year with Ted T & Capers.

bjkdad44's picture

What are the odds MMu will retire? lol

Since91's picture

Well said
Despicable effort from top down
No offense but Schneider would be hired/traded for to run all football operations
Sorry Murphy and Gute but your out
Wake up board of directors wake up!!!!!

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

Needs are IMO:

RG - 1st round (saints pick)
TE - FA (jared cook)
WR. - Veteran FA mid tier
QB - Vet FA

OLB - 1st round #12 pick
Safety- FA
Safety - 2nd Round

Perry, Cobb, Brice, Graham

CM on a reduced short 1-2 year deal & move to ILB

canadapacker's picture

The Cook ship has sailed - we should have spent the money on him - TT blew it and we lost a whole year. The Lions blew it with Ebron and he is having a career year - time to look at the draft or perhaps looking for an Ebron type of guy - the guy who played behind Ertz is doing well with his new team

David Michalski's picture

Only thing I’d add would be that we could probably draft a guard in the 3rd round and use the Saints Pick on a collegiate left tackle that we would end up moving to right tackle. I think this is the year that we draft Bulaga’s replacement.

I agree we draft and add multiple pieces at OLB.

Same at the safety position, draft and add through free agency (maybe a Landon Collins if he doesn’t get tagged or resigned) Earl Thomas probably isn’t a realistic option, more of a pipe dream with his demands and injury history.

Bring back Breeland on another 1 year deal that makes him prove he can stay healthy for a 16 game schedule.

Clay on a very team friendly deal as a rotational edge rusher inside hybrid which is where he’s always been good.

Thanks for supporting all of us at Cheesehead TV! Go Pack Go!

4thand1's picture

I've seen teams mail it in before, but this team jumped off a cliff. For the people worried about no one wanting the HC job, there will be plenty of guys chomping at the bit for the Packers job. They will get rid of dead weight, shore up some cap space ,and get help in the draft. Gute is now forced to sign some key FA's , he has no choice. Can't wait, GOPACKGO

Tarynfor12's picture

" there will be plenty of guys chomping at the bit for the Packers job. "

All jobs have many chomping at the bit to get it but that doesn't mean the chompers have enough teeth to deserve it.

Rodgers is the key to who takes this job and Rodgers is the key to those with chompers to pass on it since it could be a short term deal..3 years an out and the expectation to win...NOW... with Rodgers will be on the HC as Rodgers will get the slide again and HC will be fired it a SB isn't won.

4thand1's picture

Win now is today's NFL Taryn.

bjkdad44's picture

Mark Murphy and Brian Gutekunst need to take a serious look at themselves in the mirror and reevaluate the direction of this organization because, at this point, there is no one else left to fire.

But... do you seriously think MMu will???

Since91's picture

Murphy great President but should have absolutely zero say so in football operations
Trade our second first round pick for Schneider in Seattle and let him start our rise to glory
Gute choked his chicken with Mack sorry you had your chance and u showed no balls your gone

Nick Perry's picture

Since 91...If you think the 2018 Packers have trouble now, just what in the hell do you think Mack's salary would have done to this team? The ONLY reason the Bears were able to sign Mack was they have Trubiskey under contract another 3 years under his rookie deal after the 2018 season. The same can be said for the LA Rams and Aaron Donald. When you have a rookie QB there's all sorts of things you can do teams with a Brees, Rodgers, or Wilson can't do. Because the Packers were stuck with a GM who "Choked his chicken" the last several years as GM, the Packers are LOADED with old veterans on over priced contracts, missed draft picks, and a whole boat load of UDFA's to fill out the roster.

I know you've know NOTHING but success in your 27 years as a Packers fan, you really don't know what bad is yet. Adding Mack would have crippled this team for years to come. Just sit back a minute and let the chicken choker do his job. Give him more than $14 million in cap space and ONE DRAFT to rectify what took 5 years to create.

Rufus's picture

Nick P, that being said, we better hope that Rodgers performance this year was a fluke, otherwise were in the same boat signing him to that big ass contract. If we are stuck with that 100M+ contract with a declining Rodgers, (time will tell), this team is screwed for years.

Lare's picture

Give Rodgers an even average OL, an average scheme, average play calls and average receivers and you'll see fairly quickly that this year was a fluke.

Nick Perry's picture

What's funny Lare is half of the same folks that are up in arms about Rodgers right now were blaming MM and his scheme earlier in the year and before.

bjkdad44's picture

And.... thank you CheeseheadTV for all and I mean all of your great articles and coverage of my always favorite team... the Green Bay Packers!

David Michalski's picture

Thank you for supporting our work! Stay tuned for our comprehensive draft kit where we evaluate all of the top collegiate prospects and how they would provide value for the Packers moving forward.

Go Pack Go!

D Ernie's picture

I say this team is a total dumpster fire. You need some real pass rushers, who can stay the f healthy and have some speed and quickness. Mathews are Perry arent it they gotta go so there are some picks the teams needs.
O line has two players of pro bowl caliber. Beluga is worthless and collecting a pay check. There are no other guys that can do the job so you waste at least three picks on finding some o line talent and free agency. Lets spend some bucks here.
Running back is fair. Lack of speed in the back field but the team can live with what they have.
iLB is a priority. The ones we have are ok but we need more speed and quickness.
Receiving core? Really. You have Adams. The rest of the rookie class showed they arent prime time. Lack of speed, drops, route running. They just dont get it.
There are no tight ends on this team worth a crap. Grahm? He was cut by his last two teams as being washed up. Kendricks is ok. The rest suck.
Its going to take a lot to make all the above needs, probably several years. Worse, yet, our competition doesnt have a lot of needs so they can be dam dam choosey in who they acquire and can make moves to get the guys they need. Packers cant, need it all.
Last, while everyone was lauding over Ted T the genius we all know now rome was actually starting to burn. His picks sucked. He hit two homers in a lifetime of pickling. All the injuries were due to not paying attention to injury prone guys like Keven King. We have a team of them thanks to ted, not to mention some dumb shits on this team you cant coach.

Lare's picture

Better start wearing your helmet 24/7 Ernie, looks like the sky is falling.

Kb999's picture

Definitely lack of speed. We got an old team

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

The new HC whoever that is...must demand discipline and must hire competent assistants. I would prefer someone with NFL experience but as long as they are intelligent, creative, aggressive and knows situational football and actually plans for the upcoming opponents strengths and weaknesses i think ww can compete next year. Of course we have to hit on 1st 3 picks in the draft and add some very good FA additions.

Go Pack Go!!

Tarynfor12's picture

The next HC better understand that if a SB is not won in the next three seasons with Rodgers he'll be fired.

The next best HC to be hired better be able to convince Murphy and Gute that life for the Packers will be good after Rodgers as long as Rodgers accepts what the HC is bringing now and will grow after him. Otherwise, the Packers will be hiring and firing HC's every 3 years.

Lare's picture

The next head coach has to get the Packers back to respectability, the playoffs and Super Bowl contention within two years.

If not, he, Rodgers, Murphy and Gutekunst will all be gone.

CAG123's picture

I know one thing they should definitely avoid FA TE that’s 3 straight years and 3 straight busts oh you said “Jared Cook was great with the Packers”? Forgetting that he missed 6 games with an injury and even before those games he had a grand total of 53 yards on 7 catches with 0 TDs in the first 3 weeks.

reefkeeper's picture

This year is proof that relying on the past years of draft and develop was a total failure.

Lare's picture

That was apparent 5 years ago.

ILPackerBacker's picture

generally really enjoy the writing but this was not good. There is no excuse for not letting Zook go, NONE.

For Blake M., for all his real flaws he never quit. He kept trying unlike CM3 who quit on half his snaps and spends play time walking in circles, or tramon who refuses contract with blockers or ball carriers.

WHY FIRE ZOOK? How about some accountability?
Are the players really so stupid they don't notice drooling ted being unaccountable? That they didn't see Jones not getting playing time? That they don't see CM3 whistling to himself? that the players who are actually supposed to be on the field for ZOOK's call don't know something is wrong?

Accountability HAS to start at the top. Before Tramon gets blamed for being the worst player in NFL history at fair catching the coach needs to be examined.

Zook in any organization with a winning culture or a demand for excellence would have been canned already. Tramon would have been removed from punt returns after his deplorable performance in LA.

STOP FINDING EXCUSES. There is no reason for total un-accountability in Green bay at every level.

Can you, DAVID, imagine Lombardi tolerating the special teams this year much less last year?

henry113's picture

Fire Zook and everyone else. Lombardi's teams were very well prepared week after week. Hold everyone accountable. I think some of these players are about there personal stats rather than winning.

David Michalski's picture

I’ve actually been advocating that Zook be fired every week for the last month and a half. I’ve made that pretty clear in multiple articles. Yea Lombardi wouldn’t have let Zook stay after week 8 or so, maybe wouldn’t have brought him back.

Currently Zook is still here because the team is in the process of interviewing coaching candidates, however, it is the expectation that Zook and the rest of the staff will be relieved of their duties once the new coaching staff is put in place.

I would refer you to Zach Jacobsen’s article about the timing of the firings of the members of the coaching staff that are left overs from the McCarthy regime. He does a good job of explaining the current organizational holding pattern.

Thank you for your support of our staff this season, and Go Pack Go!

Since91's picture

Murphy great President but should have absolutely zero say so in football operations
Trade our second first round pick for Schneider in Seattle and let him start our rise to glory
Gute choked his chicken with Mack sorry you had your chance and u showed no balls your gone

Lare's picture

I suppose, in an alternate reality.

Nick Perry's picture

"It is very hard to fire every one of the previous regimes coaches except for one lone wolf and expect there to be continuity within the new coaching staff. "

IF this wasn't to happen then the Packers are in FAR, FAR, FAR more trouble than I thought .

ILPackerBacker's picture

Keeping a DC seemed to work out in chicago

Packers0808's picture

The Gute hire is going to go down as major failure and mistake! How can you tell, look at the loser he was in FA! Enough said! Should have hired Wolf, good pedigree and hard worker!

henry113's picture

I think your right.

Denise Chanterelle's picture

Thank you CHTV for your outstanding work on this past season, thank you to all the bloggers here for your awesome posts, and thank you GB Packers for the many decades of great football you've brought to WI. Go Pack Go, and Happy New Year to everyone!

David Michalski's picture

Thank you for your support and helping make us the #1 Packers site.

Go Pack Go!

jsb937's picture

Bears tough as nails. Good draft of hard playing players. Packer soft as warm cream cheese. Weak feel good drafts. Sign Karem Hunt. Thank the Vikings for signing Kurt Cousins. Detroit is comimng on strong like the Bears. Quit being soft, period.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Sitting Rodgers would have been important on three levels; 1) He doesn't get hurt. 2) May get a better draft pick. 3) Knocks down his ego a bit. He went on about being a leader but he wasn't much of one this year. He should have been put in place for his attitude and made to think that his miserable play was also a reason. He needs to rededicate himself, stop those cowardly throws into the upper deck, and stop with the "trust" crap. Throw the ball to open receivers is what he's supposed to do. Rodgers awful play this year is hard to figure out. I thought it might have had to do with the shoulder, but so many times, ignoring open receivers, meant it had to do with his head. Rodgers is the biggest improvement we can make next year. If he plays like this year, not the draft or the head coach will matter. And please get rid of Kizer. We need a decent back-up QB in the event Rodgers decline continues.

Lare's picture

I'm sure you and Rash want to continue to hate Rodgers and beat this dead horse for years to come, but I doubt if you're going to change what happened.

It's over, if you're a real Packers fan you'll be cheering for Rodgers to improve. If not, you'll continue to complain about the past and hope he fails in the future.

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

There is no scenario that could play out that would allow Zook to stay in GB. So just fire him already. If the new HC wants to keep Zook on then he should not be the HC or we’re in big trouble.

David Michalski's picture

Zook will be gone, the timing is just going to be slower now because he finished the season and now his fate technically is in the new head coaches hands. I’ll refer you to Zach Jacobsen’s article that discusses why the McCarthy assistants haven’t been fired yet. But Rob Demovsky and Zach Jacobsen who have sources inside the organization have confirmed that when the dust settles, Ron Zook will indeed be out.

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

Fitzgerald just said hes not going anywhere. Hes a a wildcat for life!!

Since &#039;61's picture

Good news. Maybe we can stick with selecting someone who has NFL experience. No more Dan Devine. Thanks, Since '61

Bure9620's picture

I don't buy that. Fitzgerald is celebrating with his team after he just won a bowl game, a game NW was not suppose to win (again). Sound familiar? He also needs to maintain his recruits and prevent them from flipping. He will interview this week, very discreetly.

Also, Pat Fitzgerald is NOT Dan Devine since '61, That I can assure, more like Harbaugh (John) just smarter.

bodei1newbie1's picture

they have there work cut out for them ten picks and maybe 2 or 3 out of the draft wow ,it's just goes to show you that ted should have listen to his staff and pick the right guys and we wouldn't be in this mess good luck gusty

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I found the premise that the team was unbalanced very intriguing, but David didn't really expand on that idea.

David Michalski's picture

So the way that I see this roster is that it is built around getting the majority of the production from 4 players on offense (Bakhtiari, Rodgers, Adams, and Jones) and 2 players on defense (Kenny Clark, Jaire Alexander). Now don’t get me wrong there are other solid players that have made an impact in the past and even had solid seasons this year, but the fact of the matter is that I look at this roster and see that it is heavily reliant on 6 major players and doesn’t get enough contributions from players outside of the top 22, meaning that there is a precipitous drop off. (Depth is so important in the NFL)

There are even members of the top 22 starters that are the chief causes of key deficiencies that are holding this team back (The right side of the o-Line, The safety position, the OLB position, young wide receivers, the tight end position). The fact that these are positions within the starting 22 that are deficient only sheds a brighter light on the fact that this roster is an aging top heavy roster that needs a major infusion of talent from roster spots 1-53.

Translation: Gutekunst needs to hit on his much anticipated draft capital during the 2019 draft and needs to add some younger established players in free agency in order to change the course of the franchise’s direction and put it on the upswing and avoid it continuing to unravel.

HankScorpio's picture

I couldn't agree more, David. They have one heck of a top 6-8 (Let's add Daniels & Linsley). I'll be fine if their top 8 is those same guys after 2019. But they need multiple upgrades across the rest of the roster. Some of that will come from younger players getting better. But not enough.

TheBigCheeze's picture

my biggest problem with coaching and management for the last several years is that if a schmo like me can see the obvious problems that have plagued this team....why can't the coaches and management see it?????.....SMFH.......

dobber's picture

Just because the problems are obvious doesn't mean the solutions are either obvious or desirable.

bassman's picture

While I agree with most comments about the state of the Pack I for one blame Murphy. Keeping Thompson and McCarthy around for way to many years especially with the poor drafting that has left this team in shambles at this point. Now he wants to be the oh so powerful Oz that everything has to go through him. I don't get it. He should be the one on the first bus out with Zook carrying his bags.

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