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Will the Real Nick Perry Please Stand Up?

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Will the Real Nick Perry Please Stand Up?

Since the time Nick Perry was drafted 28th overall out of USC by the Green Bay Packers, there have always been lofty expectations for him to live up to.  The Packers hoped that he’d follow in the footsteps of fellow Trojan linebacker Clay Matthews and have a hall of fame like start to his career.  

Unfortunately for Perry, injuries took their toll on his development throughout the early stages of his career and as a result, it took him until his fifth NFL season to finally come into his own.  A productive 2017 season was slowed down again due to injuries which carried over into the Packers offseason training program this season.  Perry ended up spending much of the offseason rehabilitating his ankle injury and ended up spending a portion of training camp/preseason on the physically unable to perform list which could be a contributing factor to his slow start in 2018.  

Needless to say, Nick Perry has yet to play an entire sixteen game schedule to this point in his career and we may be witnessing the toll that his nagging injuries are taking on his body.  According to our friends at pro football focus, Nick Perry is having his least productive campaign since his rookie campaign in 2012.  

Through his first six games, Perry has just 1.5 sacks, 3 quarterback hits, 2 tackles for loss, and a pro football focus grade of 58.4.  Unfortunately, both the statistics and analytics are showing us that Nick Perry is not getting the job done which leaves us all to wonder whether the production of his last two seasons was simply an aberration.  

Part of being a perennial pro bowl talent in this league is the ability to consistently stay on the field. Throughout the first two years of his career, Nick Perry did not appear in more than eleven games in a single season and played just a combined seventeen games in his first two seasons for the Packers.  Perry’s lack of durability stunted his growth as a player and as a result, he did not become a full-time starter for the Packers defense until his fifth season in the NFL, which also happened to be his contract year.  

Perry’s fifth season in the NFL turned out to be his coming out party as he registered a career-high 11 sacks, 12 tackles for loss, and 16 quarterback hits while also achieving a career-best player grade of 76.8.  His stellar 2016 season coupled with the Packers lack of depth on the defensive side of the ball made it imperative that they resign Perry at any and all costs.  During the offseason, the two sides came to an agreement on a 5 year $59 million contract to keep Perry in Green Bay through the 2021 season.

Upon signing his new contract, and by no fault of his own, Nick Perry’s injury issues came back to plague him once again in 2012, limiting him to just twelve games.  Perry, however, did make the most of his time on the field by racking up 7 sacks in what was a forgettable season for the franchise.  

The 2018 season was the year that the defense and the pass rush was supposed to simultaneously come together and transform the outlook of the team.  Although the defense has improved and has been able to create pressures on the quarterback, Clay Matthews, and Nick Perry have been almost non-existent.  

The truth of the matter is that despite Perry and Matthews poor performance at times, and the non-existent pass rush from the outside linebacker position, the Packers still have been able to generate timely pressures and implore their will on lesser to average opponents.  However, when playing against the likes of the Rams and Patriots high powered offenses this model of play simple will not work.  

With two first-round draft picks and significant money coming off of the books during the 2019 offseason, the Packers could be in the market to draft or sign a new tandem of edge rushers.  The reality of the situation at hand is that Nick Perry desperately needs to improve his production and show that he is the 2016-2017 Nick Perry who accumulated 18 sacks and not the 2012-2015 Nick Perry who accumulated just 12.5 sacks in a four year period.  

Nick Perry is a player that should be coming out of the bye week like a desperate player who has a chip on his shoulder with something to prove.  His reemergence would be just what the doctor ordered for the Packers edge rushing positions and would go a long way towards winning one or both of their next two contests.  

However, if Perry does continue to struggle for the remainder of the season it is important to keep in mind that he has already received his $18.5 million in guaranteed money and could be a candidate to have his 2019 contract of $14.7 million restructured or terminated should the two sides fail to reach an agreement (Contractual details provided by Spotrac). 

Hopefully, the bye week will prove to be a time for Nick Perry to rest, rejuvenate, and refocus himself for the remaining ten games of the season.  It is the hope of the organization as well as the hope of the fan base that Nick Perry will return to the impactful player that he has shown he can be over the last two seasons and provide a spark for the outside linebacker position which will help fuel a late season playoff run.


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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D Ernie's picture

Perry has always been about Perry. He told U of M to go fish and went to USC thinking if he got on the big stage thats where the money is. His fellow players were very good and made him look better than he was. Pre draft analyst had him a 2 or early 3 pick but no way was he considered a one pick. Ted made a big mistake with him just like the vaunted Datone Jones. I'm remember on this website referring to Perry, Jones and Worthy as the three bustkaters. Wow was I right.

Ya you got one good year out of him the contract year when he was playing for mo money.

Perry is as good as he is do not expect him to be any better there is nothing in it for him. Ya know a lot of guys dont give a shit about playoffs as much as they do pay offs. Sad but true. Hey if they dont go to the playoffs they go golfing.

TheKanataThrilla's picture

Sad thing is Harrison Smith was there for the taking (I picked Smith in my mock) and we really needed a Safety after Nick Collins' career ending injury.

dobber's picture

The year before his deal, the Packers decided to not give him his fifth year option so technically, he had two contract years. The first was a 5-sack season.

The TKstinator's picture

Will the real Nick Perry please stand up?
He would, but he’s nursing a hammy.

Oppy's picture

" Pre draft analyst had him a 2 or early 3 pick but no way was he considered a one pick."

I just figured the JS article with combined quotes from McGinn's NFL sources was the way to go. Otherwise:'s draft report: Late first round talent Pats, Packers, Lions, Texans could all take him in 1st round Fine first round pick (as DE) or for scheme versatile team like Pats

So, yeah, Perry was definitely in no way considered a one pick... except by the first 4 results from a google query for "Nick Perry NFL Draft Scouting Reports"

The TKstinator's picture

Again, throwing facts in the way of a good rant.

Oppy's picture

It's a niche I found, I fill it, it's comfortable for me.

The TKstinator's picture

Talent meets opportunity.

Jersey Al's picture

Correct Oppy. I mocked Perry to the #Packers that year because he was considered a late first rounder and knew they would be desperate to get a pass rusher. I didn't like it, but it made sense the Packers would go that way.

Jordan's picture

If Nick Perry's a$$ gets any bigger, they will need open up a new roster spot just for his arse.

I suspect Nick Perry didn't show up to camp in tip top shape. Hopefully by week 10 he'll have played his way in to shape.

Oppy's picture

I suspect it would be easy for you to have found out that Nick Perry had surgery on his ankle before camp and therefore wasn't able to run or practice until late into camp.

4thand1's picture

Perry doesn't strike as the kind of player who plays with a chip on his shoulder. On the contrary he is just the opposite, and has been given every chance to hang around and produce. With the money he got he should be demanding double teams, freeing up other pass rushers. If he doesn't produce the rest of this season cut ties with him.

Razer's picture

...Perry doesn't strike as the kind of player who plays with a chip on his shoulder...

This is an example of an absolute truth. Well said.

Samson's picture

Nick Perry is just another TT mistake. -- TT's long gone. -- Perry will follow soon.

Razer's picture

As I said below, Ted left a lot of holes on this roster that Gutekunst needs to repair. Is two years being optimistic? I hope not.

I have great empathy for Dom Capers.

flackcatcher's picture

Packers have had more than their share of bad luck since 2011. Injuries alone would have broken lesser teams over the years. And who knew that the 2015 draft would be historically bad. I think we have seriously undervalued the jobs that Dom Capers and Ted Thompson did, for different reasons of course.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Get real son. Thompson missed so much we are in a bad situation, and Dom Capers for his last four years or so was unable to keep up with his peers around the league. Thank God both are gone.

flackcatcher's picture

BS. Packers record over 2011-2016 tells the tale. You want to play that game go ahead. We fans fairly or not have judged the Packers on the basis of how many Superbowls they have played in. By that standard they have come up short. But by every other mark in pro sports they have been successful. Nice try 'Hawg'.

Tarynfor12's picture

A mistake drafting him to be something he would never become. Resigning him was a redo of drafting him to be what he never became the first time around.

No matter how one shuffles the deck of cards...the stat sheet...Perry can be made to look like whatever figment of the imagination one needs to justify Perry being a Packer the first or second time.

He is not what was hoped for and is the ' bust ' that, most denied him being, based on expectations of the blind optimist when drafted and retained.

I stood my ground on Perry since day one and no matter how another may present him..he is what is and was since that day....just a guy and not a OLB.

The TKstinator's picture

So, he’s NOT the second coming of LT???

4thand1's picture

Yes, Lenny Tinkledorf.

The TKstinator's picture

Aka “The Great One”

RCPackerFan's picture

Hopefully the bye week will have given Perry the time to get rejuvenated, and rested up. He needs it!

IF (Big IF) Perry can return to a forceful player he could be the difference in our defense being ok, to good, or good to great. The problem right now is we don't have a dominant edge player. We have a great interior but the outside has not been great.

Mathews has been good, but not great. Perry outside of his sack fumble to seal the Bears game, he hasn't really had an impact. Against the 49ers he deflected 3 passes. All good and all but he was nowhere near the QB to affect him. Now perhaps that was by design, but regardless he hasn't been getting to QB's.

Tarynfor12's picture

" Hopefully the bye week will have given Perry the time to get rejuvenated, and rested up. He needs it! "
" IF (Big IF) Perry can return to a forceful player he could be the difference in our defense being ok, to good, or good to great."

The above comment/thinking is what makes for my comment and posted again below,

" He is not what was hoped for and is the ' bust ' that, most denied him being, based on expectations of the blind optimist when drafted and retained."

Perry has been given so many rejuvenation periods that rejuvenation has become nothing more than rehab like the drug addict doing his 10th stint with the usual...this is the last time promise....look refreshed,walk the street with confidence and bam...turn the corner into an alley...repeat rehab. Perry enters game, looks refreshed, makes a play, begins to disappear and and more ' if, could,might,maybe,should,would ' becomes the song of the week(s) yet again.

The problem cannot be fixed if those who can fix it refuse to accept there is one...signing Perry speaks loud to who.

The optimist will deny there is a problem and the optimist calls the person who accepts there is one a pessimist.

I'm the most accused pessimist on this site and happily accept it because it tells me the issue and who isn't willing to accept it...the blind optimist.

RCPackerFan's picture

My first line was basically from the article.

The second line is more of hope from the first line.

Honestly Perry is in his 6th year. He is what he is. An average OLB. When he gets good he can be really good. But to inconsistent and has struggled to get constant pressure on QB's.

IF Perry could get more pressure, that will make a big difference for the team.

Bert's picture

I dunno about Perry. If he needs R&R after just 6 weeks then it doesn't bode well for him later in the season. I kinda think he just isn't all that good and no amount of R&R is gonna help.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, the rest part was from the article.

Maybe he has had an ailing injury, so the rest part may help? We will see.

But no, he is not a great player.

henry113's picture

RCPacerfan, were only 6 games in and Nick P needs a rest?? They should incentivize these contracts. Toooo much guarantied money . Get paid for what you do. that how it works for the rest of us.

RCPackerFan's picture

That part was from the article.

Rufus's picture

Rcpac, IF IF IF IF if the dog didn't stop to take a crap he would have caught the rabbit!! IF we would have traded for MACK we wouldn't be talking about Nick Perry.

RCPackerFan's picture

Mack would have been great. But at what price? Raiders ruled out trading to anyone they figured would have a 15-32 pick. They ruled out the Packers.

So they would have had to given up what 3-4? first round picks. Sorry but that is way to much for anyone.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

He would stand up but he'd probably get hurt

arthurl's picture

I feel at this point in his career, his time to star has past. Only reason he’s even out there is there is no depth behind him. That will probably change next season as he and Matthews in all likelihood won’t be on the team. He had potential, but in my opinion hasn’t played to level of his contract. Guy that’s been in league as long as him is what he is

Kb999's picture

Arthur, we keep talking about next season. Gute couldn't see the need for a LB? I think the problem is there is too many holes to fill. To me that was a glaring need.

Guam's picture

It was and is a glaring need and I suspect Gute saw it but could do little about it. Remember this was one of the weakest drafts in memory for OLB's and the free agent pool was also extremely shallow for OLB's. There has to be available talent to have a shot at fixing the problem.

Fortunately this year's draft is supposed to be loaded at OLB.

Minniman's picture

Looking again at his contract and analysis of it (from espn), if the Packers want to, they can cut ties with Perry after this year and the cap hit would be 7.2mill (if I read correctly). After this year he becomes more expensive to cut.

I wonder if they will decide to fully revamp this unit by doing things like cutting Perry, attempt to sign one of the Yr 5 guys looking to get paid, re-sign and reposition Clay Matthews to ILB and draft another edge rusher.

dobber's picture

If the Packers choose to cut Nick Perry after the 2018 season, his bonus proration accelerates into the 2019 cap at $11.1M. He has a big roster bonus in 2019, and his cap hit if he plays out the season in 2019 is $ a cut would save the Packers roughly $3.6M. So you have to ask yourself: is Nick Perry worth $3.6M?

I think they could designate him a Jun. 1 cut after 2019, and his cap hit would be $3.7M in 2019 and 2020. That would save them $10.6M in 2020 and $10.4M in 2021. I think this is the more likely scenario if he continues to underachieve.

TGR, am I reading this right?

Minniman's picture

Thanks Dobber, looking at the economics first and the performance a close second, Nick Perry's future in Green Bay really is going to depend on next years FA and Draft.

If the Packers get to recruit and draft who they covet next year, then Nick Perry may still be, but as an insurance policy (barring a major uptick in health and perceived performance).

If he has the same impact next year as present then on economic grounds I would think that he becomes a short price favorite to be cut, and this would probably be factored into the contract of his replacement

Old School's picture

Both Perry and Matthews are overpaid and their performance is average-ish. We drafted Perry because the prevailing wisdom at the time was that we need a better pass rusher opposite Matthews, so we passed on guys like Harrison Smith and Derek Wolfe.

However, of all the people picked between Perry and our second pick, only a few defensive people have had better careers to this point, and some are already out of the league.

Last week, 49ers had seven incompletions; Perry was responsible for three of them. He generally plays the run fairly well, last week nonwithstanding.

Yes, in the offseason, we're going to have to look at upgrading Matthews and Perry. We have some draft picks to do this, but a bunch of y'all want to create a bunch of holes by getting rid of Dix and Brice and Fackrell and Bulaga and Cobb and...………

You get the idea. The more holes we create, the more that have to be filled and then the less resources we have to make upgrades.

Myself? I'd replace both Perry and Matthews, but I wouldn't be in any hurry to get rid of Dix or Brice or Fackrell. We could draft one and try to sign a free agent. Assuming we get Ryan back, and/or maybe Wilkerson, our defensive roster will be pretty good going into the season.

I think Perry is an average guy and if we could get him to stay for average money, I'd be fine with that. I don't think that'll happen.

Razer's picture

...Myself? I'd replace both Perry and Matthews, but I wouldn't be in any hurry to get rid of Dix or Brice or Fackrell...

Problem is: Dix comes off his rookie contract at the end of this season. The Packers are again in the position of having to pay an average guy or under performer big money to stay. Perry is a good example of paying a guy too much because you are waiting on his potential or haven't got anyone else to step up.

I can't make a case for Brice and probably not Fackrell as well. Ted left a lot of marginal players for someone else to cleanup. Gutekunst has at least another draft/FA to repair this roster.

Old School's picture

Here are some nuts and bolts about safeties, salaries, and Dix, courtesy of

The teams that spend the most on the safety position are the Patriots, Rams, Vikings, Texans, Jaguars, Ravens. You go ahead and draw your own conclusions about that.

There are 14 safeties making more than $3 million/year, and then another 6 making over $2 million. Harrison Smith is #3 at a cool $10 million/year.

Dix is in in the final year of his deal that is paying him almost $6 million, good for 8th plae among safeties. He stays healthy enough to practice and play and takes 100% of the snaps.

If Hyde signed for 7 million/year, I don't see why we'd expect less for Dix, or why we'd think we could sign a comparable FA for less. We could burn another first round pick on a safety and hope he'd turn out better. My opinion is we'd be ahead to try to extend Dix and then trying to get another good safety on board via draft or trade.

Oppy's picture

HaHa's TOTAL contract may have been worth $6 million, but he is only earning a salary of $2.08 Million in 2018 according to the source you are citing. I know this for a fact because yesterday or the day before I posted a breakdown of safety salaries for 2018 and linked directly to the web page with the data.

HaHa Clinton Dix's 2018 salary lands him as outside of the top 50 highest paid safeties in the NFL in 2018. I think you may be confusing his total rookie contract pricetag to other safety's one year salaries.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

No. HHCD is in fact making $5.96M since he is on the 5th year option. Sportrac does list him at $2.08M on their list of safety salaries, but they list the correct ($5.96M) cap hit and cash money earned amount on their page devoted to Green Bay. $2.08M was the average value HHCD's first four years, but now he's in year five. [Sportrac tends to be a little sloppy at times.]

Oppy's picture

I stand corrected and apologize to Mr. Oldschool.

Gort's picture

"Last week, 49ers had seven incompletions; Perry was responsible for three of them. "

He applied little to no pressure most of the day. He was in the right place at the right time, just like HHCD for his picks.

Old School's picture

You aren't going to give the guy any credit for being responsible for nearly 50% of the incompletions. OK, I get it.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

2020 article title prediction.

Will the Real Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Please Stand Up?

Bearmeat's picture

Hopefully, Gute isn't as blindly loyal as TT was.

dobber's picture

I guarantee you there will be players under BG that will clearly be his pet projects...they aren't likely to be the same ones that were pet projects under TT, though.

Jersey Al's picture

He "may not be here next year" for that story to be written. Better to do it this year.

Since '61's picture

It's difficult to have confidence that Perry can or will make any significant contributions to the Packers defense at this point. He may yet make a play or two against weak teams during a blowout but even when he has been healthy he has disappeared against good teams and in big games.

In the upcoming games against the Rams and Pats we may hear his name called once per game. Anything more than that will be a bonus. His has never played well enough to take over a game and his name and dominate have never been used in the same sentence. I don't expect that to change after the bye but I go into every game with the willing suspension of disbelief. Thanks, Since '61

JHitTheB's picture

HHCD is actually playing very well in Pettine's system. He's making tackles. He's forcing turnovers. All this "get rid of him" talk is just non sense. Who replaces him? Dinosaur TWill? Stop it. Williams is simply over the hill and can't keep up with the speed of today's game and if you think a safety combo of TWill and Brice is going to be productive you should probably just stop watching football altogether.

Brice needs to go. He sucks. There is no excuse for how many times he has been dusted or blown coverage and he's playing SAFETY - meaning unless the play is calling for you to blitz - you are deeper than the deepest WR AT ALL TIMES. He can't cover. He can't locate the ball in the air. He doesn't have speed, range or any kind of ball hawking ability. I'd honestly take Randall back there over Brice. Should have grabbed Reed while we had the chance...

Jersey Al's picture

The fact that the Packers have no other safety that can play is the best thing Ha Ha has going for him.

dobber's picture

The fact that the safety market will be glutted again next spring is something he legitimately needs to worry about.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Yep, redirct the dollars elsewhere.

The TKstinator's picture

Glutted for Gute.

Point Packer's picture

"Stand up? That 's only possible eight months out of the year. Sorry" - Nick Perry

Lare's picture

I don't expect players like Perry, Matthews and Cobb to produce any more than they are right now. I'm still amazed that they're getting paid as much as they are for the little return the Packers are getting on the investment.

$35 million for these three in salaries this year, what a waste.

Rufus's picture

Lare, I'm sorry to say but thats the entire state of this team. Most guys are past their prime. Your not going to get anymore out of them. Were in deep do do in these next few weeks playing top teams. Im looking at a major ass whooping against the Rams.

JHitTheB's picture

Jersey Al - stats wise HHCD is putting up numbers. He's also rarely out of position, he's coming up and making tackles and he has forced turnovers that led to GB wins. In other words your opinion is wrong. Randall is playing decent in CLE but everyone wanted him crucified too. Coach and scheme make a big difference. How many times have people wanted a DB ousted from GB only to see them flourish on their new team? HHCD is balling right now. He's been the best DB for GB this year.

Bearmeat's picture

Perry is not a good player. He's never been a good player. As much as it pains me to say it, Taryn was right about this guy going back to 2011. The money suggests we can't cut him next year, but past 2019, I think he'll be long gone.

Lare's picture

The Packers can save around $4 million in cap space if they cut Perry next year.

Tarynfor12's picture

" As much as it pains me to say it, Taryn was right about this guy going back to 2011."

Thanks, rub some dirt on the bruise and let's move on.
: )

JHitTheB's picture

ILP - we must be watching different games. Brice is constantly out of position and allowing no name WRs/TEs behind coverage. He's a huge liability and other teams have noticed this - that's why they keep sending deep routes to his side of the field.

The TKstinator's picture

So, Kentrell isn’t Ed Reed?

ILPackerBacker's picture

Most guys are not past their prime and the fact is that 'guys' or jags don't matter, prior to, in or after their prime they are just guys.

Who replaces Cobb next year? Nobody because MVS has replaced him already and ESB needs snaps as well.

We replaces Bulaga? Well anyone, he has not been good he has been bad, more than a sack a game? Are you kidding me?

Brice has a chance, he should never have been a starter but outside last game he has been in position to make plays, he just didn't make them. That is a great improvement over guys like Burnett and Randal who did not have the physical or mental (respectively) ability to be in position to make plays, much less make them.

EddieLeeIvory's picture


Oppy's picture


Oppy's picture

The fact is, Perry's injury prone. Yes, that sucks and reduces his value against contract. But when he doesn't have Ankle/Leg/shoulder injuries, he has produced at a high level. Last year, he produced more sacks per snap than Khalil Mack and a number of others comprising a pretty good list of top-tier Pass rushers (both 3-4 OLBs and 4-3 DE's, including hybrid Elephant types), and he did it with a broken hand all season long. I posted that list of top pass rushers and their snaps per sack a number of weeks ago. Perry was right there with all of them:

Player...Snaps per sack (total sacks)
Chandler Jones.......61 (17)
Ryan Kerrigan.........63 (13)
Terrell Suggs......... 77 (11)
Aaron Donald......... 72 (11)
Khalil Mack........... 88 (10.5)
Von Miller.............. 77 (10)
Justin Houston .....100 (9.5)
Jadeveon Clowney 94 (9.5)
TJ Watt .................107 (7)
Nick Perry .............77 (7)

Nick Perry was as or more efficient on a sacks per snap basis than Suggs, Mack, Miller, Houston, Clowney, Watt.. And CMIII, for that matter, in 2017- a year in which Perry played injured literally all year with a broken wrist/hand, knee injury, and shoulder injury.

In 2016 (relatively injury free) Perry recorded a sack every 55 snaps, total of 11 sacks..

None of that means much about what is happening (or isn't happening) this season, however. I half-suspect his ankle still isn't right. No matter why, the production is not where it needs to be.

What does bother me is people's frustration with his production turning into "He was never good", "He Can't play", "He was never projected to be better than a mid rounder", or, my favorite, "He just played to get paid then quit".. Really? He played last year all season with a broken hand and part of it with a knee injury that kept him out two games.. and still put up sacks per snap as good or better than some of the league's best... AFTER getting paid.

It's no secret I believe Nick Perry is a capable football player- he's shown it. I don't claim he's worth his contrtact, and I don't begrudge those who say his overall production isn't worth keeping on the roster. But his career woes are easily tracked directly to injury, not lack of talent or desire:

OCT 2012: Knee Tear 18% of defensive snaps played, 2 sacks, 18 combined tackles (tackles & assists)

OCT 2013: Pedal Foot Fracture (re injured NOV) 35% snaps played, 4 sacks, 28 tackles

NOV 2014: Shoulder Labrum Tear (played with it during season, then had surgery) 33% snaps played, 3 sacks, 22 tackles

OCT 2015: Shoulder (Re injured, DEC) 33% snap, 3.5 sacks, 32 tackles

DEC 2016: Hand (week 13- missed next two games) 58.6% Snaps, 11 sacks, 52 Tackles

SEP 9th 2017: Hand/Wrist Fracture (reinjure, Sept 17)
DEC 3- Shoulder (Reinjure, Dec 17) Still somehow manages to play in 12 games in 2017, playing 52% of snaps despite broken hand / bad shoulder all season. 7 Sacks, 38 Tackles.

There's ZERO "coasting" by Nick Perry in 2017. He played with a broken hand and bad shoulder, literally for the entire year. He still played over 50% of all defensive snaps. He still put up 7 sacks.

It's sad people trash a good football player's talent and desire when it is clearly injury that is the major factor in his underwhelming production over the years.

JHitTheB's picture

Oppy - comparing Perry to a Khalil Mack or Von Miller is just blasphemous. Perry doesn't see double and sometimes triple teams like they do. Coaches design entire blocking schemes around keeping those guys contained and they are still effective whether it's getting sacks or forcing fumbles or simply eating up multiple blockers to allow their teammates to get 1v1s or get to the QB unblocked. Perry doesn't bring half of that to the table. I think when he's healthy he obviously can get to the QB and I agree I don't think "he got paid and quit" but using a stat like "sacks per snap" is a bit of a reach and doesn't tell the whole story. I'd be willing to bet if Mack or Von saw as many 1v1s as Perry they'd be putting up 20+ sacks every year. I'd also bet that had GB been able to land Mack, Perry's sack numbers would skyrocket simply by Mack having to be accounted for with 2 and sometimes 3 blockers.

Oppy's picture

I'm sorry, did I say Perry was a better Edge rusher than Khalil Mack or better OLB than Von Miller? I don't believe I did.

I did state facts. He was more efficient on a sacks-per-snap basis in 2017. Didn't run the numbers for 2016 for everyone, just Perry, but his 1 sack for every 55 defensive snaps is pretty damn impressive.

Does it really matter why? Sacks are sacks, yes or no?

For what it's worth, go back and watch Nick Perry and CMIII on the field during '16 and '17. What you will find is Nick Perry commands a healthy number of double teams when on the field both years, and Clay Matthews was actually the one getting the benefit of protection rolled towards Nick Perry in many cases, as opposed to the other way around.

Kb999's picture

Oppy, what are you smoking. Perry vs Mack, Suggs, Miller?? Really!!

Oppy's picture

I'm smoking facts and math? It's the factual result of taking (defensive rep count) / (total sacks).

Take it up with the facts and math department. I don't know what else to tell you.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree, Oppy. Many of these comments seem to me to be revisionist history. When Perry has been healthy he has been a good, but certainly not great, player. Good consistent pressure though not a quick twitch guy, and he was good against the run. I thought that he was capable of playing well against good competition. Remember his game working against LT Trent Williams?

I don't know why he has disappeared this season so far.

flackcatcher's picture

Mostly scheme tgr. Perry is being ask to hold the edge against delayed double blocking schemes in most games this year. Pressure comes in Green Bays defensive scheme from inside DL or delayed blitz from LB or DB. Lots of complaints, but Perry does a good job of collapsing the pocket. His role in this defense is completely different than in past years. (but he is still over payed.)

Jordan's picture

Perry is probably just out of shape.

When I watch the Packers games, opposing QB's seem to be getting the ball out pretty quick for the most part.
Opposing QB's seem to have a perceived pressure clock whether it's real or not.

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At the time, I thought Nick Perry would make a solid pick and that is just one more reason why I would make a lousy GM.

He was a good DL player and the Packers play him at a different position. I tend to think that often is a mistake.

I do realize that he was drafted near the end of the first round and that has been commonplace for the Packers during the last two decades and often the top blue chip players are gone and it often takes a little luck to get top performers like Aaron Rodgers.

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