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Do People Understand...?

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Do People Understand...?

...just how large an improvement having Dom Capers implementing and calling the defense is going to make? I keep seeing and hearing people saying things like "Dom Capers can't work miracles" - well, let me tell you something: After the last three years, what you'll be seeing on the defensive side of the ball will seem downright miraculous. I am so sick and tired of all the doom and gloom "Oh, they don't have the right players, they need a defensive end, who will play opposite Kampman?" And this is before the draft! People, the defense will be fine. More than fine. And the offense won't be anything to sneeze at either. This is a 10 win team with the chance to win 12 or 13. 

I hope all the naysayers, Thompson haters and general doom merchants bookmark this post. Bring. It. On.

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Alex Tallitsch's picture

"This is a 10 win team with the chance to win 12 or 13."

You shouldn't be counting pre-season games.

PackerBacker's picture

Amen and hallelujah. I completely agree with you packeraaron. This team is in much better shape than people give them credit and with a DC who will challenge opposing offenses, we can do good things this year. I'm excited to see what happens.

Andrew's picture

extra cocoa in your cocoa puffs, huh?

nice to see a post make me smile in the morning. go pack!

Holly's picture

Considering the number of games the defense lost last season, I think you're not far off in your assessment. I do think there may be a slow start (a la the Giants 2007 under Spagnuolo's new scheme) as the players get comfortable with playing at speed, but I fully expect that the wins will reach double digits by the end of the season. It's also nice to hear that the players are optimistic about the new strength regimen...I look forward to payoffs once the weather gets cold!

ReadyforSomeFB's picture

Exactly. With all the complaining about FA nada and how TT will mess up the draft, people seem to be ignoring the biggest and best change the Packers have made with Capers.

I can't believe the defense last year, all other problems aside, couldn't be entirely disheartened with what they could count on NOT happening during a game under Sanders.

There has to be something to say for being fired up.

funk79's picture

It will take Capers more than a few games to make the transition. We have guys switching positions and learning an entirely new defensive scheme. Plus we will likely have one or two rookies working into the system, since TT refused to acquire any talent in FA. I think the Packers and Packer fans should be extremely excited if we are 8-8 or better this year.

Andrew n Atlanta's picture

You're hysterical when you're cranky. Love the enthusiasm tho.

Ron La Canne's picture

Without doubt, Capers adds alot to the defensive play calls. Unfortunately, he can't get on the field. Your prediction requires the line and LB's to play different than they have ever played before. On a man-to-man basis, the same weaknesses that existed last year are still there. Capers is worth two wins maybe, if the talent can respond to his philosophy. The remainder requires improved performance of the individuals on the field.

If coaching makes that much difference, you'd have to admit the Bears will be 4 games better because Lovie has taken over the defense and added Mangini. Like the Packers, it's going to be up to the players to respond to the coach if they can.

Liverpool's picture

Thanks for all the positivity on your blog. I can't believe people have forgotten just how many close losses this team had last year. Take away one TD per game and this is a play off team. Sanders can deliver that.

Rainman's picture

We could get some players and increase or chances of being a 12 or 13 win team.

I Love Rodgers and what I think he can be in the years to come, but I don't think we can count on our division being as weak as it was last year. Detroit will be better, I realize that may not be saying much but Division games can be tough, The bears have improved the most in the division, and while the Vikings(patooie) have coaching problems they are a strong team.

I am concerned that last year we showed we were not able to run the ball unless the defense was selling out against the pass. As apposed to the year before when we were so pass happy in the first half of the season the defenses allowed a mediocore back look like a future probowler so they could stop Farve, Driver and Jennings.

We do get the NFC west this year so that helps, but with Palmer back Cinnci is no push over, Baltimore, Pitt, and at Arizona will be tough.

I think 10 wins is a good call but unless things change after the draft I think we would need alot of luck to get 12.

Rainman's picture

Sorry to always sound Negative

PackerAaron's picture

Don't ever apologize for being 'negative'. I've been accused of being 'negative' my whole life. I call it being realistic. The post above is just expressing how sick and tired I am of hearing how awful the Packers are going to be this year.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Well according to the JS Blog, our offense sucks too.

That guy has really gotten under my skin lately. Fiedler and now this? Can't you straighten him out, Aaron?

PackerAaron's picture

Funnily enough, he sent me an email after reading this which read, and I quote: I'm seriously starting to worry about your mental health.

Needless to say, this has sparked a healthy back and forth. ;)

Franklin Hillside's picture

That is funny.

Ying and yang.

Dale Z's picture

While you're right, you have to get used to it. People are going to be barking about lack of players and not doing enough until the season starts and they see they were wrong and we were right. Just gotta have patience, then we can laugh at them and mock them! I know I will.

Shootz's picture

This time last year people were sure we were going back to the playoffs with a good shot at making the Super Bowl. I don't disagree with what you're saying in your post but it's pre-draft, pre-camp, pre-football and I don't know if anyone has any clue how the team's going to shake down. I like it, it's exciting thinking about the potential but we could still be having a conversation next year about how our new head coach will definitely be the one to take us back to the playoffs.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

I am usually as optimistic as they come, but this year is a huge mystery. I can see the Packers winning 12 games, but I can also see the wheels coming completely off the the trolly. With the switch to the 3-4, its possible that every single position in the front seven is a question mark. Think about that for a while. Then you have question marks at the tackles on the offensive side of the ball. . . .

MC's picture

While I applaud your enthusiasm, let's try to remember that Ted's draft classes tend not to have immediate impact, and somebody had damn well make an immediate impact this year.

Sorry, I still smell 7-9.

Nick's picture

The Merchants of DOOOOOOOOOM.


retiredgrampa's picture

I now know better than to get too excited about TT's drafts and since he has again chosen not to touch FA, my big hope is that with the new D coaches and philosophy, our D will rapidly improve. It's still amazing to me that we came so close to a winning record last year with the clueless D "strategy" Sanders used. We can't help but be improved.

PackerAaron's picture

MC - I get where you're coming from, but I'm pretty sure that, outside of TT grabbing another QB, their first rounder is going to have immediate impact.

Pack Fan In Enemy Territory's picture

Can one of you point me to a couple Packer blogs that worth while to read & chat on. I'm familiar with some of them, but I'm only interested in the ones that have good insight. I live in Chicago & can't get access to my favorite team so I have to find other Packer outlets via internet.

Please don't list JSOnline as its TERRIBLE & the worst I've ever seen.

fdmz's picture

They should win more than last year. I just hope Rodgers can stay healthy..

Andrew n Atlanta's picture

Wait, now you are saying the 1st round pick will have immediate impact? You gave it to me pretty good for suggesting that a few weeks ago. Is it because Raji, Smith and Crabtree might all be there now at #9?

coreyb's picture

Pack Fan in Enemy Territory.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the P<a href="" rel="nofollow">acker Blogosphere</a>.

PackerAaron's picture

Andrew - NOT trying to be a jerk at all, but can you find a link? I really don't remember that.

Andrew n Atlanta's picture

I'll try. I'm in the middle of something so it might take awhile

Pack Fan In Enemy Territory's picture

WOW I knew I was lazy, but man I didn't think I was internet lazy too. My parents always told me if I had a brain I'd be dangerous...

Thanks Corey

bomdad's picture

So if the Packers didnt hire Capers, he is DC for the Giants. McCarthy pulled out a big one here, I'll take that voucher over fans opinions.

How many more times does Capers have to say that he will make the scheme match the players? He said he calls formations out of base 75% of the time. He's got a defense, that as CTV has podcasts, may be at its best in nickel.

I cant wait to see the defense we have this year. I really want an OT in round 1, because getting Capers was that huge.

PackerBacker's picture

Ron La Canne,

I am not a fan of the arguement that says that the DC's influence over the game is somehow diminished because he doesn't go on the field. Here are a few reasons why his addition will make a much larger impact than any free agent they might pick up:

1) The obvious one. He call all of the plays. He puts the players in the position to make the big plays they are supposed to be making.
2) He is willing to adapt his defense to fit the players he has. This means that he can analyze the team and allow them to excel at what they do best, while also making sure that the entire group works together and succeeds.
3) He has stated that he will be applying more pressure than we have in the past. Any quarterback in the league can pick you apart if you give them enough time. The key is to attack and keep them guessing.

You also have to look at the new system and the differences.

A 4-3 relies on the d-line to put pressure on the quarterback, especially in Sanders scheme. He was unwilling to blitz with the linebackers.
However, in a 3-4 much of the pressure is created by the linebackers. This pressure varies and comes from multiple sides if necessary. It keeps the QB guessing.

Also remember that the players are voicing optimism on this scheme. You don't think that Barnett has been itching for 3 years to rush the QB? I felt bad for the guy. Every year in May, all they talked about was how Sanders was adding blitzes to the scheme and they would applying more pressure. Then the regular season would come and they had to sit back and wait. I'm sure he and Hawk are chomping at the bit. I think that this scheme may fit Hawk better than anyone. He may actually show us why we loved it when TT drafted him.

Whatever the reason, you have to be more optimistic with Capers running the show than you were with Sanders.

Rainman's picture

I Don't think many of us are against the hiring of Capers. I believe that the switch to the 3-4 will be a huge boost, but no one has given me a reason that this hiring prevents us from upgrading our personel. (other than the belief that we need the 30 mill in cap space to resign Jennings and Kampman)

For that matter I don't think that Capers will have a huge effect on the offensive side of the ball. If the aguement is that Capers does not need to upgrade the defensive personel, we could still do something for our offence.

I know, I know... Wait for the draft.

Just as long as I don't see Crabtree.

PackerAaron's picture

Rainman - it's not that his hiring prevents acquiring players in FA - it just makes it unnecessary (for the most part) The Packers have ten (ten!) players slated for free agency next year. I'd much rather keep guys I know and that are proven in my offensive and defensive systems than overpay the likes of Canty or Burnett and find that they may or may not fit. BTW - if you sign Canty to the deal he wanted, he is instantly making more than guys like Barnett and Pickett. Now you've got a locker room problem.

No. Thanks.

WoodyG's picture

What the 'doom &amp; gloomers' fail to fully comprehend is the fine line between winning &amp; losing in the NFL. The hiring of a Capers along with his ability to scheme his defense accordingly is the key to 2009. (Sanders was incapable of doing this) If Capers had been hired a year earlier, GB would not have lost 7 games by 4 or less points.

Unfortunately you will have to wait until the season begins to really 'prove' your point. I would suggest you have a special blog sometime during the season using some of the 'doom &amp; gloom' posts as examples of how wrong some fans can be. Title the blog: "Now - Please Explain Yourselves". - I love it when people are called out.

Andrew n Atlanta's picture

Here's one, but there's another I can't find. See your comment about half way down...

PackerAaron's picture

Ahhh. Well, I don't think the comment: "Andrew - the value of the ninth pick is not in the immediate rewards it provides but in the high level of play the team receives over a (hopefully) long period of time. You take the best player - period."

negates what I'm saying above at all. I tend to think that whoever ends up getting chosen will have an impact, as I state above. That said, you don't, as I say in the comment you're citing, go into the ninth pick saying "I HAVE to get immediate help". You pick the best player. I just tend to think the best player on the board at number nine will most likely make an immediate impact.

Perhaps I'm splitting things too finely, but it makes perfect sense. In my head. ;)

Andrew n Atlanta's picture

I wish I could find the other one. Oh well

Ryeguy812's picture

I couldnt agree with you more Aaron. I always tell people who are worried about the transition and worried about starting a new defense that it really couldn't get any worse than we had last year. Yeah we had an alright secondary, but we couldn't rush the passer and our LBs were lost most of the season. Capers brings an experienced mind in the 3-4 and a new philosophy. Really...can the D get worse?

buckslayernyc's picture

its not the change in scheme that matters, its that the other team cannot load up on your defense because they don't know what defense they are going to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bob Sanders lined up and played the same defense week in and week out, play in and play out.....He put our best corner at safety because I guess he can't coach the other guys he had there....He was in way over his head, he was awful.

Just putting in a competent coach gets us 2 or 3 wins, putting in a great d coach that will have sub packages in 4-3 and 3-4 with guys matched to their strengths should give us 2 more wins.

Having Jenkins and a decent Harrel would not hurt either... you will see linebackers making plays instead of getting swallowed up by guards.

Seriously, we were the greatest 6-10 team in the history of the NFL last year, the leap to the playoffs is not too big.

ricgrish's picture

Sounds like real dreamers. Real impressive in the off-season. but we will be lucky to win the same number of games we did last year! TED's got to go,
Lets see how many years it takes to change your tune (my guess 1 more). Love the pack but the general has got to go.
I will buy no more gear until he's gone

PackerAaron's picture

"Real impressive in the off-season" Right. Because those big headlines in March always end up in Championships. Give me a break...

Cheezer's picture

Let's see how they get to 10, 12 or 13 wins.


OK that's 4-2.


Now we're at 7-4 with 5 to play

St. Louis-Win
TB-depends on time of year

When I started this little exercise, I didn't think I'd get to 10 wins. Based on what we have above, they are indeed a 10-11 win team. 12 or 13 if the sweep the division.

I'll take 10 or 11 and be ecstatic.

Mr. Optimistic's picture

Justin Harrell is going to have a monster year.

Harris and Woodson will maintain their level of play.

Ryan Grant will return to 2007 form.

Barnett will return from alien captivity.

Hawk will play like a #5 pick.

Mason Crosby will make 4th Q. field goals instead of missing them.

Tauscher will come back and push people around

Rodgers will come through with game-winning 2 minute drills

TT will have an even more productive draft than his stellar '07 effort. All picks will be good looking and above average.

No other team will have improved

Yep, the future looks golden.

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