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Weekly NFL Draft Round-Up

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Weekly NFL Draft Round-Up


Welcome to the second week of the CHTV Draft Round-Up - sadly with 75% less Doug Farrar 40 yard dash antics.

It would be hard to replicate that kind of entertainment value, but I'll try.

Today's column brings you the usual mock madness, some more general insight into Draft process and theories and one column on why the Draft needs to be changed.

First, the quote of the week from Chris Collinsworth:

My buddy Jeff Ruby just sent me a text, "how tough is this lockout getting on the players, Mike Vrabel is stealing beers?"

Nice. The quote comes in the comments section of an article Collisnworth wrote on about changing the format of the Draft so teams don't tank to get a guy like Andrew Luck.

This concern comes up occasionally and  while I understand the worry, I think it's much ado about nothing (or a little ado about even less).

As is pointed out in the comments section of the piece, it's nearly impossible to see a team tanking hard enough for a first round pick. On top of that, there is no guarantee that whomever you pick at #1 is going to be such a game changer that you won't be back at the bottom again.

Not to beat a constantly dead horse but Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are excellent examples of getting game changers at slots other than the #1. While JaMarcus 'Doughboy' Russell and Cryin' Ryan Leaf (although a second overall not a first pick) examples of how early picks can bust.

The NFL has tweaked the Draft successfully in the past (especially last year) but I think this change would be completely unnecessary and complicate something more than it needs to.

The Draft isn't perfect - the impending rookie salary cap tells you everyone agrees - but I don't buy that the Lions, Rams and Panthers were trying to suck the last few years.

Mockety Mock Mock Mock

Collinsworth also tried his hand at a Mock Draft - though only the first ten picks. His results are......interesting.

Rang and Reuter (sounds like a new cop show on FOX) were back at NFLDraftscout/ with a new two round mock.  Reuter stays with his pick from last week of UCLA LB Akeem Ayers and adds Hampton DT Kenrick Ellis, citing Jolly's arrest and the potential loss of Cullen Jenkins to free agency.

Rang switches it up, going DT first, suggesting North Carolina's Marvin Austin. Austin lost last year to a suspension and as Rang points out might fit better in a 4-3, though he could play outside in a 3-4. It' an interesting pick.

As is the grab of Virginia's Ras-I Dowling. I have Dowling falling to Arizona in the third in the CHTV Draft guide (buy one now! NOW DAMMIT!) so it's not a stretch to think he'll be there. There's a lot to like about Dowling, aside from his injuries, and he could be a good fit for the Packers.

The NFLDraftscout guys were joined in mocking by columnists Pete Prisco and Clark Judge.  Both go with linebackers, for the same 'they could use someone across from Matthews' meme that is pretty common. They COULD - they just have other needs in my opinion. Although in both mocks, the offensive line talent is pretty picked over by Green Bay's selection.

Our favorite sprinting analyst Doug Farrar also had a mock draft and like Rang goes defensive line first, with the Packers picking Illinois DT Corey Luiget. I got a chance to watch Luiget the last two days while I was watching the Illinois/Michigan shoot out for next week's Mikel LeShoure video and I liked what I saw. Could be a good fit.

Learn from history or suck enough to repeat it...

I like to give you guys an insight into the Draft process when I find good takes on it, and as is often the case this week's comes from the National Football Post.

I don't always agree with Wes Bunting but I always know he's put in the work and have been impressed with the depth of his analysis every time.

Wes wrote a very interesting article about how he looks at past draft misses. It's incredibly honest and in an industry which often devolves into chest thumping and a need to never admit to being wrong.

I never stop learning while doing this which, to me, is half the fun. I make more than my fair share of mistakes and to see a guy like Wes discuss his is a great chance to be reminded that the best never stop learning from their mistakes.

Universal Draft

Quarterbacks are not a big need for the Packers, especially the 'top' of the class. Still, there has been some great work at the Sun Sentinel in Miami by the guys at Universal Draft, featured in a column by Dave Hyde called Draft Winds.

Once a week, Simon Clancy, Chris Kouffman and Richard Lines break down a player (mostly quarterbacks the last several columns) in great detail, including background rumors and clips of plays to highlight their points.

Recently it was Ryan Mallett and this week it was Andy Dalton (who I covered in this week's video). The column is a must read every week.

A few odds and ends....

Check out Rob Rang's latest Big Board and see where all the players we keep telling you will be Packers are sitting.

It's always interesting to hear the players angle - JB Scouting has some good draft diaries worth checking out.

And finally, if you're looking to keep track of all the various pieces of news from across the net, check out Draft Daddy's news blog. Nearly everything that happens ends up over there.

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Jersey Al's picture

Andrew, May I suggest you also checkout - a very unique approach to mock drafts...


andrewgarda's picture

Oh yeah I know them. Haven't been over there in a bit though. Will have to check it out again - thanks for the reminder.

PackersRS's picture

Corey, Aaron, gang... Garda is a keeper.

Andrew, I really appreciate your style, knowledge and humor. Didn't know your work, but you got yourself a regular.

Now that all the flattering (deserved, genuine) is out of the way, I have a question:
If you choose to not respond, pointing out to the CheeseheadTV Draft Guide, I won't have any problems.

But what's your take on Ras-I Dowling's play and potential, and who do you compare him with? I'd heard talks about mid-round 1st last year, why the drop?

And I've read at that some consider Liuget as good as Gerald McCoy from last year. What's your take on him, and his ability to play the same role as Jenkins, not having to hold 2 gaps, but still being asked to play the run enforcer occasionally?

andrewgarda's picture

I love Luiget (or LEGIT as it is pronounced!) but I don't think he's quite as good as McCoy. Now, that doesn't mean he won't be exceptional- like I said, I loved what I saw against Michigan though as a whole the defenses were horrid that day (any game with 100+ points in scoring is pretty ugly)

re Dowling: he was hurt a lot last year - although one injury probably led to another. other than that he doesn't recover quickly when he gets beat, but really the injuries were the big knock.He loves to hit and he's sharp in coverage. I think it's not a bad fit at all.

PackersRS's picture

Oh, and thought about what Collinsworth said (I do agree with the appearance of improprieties, though it might be due to my legal formation), but he's come up with the wrong solution.

1 game in the NFL is much more important than 1 game in the NBA. Flawed as it is, having a lottery between teams with different record takes away the importance of on-field achievements.

andrewgarda's picture

Agree totally. There are so many games in EVERY other sport, the imprtance fades. Not so in the NFL with a handful of games. even 18 is still a lot less than eleventy billion or whatever the NBA runs.

Jay's picture

Whats so interesting about Collinsworths picks? Not many people have Carolina picking AJ green, but from a BPA point of view it could fit. If I were a fan of theirs I'd be pissed if ey took cam newton, so I have no problem going elsewhere

RS, Ras-I dropped because he sustained three separate injuries during the season: ankle, hamstring, and something else (ribs?). That's why he dropped.

andrewgarda's picture

I don't buy Peterson to AZ (they need a CB but don't NEED a CB and I'd debate DRC as a shut down corner) and Green won't go #1 - of the needs Carolina has, WR really isn't near the biggest one. 2 picks out of ten make it interesting, at least to me.

Jay's picture

Fair enough, I just saw it as a more BPA than need based mock, which I think is healthy. If AJ green is the next Calvin Johnson, and CAR is committed to Clausen, might as well give hijm an excellent weapon...that's my way of understanding it. You're opinion is still valid though.

andrewgarda's picture

I can definitely see that. I think - as much as I like Green - I'm notsure he's the next Megatron nor am I 100% sure the Panthers are committed to Clausen. But either of those could be very true in which case, wouldn't be the first time I was wrong. ;)

PackersRS's picture

I agree, and moreso, you can find Wrs late. And Bill Walsh said that you only take a WR if all other positions are filled (though he went and traded up for Rice, but it was Rice).

As far as picking in the top 10, or in the first round, I would never pick a guy I'm not sure about, or who didn't absolutely love football and was committed 100% to it.

Teams get too enamorated with potential and athletic ability, and end up with big busts more often than not.

If a QB had a scripted answer to any of my questions, that would immediately take him away from my board. A guy like that may win in college, but there's no way he can command respect from 50 veterans.

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