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Weekly NFL Draft Round-Up

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Weekly NFL Draft Round-Up

So I was up far later last night than I'd intended to finish the latest NFL Draft video, set it to export, went to bed.

Unbeknownst to me, technological gremlins - or Bears fans, you choose - were lurking in my hard drive. Unsuspecting (and pre-caffeine) me dumped the exported video on a flash drive and toddled off to work.

Meanwhile the gremlins had done something to the audio track so now I look like I'm badly dubbed in a Godzilla movie.

Again, this is the gremlins, not me. I don't make mistakes.

So no second video this week which just gives me a chance to tell you that going forward, it's pretty much going to be one video a week so I don't implode. If I can fit a second in, I will but in general it'll be once a week.

Which leaves me to do more things like this.

Each week the internet is filled to the brim with tidbits and odds and ends regarding the NFL Draft. I don't expect you to catch all of it - for goodness sake, who has THAT kind of time? *coughmecough*

So each Friday I will take you on a tour around the web to point you towards interesting things both Packer and non-Packer related.

So much better then a video!

Mockety Mock Mock

As we hit April mock drafts are in full swing. In just a few days the CHTV Draft Guide will be out and you can take a gander at the home-grown one, but here's a few links to what some of the mocks are calling for Green Bay's first pick.

Chad Reuter and Rob Rang over at NFLDraftscout are both calling for UCLA LB Akeem Ayers to don the green and gold on April 28th. They have OLB as a big need and in the mock offensive tackles are gone by the 32nd pick. Ayers is coming off a big Pro Day and I'm not 100% sold on him but with Matthews and Raji - the possibilities are impressive.

Scott Wright of Draftcountdown also taps Ayers as the Green Bay pick, but names several other players who could be worth a look, including Justin Houston of Georgia, Mississippi State OT Derek Sherrod and cornerbacks like Jimmy Smith of Colorado.

Wes Bunting at National Football Post has the Packers taking offensive lineman Ben Ijalana. It might be a little early for the Villanova prospect but as Wes points out, his ability to play both guard and tackle could be attractive to a team who needs more o-line help.

Truth and Lies (but mostly lies)

I always say that between the college All Star games and the Draft, you can't trust anything you hear. For some reason people still swallow a lot of the misinformation (including media).

Greg Gabriel at the National Football Post is a former scout and he wrote an article which gives you some insight into the process of the games scouts and teams play with the media. It's a great read.

Of course given the content.... can you believe him?

While we're at NFP, let me point you to Andrew Brandt's excellent piece on the CBA.


Two constant refrains I hear around Draft season (aside from Nagler's THEY HAVEN'T PLAYED A DOWN YET!!!) are 'I'd like to see these draftnicks do that' and 'I bet I can run a good 40'.

As a response to both - ladies and gents I present to you  Doug Farrar. Yahoo! Sports and Football Outsiders writer. Friend. Source of amusement.

I've known the trainer involved here - API's Travelle Gaines - for years and he loves to torture willing media guys and journalists.

Doug's a good sport (especially with Da'Quan Bowers providing play by play) and frankly I'd bet Travelle could talk me into doing the same thing. (I texted T when I saw this that I can take Doug) and it's all in fun.

But it highlights something that can get lost in the microscopic analysis of these young men: it's NOT easy. NOT everyone can do it. It takes a huge amount of work.

Having been able to observe many NFL and college football players while they train, I can really appreciate how hard most of them work and how much effort they put into their careers.

So next time you think to yourself 'how hard can that be?', watch Doug.

Or just watch Doug when you need a chuckle - that works too.

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Tim's picture

Here's my Packers-only mock draft:
1. Jabaal Sheard OLB Pittsburgh
2. Tandon Doss WR Indiana
3. Curtis Marsh CB Utah State
4. Derek Newton OT Arkansas State
4. Cedric Thornton DE Southern Arkansas
5. Graig Cooper RB Miami
6. Zach Hurd OG Connecticut
7. Preston Dial FB Alabama
7. Nate Enderle QB Idaho

What do you think?

andrewgarda's picture

A lot of folks have Sheard as a DE but he can play a 3-4 OLB and I think he'd do well across from Matthews.

I think Doss is an ok pick depending on who is there. He's not spectacular but if healthy, he's consistent and is great after the catch.

3rd round is potentially a little early for Marsh - he's pretty raw and has very little experience at the position.

I think overall it would look fine - if there was solid Oline value earlier, I'd hew that way BUT if there isn't, supplementing what you have with solid backups is a good plan. So much of the later rounds are hard to predict but hitting the positions you did, regardless of WHO the guy is, is a good plan.

I really like picking up Enderle as well, BTW.

Tim's picture

Would Jalil Brown be a better pick in round 3 at CB?

andrewgarda's picture

I might lean towards Marsh because he likes to hit - whereas Brown isn't much of a big hitter. But both would be ok picks - they've got potential, but you'll need to coach them both up in different areas.

packman's picture

Thats a damn good draft especially Curtis Marsh. But no more FB's PLEASE

Mel's picture

The read over at nationalfootballpost is really really good

andrewgarda's picture

I'm a big fan of NFP, even since Lombardi left. Have met Bunting and Bowen - both super nice guys - and Fortenbaugh has been on a friend's BTR show numerous times and is very gracious. Always good stuff over there.

PackersRS's picture

First of all, it's not Bears fans (though it might be). It's not gremlins. It's the trolls! Cmon Andrew, you're a Warlock! Don't let the trolls get you!

And second, he fell! What the hell?! That was funnier than Eisen's 40. GREAT video, man! Talk about absolutely zero athletic ability...

BTW, is it just me or Da'Quan sounds like the guy from the Jennings' Madden video? You know, "Dalen Shawpew, the hardest hitting safety in the league! He puts his team on his back dou!"

andrewgarda's picture

I AM a warlock with dragon fire hands and tiger blood....blood.


Doug said part of his second run was just trying not to fall down again. I thought Bowers was going to have a heart attack.

PackersRS's picture

I really like his FO work (don't go to yahoosports that much), the guy really knows his football, but that was just freaking hilarious! He almost did a backflip.

You can really see his second attempt, he's pulling his knees way up not to fall down... He's almost marching.

andrewgarda's picture

Yeah it's pretty hysterical - and I say that with nothing but love and respect for what Doug does.

There but for the grace of god.;...

Cole's picture

Does the draft guide get emailed out? If we pre-purchased how does it get delivered?

andrewgarda's picture

I'll ask Brian - I'm not totally sure but I can find out.

andrewgarda's picture

This is Ron Burgandy with an urgent new bulletin:

The Guide will be emailed.

Stay Classy San Diego.

orangeman's picture

It ill be available as a download. Oh and I am not Arron.

lmills's picture

Is Jabaal Sheard really an OLB prospect? He looks good on pash rush but can't really see him standing up and dropping into coverage. Maybe a little stiff? Looks like and undersided DE for 3-4. Mayber a better end for 4-3. Just a thought.

andrewgarda's picture

I think he fits MUCH better as a DE in either scheme. I think he COULD convert but 1) I think it's too early to grab someone just to convert him unless the best OLBs are gone and 2) I think he won't be as effective. I like and trust Scott a ton so he may see something I don't - I mean I don'tthink it's outside the realm of possibility, I just think he's a better natural DL.

dgtalmn's picture

Thanks for the update and info.

Oppy's picture

Semi-off topic:

If anyone was interested in taking a look at Cedric Thorton, the Southern Arkansas DL who has been compared to Cullen Jenkins and Brian profiled a bit ago, here's a link with 5:00 minutes of film on him.

I looked all over and could only find the same 40 second clip until I ended up finding this one, oddly, on the Patriot's website. Anyways, here's the link.

PackerAaron's picture

What? The Patriots have some hard to find film? You don't say... ;)

Oppy's picture

Aaron, lol..

But, still surprised that what seems to be the best public source of film highlights is coming straight from a team.

Usually, the teams keep their stuff to themselves, and we're left with finding compilations from the players themselves or fans.

andrewgarda's picture

That is kinda random - makes you wonder what the Hoodie is up to....and that's what he wants.


PackersRS's picture

The Hoodie thinks he's on my head, but in reality he's just allowed to think that because the GRAY FOX is in his.

Here's to hoping we trade with the Patriots in this years' draft. We could use another Jennings or Matthews.

Oppy's picture

He's in my head?

Bill must of been feeling cramped in his current digs and needed some room to stretch his legs.

andrewgarda's picture

Oh Aaron - that meme is older than Belichick's hoodie.

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