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Top 15 Packer Blogs

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Top 15 Packer Blogs

Ok. I know what you are going to say. How can I do this? The top 15? Well after spending some serious time designing Packer World here at Cheesehead TV, it becomes apparent who is serious about blogging the Pack....and who is not. The main criteria is that a major component of the blog must be The Green Bay Packers. Again- these are Top Blogs- not forums. That may have to be for later.

I know I am biased when it comes to our blog (so take it with a grain of salt) and BTW...if your blog updates less than once every 3 days (even during the off-season) you can NOT break the top 5.

Here they are:

Corey's 2008 Top 15 Packer Blogs

1. JS Online Packer Blog - Titletown Award winner for Best Packer Pro Media source, this is a one-stop shop for what is going on with the Pack. New writer (from Florida no less) Greg Bedard is slowly coming into his own atop one of the most heavily scrutinized reporter jobs in the NFL. He and the other writers represent some of the top reporters covering the Green Bay Packers. 

2. Packergeeks - Who would have thought you don't even need to host your own site to have a good Packer blog? The Hayes brothers don't just give you links and the same old updates, they actually write thoroughly researched op-ed on crack thinking about the Packers. Fancy that.

3. Cheesehead TV - How can I be so shameless as to put us in the top 3? One year after it started Cheesehead TV is on. Aaron and I were sick of seeing the same old crap when it comes to our beloved team. Now we deliver it.

4. Railbird Central - Titletown Award winner for best Packer blog, Railbird is everything the other blogs want to to story, relevant and at Training Camp 24/7. Brian Carriveau is dedicated, passionate and extremely thorough. If only the Green Bay Press Gazette would take heed.

5. Packer Palace - What do you say about the greatest Packer fan site on the internet? Packer Chatters may have the traffic but Packer Palace really shows them up for the wannabes they are. The most die-hard Packer fans on the web can be found here- IMHO a pulse center for Packer fans the world over. Plus they seem like they are really cool to hang out with.

6. Acme Packing Company - Good solid Packer blog. Great look, timely updates as well as the occasional, "did they just say that?".  Barely nudged out of Titletown Award contention last year. The fan base at SB Nation seems pretty strong and with Brandon and the other fan writers they have reason to be.

7. Frozen Tundra - Multiple writers on the "Most Valuable Network" combine forces to write some pretty good stuff. Kudos for their creativity during the off-season. Their Greatest Packer Games series keeps the energy going when times are boring (ie.. no packers). My favorite so far being installment #5, otherwise known as the "Cardinals knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs" moment in Packer history.

8. Brats & Beer - With a name like that, it's pretty hard not to be a fan favorite. Brats and Beer Guy is always there to provide perspective and keep tabs on brews and weiners, as well as some of the more crazy Wisconsin antics. I love the personal touch he brings to all the posts. It's not just some dry nerdy analysis.

9. Packer Update - A top ten contender as much for the quality of their articles as for the controversial nature of their "'s what we're hearing" section. Sometimes it's a lotta fluff...occasionally it's not.

10. Green Bay Booze & Broads - Irreverent. Hilarious. Bobby O' Shea serves up our adolescent Packer dreams. I personally wish there were more of the "Broads" part of the equation, but then again doesn't all of Packerdom? Put it this way...without this blog- losses would suck even more. Monday morning pick me up after a loss- they do it right.

11. Wisconsin State Journal Packers Blog - Beat writer Jason Wilde is excellent. Has been for a while. It's good to see that the Journal Sentinel has RSS feeds now. Web 2.0 finally coming to a Wisconsin newspaper near you.

12. Ms. Pacman - Finally, a woman who blogs about the Packers as a hobby. Ms. Pacman offers unique Wisconsin perspective...although she's frickin dreaming thinking the Pack can afford to not have a salary cap.

13. AOL Fanhouse - Ok. So normally they have nothing new to say, are always trying to stoke Packer fans rage and regurgitate old news. They do however occasionally have something interesting for Packer fans. It's a problem when you write for a team and you are not an expert, not particularly talented and not a fan. See Rob Demovsky if you are unclear.

14. Green Press Gazette Packers Blog - From the worst Packer reporting team in the business, The Gazette (with their "New Look" looking like every Gannett paper) gives us the ever not detailed and thorough enough Rob Demovsky and the behind by a week not very good Tom Pelissero. This is the Green Bay paper people! Get it together. Whatever you do - Don't Watch the Insider Videos. You've been warned.

15. - Ok. I know the title is MY official Green bay packers blog....but really? It's misleading and the blog posts aren't that great.. But when you get in touch and become the internet rep for the sensation that is The Packer Bikini Girls.. you get listed in the top 15.

Rounding out the rest of the top 21 are (in no particular order) Packer Backer, Pack Smack, Packers Gab, Meat Packers Union, Packernet, and the Packer Pundit. All of these could be in the Top 15 with a little more frequency in their writing, especially during the off-season.

Now that Aaron Rodgers opened his big mouth we all have more to write about. :ref Happy blogging! Go Pack!

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Alex Tallitsch's picture

I know I am new to the scene, but come on. You want variety? Forum die-hard turned blogger is a potent combination.

Not to mention I take the time to follow you on twitter. Timely updates, right on The Packer Page Baby. Number sixteen. We update daily and sometimes several times a day as need be.

Check it out.

BratsNBeerGuy's picture

Thanks for remembering me as I've been AWOL for most of the past month. More beer, more brats, and lots more Packers to come, I promise. (Top 5, here I come!)

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