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"That's all Folks"- The Packers 2018 Post Mortem

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"That's all Folks"- The Packers 2018 Post Mortem

After yet another loss on the road, it is safe to say that the 2018 Green Bay Packers just are not a very good football team.  From top to bottom this team cannot get out of their own way and cannot get the job done when it matters the most, in crunch time.  With Sunday Night's loss in Minnesota, the Packers have dropped their first three contests at U.S Bank Stadium, their last eight contests on the road (dating back to last season), and find themselves with a 4-6-1 record in 2018 with just a 3% chance of making the playoffs.  

Instead of taking the tact that the Packers can somehow win their last five games and get help from the rest of the teams in the NFC, I am going to make it a whole lot easier on everyone and just declare the 2018 Packers season dead.  It's over everyone, and it's time to start looking forward to what's next for this organization.

Sunday night's loss ensured that more changes will be coming this offseason and a new era of Packer football will be ushered in starting in 2019.  With the McCarthy era all but over and the list of successors being handicapped as we speak,  it is time to focus on what kind of changes could be coming to the 53 man roster.

The Packers have tried for the last two seasons to fill some of their needs through stop gaps in free agency and it has not worked out.  They have struck out on both tight ends that they have brought in each of the last two seasons and haven't had much better luck with the free agent acquisitions that they brought in on the defensive side of the ball.  The Packers took a risk each of the last two seasons by believing that they could have their cake and eat it too, as they added youth through the draft while still trying to complete the championship puzzle through splashes in free agency.

It is safe to say that this motto has shown to be a tightrope walk that can head south in a hurry and as a result, the Packers will have some tough decisions to make this offseason which will go a long way in determining the direction of the franchise over the next few years.  

Our friend, and my colleague, Andy Herman painted a picture of the potential overhaul that could take place on this roster going into next season, which leaves the question of whether the Packers will continue to draft and develop while adding economical free agents, or whether they could realistically look to reconstruct their roster over the next year or two.

After what would be two seasons of failing to qualify for the playoffs, the Packers must look at themselves in the mirror and realize that their run of consecutive playoff appearances and contending for a Super Bowl every year is over.  The players from the glory years of earlier this decade have either moved on, retired, or are coming to the end of their careers.  

In the NFL, players get old fast as the hits pile up.  This is the case for some of the Packers cornerstone players of the last decade, and unfortunately, we are seeing the decay in their skill sets happen right before our eyes.  In order for this organization to get back to its winning ways they will have to rebuild significant areas of the roster over the next couple of seasons.      

Despite the recent setbacks over the last two years, the future for the Packers still looks bright.  General manager Brian Gutekunst has shown his ability to identify young talent and draft impactful players who can potentially be the next cornerstone players of Packers teams in the future.  In addition to a solid first draft in 2018, Gutekunst has been able to accumulate significant draft capital over the last calendar year which will impact the Packers 2019 draft class.  This accumulation of draft capital could signify that a significant changing of the guard will be coming to the roster in the 2019 season.  As the roster currently sits, the Packers desperately need to upgrade their roster with impact edge rushers, rebuild the right side of the offensive line, and add a considerable amount of depth to both sides of the ball which will without a doubt take time.  

The final question that remains to be seen, is whether or not the Packers franchise quarterback, Aaron Rodgers will be on board with the rebuilding of the roster as well as with the experiencing of some of the growing pains that young teams go through.  If Rodgers is willing to stay the course and deal with the short-term frustrations that come with a young roster, he could set himself up to reap the rewards in the final few years of his career.  If he is not willing to stay the course with the changes that need to be made to this roster, things could end up getting very turbulent during the next year or two in Green Bay.  

Long-Term Outlook:

I think that Brian Gutekunst needs to continue to rebuild significant areas of this roster over the next two offseasons.  First, he needs to address the positions of offensive line and edge rushers during the 2019 draft, and then, he needs to continue adding significant depth to all three phases (offense, defense, and special teams) of the 53 man roster during the following draft in the offseason of 2020.  If this reconstruction of the team's infrastructure continues to be done correctly the Packers could find themselves back among the NFC’s elite in the next year or two.  




David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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Mojo's picture

3% chance of making the playoffs. So, you're telling me there's a chance?

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

Better odds than Powerball!

D Ernie's picture

its over. Give it up. Seattle or the Vikes one wins next week and stays ahead of the pack even if the pack win. It a no win proposition. Its over.

Kb999's picture

Stick a fork in them. Done

cpabandit's picture

Playoffs? Did you say playoffs? They couldn't beat the Redskins, the Vikings (twice), the Lions destroyed them (the Lions!), squeaked by the Niners, Seattle (f*&k Carroll), even Miami hung in there. The Head Coach must be fired. ARod is weak, his throws are bounced, have too much air, missed open receivers, HOLDS THE BALL TILL THERE IS A HALF SECOND LEFT often resulting in time running out, would rather complete a 30 yard pass on 3rd and 4 than a five yard pass. The Packer players are made out of paper! Tramone, TyMonty, Bostick: do the Packers have the dumbest players? 4th and inches and you run it into the middle of the line? This team will be in the toilet for a long time, way after ARod is done playing and putting a financial noose around
the Packers' neck.

Cubbygold's picture

Tell us how you really feel

Barnacle's picture


MM is worse than having no head coach. He wants to call plays and make game time decisions and he is too mentally slow and too stubborn and he really does not seem to respect the importance of good fundamentals.

There is nothing Murphy or Gute can do to fix the Green Bay Packers as long as McCarthy is the coach.

We have some way overpaid players......Rodgers, Perry and Cobb. Sure it’s a problem, but a good coach could win with what we have. I do not think MM could win under any circumstances. Look at what happened in Cleveland. Get rid of an awful HC and the victories start piling up.

Altered Idol's picture

Pretty much agree with this article. Not holding out any hope for this season and looking ahead. Plenty of good young players on this roster and a few good veterans too. But way too many average and declining players also.

The Packers will be an attractive opening but I dont think anyone should under-estimate the work that this roster needs, both in terms of quality and depth. That said, its possible a new coaching group can get more out of some of the under-performing players too.

I'd not be shocked if they Packers went into next season with as many as 20-25 new players. I'd also not be shocked if it was as few as 15. Changes are required but the right ones, not change for change's sake.

kevgk's picture

I hate to say it, but look at the difference in the Bears from this year and last. A good offseason and a new HC put them in a good place this season. Now I don't think theyre a true contender and have a tough couple offseasons coming up, but it goes to show how talent on a team can be hidden by a poor system.
McCarthy has been good to us over the years, but the league has passed him by. I look at the talent of this team and know McVay or Shanahan or the like could run the league over with these players. This is one of the best offensive rosters in the league. They have one of the best coached defenses too, one that is top 5 in sacks with Fackrell as lead rusher.
I agree they need a long term answer at safety, edge rush, wideout, tight end, and tackle, but defense is only 25% of the game nowadays and they have the offensive starters currently to put up 30 points a game. Drafting an edge rusher, tackle, and TE with their first three picks, and finding depth at safety and guard in the late draft or free agency and this team is complete. They have the cap space and picks for it.
This team has no excuse not to contend next year, they just need someone to put them in the right direction.

pacman's picture

League has not passed MM by. That's being overly generous.

I sit in the camp that says MM is not a very good coach. The timeout management, stupid play calls, ST play, not know how to use a tight end, call a slant play has nothing to do with being passed up. That doesn't even touch on the qb management issue.

If we don't call it like it is, some other bone headed president will give MM another chance.

Old School's picture

The Bears changed coaches and traded up to get a QB early in the first round. Is that what you think we should do?
Or should we do like we did with Favre, which is draft a QB to replace him. We saw how that worked out. Again?

I love Rodgers, but it just makes little sense to me to rebuild around an older, expensive, QB. I can't think of any example where it ends well. If you fire McCarthy, you bring in a new coach and let him put his system in place and get a younger, cheaper guy to run it.

Cubbygold's picture

That's why the NFL is so fun, nearly every team is 'one good draft' away from competing for a championship. That can't happen in the NBA or MLB. Under the right circumstances, GB will be competing again next year. A few smart moves and the optimism will return.

Ryan B Dub's picture

Green Bay just couldn’t get a leg up this year. Consistently bad in all phases of the game. A few bright spots, but this year end yard sale should be an easy one.

4zone's picture

I think its time to accept this team needs 2-3 years to rebuild. Its time to draft BPA whatever the position and start to overpay 'talented' FA's instead of overpaying our 'substandard' in house talent. Goodbye Perry, Graham, Cobb, Matthews and Davis. The biggest problem for this team is AR's new contract. That is gonna hurt for a long time to come.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

This team doesn't need 2 or 3 years at all, it needs Gute to do his job. He's going to start with 40 million in cap space, could be 50 real easy. And 3 picks in the top 50 for sure, probably top 40. Could (and should) be a totally different team next year that could be right back in the mix. But he's going to make a lot better decisions next year. Should be a dream situation for a GM, a ton of cap room, multiple 1st rounders, no one from the old regime that has to be resigned and very few bad contracts left. Hopefully he's up for it

Cubbygold's picture

Absolutely. And hopefully he finds a good new head coach whose onboard with that plan. Gute, Pettine and a new coach can make a big impact this offseason

Ryan B Dub's picture

Perry is free, Cobb is free, Bulaga is free, Graham is free, Brice is free, Tramon on the fence depends on talent coming in. Offensive line might have a few replacements if we find some new youth that works. King’s health makes him a Dunce, new coaches, but keep Pettine, and some of the position coaches on defense. Offensive line coach has done a lot in the past as well. Packers could be in some sort of mix next year. Three years of bad drafts and over paying. Resigning Cobb was a mistake. Giving Perry money was a mistake. Clay Matthews could stick around and I would like that personally, but he might be on the Browns next year.

Cubbygold's picture

Would like to see bulaga back on a cheaper deal. Too much instability on the line to let him walk

Tarynfor12's picture

The opening game against the Bears and them going up 20-0 with Trubisky wasn't a fluke. No, the fluke was the comeback in the second half that got so many believing things changed for the Packers.

The last good football played by this team was that second half and the subsequent downfall since was and should have been expected and the comeback treated as what it was...a fluke.

An interesting stat I heard... When trailing at the start of the 4th quarter by 1 point or more, with the leading team having a winning record at that moment...Rodgers is 0-37.
Essentially saying, Rodgers has never had a 4th quarter comeback win vs a winning record team at that moment of the season.
The comeback vs the Bears in week one is not counted..the record for was 0-0.
Amazing what lies behind stats when using them to fill a narrative.

Pierre's picture

A sobering stat to consider regarding Rodgers ineptitude in the clutch and against winning football teams. How does this get hidden among Packer supporters? There’s a reason the Packers have bowed out so quickly in the playoffs the last seven years with no more SB appearances.
It is also revealing how many still think Rodgers is still an elite QB and refuse to acknowledge that he is the main problem as the QB of this team and why the offense no longer scares any NFL Defenses. Change is needed but will anyone have the good judgement to pursue an alternate plan at QB for the sake of the Packers future success?

Hematite's picture

The millstone around the Packers neck is Aaron Rodgers contract.
It was totally unnecessary to hand out that megamillion dollar contract two years before they had to make that decision.
That contract will haunt the Green Bay Packers for years to come.
It may take years or decades to get out from under that debacle.

Cubbygold's picture

I hated the deal, was stating for the last two years that it was going to be a bad move...but come on...decades? Lets be real

Maddygirl1's picture


You don't sign your QB to a historic new contract and then immediately "pursue an alternate plan" at QB, just because things aren't clicking. You just don't do that. That would be horrible management.

What Rodgers needs is a new offensive scheme that he will get excited about and re-engaged and a new voice. That will force him to learn something new. He needs a new coach that can convince him that if he truely wants to play into his 40's like he's said, he can not rely on his "sandlot" style and he needs to get back to fundementals. Setting your feet when throwing, throwing on time, on schedule and in rythem. Take the first open option you see instead of holding the ball waiting for a deeper pass. Speed up the pre-snap, etc.

But clearly he has HUGE talent and vast knowledge. He just needs to be straightened out a bit. A good new coach will do that.

porupack's picture

totally agree. The anti-Rodgers bashing is just a lot of blowing steam and looking for a scapegoat.

Old School's picture see Rodgers, after multiple MVPs and at 35 years of age, embracing a new system, is going to just change what he's doing because of a new coach?

Let me take you back in time. We brought in a rookie HC who told his star QB he had to quit throwing the ball late, down the middle, and had to control his turnovers. The Hero said "I'll play the way I play". The relationship lasted two years before The Hero departed and spent the next two years trying to "stick it" to Green Bay.

When the new GM, Thompson, took over, he kept the previous coach for one season, and then replaced him with a new, young coach who squeezed two more decent seasons out of the old QB. Meanwhile, the GM drafted his replacement so that we'd have an alternative.

Many people are looking and saying "Brady and Brees" as being two guys who played well in their late 30s. But both of them do their damage from the pocket, and much of Rodgers damage comes when he gets outside the pocket, and age and injury are making it more difficult for him to do that. That's not going to change.

If we can get a new coach who can make Rodgers effective from the pocket, then we've got something going. If not, we're waiting a new QB.

Free agent's picture

Wow! 0-37 record. Hard to consider Rodgers the GOAT with stats like that. Be interesting to see how Brady, Brees, Manning, Farve and other great QBs did in that situation throughout their careers

HankScorpio's picture

Except the 0-37 record is not true. It's a silly stat but at least get the facts right. They beat the Bears in '13 (the Cobb TD to win the division) and Cowboys in the playoffs after '14 season.

Below is PFR's listing of GW drives, which is a more meaningful stat than 4th Q comebacks, IMO. Rodgers has 19 listed (actually 21 with the 2 this year). 21 puts him in a tied for 49th on the list--with Steve McNair, Craig Morton, Roger Staubach and Steve Bartkowski.

To your point about Brees, Manning and Brady, all are significantly higher on the career list of GWDs. Don't know how they fare vs teams with winning records. They all would likely have more simply by volume.

Not listed is the Rams game from earlier this year because Monty fumbled and denied him an opportunity. And that's why it is a silly stat. Football is a team game. QB does have the more influence on W/L than any other position but there are limits.

Since '61's picture

Excellent retort Hank. the 0-37 is total stat manipulation. In how many of those game did Rodgers drive to a score and take the lead only to have the Packers defense give the away late in the game and leave the Packers with no time left.

Our alleged fans have become so desperate they will find any stupid stat they can to throw our best player under the bus. OK, let Kizer play so they can watch fumbles and stupid football resulting in picks by DLs.

Thanks, Since '61

Lare's picture

The Packers need to address the HC issue before they can even start thinking about the roster next year. Changes there can shift the position priorities and player makeup considerably.

dobber's picture

I agree: the new staff will need to assess who looks like they can perform in a new systesm, but it shouldn't be a problem. Signings and cuts won't happen 'til March, and if there's a new coach and staff, that should happen by mid-January or as late as early February.

Cubbygold's picture

Dabo should be reporting for duty the day after bama wins the NC.

Old School's picture

Agreed. The new HC may not want to keep Pettine.

The Elephant in the Room is why on Earth are we rebuilding around a 35 year old expensive vet with an increasing injury history and some decline in performance?

I will give a Gold Star to anybody who can tell me when a team has brought in a new coach for an old QB and had it be successful. I'm sure it's a really short list.

If you want to win a Super Bowl with a 36 year old QB, it's not going to be with a first year coach. I'm pretty sure about that.

Bert's picture

I see your point but I also think we can win with AR as long as the new HC is strong enough to keep AR on the same page. Not an easy task and may require an asshole HC but it's doable.

Skip greenBayless's picture

"we can win with AR as long as the new HC is strong enough to keep AR on the same page. Not an easy task and may require an asshole HC but it's doable."

Agree Bert. This is why if we want Pettine to stay with us, I said we need a gray hair to be our head coach. Rodgers will not listen to someone who is younger or the same age as he is. He thinks he's the smartest person in football. As you said we need an asshole of a HC which is why to me the ONLY guy that fits that bill and that is a perfect fit with Mike Pettine is Rex Ryan. He won't take any of Rodgers' shit. As long as an old Rodgers is on our team we need a Bill Parcells, Donald Trump, Rex Ryan type coach. Rodgers like Kim Jun Un only responds and respects strength. If you give Rodgers an inch he'll take a foot like he is currently with MM. We need a guy who he respects or at minimum is willing to call him out when he underperforms. Rex will do that.

Bert's picture

Sorry Dash but if Gute hires Rex Ryan I'll run him out of town on a rail. I'm sure there will be plenty of volunteers to help.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Bert, give me some names of some of the greatest asshole coaches available. You said that's what we needed, I agreed and gave you best one I can think of and one that works perfectly with Pettine and now you don't want him because what? he's an asshole? lol

Bert's picture

Dash. I don't want Rex Ryan because he's a shitty HC. He does meet the asshole criteria though.

LeotisHarris's picture

Just off the top of my head, McCarthy had success with Favre, and Frank Reich has rejuvenated Andrew Luck. If we go further back, Steve Young was no kid In SF when he took the helm, but Seifert came from within the system so I don't think that was a true transition to a "new" coach.

If we go way back we can look at the success of Jim Plunkett with the Raiders and Tom Flores, and Fran Tarkenton with the Giants and the Vikings with two iconic coaches at the helm. So, it has happened.

Old School's picture

Sorry, Leotis, but no Gold Star.

The McCarthy/Favre thing. I have a hard time calling that a success. They were 8-8 their first year, the second year ended with Favre playing horribly in the NFC Championship game. Then he retired, then unretired, then tried to force his way back onto the team. It was McCarthy who said "No." It was an incredibly divisive time in Packerville.

Andrew Luck is not an old QB.
Steve Young was the backup who became the starter. Same coach, same system, etc.

Jim Plunkett changed teams and played for Tom Flores for the rest of his career. And so did Tarkenton.

The point is that Rodgers isn't changing teams, he's staying put while a new coach.....probably untested and going to tell him he has to do things a different way. That's different than all of the other examples you have mentioned. The only example I can think of is the Favre/McCarthy one, and that is hard for me to call successful.

But if we're following that model, then we need to get the replacement lined up, ASAP.

LeotisHarris's picture

I'm pretty tweaked '61 gets 1/2 gold star, but I accept the defense of your point. Well done, Old School.

Since '61's picture

Denver did it with Peyton Manning. Thanks, Since '61

BradHTX's picture

You beat me to it, Since ‘61. Denver brought in Manning at age 36; after three seasons they fired John Fox and they won the ’15 season’s Super Bowl in Gary Kubiak’s first year back with the team.

Short memory he has...

Old School's picture

I can give a half-gold star for that. In Manning's last year, a new coach, Kubiak, got to the Super Bowl.

But it's only a half-star. Manning didn't improve under Kubiak. In fact, it was the worst year of his career He split the season with Osweiler and had a passer rating under 70,

THE POINT is that what we are asking/hoping for is a new coach that will squeeze a couple more decent seasons out of Rodgers, and that Rodgers will embrace a new system for the first time in his career. Looking at past examples, it doesn't end well very often.

More often, it ends with the new coach getting a new QB.

Old School's picture

I can give a half-gold star for that. In Manning's last year, a new coach, Kubiak, got to the Super Bowl.

But it's only a half-star. Manning didn't improve under Kubiak. In fact, it was the worst year of his career He split the season with Osweiler and had a passer rating under 70,

THE POINT is that what we are asking/hoping for is a new coach that will squeeze a couple more decent seasons out of Rodgers, and that Rodgers will embrace a new system for the first time in his career. Looking at past examples, it doesn't end well very often.

More often, it ends with the new coach getting a new QB.

Ryan B Dub's picture

Why not IR Rogers now since he likes to hold the ball and get hit more than 90% of quarterbacks, and figure out who is the back up for next year? Also draft another quarterback just to be safe. Also who will be the interim head coach?

dobber's picture

I would honestly pick Philbin: he's been a HC, and his tenure was OK until it got derailed by the whole Incognito fiasco. It would at least move a new playcaller into place without upsetting the system. Should allow for better assessment of young players on offense.

I would shy away from Pettine at this point since (1) he said he didn't want to be an HC again, (2) I'd want him to stay in close touch with the defense for the rest of the season, and (3) a promotion to interim HC and a potential subsequent demotion back to DC with a new HC might not be acceptable to him.

Lofton Dickey's picture

This team has never been the same since Jared Cook and Julius Peppers were allowed to walk out of the door to save pocket change.

And a $12.5 million cap hit to have Jordy Nelson holding Aaron Rodgers' hand is looking like a real bargain just now.

Jordy aside, our new GM continues to impress. HHCD's suicidal form for Washington means that we're not only getting a fourth rounder, we're getting a high end one too. Gutey's a genius.

D Ernie's picture

You left out Genkins who in our super bowl year was a dynamic pass rusher who made Mathews look very good. Best year Mathews had, all down hill when they refused to pony up to the bar and let him go too.

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

Nelson isn’t exactly setting the NFL on fire as a Raider.

BradHTX's picture

Jordy isn’t setting ANYTHING on fire anywhere, except maybe a nice cozy Sunday fire on his farm. He retired a couple weeks ago, and who can blame him with that shitshow by the Bay!

The TKstinator's picture

Hmmmm...and every single one of those players has a first name that starts with the letter J. Coincidence? Conspiracy?
Perhaps not.

LeotisHarris's picture

Cripes, TK. And the month after next is January!

I'm sleeping with the lights on tonight thanks to you. You bastage!

The TKstinator's picture

You should be okay, Leotis.
But Jaire Alexander would be wise to sleep with one eye open.

BrianGPG's picture

I don’t know where the $11 million for setting Perry free comes from. From what I’ve seen, his cap hit is $14 m and dead money is $11, which means only a $3 m savings. Unfortunately, I think that means he sticks around next year. Hopefully, he wakes up and stays healthy for once.

Lare's picture

I believe it depends on when they set the cut date. They're going to save the annual salary and roster bonuses either way, what we're talking about is the remaining pro-rated portion of his signing bonus (around $7-8 million).

If they take the hit this year then it'll be around $3 million as you say. But if they cut him in March and delay the release date until after June 1st then I believe they can defer some of the salary cap hit to the following year's cap.

Bure9620's picture

Yes, before March

cpheph1's picture

I thought so too but we're wrong. According to the CBA:
"...each Club may designate up to two Player Contracts that, if terminated on or prior to June 1...shall be treated (except to the extent prescribed by Section 6(d)(iv) below) as if terminated on June 2, i.e., the Salary Cap charge for each such contract will remain in the Club’s Team Salary until June 2, at which time its Paragraph 5 Salary and any unearned LTBE incentives will no longer be counted and any unamortized signing bonus will be treated as set forth in Subsection (2) below.
(2) For any player removed from the Team’s roster or whose Contract is assigned via waivers or trade after June 1, except in the Final League Year, any unamortized signing bonus amounts for future years will be included fully in Team Salary at the start of the next League Year."

So if the Packers cut Nick Perry before the 3rd league day (when he's due a $4.8m roster bonus) they only have to count his 2019 prorated signing bonus portion ($3.7m) towards the 2019 cap starting on 2 June.

The remaining $7.4m in prorated signing bonus would count in 2020 as dead money.

TheBigCheeze's picture

Andy Herman @SconnieSports
GB is going to have some intriguing decisions in the offseason. Potential 2019 cap savings if released:

T. Davis - $720k
Graham - $4mil
Bulaga - $6.75mil
Spriggs - $1.13mil
K. Murphy - $720k
L. Taylor - $4.23mil
Perry - $11mil
Morrison - $720k
Tramon - $4.75mil
Crosby - $3.6mil

........what about Cobb and Matthews?

HankScorpio's picture

"........what about Cobb and Matthews?"

Both are in the final year of their existing contract.

Kb999's picture

Get rid of them too.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

They can only save 3.5 mil on Perry.

D Ernie's picture

I want to take a look at this from the Human Nature side of things. First, Packer Mgmt is not taking the blame for a dam thing Second, they love cheap ball and Mike has made that work so far. Thus my take, top Mgmt will come out and say Mike is there guy and it was just an unfortunate year with all the injuries. They wont mention how they let TWO first round picks go for nothing on a team that needs a ton of help.
They also add how the team got a bad start due to their stars knee, not to mention the backup they got from Cleveland is a joke and will never be a starter on any team but we took him to get rid of randall, who had two interceptions yesterday for the Browns.
No rebuilding costs money. Getting rid of Mike and who do you replace him with that doesnt want big money?
This is a dumpster fire of the worst magnitude and two good drafts wont fix it.
Mike will call the same game next year, same pass routes, same same same.

dobber's picture

The cheap ball idea doesn't resonate with me. It's a not-for-profit entity that has no owner padding his pockets. I can understand wanting to not throw money away given cap holdovers, but I don't see this as being Jacksonville north. The cheap ball thing is a specious argument...given this team is currently sitting so close to the cap and has one of the more expensive coaching staffs in the league.

If anything, a rebuild would be cheaper than what they currently have...

BradHTX's picture

You can’t argue logic with the “Tightwad Ted” crowd, Dobber.

Rick F's picture

Discipline is the fiber to building a tough,physical and attention to detail team. What I mean by this is your able to control the game as it is happening. Adjustments are the biggest factor to winning week to week. Belichick is always talking to his defense after every series, that is his speciality. Payton does it also with Brees and the offense. Why because of attention to detail and respect to the head coach from the players. When the coaches can coach everyone hard even the STARS that shows everyone that everybody is invested into the team and the goal. MM has never sat series after series and help adjust it right then and there. Great coaches have the pulse of their team and MM doesn’t and that is obvious. The undisciplined penalties and blown assignments is coaching. This team is preforming below average. MM can switch coaches and have weekly meetings with Murphy but at some point it is your failure.

Since '61's picture

We're at 1265 Lombardi Avenue the Monday morning after the 2018 NFL season has concluded. The Packers have finished 7-8-1 and out of the NFL playoffs for the 2nd season in a row.

Mark Murphy is in his office with Gute and Russ Ball when HC Mike McCarthy enters for their annual season review:

Murphy: MM how would summarize the team's 2018 performance?

MM: I am a highly successful NFL Head Coach

Gute: OK Mike, let's start with the offense. What do we need to do to improve the offense in 2019?

MM: We're going to commit to the ground game for the 2019 season.

Russ Ball: Mike what happened with ARs performance in 2018?

MM: Our OL was not as effective as it needs to be so we're going to work on our pad level in 2019.

Gute: Let's move to the defense. What do you think we need to do on defense?

MM: Mike Pettine is an excellent football coach. He handles that side of the ball.

Murphy: Mike, what about our Special Teams, they had too many penalties this season.

MM: Zook is an excellent football coach. He is reviewing the tape and will work on correcting the problems.

Murphy: Mike who would recommend as your successor if and when that time comes?

MM: (After checking his laminated play card MM throws out his red challenge flag).

Gute: Sorry Mike this is not a reviewable play.

MM: Calls Time Out!

Scene fades out.

Thanks, Since '61

Free agent's picture

That’s funny ‘61..... Sadly, that’s probably how the conversation has gone the last couple of years.

Since '61's picture

Agree! Thanks, Since '61

Bure9620's picture

Sadly, Since '61 you may not be that far off. Murphy has been very defensive of MM, alluding to how franchises that change frequently rarely sustain success. I hope this is not the case now.

I have defended MM, but he has lost this team. It is time to move on. I don't think this is 2-3 year rebuild though like some do though. A good draft, adding some good FAs with $40-50 mil in cap room, Gute can turn over this roster rather quickly.

Tarynfor12's picture

I think MM walks in and they all shake hands, they all take a seat, look at each other, smile and nod and offer to each a quick... see ya next week and we'll start looking at the draft. OK..that's a wrap and let's get the agenda set for the start of the new League year.

Since '61's picture

Regrettably, your take may prove to be accurate. Thanks, Since '61

LeotisHarris's picture

I'd agree with that too, Taryn. The only thing I'd add would be Coach McCarthy spilling a full cup of coffee in his lap while standing up to shake hands.

PAPackerbacker's picture

It's time to release players that have performed well in the past and are not performing well now. They are not helping the team for the future by relying on past performances. Get the best players available for the position in need in the 2019 draft and/or free agency and start looking to the future instead of dwelling in the past. And release players who seem to be on the injured list more than they are on the field. They may be talented, but if they can only play for half a season they are not contributing to the future of the team. Some difficult choices are ahead in the off season. But in order to succeed you must make some difficult choices. Of course some choices are obvious, and some are not. I'm confident that Gute can move the Packers forward.

Guam's picture

The Saints rebuilt around Brees over the last two years and they maybe a SB team this year. I believe it is worth rebuilding around Rodgers, but with a new coach and new scheme.

Gute drafted well last year and has 10-11 picks so far for 2019 (depending on Montgomery's conditional pick). He should also have $40 to $50 million in CAP space depending on who is released. It would not be surprising to see 15-20 new players on the roster next season.

I see OLB (or D-Line if they switch to a 4-3), Safety, and O-Line as the top priorities.

The Packers will be very young next year, but could also be competitive with a good coaching staff.

Rick F's picture

Good point this roster is getting overhauled by Gutekunst and the offense and weapons in year 2 of experience will be better yet. New systems are not that difficult it is mostly formation changes and alignment. He picked football players not project players. 40-50 million under the cap gives them a chance to get some more veteran players. Gutekunst next year will have a competitive athletic roster next year. New coach and they are set.

Old School's picture

Yes, they rebuilt around Brees…..with the same HC and same offensive scheme. We're trying to do that with a new coaching staff and teaching a new scheme to an old dog.

I'd be stunned if a new coach came in and we won a Super Bowl with him and Rodgers. The only time I can think of something similar was when Gruden went to Tampa Bay and won with Brad Johnson.

A bigger point is that just as Thompson had to plan for a post-Favre era, Gute now needs to transition to a post-Rodgers era. It's coming, whether we're ready or not. Acquiring a successor should be Priority One at 1265. Draft, trade or free agency. Kizer is not the guy.

Duffman_44's picture

Doug Peterson - coach of the Philadelphia Eagles came in and won the Super Bowl (Feb 2018) in his 2nd season. He hired a good Def Coordinator in Jim Schwartz.
This is analogous to keeping Pettine as DC and finding a good / current Offensive Coach / Coordinator.

Since '61's picture

And now the Eagles are 5-6. So what does that prove. Thanks, Since '61

The TKstinator's picture

I think it proves that for every up there is a down, for every yin there is a yang, and that even “genius” has a shelf life.
Or, Pederson has suddenly “forgotten” how to be brilliant, even though this year he got his QB1 to work with.
Winning in the NFL is ...hard?
Even with a genius head coach AND an elite QB1?

Pierre's picture

I think Boyle has the skill set to be the Packers next QB.

Skip greenBayless's picture

100% he does. I hope they give the guy an opportunity for some playing time now that we are out of the playoffs. Rodgers can rest and get ready for next year.

Since '61's picture

Dash - I think Rodgers starts until the Bears game. After that, if we are eliminated, which is likely, I think we may see Kizer and/or Boyle get some playing time. At least we should. Thanks, Since '61

Guam's picture

Try Peyton Manning moving to Denver (new team, new coach) or Brett Favre to Minnesota (new team, new coach) if you don't like the Brees example. There are many examples of old QBs finding success in new schemes. Rodgers is smart and talented - I wouldn't give up on him just yet.

Bure9620's picture

Montgomery's comp is 2020 7th rounder

Guam's picture

Thanks Bure. I thought it was a 2019 pick.

The TKstinator's picture

Aka a “sure thing” blue chipper.

Free agent's picture

I’d get rid of ALL of the players on that list except Crosby. They are injury prone, below average, heartless players. If they released the 9 players on this list the Packers would save $ 32,301,720 of cap space in 2019.

packerbackerjim's picture

The “heartless” comment is a bit harsh. Bulaga I would like back if there is a way to reduce the cap hit. I would definitely draft his replacement with the intent of working him in until the inevitable injury comes at which time he becomes the starter.Same for Taylor, neither of whom I would describe as heartless.

Free agent's picture

Agree. Just frustrated with this team for years. No fire, no leaders, little emotion, no creativity. They are who we thought they were; Boring and fragile.

Old School's picture

Is that why we were in the Championship game less than two years ago?

Old School's picture

Bulaga is under contract untll the end of 2020. He's played most of the snaps at RT and Profootballfocus rates him pretty well against the rest of the RTs in the league.

If we cut him before next season, we'd only have $1.6 million in dead money but we'd save more than that on his salary. We'd also be without a starting RT. If you plan on drafting a RT....remembering you're protecting Aaron're probably looking at somebody in the first round.

We might be able to get some guys in FA. But if we're going to cut our starting RT, that's creating another hole to fill.

Spriggs is not the guy. I wish he were but he's not. And Bakhtiari's not getting any younger either.

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

RT doesn’t necessarily need to be a first rounder. Mark Tauscher was a 5th rounder. Our current LT was a 4th rounder.

The TKstinator's picture

I think ol’ #65 was a 7th!
And at center, Scott Wells was a 7th, iirc.
I think you are right though: USUALLY, LT’s must be picked early, but all the rest of the o-line can come later.

Duffman_44's picture

We need a right tackle and Bulaga is a good player at a reasonable salary. Just have to figure he will need to miss a few games a year. No one on the roster to replace him at this point. Maybe if Murphy is healthy he can play like he did in 2017.

Definitely most of the rest on the list will be gone.

OldTimer's picture

Murphy needs to restore all GM powers to Gutkunst now and stay out of his way. That will send the proper message to this team and coaching staff and make future decisions clearer.He should have done this weeks ago, and maybe we wouldn't be where we are now. MARK MURPHY - DO YOUR JOB!

Donster's picture

Murphy needs to concentrate on the Packers real estate dealings and get the hell out of the running of the football team itself. Murphy is another TT in the respect he his old, and probably has brain damage from multiple concussions from playing in the NFL for years. Give Gute the reigns. In fact, a younger, smarter business oriented Prez would be a good idea to replace Murphy. And comb TT out of the organizations beard once in for all!

stockholder's picture

I hope Gute keeps on trading. He was given Lots of choices at Safety. He knew he had to draft for the secondary. Free Agents won't go to a losing program. He must get this fixed. Nobody is going to give you a great DL men. The draft is the only way here. OL= Bulaga isn't going anywhere. Spriggs is. Draft rd. 2-4 . How do you get any good free Agent to come to Green Bay with a new coach. You must want to be like the Detroit Lions?

nostradanus's picture

Even though I still hold out hope that the Packers will run the table, I don't think it will be enough for McCarthy to salvage his job. His message has gotten tired.

Here is what needs to happen in order to have a successful off-season and continue the re-build that started when Gutekunst took over as GM.

1. Murphy needs to give football operations control to Gutekunst. Murphy's strength is in marketing and development, not as a football decision maker.

2. Gutekunst needs to Fire Mike McCarthy and the entire staff, coaches, trainers everybody! A fresh start is needed and the only way the Packers will attract a top Coach is letting him put an entire staff of his choosing together.

3. Gutekunst needs to clear more cap room by cutting declining players, this is a re-build and a young mans league. If Aaron Rodgers pouts about being on a re-building team, tough, then he shouldn't have taken the money.

4. Gutekunst and Co. has to absolutly nail the upcoming draft using the best player available mindset. The Packers need talent across the board.

5. Gutekunst and Co. need to identify and sign young, upcoming free agents who have not yet peaked, not high priced over-the hill and declining talent (IE: Tramon Williams & Jimmy Graham)

Follow this model and the Packers could contend in two years. Try to do a patch job like the past two years and they are doomed to a decade as also-rans.


Community Guy's picture


i am not sure i agree with all of your points; however, it is refreshing that i feel you have a pretty good idea of how things work. Packer Nation commenters on multiple websites think it is a done deal that McCarthy will be fired and Pettine will remain as DC. fans don't seem to understand that when the head coach is fired, generally, the entire coaching staff is replaced.

btw, a lot of fans seem to want Pettine to remain in GB.. i would add James Campen's name to that wish list.. i think Campen is a very good coach.

Lare's picture

"i would add James Campen's name to that wish list.. i think Campen is a very good coach."

The Packers have one really good OL on their team, a couple others that are pretty good. If Campen is such a good coach, why aren't Spriggs, McCray, Murphy, Patrick, Bell, Taylor and Light better than they are?

HankScorpio's picture

The Packers have drafted 17 OL since he was named OL coach in 2007. I think 6 are success stories--Bakh, Sitton, Lang, Bulaga, Linsley and Tretter. That's a 35% conversion rate.

Another 4 of them have played a good amount of time after the Packers deemed them expendable--Allen Barbre, Breno Giacomini, Jamon Meredith, Marshall Newhouse. I would argue that means another OL coach got more out of them than Campen could. Maybe it just means that other teams have far worse OL groups.

That's somewhere between horrific and impressive. If there was such a thing as OL coach WAR, I'd guess Campen would not rank very high among his peers.

LeotisHarris's picture

I disagree, Hank. Here's what Campen has had to work with since the last 8 years:

2011: Derrick Sherrod T 1st round suffers horrific injury, never returns.
2011: Caleb Schlauderauff G, 6th round

2012: Andrw Datko, T, 7th round

2103: D. Bahk and Tretter in the 4th round (Tretter on to CLE)

2014: No OL drafted

2015: No OL drafted

2016: Spriggs 2nd round, and Kyle Murphy 6th round

2017: Kofi Amichia G, 6th round

2018: Cole Madison, G, 5th round (No show)

Not exactly stocking the roster with can't-miss talent. Barbre and Giacomini were maulers who couldn't fit the model of athletic lineman the Packers sought; guys who could play multiple positions. I think the Packers gave Marshall Newhouse every chance they could to be successful. Campen has taken guys like Lane Taylor and turned them into solid players. Springs has improved, but he's still not a player we should have drafted in the second round. I doubt he will stick.

Campen's been asked to form a OL group pretty much from the free agents and guys at the end of their careers. He was furious when TT let Lang walk, and not a fan of Sitton's release. I know in the past Campen has been denied the opportunity to interview for positions with other teams, including Kansas City. I can't find the article now, but during the off season after we lost in the NFC championship game, teams were studying how our OL "legally held" to control DL. That's the kind of technique Campen teaches. Remember, too, it was his guys that frustrated the crap out of Ndamukong Suh.

IMHO, Campen, Joe Whitt, Winston Moss, and Mike Pettine are coaches we want to keep in place.

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

You lost me at Winston Moss.

The TKstinator's picture

He was the one on that list that made he scratch my head as well.

HankScorpio's picture

"Not exactly stocking the roster with can't-miss talent."

Exactly my point. Campen is not turning any sow's ears into a silk purses. Campen has done about as well as expected but not much better, if any. That's why I'm not all that concerned about losing him. Since I expect plenty others could do as well as expected. It's a whole expectations thing.

Since '61's picture

Leotis, you missed Linsley who was drafted in 2014 and has done very well.
Thanks, Since '61

LeotisHarris's picture

Yep, I sure did. Thanks for catching that, '61.

No love for Winston, guys? I can't hate on him just because he won't talk to the media. Martinez, Fackrell, and Ryan have made great strides in development imho.

As far as sow's ear transformations, idk. I mean, what I know of OL development could fit in a thimble. I've read he's a good coach who's liked by players and respected by peers. Again, the article on technique taught by the Packers being copied around the league helped me see him in a positive light.

I'm sure you're right, though. We're all day-to-day, and we're all replaceable.

HankScorpio's picture

".... the only way the Packers will attract a top Coach is letting him put an entire staff of his choosing together."

I dunno. I bet they could wave ARod, Bak, Adams and Jones in some hotshot OC's face and get him to agree to keep Pettine for a year.

Lphill's picture

Why is McCarthy still here, start the purge.

JohnnyLogan's picture

I think Gute needs to have a long conversation with Rodgers before he does anything. Rodgers has been as culpable as McCarthy for the stink of this year. Gute needs to get a feeling as to whether Rodgers will buy into the new coaches plan. Rodgers may say he will but Gute has to really believe... or, trade him. He's at max value despite the down year. He's worth minimum two firsts and a couple seconds. Trade him if you feel he's still that arrogant ass who's always looking to inflate his ego. If he has another year like this his stock will plummet and you'll be left with an old declining QB with little incentive. I think trading Rodgers has to be seriously considered.

HankScorpio's picture

Trading Rodgers is cap-prohibitive for now. The time to have that conversation with Rodgers to decide whether to trade him was before the extension was signed. That time is now gone.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Know nothing about what the cap hit would be but you're saying he can't be traded even if the other team picks up his salary? Is it because of the bonus?

HankScorpio's picture

Yes because of signing bonus. According to, the Packers take a 32 mil cap hit if they get rid of Rodgers next offseason. I don't know if that number is right. but mostly agrees. So I imagine it is in the ballpark.

Old School's picture

It's cap prohibitive unless Rodgers agrees to restructure it. There's always ways of getting things done.

I didn't like the extension when it happened.

Just as Thompson inherited an old, expensive, future HOFer at QB and he had to prepare for the post-Favre era, Gute now needs to prepare for the post Rodgers era.

Finding the next guy should be Priority One at 1265. Rodgers is not going to get younger. He's not going to get quicker. For a guy who does so much of his damage outside the pocket, that may be harder to do as he keeps getting older.

Old School's picture

It's cap prohibitive unless Rodgers agrees to restructure it. There's always ways of getting things done.

I didn't like the extension when it happened.

Just as Thompson inherited an old, expensive, future HOFer at QB and he had to prepare for the post-Favre era, Gute now needs to prepare for the post Rodgers era.

Finding the next guy should be Priority One at 1265. Rodgers is not going to get younger. He's not going to get quicker. For a guy who does so much of his damage outside the pocket, that may be harder to do as he keeps getting older.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

GB would only trade AR, so it would be $46M dead, negative $19.5M cap savings. AR has a $13.4M roster bonus due (when ?) in 2019, so the trade would have to happen before that gets paid by GB; otherwise it would be $59.4M dead and a negative $32.9M cap savings.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Well let's get it done!! We need to cut ties with Rodgers and trade him to save the Packers future. There's a reason they say "women and children first". It's for the survival of the species. For the Green Bay Packers franchise to survive we need to sacrifice Aaron Rodgers. It must be done. I know it's a tough pill to swallow but we are at that point. It's two more years of average football and 20 plus years of being in the cellar or one year of transition for another 20 plus of yearly contention. The choice is ours. I know what I want. Get it done Gute!! Be bold like Ted was with Favre!!

Skip greenBayless's picture

Old School, please stop, you are making too much sense. I swear you and I are the same person as far as what we need to do with Rodgers. We need to do whatever it takes to rid ourselves of this horrible deal. Some might even say this Rodgers contract is worse than the Obama Iranian deal.

Donster's picture

And just who in the hell are you going to replace Rodgers with? Who is going to come in next training camp, and suddenly lead the Pack to the promised land? Rodgers has his issues this year. But I feel it started with the loss of Jordy, and his frustration with MM. He doesn't have the fire in his gut this year. And he is coming of a shoulder injury from last season, and a knee injury this season. He will rebound with a new, progressive offense minded head coach. You go to work everyday under a boss that can't see the forest for the trees. Who thinks his way is the only way, and you'll be damn frustrated too.The new head coach has to bring in a QB coach that can get results in fixing Rodgers footwork and mechanics. Plus, pressure must be taken of Rodgers to be the only guy to win games every week. The offense needs to be as balanced as possible. And the defense improved. Which it has gone the right direction this season, until the injuries started to pile up the past few weeks.

The talk of Rodgers being "done" is premature. He needs a better supporting cast, along with a fresh and clean offense. Not the friction between himself and MM. You can't blame Rodgers for the new contract. Murphy felt he needed to do it right away, when he could have waited two years. That is on Murphy. You'd take the money if they handed it to you on a silver platter too.

Rodgers it the the guy you rebuild around. You just need to give him the players, and the coaching to get the job done.

HankScorpio's picture

"It's cap prohibitive unless Rodgers agrees to restructure it. There's always ways of getting things done."

True that there is a way. Not true that Rodgers can re-structure. The way out is they can take a $32 mil dead money hit to get rid of a HoF QB because he had a down year. Which strikes me a little like cutting off your arm to avoid the pain of a broken thumb.

GVPacker's picture

The 2018 Packers are TOAST! Heads need to roll starting with Mike McCarthy!....Dilly Dilly!

Denise Chanterelle's picture

Regarding Mr. Rodgers; he needs to be 100% on board with any changes, (or not), for next season, because IMO he just signed the largest NFL contract in history, has committed himself to this team, and must give his all now.

If he continues with an attitude-issue posture that he recently has begun displaying on the sideline this season, then the Packers management has a real problem on their hands.

I'd absolutely hate to see this negative attitude continue because it will, (and already could be), infecting our team like a virus. I sure hope Mr. Rodgers does not turn into a head-case because that will destroy our team. Let's hope reasonable heads prevail all around. Thank you.

Kb999's picture

If Rodgers don't like it he can leave too.

Old School's picture

Why are we contemplating having a 35 year old Rodgers learn a new scheme while we rebuild around him.?

The post-Rodgers era is beginning sooner than you think.

Pierre's picture

Rodgers already is a head case out there. He seldom comes right out and says he’s playing poorly and needs to improve in leading this offense to win games.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

I've talked to a few Packer fans about this "not gonna happen" idea, and a few non-Packers fans. I've been surprised by their opinions.

Your thoughts on this Herschel Walker type blockbuster:

Aaron Rodgers to Oakland for:

Derek Carr
Their 2019 #1 pick
Their 2020 #1 pick
Their Bears 2019 #1 pick

Thoughts on both sides

-You don't trade Aaron Rodgers. He was the best QB in football, maybe the best ever. He still is 5 years younger than Brady, any team with him is a playoff & Super Bowl contender

+Derek Carr was very good, 2 years ago.
+He is about 9 years younger than Rodgers.
+Was Davante's QB at Fresno St. Same draft class of 2014.
+The Raiders 2019 pick is going to be a #1 or #2 or #3 overall pick.
+We would have 4 1st Rd picks in this next draft. Their high one. Ours around #10-15. Bears. And Saints.

San Fran traded Montana.
Edmonton traded Gretzky.
We traded Favre.
None of them win a ring again.....

Our record WITH Rodgers the past 5 years is mediocre as pointed out by Bob McGinn.

Why would:
-Oakland do it?
-Green Bay do it?

Swisch's picture

Maybe just crazy enough to work. In any case, it's fun to think like this, especially because your scenario, Eddie, is not out of the question. It seems both Rodgers and Carr could benefit from a change of place. I'd be happy for Carr and the #1 pick for next year. (I'd even consider taking coach Gruden as part of the swap, if the Raiders throw in some significant cash for his contract to make it effectively a 5-year deal.)
As crazy as all of this sounds, I sincerely think it's worth serious consideration. My hunches are that Carr is a still a potential star; Gruden can still coach; and the Packers would stay relevant next year as a playoff team, with maybe a run for the Super Bowl in just a season or two.
It's a way to really shake things up, yet still remain a likely contender.

Bure9620's picture

So take on Carrs contract with marginal production? He's not even respected on that team because he cried when he got hurt. Sounds kinda soft.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

At least it shows he cares.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Eddie Lee, I proposed this same deal about 6 hours earlier than you did but I love how you added the detail. I agree. Derek Carr straight up for Rodgers is an upgrade based on age but to get all those extra picks is absolutely huge. Vegas needs to draw in fans for their new team. Aaron Rodgers is the perfect celebrity player for that town. Carr is not Rodgers in terms is name recognition. This would be a win win. Ok I'm lying it would be a straight up jackpot for Green Bay. I would love to see this happen. I got a super bowl out of Rodgers. That's enough for me and to expect more at his age and the way he's playing the past year is foolish. It's time to move on.

BradHTX's picture

Eddie Lee and Dash, *I* floated the trial balloon, just for discussion, of trading Rodgers to Cleveland before this year’s draft for their #1 and #4 picks plus some others, and I was derisively laughed off the comment board.

Funny how 11 games of dysfunctional offense changes peoples perspective.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Hey Brad. I'm getting some incoming too at my suggestion so I feel your pain. Yeah, it is amazing how 11 games of mostly crap play is changing the minds of more people. Looking back just think if we made that deal you suggested and we had Baker Mayfield today? The anxiety of our future would be totally lifted. We'd all be happy no matter who our coach is or what our record would be. Gute needs to find his own Baker Mayfield soon. Maybe he already has him in Tim Boyle and he's being quiet about it. I hope that's the case. One or two more years of Rodgers and it's Tim Boyle time.

Maddygirl1's picture

What about the historic new contract we just gave him???

I don't see any way this would happen. Packers are too proud of a franchise. It would show that they admit to making a huge mistake in signing him to this new contract.

The only thing I like about this scenerio is we can use a high draft pick on our new CHEAP QB of the future. Then use all the new found cap space to go build a team around the new cheap QB.

But not sure it matters that much. There's successful teams with veteran QBs making a run like the Patriots, Saints, Steelers, Chargers, etc.

I think people are just way over reacting. What Rodgers needs is a new coach with a new scheme and a new voice. He needs to be convinced if he really wants to play into his 40's like he has said, he needs to dump this crazy sandlot style of his and get back to fundementals. Snadlot is okay a few times a game when needed, but he needs to set his feet, find the first open reciever, and make the throw on time, on schedule and on rythem. And he needs to use the laces of the ball!!!! LOL.

He's supremely talented both in his arm and his brain. If a new coach can do that, he will be back to MVP form again easily.

Tommy Phillips's picture

This year is so much like 2005. A bunch of games that could have been won, but instead the team is plummeting toward the bottom of the NFC. Now the hope is that a new head coach is brought in and has the team back in the playoffs in 2 years. My hope is that Aaron Rodgers has one last championship run in him, but I'm not holding my breath.

henry113's picture

Were not watching the same old Rodgers either. He looks like a mere mortal.

Rufus's picture

How many pics can we get for Rodgers?? This might be the fastest way to rebuild. Our record isn't too much better than last year. At least we won a couple of road games.

Dzehren's picture

feel like the Cleveland Browns talking about next years draft after week 12. This stinks.

John Galt's picture

3rd year not watching. The NFL is boring and stupid. Getting great football watching college and high school. Any given weekend - tons of non NFL games.

The NFL is going downhill for a long time. It's like NASCAR nation 15 years. Thought they were on top of the world. No more.

Anyay good riddance,

The TKstinator's picture

Doesn’t he play RB for Philly?

albert999's picture

why are y’all surprised
this has been bad for a long time and is not gonna get fixed overnight

albert999's picture

Greenbay is no longer and hasnt been an elite team for a long time

Doug Niemczynski's picture

T. Davis - $720k
Graham - $4mil
Bulaga - $6.75mil
Spriggs - $1.13mil
K. Murphy - $720k
L. Taylor - $4.23mil
Perry - $11mil
Morrison - $720k
Tramon - $4.75mil
Crosby - 3.26 mil

Probably get rid of all of them.

Plus, C. Matthews needs to go and Cobb needs to go
and maybe even Geronimo Allison and of course Lance Kendricks. R. Tonyan can replace him.

Maybe keep Bulaga and maybe J.Graham and M.Lewis
If we had a freaking coach who knew how to make
plays for TEa this could have been our strength. All wasted.

Bure9620's picture

Why Lane Taylor? Hes been decent and just got extended last year. Solid fit for their scheme.

Maddygirl1's picture

Hahaha... get rid of them all!!!

Get rid of the ball boy too while we're at it...

Bure9620's picture

I am actually hoping the Packers hire Joe Witt as head coach on the condition he hire a strong OC for a new offense, maybe Zac Taylor, QB coach from the Rams.

Joe Witt would demand accountability and would not allow many if the mental errors, mistakes, to go on. He would be respected by players, McMuffin has been too lenient. Joe Witt Jr. will be a head coach in the league.

He would also be more likely to retain Pettine.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

I'd be fine with that, although Witt was the guy responsible for DBs when they were getting carved up like never seen before, from 2015-last year.
When we gave up 40+ to Tennessee, Washington, Atlanta.....every week.

bodei1newbie1's picture

they should have done this 3yrs ago and rebuilt the team but no it was always the same old thing (in ted we trust) and look where it got the team no where so we have a new GM so let's see what he will do.They don't have enough money to do a full change over like the rams did oh well we can only hope for the best
PS good luck gusty

dgtalmn's picture

At least we know change has to come.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

I'm fine with Corky being fired.
But I'm tired of lazy, naive, unknowledgeable fans blaming Mike for everything.

This is a great piece from Andy at Sports Illustrated.

NYNeal's picture

I find it ironic that you would quote Porky Pig (That's All Folks) in article about Mike McCarthy.

Maddygirl1's picture

What Rodgers needs is a new offensive scheme that he will get excited about and re-engaged and a new voice. That will force him to learn something new. He needs a new coach that can convince him that if he truely wants to play into his 40's like he's said, he can not rely on his "sandlot" style and he needs to get back to fundementals. Setting your feet when throwing, throwing on time, on schedule and in rythem. Take the first open option you see instead of holding the ball waiting for a deeper pass. Speed up the pre-snap, etc.

But clearly he has HUGE talent and vast knowledge. He just needs to be straightened out a bit. A good new coach will do that.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Rodgers problem is his ego. He loves sideline back shoulder passes and deep throws so he can strut knowing everyone is marveling at his pin point accuracy and his powerful arm. He lights up in the spring every time he does that toss in the net from 50 yards and everyone gushes. Rodgers ego is what has prevented this team from succeeding as much as McCarthy's pathetic coaching. Tossing the ball five to eight yards, on a slant or screen, like Brady or Brees, 20 times a game, doesn't nourish that ego. Standing in the pocket is becoming almost a rarity. We know he likes to extend plays but what we don't want to admit is that he's gun shy. Maybe as a result of the injuries, but the man gives it up two seconds into a play and takes off. Rodgers now is a really flawed QB. Poor mechanics, throwing off his back foot, not seeing the field... this by a QB many consider the GOAT. He's fallen off a cliff. Gute needs to find a new coach -- and a psychologist -- to break down the ego and have Rodgers regain one of the most important abilities of a great QB, the ability to hang in the pocket. The first thing I would do is leak rumors that he's on the market. Rodgers has often said he wants to play into his 40's... with the same team. Like Brady. He's so competitive that the Brady worship has bothered him for years. Rodgers has the skill -- Brady has the rings. All Rodgers has to show is one ring and a lot of great throws. He throws great Hail Mary's. Who gives a crap? Brady throws fifteen straight passes less than ten yards and wins so easily he never needs to throw a Hail Mary. Leak a rumor he's on the market. The threat of being traded, not wanted, losing again to Brady in that no one ever would suggest trading him, would be ego shattering to Rodgers. It might just wake him up.

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Josh McDaniels = logical???

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